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Andhra Pradesh  
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Madhya Pradesh   
Tamil Nadu  
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West Bengal
2 piece sets 3 Piece sets 3 piece suits Abalone bracelets Abayas Abdominal pads
Abrasives Abstract art Accents Accordian
Affiliate programs 
ShareASale  LinkShare AffiliateFuture  AffiliateReportin AffiliateWindow 
 Contd ......
AccuScreens Acting Activity tables Actuators Acupuncture
Adapters Adding machines Address lights Address markers Adhesives Adhesive covers
Adhesive tapes Adjustable beds Adultware Aegina boots Aerials Aerogardens
Aerosols Affiliate programs Aftershave Agenda Aids Airbath Air brushes
Air chairs Air cleaners Air compressors Air conditioners Aircraft Airfilters
Air fresheners Air humidifiers Airports Air purifiers Air screens Air sterilizers
Air systems
Air travel Alarm clocks Alarms Alcohol pads Alcohol screener Alignment systems
Allergy machines Allergy Aloe vera Alternator brackets Alternator harnesses Alternator pulleys
Alternator wiring Amethyst Beads Amethyst bracelets Amethyst jewelry sets Amethyst necklace sets Amplifiers
Anal vibrators Analysis books Anatomy
Contd ...... 
Amusement Parks 
Angel costumes Angus burger Animal sets Animatronic props Ankle pants Ankle support
Anklets Anniversary rings Announcements Anoraks Answering machines Antennas
Antiaging Antioxidants Antispywares Antivirus Antoinette costumes Aphrodisiacs
Apneic event screeners Appetizers Apple cider Appliance managers Application accelerators Aprons
Architecture Arm bands Arm chairs Armoires Arm pads Arm protectors
Armslings Arm warmers Aroma therapy Arrow flags Arrowhead starters Art hangers
Arthritis Artistic wire Art nouveau Art
Ascot ties Aspirators Astrology
Astrology Centers 
Audio bridges Audio Cables Audio receivers Audio splitters Audio Systems Auditions
Autoaccessories Autoclaves Auto insurance Auto jumpers Automatic pencils Automobile Batteries
Automobile engines Automobile finance Automobile Parts
Autoscrubbers Auto slides Awards Axles Ayurveda Ayurvedic medicines
Ayurvedic Colleges
 Contd ......
Baby carriers Baby Dolls Baby furniture Baby jewelry Baby monitors Baby names Baby products Baby scales Baby shoes Back clips Backdrop banners Backpacks Backpack vacuums Bacteriology Badminton Bag sealers Bags Baking mats Balance bras Balancing toners Balconettes Ball clocks Ballerina shoes Ballet Shoes Ball gowns Ball joints Ball machines Ballon weight Balloon inflators Balloon ride Balloons Balloon whisks Ballpoint pens Ballpoint refills Ballroom shoes Ball shades Ballwagons Bandages Bandanas Bandana Bandeaus Bandeau bandpassfilters Bands Band risers Bangle bracelets Bangles Banjos Banking Banners Bar chairs Barcode readers Bariatric scales Barns Barometers barrel bags Barrel seals Barrels Barricades Bar spotlights Bar tables Barware Baseball bats Base ball Basket balls Baskets Basques Basque Bassinets Bass instruments Bassoons Bass strings Batgirl costumes Bath&Body Bath benches Bathing suits Bath lifts Bath mats Bath oils Bath robes Bath robe Bathroom cabinets Bath salts Bath strips Bath tissue Bathtubs Batteries Battery cables Battery cases Battery doors Battery packs BBQ grills Beaded pashmina shawls Beads Bean bags Beanie Beauty cases Beauty organizers 
 Contd ......
Beauty Parlours
Contd ......
Bed&Bath Bed benches Bed crowns Bedding Bed jackets Bed pads Bedpans Bedroom sets Bed spreads Beds Beef brisket Beer steins Beer Bellies Bell mugs Bells Belt packs Belts Belt tensioners Benches Bench scales Berets Betting Beverage centers Bibs Bicycles Biits Bike beamers Biker vibes Bikini bottoms Bikinis Billiard lighting Bin cabinets Bin carts Binder clips Binders Biotin Bird feeders Birthday banners Birthday baskets Birthday bouquets Bladder scanners Blankets Blank pages Blazers Bleachers Bleed kits Blenders Blinds Blood gas analyzers Bloodpressure cuffs Blood pressure monitors Bloomers Blossom cutters Blossoms Blouses Blower fans Blower heaters Blue sapphire beads Blue sapphire necklace Bluetooth headsets Bluetooth Boas Boat covers Boating shoes Boat ladders Boat molds Boats Boat shoes Bobbin cases Bodices Bodice Body briefers Body butter Body care Body cleanse Body creams Body fat monitors Body girdles Body lifts Body lotions Body oil Body scrub Body shapers Body sprays Body stockings Body suits Body washes Bodywraps Boilers Boleros Bollard lights Boltless shelving Bondage kits Bone spur pads Book cases Book displays Bookend Booklets Bookmarks Bookshelves Boot brushes Boot shapers Bootcut jeans Boots Bo peep costumes Boston cream Botanical art Bottle coasters Bottled water Bottle Openers Bottle stoppers Bottles Bottom pans bouillon cups Boulders Bouquets Bow brackets Bow dresses Bowler bags Bowling bags Bowl lights Bowls Bow ties Bow tie Boxers Boxfiles Box springs Boylegs Boyshorts Boywears Boywear Bra Accessories Bracelets Bracelet watches Braces Brackets Braided headbands Braids Braille signs Brake components Brake fluid Brake kits Brake lights Brake lines Brakes Bralettes Bra pads Bra Sets Brassieres Bread bins Bread crumbs Bread slicers Breast care Breast Enhancers Breast pads Breast pumps Breath mints Brewers Bridal gowns Bridal sets Bridal wear Bridal Bridemaids dresses Bridesmaid dresses Briefcases Briefs Brochures Bronzers Brooches Brownie Brushes Brush guards Brush holders Buckles Bud vases Buffets Bug shields  
