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 Aruna Chakravarti Books
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Aruna Chakravarti is a keen academician and a scholar and translator of repute. She has presented papers at several national and international seminars and contributed articles and reviews in many collections and journals. Her translation of Saratchandra Chatterjee’s Srikanta, published by Penguin Books India in 1993, fetched her the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award. Those Days, a translation of Sunil Gangopadhyay’s Sei Samai, published by Penguin Books India in 1997, received rave reviews and became a best-seller. This was followed in 2001 by First Light, a sequel to Those Days. Aruna Chakravarti is the principal of Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi, and has taught in this college for over forty years. This is her first novel."
Her first novel, The Inheritors, was short-listed for the Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2004. She has translated widely from Bengali, including Saratchandra Chattopadhyay’s Srikanta and Sunil Gangopadhyay’s Those Days. She has also co-authored On the Wings of Music with composer Shantanu Moitra.
Jorasanko by Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs440 ISBN: 9789350290873

In a sprawling novel that spans a unique phase in the history of Bengal and India, Aruna Chakravarti provides a fascinating account of how the Tagore women influenced and were in turn influenced by their illustrious male counterparts, the times they lived in and the family they belonged to. Jorasanko mirrors the hopes and fears, triumphs and defeats that the women of the Tagore household experienced in their intricate interpersonal relationships, as well as the adjustments they were continually called upon to make as daughters and daughters-in-law of one of the most eminent families of the land. 
In her meticulously researched novel, Aruna Chakravarti has successfully re-created for the reader the world inside the Tagore home, at once glittering and fascinating, but also dark and challenging. The women of the Tagore family who are at the heart of this novel are complex beings who will raise many questions in the modern reader regarding the role of women in today's society Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of Palace of Illusions and One Amazing Thing.

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Srikanta by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay and Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs499 ISBN: 9780143066477

Srikanta, the narrator of Saratchandra’s epic novel, is an aimless drifter, a passive spectator to his own life, a weak and impressionable soul who cannot survive without the support of an individual stronger than himself. As a child he idealizes the chaste and selfless Annada Didi. Arriving in Burma as a young man looking for new experiences, Srikanta meets the rebellious Abhaya who rejects her violent, bigamous husband to live openly with her lover. Srikanta then experiments with becoming a sanyasi, is bewitched for a while by the Vaishnavi, Kamal Lata, and wanders on till his directionless existence finally finds a focus—when he resigns himself to life with the notorious but stunning Pyari Baiji, breaking free of the social values he grew up with. Through his dynamic and arresting characters, Saratchandra brings alive nineteenth-century Bengal, rife with prejudices and ready for change.

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Daughters of Jorasanko by Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs399 ISBN: 9789352640867 

The Tagore household is falling apart. Rabindranath cannot shake off the disquiet in his heart. His daughters and daughter-in-law struggle hard to cope with incompatible marriages, ill health and the stigma of childlessness. The extended family of Jorasanko is steeped in debt. Even as Rabindranath copes with his problems, news reaches him that he has been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Will this be a turning point for the man, his family and their much-celebrated home? Daughters of Jorasanko, the sequel to the bestselling Jorasanko, explores the histories of the Tagore women, even as it describes the twilight years in the life of one of the greatest luminaries of our time and the end of an epoch in the history of Bengal.

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Inheritors by Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs499 ISBN: 9780143032168

