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Free listing of all Professions, Trades, Industries, Institutes

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Aakash Institute : Liberty Plaza, 2nd Floor, Kishanpur Tiraha, Aligarh: 202001 05712742144 Aligarh
Abacus Champs Academy : Amity Public School, Ada Phase-1, Opp Our Lady Fatima School, Ramghat Road Aligarh Email: Website:
Ace Tutorials : 3/139 B, Shadman Colony, Abdullah Girls College Road, Aligarh 202001 08126321336 8006466544 Aligarh
Al Sahara Institute : 4/16A, Anoopshahar Road, Aligarh 202001 09258815303 9045679378 Aligarh
Allahabad Academy : Quarsi Byepass Road, New Etah Chungi, Aligarh 202001 09410427643 8445566389 Aligarh
Aptech Computer Education : D-1, Mahavir Park Extention, Marris Road, Aligarh 05712402538 Aligarh
Career Launcher : D 1, Marris Road, Aligarh 09897618128 Aligarh
Commerce Competitive Academy : Hariom Nagar, Aligarh 202001 09897957184 8057522989 Aligarh
Dronacharya Classes : Laxmi Bai Marg, Kishanpur Tiraha, Aligarh 202001 09412012571 9358066677 Aligarh
Eduwave Pvt Ltd : Basement, HM Complex, Aligarh 08954857201 Aligarh
Eten Ca : Kulsuman Arcade, 1st Floor, Centre Point Station Road, Aligarh-202002 09756004000 Aligarh
Focus Classes : Kapil Vihar Colony, Banna Devi, GT Road, Aligarh-202001 08273007746 Aligarh
Foundation Coaching Centre : Feroz Palace, Medical Road, Aligarh 09897127105 Aligarh
Gateforum Educational Services Pvt Ltd : Chauraha, Laxmibai Marg, Aligarh:202002 09761636422 Aligarh
Guru Dronacharya : Laxmibai Marg, Marris Road, Aligarh 09358066677 Aligarh
HCL Career Development Centre : 2nd Floor, 3/219, Durgawari Chowk, Marris Road, Aligarh Aligarh
JMD Academy : Arya Nagar Colony, Aligarh 202001 08755757800 Aligarh
MBAGuru : 3/219, Second Floor, Durga Bari Corner, Aligarh 05712404501 9794710008 Aligarh
Mahendras Institute : 2nd Floor- Manglam Complex, Aligarh 09235253428 Aligarh
Master Mind Classes : Gonda Road, Iglas, Aligarh 09058180557 Aligarh
Narayana Iit Academy : 2nd Floor, Nikjay Plaza, Centre Point, Aligarh-202001 09219401331 Aligarh
Organon Classes : Arena Building, Laxmi bai road, Aligarh 202001 09319504298 Aligarh
Osnik Classes Mathematics : Ist Floor, Baba Market, Aligarh 202001, Aligarh 07417460493 9058430943 Aligarh
PT Education : 1st Floor, Parul Palace, Dodhpur, Aligarh Aligarh
Pratishtha IAS Academy : Kumar Plaza IInd Floor, Aligarh 202001 09457357311 9759402827 Aligarh
Roots Education : Address 3/219, Second floor, Durga Bari Corner, Marris Road, Aligarh 09794710008 Aligarh
Samadhan Classes : Ramghat Road, Aligarh 202001 08171984005 9897172738 Aligarh
Shree Jee Classes : 236, Avas Vikas Colony, Aligarh 202001 09219598997 Aligarh
The Catalyst Academy : 3rd Floor, Tikaram Complex, Centre Point, Aligarh 09319251337 Aligarh
The Gate Academy : Kothi Number-2, Ganga Nagar Colony, Aligarh: 202001 08534933084 Aligarh
Toppers Coaching And Guidness : 1st Floor, Neat PT Education, Parul Palace, Dodhpur, Civil Lines, Aligarh 09045324464 Aligarh
Trinitys Professionals : 3/129 Behind Great Shopping Mall, Aligarh 202001 09675937768 8307713830 Aligarh
Zandu Centre : AMU Main Road, Aligarh 05713453768 Aligarh