Building design Bulbs Bullet vibrators Bumper Guards Bumper skirts Bumpers Buncovers Bunk beds Bunny costumes Burp cloth Bursitis Bursts Business binders Business cards business cases Business insurance Business kits Bustiers Butterfly glade camis Butterfly Button cells Button sewers Buttons Butt stocks BWitch bras  
Cab covers Cabinet grills Cabinet lights Cabinets Cable analyzers Cable sweaters Cables Cake pans Cake rings Cake stands Cake toppers Calcium Calculators calendars Calendar tabs Caller ID Call waiting Camcorders Cameo pendants Cameras Camisoles Camisole bras Camis Cami slips Camlock spindles Camp shirts Candle holders Candle sets Candle sticks Candles Can koozie Can liners Can mounts Cannula Canopies Cans Cantilever racks Capers Capes Capri girdles Capris Caps Carafes Carafe Carbonless paper Carcare Car carriers Car chargers Card cases Card holders Cardigans Cardiology Cardis Cardoor magnets Card readers Career outfits Carestream Car gadgets Cargo keepers Cargo liners Cargo pants Cargo shorts Cargoview mirrors Car insurance Car Loans Car Loan Car Locks Car Parking Carpet care Carpet kits Carpets Car polish Car rental Carriages Carseat adapters Car Seats Car stereos Car stickers Cars Cartouches Cartridge cleaners Cartridges Carvings Cassette decks Casual shoes Catalog envelopes Catalogs Catalysts Catch cans Catheters Catheter Trays Catsuits CD binders CD cases CD changers CD labels CD players CD sleeves Ceiling bars Ceiling fans Ceiling fittings Ceiling fixtures Ceiling lights Ceiling pendants Ceiling plates Ceiling roses Celebrity dresses Cellphone accessories Cellphone antennas Cellphone boosters Cellphone cases Cellphone charms cellphone straps Cellphones Cellular shades Ceramic heaters Certifiers Chafers Chains Chairs Chair scales Chamomile Champagne glasses Chandelier earrings Chandeliers Charger plates Chargers Charlotte molds Charmeuses Charm pendants Charms Checkbook wallets Check shirts Checks Cheesecakes Cheese Chemises Chests Children beds Children dresses Child tracking Chinos Chipper Chlamydia Chisels Chlorophyll Chocolate Chokers Choketubes Cholesterol Cholis Chopping boards Christmas Christmas trees Chrom hooks Chronographs Chronograph watches Chukka shoes Churidars Cidars Cigar cases Cigar holders Cigars Cinchers Cinnamon Citrine gemstone beads City guides cityscapes Clambake supreme Clam chowders Clam knife Clarinets Clasp envelopes Classic baskets Classification folders Cleaners Cleaning cartridges Cleaning cartridge Cleaning sheets Cleaning supplies Cleansing creams Cleansing gels Cleansing milk Cleopatra costumes Climbing shoes Clings Clinicalmedicine Clinicalmethods Clipboards Clippies Cloaks Clock radios Clocks Clogs Cloth drills Clothes stands Clothes trees Clubcard flyers Club dresses Clubs Clutch bags Clutch fans Coaster sets Coats Cockring kits Cocktail dresses Cocktail sauce Cocktail Shakers Cocoa favors Coded tongs Coenzymes Coffee filters Coffee makers Coffee pots Coffee Savers Coffee systems Coffee tables Coffee Coiled tubing Cold packs Coin envelopes Coin purses Collectibles  
Chartered accountants
Contd .....
 Contd .....
Cologne Color copies Combo units Comfort cushions Comforters Comic art Commodes Compact flash Compact kitchens Companion sets Compass Comp mounts Component systems Composters Compressors Computer cabinets Computer desks Computer support Computers 
Conceptual art Condensers Conditioners Condoms Cones Conference phones Conga Connector hinges Connectors Console coolers Consultation Contact Lenses Contemporary art Contraceptives Control processors Convection ovens Conversion kits Conveyors Conveyor ovens Cookie baskets Cookie bouquets Cookies Cooking ranges Cooktops Cookware sets Coolants Cooler cabinets Coolers Cooling fans Cooling pads Copier labels Copy paper Coral necklace set Cordless phones Correction fluid Correction pens Correction tapes Corsets Cosmetic cases Cosmetic wallets Costumes Cots Cotton balls Cotton sateen shaped jackets Cotton sets Countertops Court shoes Cover glasses Coverlets Covets Cowboy steaks Crabcakes Cradles Craft Cranes Creamers Creatine Creditcard holders Credit cards Credit report Cremators Crew neck sweaters Crew tops Cribs Cricket balls Cricket bats Cricket guards Croissant cutters Crop bras Cropped pants Crop tops Cross body bags Crosses Cruisers Crutches Crystals Cubby centers Cube sorage Cuff Links Cuffs Cuff cases Cupboards Cupcakes Cups Curio cabinets Current probes Curtain rods Curtains Cushioned mailers Cushions Cutlery Cutting rollers Cycle parts Cyclone powder 
Daisos Dance pads Dance wear Dance Dart cups 
 Contd .....
Data cables Data protectors Data sheets Date watches Dating Day beds DDR2 desktop DDR2 notebook DDR3 desktop DDR3 notebook DDRA systems DDR desktop DDR notebook Debt Decals Decanters Deck lights Deck ovens Deck trucks Decoration Decorative art Decorativepieces Dedicated servers Deep fryers Defibrillators Dehumidifiers Demi bras Denim jeans Densitometers 
Contd .....
Nikita Decorator Pvt Ltd 
WZ- 283/44, Shop Plot, Maddi Wali Gali No. 5, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi -110018 
Tel: +91-11- 25985555 Mobile  9811224601 , 9811114615 
E-mail Website: 

