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 C / C+ /C++ Books
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An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C Plus Plus with Applications in Computer Graphics by Seed Graham ENGLISH Rs675 ISBN: 9788184890150 


1. Overview, 2. The Development Environment, 3. Getting Started, 4. Fundamental Data Types, Declarations, Definitions and Expressions, 5. Making Decisions and Repetition, 6. Functions, 7. Arrays, 8. Structures, Unions, Enumerations and Type defs, 9. The C++ Class, 10. Operators and Overloading, 11. Friends, 12. Pointers, 13. Templates, 14. Exception Handling, 15. Inheritance, 16. Run-Time Type Information and Casting, 17. Input and Output, Files and Streams, 18. The Preprocessor, 19. Namespaces, 20. The Standard Template Library

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C and C++ programming concepts and Data structures by PS Subramanyam ENGLISH Rs595 ISBN: 9788178002842

This book has been designed to provide an insight into the fundamentals of Programming and Data Structures in C and C++ making a comparitive study.
A good knowledge of C and C++ which is a fore runner to Object Oriented Programming is necessary for all Engineers and Scientists to tackle real time problems involving a voluminous data of different types and structures.

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Object Oriented Programming in C++ 4th Edition by Robert Lafore ENGLISH Rs769 ISBN: 9788131722824

Object Oriented Programming in C++ is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Computer Science Engineering. The book comprises chapters on C++ programming basics, loops and decisions, structures, functions, objects and classes, arrays and strings, operator  overloading, inheritance, pointers, streams and files, object-oriented  software development. The book consists of task-oriented examples and figures to conceptualize the techniques and approaches used. This book is essential for computer science engineers preparing for GATE and IES.

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Object Oriented Programming with C++ by E Balagurusamy ENGLISH Rs437 ISBN: 9789352607990
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Object Oriented Programming with C++ by Anupama Chowdhary ENGLISH Rs530 ISBN: 9781545719688

C++ is a general purpose programming language. The language has object-oriented, imperative and generic features. There are many other popular languages such as C#, JAVA etc. but C++ is one of the widely used languages for scripting. This book is written for the people with no previous programming experience or programmers who already know C and want to move on for C++. The book provides plenty of examples and pictorial descriptions to explain the language concepts in a simplified way. Exercises are designed to enhance language skills. Some key topics covered are: Basic concepts of procedural and object oriented programming. Programming basics – directives, comments, variables, constants, data types – basic and derived, typed, operators, expressions and type conversion. Decision statements if-else, switch, conditional operator. Loop statements for, while and do-while. Break, continue and go to. Array, character array, arrays and structures, pointers, dynamic memory allocation and pointers with arrays and structures. Functions – inline functions, nesting of function, recursion and storage classes. Classes and objects, pointer 'this', local classes, abstract classes and namespaces. Constructors and destructors. Friend and virtual functions. Operator overloading – unary and binary, restrictions on overloading and type conversions. Templates – function and class templates, standard template library (STL). Exception handling. Stream classes, file handling and command line arguments.

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CBSE Simplified C++ by Kunal Banerjee ENGLISH Rs485 ISBN: 9781545707890

The book is written in very simple and easy language. the book is strictly in accordance with CBSE syllabus and can also be used by beginners to learn C++

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Object Oriented Programming with C++ by AK Sharma ENGLISH Rs349 ISBN: 9789332515833
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a paradigm shift in programming, which defines, creates and manipulates objects to develop reusable software.
This book is designed to help students understand the concepts governing OOP and develop a talent in them to choose right the OOP tools for a given problem situation. Dealing at length with the creation and manipulation of OOP components using C++, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ uses examples that reflect current practices and standards to provide a hands-on experience to budding software engineers.
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