Global Business Directory
Affiliate Program
Global Business Directory encourages webmasters to host free directories of their town/block residents and market shops.
1. Sign up at using category Affiliates. Single signup covers activity also at All India Medical Directory at You will get your website address - a Free LISTING FORM with your affiliate code embedded.
2. Ask your town/block residents and market shops to submit free listing form for absolutely free listing. All users listed are tagged as your customers.
3. Submit Free LISTING FORM yourself on behalf of every one you know.
4. Request members of associations to send member database file. Use it for bulk listing or send to us. All such users enrolled will become your customers.
6. Host these banners on your website.
For doctors:
For others:

  Your remunerations :-
As an affiliate,  you are in no way bound to sell Global Business Directory paid listing and hosting services. In stead, you may use FREE LISTING just to promote your hosting service on any server.

Paid services include:-
1. JUMBO size profile page : Rs100 per YEAR.
2. Classified advertisements : Rs40 per line per YEAR, subject to a minimum of Rs200 per year.
3. FULL website with multiple pages, email, usage statistics, Rs400 per YEAR
4. Banner space, Rs2000 per YEAR upward, depending upon position.
5. Web designing:- Your OWN service. You pocket 100%. We are not involved.

Listing is free on our end. In case you collect some service charges for submitting form, the amount goes 100% into your pocket.
Domain registration : In case your customer registers or renews a domain, from your Domain Portal, you get ABOUT 10% of the value. Domain charges are not included in slabs below. Sign up FREE as reseller at to get your own branded Domain Portal.
With all other paid listing and hosting services, you receive :-
1. 25% on first Rs10,000 received from your customers, in aggregate. Bonus Rs500 on completion of this target.
2. 30% on subsequent sale upto Rs25,000, in aggregate from your sign up date. Bonus Rs750 on completion of this target.
3. 40% on subsequent sale upto Rs50,000, in aggregate from your sign up date. Bonus Rs2500 on completion of this target.
4. 50% on all subsequent sale.
Your affiliate earnings shall be transferred into your bank account, when the amount payable is at least Rs500

You will continue to receive your earnings so long as your account is active.
Your affiliate account may be disabled in case you don't enrol new paying users continuously for three months.
A disabled account shall be revived when you resume your working, and all outstandings paid to you on revival.

Any questions?
Please use chat at PLEASE type your question straight. "Hi", "Hello", "Good morning" messages are not responded.
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