Advertising agents

Ad Press Media Solution : 19/222, Lane No. 7Hanumanpuri, Main Road, Aligarh 202001Mob: 09058475636
Advent Infosoft Pvt Ltd : Railway Road, Aligarh 202001 09810061682 Aligarh
Gemini Advertising : Anchal Tank, Aligarh 202001 05712406387 Aligarh
Global Enterprises : Dodhpur Aligarh 202001Tel: 05712401247 Mob: 9897007860
Handa Advertising : Nigohi Road, Jalaalnagar Bajria, Shahjahanpur, Main Road, Aligarh 05842693869 9044193123 Aligarh
Mark Advertising And Marketing : Banjara Complex, Station Road, Centre Point, Aligarh 05713255835 Aligarh
Shivalik Advertising : Royal Talkies Aligarh 202001Mob: 09897900636
Tanya Advertising : 503, Square TowerMarris Road, Aligarh 202001Tel: 05712402444 Mob: 9837180527 Email: Website:


Gemini International : 505, Shyam Complex, Chandania Compound, Samad Road, Aligarh - 202002 T: 08373902621 W: Aligarh

Yamini Emphasis Softwares : Marris Road, Aligarh M: 9927077300

Event Organisers
Tanya Advertising : 503, Square TowerMarris Road, Aligarh 202001Tel: 05712402444 Mob: 9837180527 Email: Website:


Aggarwal Boot House : Patiyali, Kashiram Nagar, Main Bazar, Aligarh 09058914699 Aligarh Website:
Anupam Footwear : S V Plaza Mkt, Marris Road, Aligarh 09837486365 Aligarh Website:
Arti Footwear : Mamu Bhanja Road, Aligarh 09219181126 Aligarh Website:
Ashok Shoe Store : Subhas Chauraha, Khair, Aligarh 09359763124 Aligarh Website:
Azhar Footwear : Saray Hakim, Aligarh 09837428244 Aligarh Website:
Balua Shoe Center : Somna Road, Khair, Aligarh 09410257001 Aligarh Website:
Bansi And Alisha : Delhi Gate Chauraha, Chandaus, Aligarh 08755756097 Aligarh Website:
Falcon Inds : 12/7, Upper Fort, Shaikhan, Aligarh 05712522221 Aligarh Website:
Flipkart Customer Care Number : Main Road, Aligarh 18001023547 Aligarh
Guddu Sn Shoe : Dudfur Thana Main Road, Aligarh 09219064130 Aligarh Website:
Jp Shoes : Railway Road, Aligarh 09719234109 Aligarh Website:
Khan Shoe Store : Shri Krishna Inter Collage Market, Ganga Road, Main Road, Aligarh 09690517119 Aligarh Website:
Mahak Point Shoes : Merris Road, Aligarh 09358766730 Aligarh Website:
Maheshwari Footwear : Kasimpur Power House, Main Road, Aligarh 09319788631 Aligarh Website:
Manveer Singh Footwear : Main Bazar, Khair Road, Aligarh 09286566512 Aligarh Website:
Mehar Footwear : Patthar Bazar, Aligarh 09528166202 Aligarh Website:
Mongi Ram Shoe Store : Palwal Road, Main Road, Aligarh 09837650191 Aligarh Website:
Neeraj Footwear : Delhi Gate, Main Road, Aligarh 09756339351 Aligarh Website:
Neha Footwear : Khair Road, Aligarh 09627609925 Aligarh Website:
New Fine Foot Wear : Rupnarayan Market, Main Road, Aligarh 09358286160 Aligarh Website:
Puri Footwear : Ramghat Road, Aligarh 09259456311 Aligarh Website:
Quality Foot Wear : Railway Road, Aligarh 09027410628 Aligarh Website:
Ra Footwear : Bada Bazar, Aligarh 09319889904 Aligarh Website:
Sahyegi Shoes : Railway Road, Aligarh 05712511126 Aligarh Website:
Sapriyar Rana Boot House : Bada Bazar, Aligarh 09811736171 Aligarh Website:
Shiv Shoe Center : Palwal Road, Khair, Aligarh 09758329148 Aligarh Website:
Shri Ram Shoe Center : Bada Chauraha, Khair, Aligarh 09412333288 Aligarh Website:
Sm Footwear : Baljeewan Office, Sarai Lawariya, Aligarh 09761080652 Aligarh Website:
Smart Footwear : Bada Bazar, Aligarh 09897279153 Aligarh Website:
Top Collection Foot Wear : Railway Road, Aligarh 05713096375 Aligarh Website:
Vaishno Shoe Collection : GT Road, Aligarh 09917244548 Aligarh Website:


AQ Hi Fashion : Amir Nishan, Aligarh 09219136914 Aligarh
Adhunik Garments : Main Market, Railway Road, Aligarh 05712524828 Aligarh
Agarwal Readymade Garements : Main Bazar, Mahavir Ganj, Aligarh 09286170155 Aligarh
Akram Khan Readymade : Upper Court, Tappal, Aligarh 09927193770 Aligarh
Amit Readymade Store : Mahavir Ganj, Aligarh 09219736239 Aligarh
Anil Garments : Main Road, Khair Road, Aligarh 09759997306 Aligarh
Ansh Readymade Garments And Cosmetics : New Market, Gangiri Chauraha, Aligarh 09267594087 Aligarh
Apna Garments : Main Market, Khair Road, Aligarh 09319670180 Aligarh
Ashok Kumar Readymade : Somna Road, Khair Road, Aligarh 05334222609 Aligarh
Aslam Cloth House : Sahivaan Masjid, Jeevangarh, Main Road, Aligarh 09259620473 Aligarh
Ayesha Readymade Garments : Main Road, Jamalpur, Aligarh 09258676505 Aligarh
Balaji Readymade Garments : Mian Market, Bada Bazar, Aligarh 07417646607 Aligarh
City Point Mens Wear : Mohammad Ali Road, Upper Fort, Aligarh 05712525574 Aligarh
Delhi Fashion Hut : 28, Rafeeque Complex, Main Road, Aligarh 09719242538 Aligarh
Double Two Kids And Mom Collection : Railway Road, Aligarh 05712523161 9837014500 Aligarh
Friends Garments : Churaha Sabji Mandi Mohamad Ali Road, Subzi Mandi, Aligarh 08958972812 Aligarh
Gaurav Readymade Garments : Old Hathras Adda, Agra Road, Aligarh 09045937771 Aligarh
Gaurav Readymade Garment : Apsara Hall, Railway Road, Aligarh 05712402475 Aligarh
Goyal Fashion House : Palwal Road, Khair, Aligarh 09412385265 Aligarh
Hind Readymade Garments : Main Bazar, Mahavir Ganj, Aligarh 08791430477 Aligarh
Hindustan Cloth Center : Subzi Mandi Chauraha, Subzi Mandi, Aligarh 09997720307 Aligarh
JN Mart : Bihari Puram, Melrose, Banna Devi, Barola Bye Pass, Aligarh 09760005917 Aligarh
Janak Readymade Garments : Main Market, Gonda, Aligarh 09719469470 Aligarh
Jindal Readymade Garment : Chowk Bazar, Tappal, Aligarh 09675757598 Aligarh
Kailash Readymade Store : Bus Stand, Khair, Aligarh 09412875847 09411210807 Aligarh
Kajal Readymade Garments : Baradwari, Ghantaghar, G T Road, Aligarh 09358214707 Aligarh
Kamal Stores : Main Road, Mahavir Ganj, Aligarh 09412545725 Aligarh
Kaushal Readymade : Main Market, Aligarh 202001 09012702222 9997243030 Aligarh
Kids Zone : Amir Nishan, Aligarh 09368641020 Aligarh
Mod Collection : 10, Khan Market, Amir Nishan, Aligarh 09719177297 Aligarh
Neelam Suit Corner : 7, Railway Road, Aligarh 08057025265 Aligarh
Poze : 105, 106, Great Shopping Mall, Ramghat Road, Aligarh 05712742142 Aligarh
Roopam Garments : Gali Gulluji, Fapala, Railway Road, Aligarh 09258853444 Aligarh
The Raymond Shop : 37, K S Mall, Marris Road, Aligarh 08171259595 Aligarh

Consultant Gynaecologists

Dr Rakhi Mehrotra : D-3, Vikram Colony, Ramghat Road Aligarh 202001Tel: 0571 2742148 Mob: 9837509792 Email: Website:


Dr Ashfaq Ahmad : Gali No.7, Firdous Nagar University, Agriculture form, Aligarh Muslim University M: 9719289351, 9307093963 Aligarh
Dr Ashok Agarwal : Kattri Para - Mughalan Atrouli T: 233846 M: 9412601079 Aligarh
Dr Ashok Kumar Agarwal : Agra Road, M: 9219407535, 9259539487, 9219614175 Aligarh
Dr Ashok Vashishtha : Trimurti Nagar, Barola Bye Pass Road, M: 9897598989 Aligarh
Dr Bela Jain : 19, Vikram Nagar, Khair Road, Jalalpur, M: 9457107700 Aligarh
Dr Biswa Nath Paul : J-18, Janak Puri Colony, Ramghat Road, T: 2741949 T: 2507694 M: 9837052277 Aligarh
Dr Brahmpal Singh : Mohalla Sarai Totaram, Atrauli M: 9927012366 Aligarh
Dr Brajesh Mohan : Avas Vikas Colony Road Near Jal Nigam, Godown Sasni Gate , Aligarh M: 9456806106 Aligarh
Dr Brojo Bilas Roy : Rajeev Nagar, Etah Bye Pass Road, Quarsi T: 2743080 T: 2743898 Aligarh
Dr Devendra Kumar Bhatnagar : 1/131-D Changeri Bhawan, Saket Colony Surender Nagar M: 9219781644 Aligarh
Dr Devendra Kumar Singh : Begpur Kela Nagar Road, Civil Lines T: 3258497 M: 9258039619 Aligarh
Dr Devendra Kumar Verma : Ghanshyam Puri, Mandir Wali Gali T: 2407938 M: 9412596091 Aligarh
Dr Devesh Chandra Banerji : Mrinalini Bhawan, H.No. 255 Avas Vikas Colony, Masoodabad G.T. Road T: 9219408869 Aligarh
Dr Dinesh Kumar Singh : 5/110, Fire Brigade Colony, Shakti Nagar T: 2510098 M: 9719250020 Aligarh
Dr Ganga Saran Sahay : Maheshwari Mohalla, Saraiwali M: 9411208414, 9457602165 Aligarh
Dr Hemant Gupta : 19/115, Gopal Puri, Agra Road T: 2410145 M: 9837337495 Aligarh
Dr Jagdish Arora : Opp. Radha Mohan Mandir, Mamu Bhanja T: 2522121 M: 9927087575 Aligarh
Dr Jai Prakash Sharma : 132 K.V. Sub Station Road, Sarsol T: 240714, 2406165, 2402983 M: 9410059150 Aligarh
Dr Jitendra Nath Banerjee : Vikram Nagar, Jalalpur, Khair Road M: 9319328879 Aligarh
Dr Jitendra Pal Singh : 1/233- B, Ravan Teela, Sanjay Gandhi Colony, Near Dr Sarswat (Dog Bite Center) M: 9456242294 Aligarh
Dr Jyoti Shikha : Type 4 B-1, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhaya Hospital Campus, Ramghat Road M: 9837569068 Aligarh
Dr Mahesh Chandra Banerji : 255, Avas Vikas Colony, Masoodabad, G.T. Road T: 2405722 T: 2510888 Aligarh
Dr Manish Jain : 19, Vikram Nagar, Khair Road, Jalalpur M: 9412317303 Aligarh
Dr Manoj Kumar Yadav : Krishanchal Sangam Vihar, Surender Nagar M: 9457660320, 9897862225, 9412333245 Aligarh
Dr Masood Ahmad : 4/1100, Sir Syyed Nagar M: 9359903749, 941121203 Aligarh
Dr Mohan Lal Dayal : Pala Sahibabad, Holi Chowk M: 9759327477, 9259006489, 9319671580 Aligarh
Dr Mohd Ahmad : Vadhavan Niwas, Nagla Road, Dodhpur T: 2706749 M: 9411019334 Aligarh
Dr Mubin Ashraf : 4/791, Near Masjid Ahale Hadees, Hamdard Nagar & Jamalpur M: 9897601175, 9258878382 Aligarh
