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Crop Sciences Books
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Bacterial And Viral Disease And Their Management In Horticultural Crops by Reddy, P.p. : INR2950 ISBN: 9788172336301

Click here for more books from Scientificpublishers


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Cropping Systems In The Tropics (principles And Management) by Palaniappan, S.p. : Rs95 ISBN: 9788122406672
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Gateway to ICAR-JRF Plant Science by Ashutosh Singh, Prashant Yadav, Sushma Yada, Anshuman Singh Rs270 ISBN: 9789387465671

Highly Useful For ARS, NET, JRF, SRF, PCS, AO, AAO, IARI, SAUs Entrance Exams


Detail / BuyNow
Textbook of Vegetable Crops by Prem Nath & KRM Swami Hardcover ENGLISH Rs770 ISBN: 9788171641581

Being a very authoritative book on the subject, published by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Detail / BuyNow
Handbook Of Agriculture (edition 2009) : INR1500 ISBN: 9788171640966
Detail / BuyNow
Drip Irrigation : INR600 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Farm Machinery And Maintenance : INR475 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Housing And Space Management : INR650 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Irrigation Of Field Crops : INR200 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Mushroom Cultivation : INR100 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Processing, Chemistry And Application Of Lac : INR200 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Pesticide Residue Analysis Manual (edition 2010) : INR700 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Pesticide Residue Analysis Manual (edition 2013) : INR1500 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Pulse Productivity: Physiological Constraints : INR250 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Rainfed Agriculture In India-research & Development Scenario : INR250 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Soil And Water Conservation Research In India : INR300 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Technologies For Commercialization And Adoption : INR250 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Agricultural Meteorology : INR250 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Drainage Engineering : INR400 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Forest Engineering : INR300 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Family Approach In Extension Programme Management : INR300 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Field Crops Production-foodgrains Crops (vol-i) : INR400 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Field Crops Production-commercial Crops (vol-ii) : INR600 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Soil Science : INR600 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook On Introductory Plant Nematology : INR200 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Handbook Of Agricultural Engineering : INR1500 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Textbook Of Food Science And Technology : INR250 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Agricultural Entomology And Pest Control : INR150 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Organic Manures : INR100 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Plant Genetic Resources : INR500 ISBN: 
Detail / BuyNow
Practical Statistics And Experimental Design For Plant And Crop Science by Clewer, Alan / Scarisbrick, David H. / Scarisbrick, David : USD70.65 ISBN: 9780471899099
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