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Employbility Skills

Employability Skills Semester 1 by NIMI Price : ₹ 160.00

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Vidya Prakashan
iti-employability-skills-year-I ITI- Employability Skills Hindi Year I Rs225
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  Abhishek Publications
Employbility Skills NIMI Pattern with Sample Papers MCQs HINDI Rs250

Employbility skills is a common and compulsory subject for all ITI courses running under DGET. This book covers complete syllabus for the subject as per the latest semester pattern syllabus devised by DGET. The book strictly follows NIMI Pattern. The book has ample number of MCQs and sample papers inside.

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  Asian Publishers

Q-Bank Employability Skills by Dr V Nagaradjane ENGLISH Rs148.50 ISBN: 9788173178085 
PayTM Rs118 to 9810570740 for POSTAGE FREE Delivery
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Employbility Skills Sem 1-2 ENGLISH : ITI  : INR214.50 ISBN: 9788173177378

Rozgar Yogyata Kaushal by Asian Core Team Sem 1-2 Hindi Rs223.50 ISBN: 9788173178146

PayTM Rs223 to 9810570740 for POSTAGE FREE Delivery
Buy at Flipkart/Amazon/Abebooks

Arihant Publications
Employability Skills by Arihant Experts ENGLISH Rs200 ISBN: 9789313164258

This book Employability Skills is redesigned strictly on the basis of new revised syllabus prescribed by DGET. It is divided into 8 units covering the complete study material in sync with the syllabus. ‘Check Your Knowledge’ has been given in between the theories to keep the track of comprehension. Ample number of MCQs as per latest examination pattern has been provided to understand the nature of questions in exam. Also, the extensive coverage of Previous Years’ Question is attached for complete assessment.

Employability Skills Sem 1-2 by Maya Shukla HINDI Rs250

Sai Prakashan
Employability Skills (Marathi) by AM Rasal ASIN: B0774XWFW7 Rs230
Employability Skills Semester 1 By Nimi Chennai : INR160 ISBN: 
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