Designing Interiors/Exteriors in to look beautiful, highly durable, easy to maintain and at the same time having a touch of elegance. 

Contd .....
Dental Colleges
 Contd .....
Dental Deodorants Deposit tickets Dermatology Desert boots Desert tans Design art Designer phones Desk binders Desk checks Desk clamps Desk lamps Desk registers Desk sets Desks Dessert molds Desserts Devil costumes Diabetes 
Contd .....
Diagnostic Centers 
Contd .....
Diagnostic kits Diamond earrings Diamond necklace sets Diamond pendants Diamond rings Diamonds Diaper bags Diaper stackers Diapers Diathermy Dice Dickies Dickie Distionaries Diecut stickers Diet Digestion Digital cameras Digital frames Digital microscopes Digital scales Dildos Dining Sets Dining table Dinner plates Dirt tamers Disaster management Discharge lamps Discoqueen costumes Disc players Disc tractions Discus cages Dishes Dish racks Dishtables Dishwashers Dish washing Disinfecting wipes Display cabinets Display stands Disposable briefs Dissecting Kits Divider panels DJ cables DJ mixers DJ sets DMX cables Dock lights Dock lines Docks Doll buggies Doll carriers Doll cradles Doll costumes Doll furniture Doll houses Doll prams Dolls Doll strollers Dolphin shoes Domains Door decors Door Hangers Door hangings Door hooks Dopplers Dot tankini tops Double knit pants Dough nuts Dough retarding Dough rollers Dough Drafting tables Drag links Drag reels Drain traps Draperies Drapes Drawers Drawing art Dressers Dresses Dressings Dress shirts Dress shoes Driving Driving irons Drum dollies Drum units Dryers Dual fuel ranges Duck boots Duffel bags Duffle coats Duffle travel bags Dumbbells Dumpers Dupattas Duplicate books Durawood blinds Dustbags Dusters Dust ruffles Duvets DVD cases DVD players DVD DVD cleaners  
Earmuffs Earphones Earrings Easels Ecards ECG ECG electrodes ECG Calipers ECG paper Edging Edible thongs Editorial art Education Egg balls Egg beaters Egg hooks Egg sets Egg rings Egg slicers Egronomic stools EKG carts Electrical safety Elastic gatherings Electric heaters Electric powered carts Electric scissor lifts Electrode adapters Electrode pads Electronic flare Electronic irons Elisa kits Elvira costumes Elvis costumes Email security Email Embroided sets Embroidered cotton denims Embroidery cards Embroidery CD Embroidery disks Embroidery hoops Embroidery machines Embroidery Emerald beads Emerald necklace sets Emerald Emergency creams Emollient cream Employment Emu oil Enclosures Encyclopedias End tables Enema solutions Enema syringes Engagement rings Engineoil coolers Engraved signs Enhancer rings Entertainment Ent Envelopes Epidemiology Equipments Erasers Erase sets Erection devices Ergometers Erotic art Espresso machines Essential oils Eternity bands Ethernets Events Ewas Excavators Exercisers Exfoliating primers Exhaust fans Exhaust-guard covers Exit signs Expandable phones Expressionism Express sights Extension cables External harddrives Extra coverage bras Eye masks Eye pads Eye protectors Eye related Eyeshadow applicators 
Dr. S N Khanna 
F-708,  Som Vihar, Sector 12 R K Puram-110022 
Tel: +91 11 26163706 Mob:+91 9810943535 Off:+91 11 4713 4202 Fax: +91-11 26825013 
Email: Website: 

Senior Consultant & Cardio-thoracic Surgeon

Contd .....
B-Tech Electronic Devices 
462 Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi-110006 Phone : +91-11-23866237 

Bulk suppliers of electronic/computer/telephone components and accessories

Galaxy Elevators and Metals Pvt Ltd 
Empire Business Center-59, (Third Floor) Office No-1, Rani Jhansi Road  
(Opp Jhandewalan Mata Mandir), Jhandewalan, New Delhi 110055 
Mobile  09899931127, 09711333149 Tel: 011- 23519468, 65455528 
Email Website 

Assemblers and service providers of elevators, escalators and moving walkways

Contd .....
 Contd .....
Engineering Colleges
 Contd ..... 
Event organisers 
Contd .....
Fabric boards Fabric care Fabric end track Fabric extenders Fabric shades Fabric Face brushes Face masks Face painting Facials Facial cleansers Facial tissues Fader surface Fan blades Fan clutches Fan spacers Fan switches Fans Farmed salmon Fascinators Fashion art Fashion rings Fat scales Faucets Favor cones Favorlight stands Fax cartridges Fax rolls Fecal management Federal returns Feed disposers Feeding tubes Feed slicers Fencing Fender brackets Fender flares Fenders Fender vents Fertilizers Fertility Monitors Fetal heart monitors Fiber drums Fibromyalgia Field monitors Filament tapes File boxes File jackets File pockets File sharing File storage File transfer Filling scales Filter bags Filter cleaners Fine art Finials Firepits Fireplaces Fireplace screens Fire starters First Aid Fish cakes Fish chowder Fish fry mix Fishnets Fitnesse worms Fitness Fitness pants Fitness T-shirts Fitness shorts Fitness tights Fitness tops Fitness trackpants Fitness tracksuits Flagpoles Flags Flannel pants Flapover purses Flash camera Flash covers Flash drives Flash lights Flashlight testers Flasks Flaxseed oil Fleas Fleece pajama sets Fleece pajama set Fleece tops Flex fans flexi pans Flight suits Flipflops Floatation devices Floating loungers Floating saturns Floor dryers Flooring Floor lamps Floor mats Floor scales FloralOils Floral print jacket dresses Floral print jacket dress Floral print twin sets Floral print twin set Florescent starters Flower bands Flower girl dresses Flowers  
Fluited brioches Fluoroscent fittings Fluoroscent lighting Fluoroscent tubes Flush brushes Flush fittings Flush mounts Flute accessories Flutes Flyers FM Radio FM transmitters Foam adhesives Foaming cleansers Fog fluids Fog lights Foldaway bags Folders Folding ladders Foldout calendars Folios Folk art Food containers Football Football lamps Football T-shirts Foot Care Footlights Foot massager Footprints Foot stools Forensicmedicine Fork aatachments Forklifts Formal dresses Formal shoes Form holders Fountainpen converters Fountainpen nibs Fountain pens Fountains Fox fur scarves Foyer lanterns Fragrance Frames Franking labels Fraud alerts Free Stuff Freezers Fridges Fringed pants sets Fringed pants set Fringes Frits Fruit basksts Fruit dishes Fruits Fryers Fry pans Fuel tanks Fullcoverage bras Full length overcoats Fullfigure bras Funeral flowers Furnance filters Furnishing Furniture knobs Furniture  
Kapsons Enterprises 
622/1F, Block-RZ, Street No-4, Industrial Area Anand Parbat, New Delhi - 110005 
Branch  487/99, Peera Garhi, New Delhi - 110087 
Tel: +91- 11- 28764904, 28761936 Fax  +91 -11- 42340720 Mobile  +91 9811031206, +91 9891060999 
Email Website: 

