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In testing Sperm Activity, Fructose Drop Test is more specific than CASA
Semen Fructose
Estimation Kit

for Animals and Man

Stable Indole 3-Acetic Acid Reagent

Developed by Dr K Chaudhry
Provided FREE for Research Projects.

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Maa Vaishno Diagnostics
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Mobile: 7503578515
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A Pahwa And Company : 19, Shakuntla Complex, Palika Bazar, Panipat 01802642651 
Amit Sehgal Associates : 39, GTB Colony, Panipat 132145 01802658539, 9813075050 
Anmol And Assocaites : 9, Sukhdev Nagar Market, Panipat 01802639622, 9812045476 
Balram And Associates : 23, Netaji Colony, Panipat 132103 01802665800 
CA Bhupinder Dixit : Gohana Road, Kishanpura, Panipat 09034942049 
Dinesh Kumar Goel And Company : 7, Raman Market, Panipat 132103 01804006750, 9812281321 
DNJ And Company : Shop No. 4, 1st Floor, SD School Market, Behind PNB, Panipat 01804009239, 9812028655 
Gurinder Singh And Company : 82, Patel Nagar, Panipat 09416105018 
HR Khurana And Company : 446-R, Model Town, Panipat 132103 09466344571 
Jagmahender Accountant : ADC Office, VPO Bayanpur, Panipat 132103 01802650152, 9416295499 
Krishan K Batra : 166, Hari Bagh Colony, 132104, Panipat 01802680808, 9953106364 
Lokesh K Juneja And Company : 675, Huda, Panipat 132103 01802660070 
Mamta Chopra And Company : 14 GTB Colony, Panipat 132103 01802650320, 9813458638 
Manish S Jain And Associates : Railway Road, Panipat 132103 01802634882, 9416133211 
Mukesh Asija And Associates : 848, Ward No-8, Panipat 132103 01802633846, 9255193300 
Narinder Singh : 3505, Geeta Colony, Panipat 01804005898, 9354914448 
Palki Associates : Palika Bazar, Shkuntla Road, Panipat 132103 01804002466, 9896001211 
Raheja And Company : 139, Sector-11, Huda, Panipat 01802663113, 9215534139 
Rajiv K Garg And Company : GT Road, Panipat 132103 01802630815, 9896357509 
Rakesh Kumar Garg And Company : 38-B, Bhatia Colony, Panipat 132104 01802658200, 9812345043 
RS Gahlyan And Associates : Sco-11-12, 2nd Floor, Delhi Paint Store, Gaushalla Mandi Gate, Panipat 132104 01802592263, 9896300930 
Sachin And Company : 772/20, Model Town, Panipat 132103 01804012369, 9729418455 
Sahil Jain And Associates : IB School Lane, GT Road, Pachranga Bazar, Panipat 01802632574, 9896507971 
Sanjay Ishwar Chand And Company : 83, Devi Lal Complex, Panipat 132103 01802659564 
SL Garg And Company : 181/III, Shakti Colony, Panipat 132104 01802254622, 9896497200 
Sodhi And Associates : 131, Virat Nagar, Panipat 01804002115 
Sunil Rajinder And Company : 31-IB School Lane, Panipat 132103 01802641496 
Suresh Gupta And Associates : 16, Panipat 132103 01802632538, 9416016450 
Surinder Kumar Rehlan : 25, Sukhdev Nagar, Panipat 132104 01802633849, 9896018849 
Sushil Kumar Jain : 4, Panipat 132104 01804006617 
Vijay Dhiman And Associates : Khanna Road, Panipat 132103 
Vimal Goyal And Company : Jagannath Mandir Shopping Complex, 1st Floor, Dayanand Road, Panipat 01804012808 
Vinod Jagdish Rai And Company : Parav Enclave, Panipat 01802571072, 9416952858 
Vishal Garg : 724, Huda, Panipat 07206788786, 9355666724 
VNM Associates : Salerganj Gate, Panipat 132103 09416019519 

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