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Physics Practical Physics by Dr Neeraj Jain, Shailesh Tiwari, Anuj Nuwal, Dr. Pradeep K. Sharma, Dr. Neelam Gupta & Ashish Bhargava ENGLISH Rs110 ISBN: 9788184443004
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Practical Chemistry by Dr Vivek Pandey, Dr. T. L. Rajawat, Dr. Sama Jain, Dr. Monika Sharma, Dr. Virendra Singh, Dr. Usha Nakra & Laxmi Kant Sharma ENGLISH Rs110 ISBN: 9788184443011
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Engineering Physics I by Dr Vijay Sharma, Dr. Anil Pathak, Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj & Dr. Mukesh Sharma ENGLISH Rs220 ISBN: 9788184445510
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Engineering Mathematics I by Dr Sanjay Bansal, Dr. Narendra Kumar, Dr. Seema Garg, S. K. Dadhich ENGLISH Rs415 ISBN: 9789388013420
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Engineering Mathematics-I by Dr Umesh Gupta, Dr. Sanjay Bansal, G. L. Jhalani, Dr. D. S. Hadda & S. K. Dadhich ENGLISH Rs200 ISBN: 9788184442939
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Communicative English by Dr Shalini Bhargava, Dr. Suman Gupta and Sharad Khandelwal HINDI Rs200 ISBN: 9788184445497
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Engineering Chemistry by Dr TL Rajawat, Dr. Vivek Pandey, Dr. Sudha Calla, Dr. Sama Jain ENGLISH Rs285 ISBN: 9789388013390
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Engineering Chemistry by Dr TL Rajawat, Dr. Vivek Pandey, Dr. Monika Sharma & Dr. Sanjana Chugh ENGLISH Rs200 ISBN: 9788184445503
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Basic Electrical Engineering I Year by Dr RA Gupta, Dr. Ajay Kumar Bansal, Dr. Virendra Sangtani ENGLISH Rs390 ISBN: 9789388013437
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Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering by RA Gupta, Ajay Kumar Bansal & Virendra Sangtani ENGLISH Rs250 ISBN: 9788184445527
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Workshop Practice by VD Bissa & Pawan Kumar Bissa ENGLISH Rs100 ISBN: 9788184443837
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Electrical & Electronics Lab by Bharat Bhushan Jain & Harbeer Singh ENGLISH Rs140 ISBN: 9788184445701
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Communication Skills I Year by Dr Shalini Bhargava, Dr. Prerna Vanjani, Sharad Khandelwal ENGLISH Rs225 ISBN: 9789388013376
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Communicative English by Dr Shalini Bhargava, Dr. Prerna Vanjani and Sharad Khandelwal ENGLISH Rs180 ISBN: 9788184445480
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Computer Programming I by Shazia Haque, Sanjay Kumar Gupta Ashish Sharma ENGLISH Rs160 ISBN: 9789386332813
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Environmental Engineering & Disaster Management by Dr AK Dwivedi, Dr. Vivek Pandey & Dr. Sama Jain ENGLISH ISBN: 9789386332707
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Engineering Physics I Year by Dr Vijay Sharma, Dr. Anil Pathak, Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Dr. Mukesh Sharma ENGLISH Rs300 ISBN: 9789388013413
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Engineering Physics by Dr Vijay Sharma Dr. Anil Pathak, Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj & Dr. Mukesh Sharma ENGLISH Rs270 ISBN: 9789386332684
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Human Values by Dr Kshitiz Jain ENGLISH Rs160 ISBN: 9789388013383
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Programming for Problem Solving I Year by Shazia Haque, Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Ashish Sharma ENGLISH Rs270 ISBN: 9789388013406
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Basic Civil Engineering I Year by Dr AK Dwivedi, Abhishek Arya, Kamlesh Kumar Choudhary ENGLISH Rs230 ISBN: 9789388013352
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Basic Mechanical Engineering I Year by Dr Arun Kumar Arya ENGLISH Rs235 ISBN: 9789388013369
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