Manufacturers and exporters of  high performing Auto and Industrial Filters

Contd .....
Contd .....
Contd ..... 
Gaiters Games Garden lights Garden tools Garden Garlic Garnet beads Garnet bracelets Garnet hearts pendant Garnets Garter belts Gartinis Gartini Gas cans Gas detectors Gas grills Gasket sets Gas lamps Gas masks Gas ranges Gauchos Gel flasks Gelink refills Gel packs Gel pens Gemstone jewelry sets Gemstone rings Gem stones Generalsurgery generative art Generators Genital herpes Geo printed fans Gifts Gift tags Gilets Girdles Girlwear Gladiators Glass cleaners Glass cups Glass cylinders Glass panels Glass pitchers Glass saucers Glassware racks Glassware Glaze Gliders Global art Globe lights Gloves Glucose Monitors Glucose strips Glycolic acid Goals Goggles Gold clutch Gold plated watches Golf bags Golf pencils Golf shirts Golf Shoes Gondola shelving Gonorrhea Gorilla Gout Governors desk Gowns GPS Grapeseed extract Graphic art Graphic equalizers Graphite sets Grass skirts Grease bugs Green houses Green moonstone beads Green onyx necklaces Greeting cards Grille guards Grilles Grills Grinders Ground lights Growth charts G Strings Guage cables Guaze Guital pedals Guitar picks Guitar pickups Guitar preamps Guitar recorders Guitar setting Guitar strings Guitars Guitar tuners Gun metal beads Guns Gyms Gynecology  
Haddocks Haematology Hair bangs Hair care Hairclips Hair coloring brushes Hair conditioners Hair extensions Hair gels Hair growth Hair pieces Hair pins Hair styles Hair trimmer Half masks HalfPants Half slips Halloweens Halogen lamps Halter bras Halter tops Hampers Handbags Hand creams Handcuffs Hand dryers Handlebar mounts Handles Hand sanitizers Handsets Hand sinks Handwarmers Hangers Hang tags Hard disk drives Harmonicas Harnesses Harp strings Hassonite beads l Hats Hawk holders HDMI cables Head Bands Head bolt sets Head gaskets Headlight covers Headlights Headliners Headphones Headsets Head wraps Hearing Aids Heart Monitors Heartrate monitors Heaters Heating pads Heat pads Heel floats Helicopters Helmet mounts Hematology analyzers Henleys Henley Hepatitis Hi cut briefs HID lights High shank screws Hikers Hiking Hiking backpacks Hiking shoes Hikinis Hipsters Historical art Hitch alignment Hitch covers HIV Hobo bags Holders Holiday cards Hollow blocks Holsters Home Appliances Homecoming dresses Home decoration Home insurance Home offices Home study Home theatres Honey bee costumes Honeycoumb shades Hood costumes Hooded jackets Hood hinges Hoodies Hoopsters Horns Horse racing Horseshoe sets Hoses Hosiery Hotel carts Hotels Hot pots Hot seats Hot Water Bottles Hounds tooth jackets Housekeeping cart Huaraches Hub kits Humidifiers Humidors Humor art Hush puppy mix Hyaluronic acid Hybrids Hydraulic presses Hydrogen generators Hydrolysed collagen Hygrometers Hyper-Hypothermia  
Keshav Generators 
A-61, Vishwakarma Colony, Near Kesri Market, Lal Kuan (Badarpur), New Delhi-110044 
Corporate Address : A-333/1, Vishwakarma Colony, M.B Road, Near Kesri Market, Lal Kuan (Badarpur), New Delhi-110044 
Branch Address : Plot No-86, Banke Bihari Colony, Tilapt(Village), Faridabad-121003 
Telefax : 91-11-26363536 Contact No. : +91-9810442414, +91-9958440104 
Email : Website: 