There's insanity in our family, It runs in our blood—the blood of the Vaidic Brahmins, one or two of us go mad in every generation.' From the ritual-bound household of an orthodox scholar in a small village in Bengal in 1897 to Germany and Mumbai at the turn of the new millennium, The Inheritors follows the shifting life patterns of a family through a melange of narratives, memories and characters. The unrelenting puritanism of Nyayaratna Bishnupada Deb Sharma drives his daughter Radharani to insanity and throws into sharp relief his grandson Shibkali's feeble attempt to break free. Giribala voices her resentment against her circumstances through a lifetime of silence, her destiny finding an echo in her daughter Alo, tragic victim of her husband's sexual perversions. And Pramatha's depraved radicalism is set against Shashishekhar's progressive outlook which symbolizes the most significant departure from the stifling constraints of his community. Even as it inherits the deadwood of the past, each generation strives to liberate itself, setting the stage for the eternal conflict between tradition and change, between a legacy and its inheritors. Aruna Chakravarti draws upon history and myth, religion and folklore, rituals and culinary practices to create a vivid portrait of a community of Vaidic Kulin Brahmins. The narrative, oscillating back and forth in time, weaves a vibrant tapestry of life—differing ideologies and sensibilities, suicides and desertions, marriages and infidelities, bigotry and liberalism—set in the larger context of a nation's inexorable march towards independence and a society caught on the cusp of conservatism and modernity.

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Primal Woman by Sunil Gangopadhyay, Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs399 ISBN: 9789351364986

When the East India Company sells one of its village bungalows to a Bengali aristocrat, the erstwhile manager, Hamilton sahib, finds himself homeless in his adopted country. A mother leaves her house and her notions of chastity in order to feed her children. A Muslim woman fights for her right to be identified as herself - not by her caste, religion or husband's name. One of the most powerful writers of his time, Sunil Gangopadhyay traces the dreams of a generation of men and women, through the forgotten bylanes of Calcutta, past the canal that flows next to the newly built VIP Road, across the broken bridge to the village of Chitalmari, and further back in time, to the mysterious cave where the Buddha's shadow still appears, and to the Primal Woman, who preceded Eve as Adam's lover but had to pay a huge price for asking to be treated as Adam's equal. Within these pages, you will read about the desperation that drives human actions, the struggle to cull one's sense of self and the unending search for faith. Translated with rare feeling and felicity by Aruna Chakravarti, one of India's finest translators, these fifteen stories explore a startling range of ideas that showcase the master storyteller at his finest.

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The Way Home by Aruna Chakravarti ENGLISH Rs299 ISBN: 9780144001064

A selection of fourteen classic short stories from Bengal The Way Home brings together in one volume fourteen stories representing the very best of contemporary Bengali short fiction. Showcasing some of Bengal’s finest writers at their creative best—Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay and Rajshekhar Basu, Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay and Ashapurna Devi—these stories deal with a myriad human themes that are at once individual and universal. From ‘The Brahmin’, Tarashankar Bandopadhyay’s treatise on greed, gluttony and tragic human experience, to ‘The Fugitive and the Stalkers’, Sunil Gangopadhyay’s trenchant tale of violence and retribution set in the days of the Naxal movement in Bengal; from Samaresh Basu’s harrowing look at poverty and its degrading effect in ‘The Crossing’ to Narendranath Mitra’s lyrical take on the impact of triple talaq on Muslim women in ‘Sap’, the collection evokes different lifestyles while reflecting problems and issues with which we can all identify. Sensitively translated, the stories in The Way Home effortlessly convey the lyricism and imagery of the originals while providing a riveting insight into the works of acknowledged masters of the genre.

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On the Wings of Music by Aruna Chakravarti & Shantanu Moitra ENGLISH Rs325 ISBN: 978-9351365044

There was once a young boy who loved nothing more than making music. He dreamt of sharing his music with the world. One day, his dream came true. From a childhood spent strumming away at a guitar in Delhi to one of the most successful music composers in Mumbai: this is the story of Shantanu Moitra. His ebullience and sheer sense of adventure light up this memoir. Finding himself all alone at Jaisalmer station at three in the morning as a schoolboy; days as a client servicing drone in an advertising agency; collaborations with the biggest names in Hindi cinema; the making of Parineeta, his greatest hit; an all-consuming love of astronomy; near-death escapades in the Himalayas; his surreal moment with Diego Maradona at Milan airport – these stories provide a fascinating glimpse of the man behind the music. On the Wings of Music is a collection of reminiscences, anecdotes and self-revelations, embellished by photographs from Moitra’s personal albums. These are delightful vignettes that chart the growth of a timid, self-effacing boy into a music composer of international repute. Charming and compelling.

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