Dr Mukesh Chandra : Shanti Puram, Near A.D.A., Sasni Gate M: 9358355044 Aligarh
Dr Mukesh Kumar Gupta : 5/469 H-1, Shakti Nagar, Goolar Road T: 2511703, 3206619 M: 9412416924, 9457056990 Aligarh
Dr Mukhtar Ahmad : B-7, Sagheera Apartment, Medical Road, Civil Lines M: 9319002710, 9319883275 E: Aligarh
Dr Neelam Singh : 160, L.I.G. Avas Vikas Colony, Sasni Gate T: 2410189 M: 9457107607 Aligarh
Dr Niranjan Lal : A-22, Mansarover Colony M: 9219562137, 9258040177 Aligarh
Dr Om Prakash : Sasni Gate M: 9897209972 Aligarh
Dr Praveen Kumar Gupta : 5/412 Goolar Road, T: 2512676 M: 9837370403 Aligarh
Dr Prem Gopal Gupta : Kalai T: 2780197 Aligarh
Dr Rajat Saxena : 17/6, Jajganj Road, Near Post office T: 2415791 M: 9412273729 Aligarh
Dr Rajesh Kumar Saxena : 17/123, Gaurang Kuteer, Jaiganj T: 2411937 M: 9359507073 Aligarh
Dr Ram Prakash Sharma : 5/85, Advocate Colony, I.T.I. Road M: 9410880179, 9897516619 Aligarh
Dr Ram Sewak Sharma : 3/45, Pan Dariba, Station Road M: 9319945312, 9410840657 Aligarh
Dr Rashid Zaheer Amani : University Farm, Qila Road, New Block Campus, Aligarh Muslim University T: 2701839 M: 9997620821 Aligarh
Dr Ravindra Saraswat : 5/79, Ashok Nagar Colony T: 2523095 M: 9837440089 Aligarh
Dr Roop Kishore : Kariliya, Digishi, T: 9759798371 M: 9412367403, 9358153698, 9411654838 Aligarh
Dr Samshad Husain Ansari : 4/1105, Sir Syed Nagar, Civil Lines M: 9358504479 Aligarh
Dr Sanjay Kumar Lodhi : Bara Bazar, Atrauli T: 05727-233475 M: 9411605280 Aligarh
Dr Shilpi Varshney : H.I.G. Vikas Nagar, Sasni Gate, Agra Road T: 2412207 M: 9897963880 Aligarh
Dr Shiv Kumar Gaur : 5/542, Shakti Nagar, Goolar Road T: 2521289 M: 9411209058 E: Aligarh
Dr Suhail Akhtar : Hamdard Nagar-B, Jamalpur M: 9720670338, 9410061934 Aligarh
Dr Sunil Kumar Gupta : Laxmi Nagar, Mathura Road T: 2412576 T: 2414966 M: 09412878878 Aligarh
Dr Surendra Mohan Singh : G-20, Baba Market, Kisanpur Ramghat Road M: 9837941106 Aligarh
Dr Suresh Chandra Varshney : 19/623, Mishri Lal Colony, Gambhir Pura T: 2412772 Aligarh
Dr Syed Saghir Ahmad : 137, Machali Wali Gali, Rasalganj T: 2420887 M: 9219916405 Aligarh
Dr Veer Pal Singh : H.I.G. II, 18 Swarn Jayanti Nagar, A.D.A. M: 9412515990 Aligarh
Dr Vinay Kumar Sharma : 414, New Vishnu Puri, Bela Marg, Near Senani Sadan & Marg T: 2503518 M: 9259600114 Aligarh
Dr Virendra Kumar Sharma : Guru Ram Das Nagar, Near Flora Cotez, Soot Mill T: 3253050 M: 9837068822 Aligarh
Dr Yogendra Singh : A-16 A, Mansarowar Colony, Ramghat Road T: 2743088 M: 9219505364, 9319809032 Aligarh
Dr Zahier Ahmad Khan : Ruby Villa Millat Road Dodhpur, Civil Lines T: 3299613, 2703373 M: 9319096205 E: Aligarh