Generator hiring & other services with a technical excellence

Herbal Medicines
Ayurgyan Herbal Healthcare 
A Unit of Ayurgyan Herbal Healthcare Society (Regd). 
Surya Colony, Sehatpur,Faridabad - 121003 
Mobile  09999771700, 09868036036 Tele.Fax  011 26278930 
 Email Website
Contd .....
Homoeopathy Colleges 
 Contd .....
 Contd .....
Hotel Desert Gold 
M-4, Moti Vihar Nr, Sukharia Circle,, Meera Marg, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan 335001 
Tel::076 88 888123 Mobile: 09587777111 Email: Website: 
Taming the heat wave of desert
 Contd .....
iCar chargers Ice bags Ice cleats Ice makers IDEConnector cables Identity threats Idols Ignition switches Immunology Impedance analyzers Impressionism Impulse pants Incandescent lamps Incense burners incontinent pants Incorporation Incubators Index sets Indicator lights Industrial art Infinity lockers Infrared tubeheaters Infusers Infusion Sets infusions Ink bottles Ink cartridges Inkjet paper Ink systems Inner conflict Innocence costumes Insect repellant Installers Instrument cables Instrument trays Insulator tops Insurance Internet security Inverters Invisible tapes Invisible underwears Invisible underwear Invitational envelopes Invitation cards Ionizers iPhones iPod cases iPod chargers iPods IREXA systems Ironing board Irons Island lighting 
Jacket dresses Jacket liners Jacket liner Jackets Jacks Jalopies Jam Janitor carts Jeannie costumes Jeans Jeep parts Jeggings Jelly Jersey knit dresses Jerseys Jetpack mailers Jewel cases Jewelry boxes Jewelry gift boxes Jewelry sets jewelry Jigsaw puzzles Jilbabs Johns Joint pain JointVictory Joker costumes Joli dresses Jotters Journals Juice extractors Jukeboxes Jumpers Jumping sachs Jump seats Jumpsuits 
Amber Amusement & Inflatables 
134, Avtar Enclave, Paschim Vihar, 
New Delhi-110063 
Tel : 91 011 25252524 Mobile : 9810072557 
E-mail : Website:
Contd .....
 Contd .....
 Contd .....
Journalism Colleges 
 Contd .....
Kabuki blouses Kamarbands Kama Sutra Kanthas Karate Keepsake boxes Kegerators Kettles Keyboard stands Key Boards Key chains Key fobs Keyrings Kick stands Kids eyeglasses Kids sunglasses Kids vanities Kilns Kimonos King beds King costumes Kingcrab legs Kitchenettes Kitchen scales Kitchenware Kitten heel shoes Kitty costumes Knee highs Knee high Knee warmers Knee warmer Knickers Knight costumes Knit polo tops Knit skirts Knits knives Knobs Krueger costumes Kurtas Kurtis Lab analyzers Lab coats Labels Labmedicine Lace trim camis Lace trimmed tangas Lace trimmed thongs Ladder flanges Ladders Ladder treads Lamp holders Lan analyzers Lancets Lan controllers Landing mats Landscape lighting Landscapes Language Lanterns Laptop bags Laptop briefcases Laptop stands l-Arginine Laryngoscopes Laser labels Laser pointers Laser mouse Lasers Laser toners Laser vouchers Laser wallets Lathes Laundry care Laundry Lava lamps Lawn mowers l-Carnitine LCD display LCD monitors Leads Learning boards Leather cases Leather chairs Leather covers LeatherWear Leggings Leg sleeves Leg warmers Lehengas Lehenga Leis Leisure bras Lemon cakes Lens cleaners Leopard pashmina scarves Leopard pashmina shawls Leopard pashmina wraps Leopard print throws Leotards Letterheads Letter trays Leur connectors Leveling kits l-Glutamine Liberator ramps Liberator wedges License plate frames Lid lifters life insurance Lifting harnesses Lift kits Lifts Lift tables Light bars Lighters Light guns Lighting sets lighting Light panels Light posts Light shades Light therapy Light towers Li-Ion batteries Lined blazers Line boards Lined pages Linen Liners Line smoothers Lip balms Lip colors Lips masterbators Listing paper Lithium photo batterie Lithographs Littlenecks Liver l-Lysine Loaders Load washers Loafers Loans Lobster meat LobsterTails Lobsters Locker units Lockets Locks Log holders Logo makers Long leg shapers Loungers Love seats Love swings Lowbacks Lowering kits l-Tyrosine Lubes Lubricants Luggage identifiers Luggage tags Lumbar packs 
Contd .....
Laboratory equipment
Maa Vaishno Diagnostics 
B-1/104,Paschim Vihar,  New Delhi-110063  
Email : 
Website : 
Manufacturers and suppliers of medical laboratory equipment and reagents
Contd .....
Law Colleges
 Contd ..... 
Law firms
Macro art Magazine racks Magazines Magazine tubes Mag guides Magnets Magnifying lens holders Maid costumes Mailboxes Mailing tapes Mail organizers Majoris Makeup palettes Makeup pouches Makeup removers Mandolins Mangalsutras Managerial offices Maps Marathon sets Marimbas Marine displays Marine swings Marketing Mascara Masking tapes Masks Masques Massage Massage creams Massagers Massage systems Massage tables Mastectomy bras Masterbators Master testers Material hoists Maternity Matress covers Matress pads Matress springs Mats Mattes Mattresses  Maxi dresses Mechanical pencils Medallions Media centers Media frames Media players Medical equipment Medicine Cups Megaphones Memorabilia Memory cards Memory sticks Menu card stands Merchant account Merrywidows Mesh collection thongs Message boards Message stamps Messenger bags Metal blinds Metal eyeglasses Metalphones Metal sunglasses Metatarsal pads Mica Microbiology Microphone systems Microphones Microscopes MicroSDHC Microtomes Microwaves MIDI Interfaces Midtown binders Milk caramels Militarywear Milling machines Minerals Minimiser bras Mining scales MiniSD cards MiniSDHC Mirrordisc shades Mirrors Mixing cups Mobile marketing Mobility scooters Moccasins Modeling Models Modern art Modern chairs Modular drawers Modules Moisture analysers Moisture barrier Moisture exchangers Moisture sensors Moisture traps Moisturizers Moisturizing creams Moisturizing shampoo Mold cleaners Molds Mold zappers Money clips Money Transfer Monorail kits Moonstone bracelets Moonstone jewelry sets Moonstone pendants  
Moses baskets Mother of bride dresses Motion detectors Motor Cycles mouse mats Mouse Mouth wash Movies MP3 Players MP4Players MP5Players Mugs Mules Multifunction pens Multilink stations Multiline phones Multimedia cards Multimeters Multipads Multisling bags Multitaskers Multi tools Murals Muscle stimulators Music bells Music centers Music horns Music posters Music recorders Music remotes Music systems Music toys Music Mussels  
India awareness 
B-1/75 Vishnu Garden, New Delhi 110018 
Tel: +91.9871683322  
Email: Website: 

A public awareness magazine in punjabi language

Management Colleges 
Jankiji Institute of Management Training 
SCO 17-18, Ist Floor, Municipal Corporation Markrt  
OPP. Santosh Hospital, Kanhiya Sahib Chowk  
Yamuna Nagar, Haryana  
Helpline Numbers:- 9355521161, 62, 64 
Email: Website: 

Group of teaching institutions - From Nursery to Professional

 Contd .....
Material handling
Competent Engineers 
E-14, Sanjay Colony, Sector -23, Faridabad, Haryana 
Telefax + 91 - 129 2442073, + 91 - 129-3212537 Fax +91 - 129- 2238954 Mobile 09810442073 , 09818652073 
Contd .....
Medical Colleges in WORLD 
 Contd .....
MLT Colleges
 Contd .....
Music groups 
AAROHEE (Evergreen Old Gold Melodies Group) 
A-3/168 1st floor,  Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 
Tel : +91-11-42316200 Mobile : 9818628436 9310328436 
EMAIL Website:
 Contd .....
n-Acetylcystein Nail clippers Nail growth Nailpolish removers Name plates Napkin holders Napkins Naples Narele boots Nasal irrigation Nasty curves costumes Natura durs Naturalwoven shades Neck creams Neckerchieves Necklaces Neckties Neckwraps Needle Art Needles Neoclassicism Nerf bars Network cables Networking Network management Network testers Neurology News letters Newspaper rollers Newspapers News NiCd batteries Night move dresses Night stands Night tables Nightgowns NiMH batteries Nipple covers Notebook harddrives Notebook bags Notebooks Note cards Notepads Notes Novelty phones Now kits Number card holders Number hooks Nurse costumes Nursery furniture Nursing Nursing bras Nuts  
Nursing Colleges 
 Contd .....
Obstetrics Occupational Octaves Odor neutralizers Office partitions Officer costumes Oil pan gaskets Oils Ointment Jars Olive oil Omega rails Omegas Onesies Onyx bead necklaces Onyx beads Opal glass Openend envelopes Ophthalmology Oral herpes Oral hygiene Organizers Orthopedic Creams Orthopedics OrthoScan Oscar dresses Otoscopes Ottomans Outdoor chairs Outdoor lighting Outdoors Outdoor shoes Outfits Outriggers Oval platters Ovens Overalls Overcoats Oxygen concentrators Oxygen sensors Oyster openers Oysters Packaging benches Packaging Tapes Packet squares Padded envelopes Padfolios Pad holders PadmeAmidala costumes Pageant dresses Page finders Pain Relievers Paint brushes Paint buckets Painting kits Paintings Paints & varnishes Pajamas Pallet rack Pallet trucks Pancreas Panel mirrors Panel televisions Panel tracks Pan grippers Pan strainers Panties Pantiliners Pant liners Pants Panty girdles Pantyhoses Papaya enzyme Paper clips Paper cutters Paper filters Paper plates Paper towels Paper weights Parasitology Parkas Parking signs Park systems Parlor tables Particle counters Party dresses PartyGoods Pashmina scarf Pashmina scarves Pashmina Passport holders Passport wallets Pasta PA systems Patchwork tapestry jackets Paternity testing Patient gowns Patient lifts Patio heaters PC dongles PC movers PC tuners Pea coats Peanut butter Pearls Pedestal fans Pediatrics Pedinis Pedometers Peds Peep toes Peignoir sets Pen cases Pencil Cases Pencil sharpeners Pencils Pendant lights Pendant necklaces pendants Pen hardware kit Penis pumps Penlights Pens Percussion Hammers Perforated pads Perforated pans Performance testers Perfumes Perfume testers Permanent markers Personal insurance Pest control Pet carriers Pet insurance PetNutrition Petticoats Pharmacology Pharmacy Pheromone Phone cases Phone chargers Photobooks Photo cards Photo catridges Photo frames Photography Photopaper Photos Photo wallets PHP training Physiology Physiotherapy Piano benches Pianos Picnic tables Picture cards Picture frames Picture light Pie pans Piercing Pill bags Pill dispensers Pillow encasings Pillows Pilsner glasses Pink floral jackets Pint glasses Pin ups Pipe holders Pirate costumes Pistols Pitchers Pitching machines PJ sets Placemats Plaid shirts Planner carriers Planners Planters Plants Plaques Plasma mounts Plasma stands Plastic bones Plastic cups Plastic eyeglasses Plastic forks Plastic knives Plastic spoons Plastic sunglasses Plastrons Platform Shoes Platform trucks Platters Play corners Play dryers Play floors Playgrounds Play houses Playing cards cases Play kitchens Play mats Play paths Play Sets Playsuits Play systems Play yards Pleated shades Pleated skirts Plunge bras Plus size Pochettes Pocket folders Pocket wallets Pocket watches Pointelle tops Pointe shoes Poker sets Polar Mocs Polo shirts Polyurethane chairs Pomegranate lip balm Ponchos Ponies Pony tails Pony Pool caddies Pool cleaners Pool coping Pool covers Pool heaters Pool liner Pools Pop art Popcorn Porcelain mugs Portable fans Portable heaters Portraits Positioning pillows Postage ink Post binders Postcards Posters Posting trays Post lights Postmodern art Posture pillows Posture support Pot hooks Pot racks Potty chairs Pouches Power centers Power distribution Power inverters Powerpacks Power starters Power steering Power strips Power supplies prada Prams Preamplifiers Predator costumes Prenatal cradles Price tags Primrose oil Princess Leia costumes Print cartridge Print dresses Printers Printhead cleaners Printing Prints Print tanks Print twin sets Prism glasses Prisoner kits Procedures tables Production benches Programming Progressive lenses Progressive sunglasses Projection televisions Project offices Projectors Prom dresses Prong fasteners Propane grills Propane ranges Propeller housings Prostate Prosthesis Psychiatry Psychology Psyllium Puffers Pull on bras Pull on pants Pull overs Pump shoes Punches Puppets Purses Push chairs Pushpull switches Push sweepers Push up bras Puzzles PWC covers Pyjamas 
Packers and movers
Capital Cargo Packers & Movers 
Plot No : 654 MTNL Tower, Bijwasan, New Delhi - 110015 
Phone  91 - 11- 65764484 Mobile  09899731610 , 08010442474 
E-mail : Website :
Shree Ganeshai Crafts 
D-68-A, Saini Vihar, Laxmi Park, Nangloi, New Delhi 
Tel: + 91- 8459493951 * 9958949873 
Email, Website 
Welcome To The World Of Arts ! Abstract, Religious, Portraits(Realistic) Landcapes and so on
Paksons Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd 
Works  36, Mile Stone, Delhi-Rohtak Road, Sakhol, Bahadurgarh, Haryana-124507 India 
Tel:  +91-11-27555789, 47029394 Mobile  +91-9416056580, 9811225580, 9873839394 
Email: Website 