Consultant Eye Surgeons

Dr A.K. Uboweja : Institute Of Ophthalmology, A.M.U., Aligarh
Dr ADEEB ALAM KHAN : 392, AL-BAHA HOUSE,STREET-1,IQRA COLONY Aligarh 202002Tel: 0571-2402745 Mob: 9837252564 Email:
Dr Abdul Moiz : AL-AIN, Shiblibagh, Hamdard Nagar-A Aligarh 202001Mob: 9897452566
Dr Abdul Waris : 4/143-G, Shibli Bagh, Hamdard Nagar-A Aligarh 202001Mob: 8755461186 Email:
Dr Adil Alam : S/o Mohammad Alam, Institute of Ophthalmology, JNMLH, AMU Aligarh 207002Mob: 9997060550 Email:
Dr Ahuja Anupam : Ahuja Eye Care CenterLaxmibai Road Aligarh 202001Mob: 9837040110
Dr Ahuja Leela : Dr Ahuja Eye Centre, Marris Road Crossing, Luxmi Bai Road, Aligarh 202 001
Dr Ajay Kr. Saxena : J – 36, Gyan Sarovar Colony, Ram Ghat Road, Aligarh Mob: 9897826126
Dr Amitava Abadan Khan : A.M.U. Institute Of Ophthalmology, Aligarh Mob: 9412066037
Dr Anand Mohan Agarwal : Premier Contact Lens and Artificial Eye Centre,Surya Kiran Shyam Nagar, Aligarh 202 001Mob: 9837160183
Dr Anuj Gogi : Gogi Nursing Home Ramghat Road, Aligarh 202001Tel: 3090303, 2743000 Mob: 9837182738
Dr Archana Srivastava : Akashdeep, 12 H.I.G., A.D.A. Colony, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
Dr Arun Kumar Gupta : Indra Eye Hospiral, Opp. Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh
Dr Asma Tauhed : 115, S.N. Hall, A.M.U, Aligarh
Dr Bhat Nee Varshney Awanjala : W/o Dr Pawan Varshrey 3 / 300 Niranjanpuri Opp. Old Home guard office, Ramghat Road Aligarh 202001Tel: 2503909
Dr Deeba Hussain : Phool Ban, Jamalpur, Aligarh 202001
Dr Depti Kamal : Govila Gas Service Godam, Ram Ghat Road, Aligarh
Dr Devina Gogi : Gogi Nursing Home, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
Dr Divya Kesarwani : Rifa Guest House, Room No. 302, Medical Road Aligarh Mob: 9580325563 Email:
Dr F.A. Jailani : Habibullah Manzil, Diggi Road, Civil Lines Aligarh
Dr Farhat Abrar : 3/IIIrd floor, Muzammil Complex, Opp. Paan wali Khthi, Dodhpur, Civil lines Aligarh 202002Mob: 9927027410
Dr G.P. Gupta : 208, Classic Homes, Marrie Road, Aligarh 202001
Dr Gayatri Ahuja : Ahuja Eye Care Center Laxmibai Road Aligarh 202001Mob: 9837040110
Dr Gopal Krishna : Eye Clinic, Licknow Compound, Marris Road, Aligarh
Dr H. Ashraf : A.M.U. Institute Of Ophthal Aligarh 202001
Dr H.L. Gupta : Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh
Dr Hamant Kumar Jain : Three Story Building Cmo.,Compound Malkhan Nagar, Aligarh 202001
Dr Imran Ahmad : Institute of ophthalmology,A.M.U. Aligarh
Dr Kailash Nath : Insitute Of Ophthalmology, A.M.U., Aligarh
Dr Kashyap Madhur : D/o Sri. J. P. Kashyap C/o Sri Kushal Pal Singh, 3/16, New Lekhraj Nagar Aligarh 202001
Dr Lalit Kumar Singhal : 5/469, Usha Bhawan Near Canara Bank, Gular Road, Aligarh 202001Mob: 9013451038 Email:
Dr M. N. Khan : Khan Coaching Centre, House No. – H/538, Black Dale Public School Street, Handard, Nagar Aligarh 202002
Dr MD. Sabit Hasan : C/o Hasan Imam, Sunny Lodge, Anupshahar Road, Opp. Radiocolony Aligarh 202002
Dr Manish Agarwal : Prem Niketan Surendra Nagar Aligarh 202001Mob: 9837064631
Dr Manish Agarwal : ‘ Madhuvan’ Marris Road, Aligarh Aligarh 281004Mob: 9837087882
Dr Manok Saxena : Eye Surgeon, classic horrls Marris Road Aligarh 202001Mob: 9837079180
Dr Mausam Gupta : H.NO. 37. Premier Nagar Bank Colony Aligarh Mob: 8126730674 Email:
Dr Meena Zaidi : AMU Institute of Ophthalmology, Aligarh 202001Mob: 9837736145
Dr Mittal Neelesh : S/o Sri Harendra Mittal, Basdeo Bhawan Opp. Sri Ram Dharma Shala Raghubirpuri, Aligarh 202001Mob: 9412272009
Dr Mohd Arif Parvez : A.M.U. Institute Of Opthelmology, Aligarh
Dr Mohd. Amjad Khan : 7, Sunny Lodge, UNI Colony, Opp. Radio colony, Jamdpur Aligarh 202002Mob: 9897832765
Dr Mohd. Ashraf : A.M.U. Inst. Of Ophthalmology, Gandhi Eye Hospital Campus, Aligarh 202001
Dr Moshahid Alam : 531, Hadi Hassan Hall, AMU Aligarh 202002Mob: 9412583624
Dr Naseer Ali Khan : 44, Habib Hall, A.M.U. Aligarh 202002
Dr Neeti Gupta : C/o Dr R. P. Varshney F – 3 Vikram, Colony Aligarh
Dr Nidhi Gogi : Gogi Nursing Home Ramghat Road, Aligarh 202001Tel: 3090303, 2743000 Mob: 9837182738,
Dr Nitin Gupta : Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh
Dr O.P. Ahuja : Ahuja Eye Centre, Marris Road Crossing, Laxmibai road, Aligarh 202 001
Dr P.K. Sharma : Eye Surgeon Ram Ghat Road Aligarh
Dr Pratap Singh : 1/865 Naurangabad Chhawani, Aligarh
Dr Praveen Verma : Verma Eye Hospital, Ramghat Road Opp. Meenakshi Theatre, Aligarh 202001Tel: 2400716 Mob: 9837303041
Dr R. Gogi : Gogi Nursing Home, Near Prakash Lodge, Ramghat Road, Aligarh Mob: 9837205123 Email:
Dr R.R. Sukul : Professor, Institute Of Ophthalmology, A.M.U., Aligarh 202001Mob: 9412272009
Dr Raafeih Ahmad : C/o Mr. Nasim Ahmad,4/720, Friends Colony, Sir Sayyed Nagar, Dodhpur Aligarh
Dr Rakesh Maheshwari : J – 12 Shanti Kunj Gyan Sarovar Colony Aligarh 202001Tel: 0571-2743749 Mob: 9837211169
Dr Razia Sultana Khan : W/O Dr A.S. Khan, Shakh-E-Gul, Sir Syed Nagar, S.S. Road, Aligarh
Dr Riddhi Arya : D/o Dr Rakesh Arya, 2/365, Vishnupath, Vishnupuri Aligarh Mob: 9319978873 Email:
Dr Rumana Moonis : No. 123, S.N. Hall, A.M.U. Aligarh 202001
Dr STUTI Kapur : H.No. 2/19 Ram Nagar, Ramghat Road, Aligarh Mob: 9557352327
Dr Shaik Mohammed Zakir : S/o Dr S. M. Zakir C/o M. Sadiq 924, Dilshad Colony Dhorra, Aligarh 202002Mob: 9411413817
Dr Siddiqui Ziya : S/o Mr. S. H. Siddiqui, 4/1329 New Sir Sayyed Nagar Aligarh Mob: 9897075134
Dr Singhal Angna : D/o Dr A. K. Singhal M – 99 Mahavir Park Marris Road Aligarh 202001Tel: 0571-2403654, 2400374
Dr Singhal Ankur : S/o Dr A. K. Singhal M – 99 Mahavir Park Marris Road Aligarh 202001Tel: 0571-2403654, 2400374
Dr Sukul Kshitij : AMU Institute of Ophthalmology, Gandhi Eye Hospital Campus Aligarh 202001Mob: 9358208175 Email:
Dr Syed Ali Raza Rizvi : 31, Aliq Apartment, Shamson Market, Aligarh 202002Mob: 9837015693
Dr U.S. Sraivatava : Hig-11, Ada Colony, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
Dr Ur Rab Simi Zaka : 2- Wazir Manzil, Laxmi Bari Road, Aligarh 202001
Dr V.K. Paliwal : J-19, Janakpuri, Aligarh
Dr Yogesh Agarwal : C – 61913, Rana Motor’s Gali, Krishna nagar Aligarh 202002Tel: 0565-2425609
Dr Yousuf S.R. Ali : No. 37, S.N. Hall, A.M.U. Aligarh
Dr Zafar Ameer Zaidi : 18-National Colony, Amir Nishan, Civil Lines, Aligarh

Consultant Paediatricians

Dr Vikas Mehrotra : D-3, Vikram Colony, Ramghat Road Aligarh 202001Tel: 0571 2742148 Mob: 9837064147 Email: Website:


Ashok Anjum : Street 2 Chander Vihar Colony Aligarh 202001Mob: 9258779744, 9358218907 Email: Website:

Property Dealers

ADI Infratech : Moh. Gautaman . Post. Khair, Aligarh T: 9412483883 E: Aligarh
JMD Properties : Samad Road, Aligarh Aligarh T: 8938884333, E: Aligarh