Manufacturers and suppliers of qualty medicines

West Course Drug Company  
18/1,Mile Stone,Ajrondi,Delhi- Mathura Road, Faridabad - 121007 
Tel: +91-129-2000888 , 2221778 Fax: +91-129-2287896 Mobile: +91-9811302011 , 9899302011 
Email: Website: 

Welcome you to the World of 10000 yrs. Old & Time Tested Healing through Nature

Pharmacy Colleges 
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Physiotherapy Colleges 
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Places/towns in the WORLD 
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Quadrafoams Quasar capsules Queen beds Quilt boots Quilting Quilts Quilt throws Race fans Racer backs Racing games Rack cards Rackets Racks Radar antennas Radars Radiators Radiography Radiology Radios Raglans Rail lighting Rainbow makers Rain covers Rainwear Ramps Range hoods Rarebits RCTool Kit RD RAM Reading glasses Realism Rear lights Receivers Reception chairs Rechargeable battery Recipes Recliners Reducing bras Reel holders Reference Refilling machines Refinance Refrigerators Rehabilitation aids Relationship Religion Remote Controls Remote start Remote transmitters Renaissance Renters insurance Report covers Resorts Retreats Retro barbies Retro barbie Ribbon cartridges Ribbon refills Riders Riflescopes Rifles Rimless eyeglasses Rimless sunglasses Rim soups Ring binders Ring pendants Rings Roaman shades Robes Rockers Rocking chairs Rocking horses Rods ROHS enclosers Rollerball pens Roller shades Roller trays Rolling ballpens Rolling ladders Roll towers Rolodex cards Rompers Room mates Rope lights Roses Rosewood pens Rotary bobbins Rotarydial switches Rotating lights Routers Ruanas Rubber bands Rubber wheels Rub erasers Ruby beads Ruby necklace sets Ruffled dresses Ruffled pullover blouses Rugs Rulers Runners Running boards Rustic blocks 
Real estate
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Satellite radio Safety eyeglasses Safety glasses Safety signs Salsa Salwars Samplers Sandals Sand pits Sanitisers Sapphire bracelets Sapphire Sarees Sarongs SassyElf costumes Satellite televisions Satin dresses Sauna heaters Saxophones Scanners Scales Scarves Schonbek lighting Scissor lifts Scissors Scoring knives Scottie boots Scout mount Screen cleaners Screen protectors Screwdrivers Scrubs Sculpture SDRAM desktop SDRAM notebook Sea food Seahorse vibrators Sealing tapes Seamless bikinis Seamless bras Seamless camisoles Searchlights Search Seascapes Sea shells Seat Covers Seat cushions Seats Secure digital Security appliances Security cages Security cameras Security light Security pens Security systems Security trucks Seduction kits Seed card favors Seed favors Selectip ballpens Selectip refills Selenium Selfsealing envelopes Semi Demi bras Semi formal dresses Sensitometers sensor bars Sequined shirt jackets Server blades Servers Serveware Service benches Service carts Severed legs Sewing machines Sewing Sexology Sex toys Sexy dresses Shadow boxes Shaker bottles Shampoo wax Shampoo Shapers Shapewear Shark skin Sharpening stones Sharpeners Shaving gels Shawls Sheers Sheet labels Sheath dresses Sheet protectors Sheets Shells Shelves Sherwanis Shift knobs Shine pomades Shipping invoices Shirts Shirt waist dresses Shock absorbers Shoe racks Shoes Shooting Shooting games Shop desks Shopping bags Shop stands Short dresses Shorties Short prom dresses Short robes Short sleeve tees Short sleeve tee Short sleeve tops Short sleeve top Shorts Shot glasses Shot guns shoulder bags Shower curtains Shower filters Shower Gel Shower heads Shower hooks Shower radios Showers Shredders Shrimp cocktail Shrimps Shrink wrap tubes Shuffleboard Shutters Shuttles Sideboards Side mounts Side skirts Side steps Side tables Sidewire bras Sight systems Signs Sign holders Silhouttes Silver clutch Silver jewelry Silver spray Simulators Singleline phones Sinks Sink vanities Sirens Skeleton Skid plates Skids Skier decals Skimmer shoes Skin Cleansers Skin Creams Skin lotions Skin protectants Skin softeners Skirtinis Skirt sets Skirts Skorts Skype mouse Slacks Sleepers Sleeping bags Sleeping bras Sleep shirts Sleep Wear Sleeveless cardigan vests Slica complex Slices Slides Slide shoes Slimmimg pants Slingback shoes Slings Slip-ons Slippers Slips Slotted angles Slumpers SmartCycler Smoked salmon Smoke machines Smoking signs Smoking Smoothing lotions SMS marketing Snapbacks Sneakers Snoods Snoring Snow boots Snow plows Snugglers Soaking tubs Soap baskets Soap Dishes Soaps Soccer simulators Socks Soft cup bras Software Solairs Solar blankets Solar lanterns Solar power Solar shades Solitaire rings Solits Sound amplifier Sound mixers Soy protein Spa Space packs SPA fragrance SPA heaters Spam filters Speaker boxes Speaker monitors Speaker systems Speakers Spectrophotometers Speed bits Speed controllers Speedometers Sphygmomanometers Spinning rods Spinning wheels Splenda sugar Splints Sponge Spool holders Sports bras Sport shirts Sport shoes SportsMedicine Spot coolers Spotlight sets Spotlights Spray cleaners Sprayers Spreaders Spring decks Sprinklers Spy caps Square balers Square plates Squash Squirter sets Stage sets Stain eliminators Stains Stampers Stamp pads Stamps Standing grills Stands Staple removers Staplers Staples Stash trays Statements State returns Stations Statuary Statues StayUps STD Steak knives Steam cleaners Steamer baskets Steamer ranges Steamers Steam inhalation Steam irons Steam mops Steam press Steel shelving Steering kits Steering knuckles Steering shafts Steering stabilizers Steering wheel hubs Steering wheels Stemware Steppers Step Stools Step ups Sterilisers Stethoscopes Stickers Sticks Sticky books Sticky notes Stilletos Stimulators Stir sticks Stitched crease pants Stitch machines Stitch needles Stockings Stock pickers Stoles Stoppers Storage baskets Storage boots Storage boxes Storage cabinets Storage units Storage Storage buildings Stoves Strapless bras Strapping kits Strapping machines Straps Stress relief Stress Stretch wraps Strings Strollers Studs Styluses Styrofoam cups Subwoofers Suede look pants sets Suede shoes Sugar canister Sugar substitutes Suits Summits Sundresses Sunglass clips Sunglasses Sunhoods Sun pendants Sunscreen sprays Sunsets Sunshades Sun visors Super Blue Stuff Super White Stuff Sure cycles Surge Protectors Surgery lights Surges Surrealism Surrounding links Surveillance cameras Suspenders Suspensions Suture Swabs Sweater knit swing jackets Sweater knit swing jacket Sweaters Sweating Sweatpants Sweatshirts Sweet sixteen dresses Sweets Swim bags Swim dresses Swimming caps Swim paddles Swimsuits Swim trunks Swimwear asteria Swimwear ecstasy Swimwear kristens Swimwear kristen Swimwear shirades Swimwear shirade Swimwear skirts Swimwear skirt Swimwear wraps Swimwear Swing gates Swing sweaters Switches Swivel spotlights Swords Sympathy baskets Sympathy flowers Synergy Pouches Syphilis Syringes 
United Sarbat Khalsa 
AFF-2, Japji Estate, GT Karnal Road, Azad Pur, Delhi-110033  
Email: Website: 

Devoted to propagation of Sikh religion

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 Bal Vatika Public School : N.H. 10 Opposite Police Line, Hisar Road, Fatehabad- 125050 Tel: 01667-230972, 220972 Email: 
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Scientific dealers 
 Contd ..... 
Chetram Asiwal (Scrap) 
 A-41, Ambika Enclave, Nihal Vihar, Nangloi, New Delhi - 110041 
Mobile No.  09210093160 * 08800828563 Phone (Resi)  09250727728 
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Security services
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Sheetmetal machines
Techno Plastic & Engineering Works 
Y-30,Okhla Industrial Area Phase - II, New Delhi - 110020 
Tel: +91 - 11 - 41609154 Mobile: 9811269975 Telefax: +91 - 11 - 26385974,40520515 
Email: Website: 

Fast and efficient producers of high quality products of Sheet Metal working machines

Social service
Vakighol Social Service Society [VSSS] 
Gauthan, Adoli Post, Via Gargotti, Kolhapur District, Maharashtra - 416 210  
Tel: 02321- 250001/5 
Email: Website:  

V.S.S.S. is a people's participative movement for village / valley development.

Software engineers
 TableCloths Table covers Table fans Table Lamps Table sets Tables Tabs Taekwondo Tags Tai Chi Tailgate bars Talking translators Talking watches Tangas Tankards Tankini tops Tanks Tan Tape dispensers Tape libraries Tape measure holders Tape measures Tape removers Tapes Tapeworms Tartan clutches Tart shells Task lamps Tattoo paper Taurine T back bras Tea bags Teacup shield sunglasses Teacup sunglasses Tea kettles Tea makers Teapot warmers Tea sets Tea tree lip balm Tea Teddies Teddy bears TeenageHealth Telehandlers Telephone service Telephoto lenses Telescopic boom lifts Television Temple shield sunglasses Temple sunglasses Temporal scanners Tennis Tennis balls Tennis racket holder Tennis Tent fans Test stands Textured pants Texturizing serum TFT monitors Thankyou baskets Theme beds Thermal cameras Thermal paper Thermal ribbon Thermalwear Thermodynamics Thermometers Thermostats Thigh highs Thigh hi Thigh slimmers Thong shoes Thongs Threaders Thread stands Throat Lozenges Throwers Throw Tick collars Tickets Tie Clips Ties Tights Tikkas Tilting kettles Tilt trucks Timing Timpanis Tiny timbers Tip toes Tire balancers Tire carriers Tire changers Tire cutters Tires Titanium eyeglasses Titanium sunglasses Toasting glasses Toddler beds Toe plates Toiletry cases Toilet seats Toilet thrones Toilet trainers Tonneau covers Tool bags Tool boxes Tool carriers Tool cases Tool kits Tool sets Tools Tooth brushes Tooth pste Tooth whiteners Top mount controls Tops Torches Torchieres Torsolettes Totalizers Total stations Tote bags Totepool Tote Towel dispensers Towel holders Towels Towel warmers Toy boxes Toy phones Toys Track pants Track suits Track tops Traction bars Traction Tractor banks Tractors Trading Traditional art Traffic signs Trail boots Trailers Train banks Trainer shoes Train horns Training Training machines Transcription TransFlash memory Transformers Transmission coolers Transmission mounts Trash bags Trash compactors Trash receptacles Travel bags Travel bottles Travel chargers Traveler adapters Travel insurance Travel kits Travel mugs Travel sprays Travel Trays Treatment lotion Treats Trenchers Tribulus terrestris Trifold wallets Trilogy blinds Trilogy rings Trimline phones Trinket boxes Triplicate books Trivia Trolling rods Tropical print jackets Trousers Truck beds Trucks Trunks TShirt bras TShirts T-Shirt transfers Tuba Tubs Tub dispensers Tube dresses Tube fenders Tube Tops Tub mats Tubs Tunics Tuning Forks Turbans Turbines Turmeric Turnarounds Turn tables Turtlenecks Tuxedos TV cleaners TV mounts TV screens TV tray sets Tweezers Two deck screens Tyres 
Testing equipment
Baaz Hitech Seals Pvt Ltd 
631,RZ Block, Near Ramjas School no.2, 
New Rohtak Road Ind.Area, New Delhi 110005 
Tel: + 91 - 11-28762220, 42133919 Fax: + 91 11-28762220 Mobile + 91-9811099065,9311099065 
Email :, Website: 

Testing and manufacturing equipment

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Water treatment
Aqua Control Engineers 
214, South Extn. plaza - II, Masjid Moth, South Extn. Part - II, New Delhi - 110049. (India) 
Phone  +91-11- (D) 4609 5971 , (MAIN) 2626 6156 Fax  +91-11- 4056 9859 Mobile  +91- 98102 35839 
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Dr K Chaudhry 
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