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Intelligence Books
Test Your Iq by Anand Sagar ENGLISH : Rs.110 ISBN: 9788172450205
Intelligence has been defined as the mental and physical ability of a person to respond instantly and correctly through deliberative and reflex reactions to different situations. While basic intelligence is inborn or inherited, modem, psychologists hold the view that it can be very well developed and augmented by the right kind of influences brought to bear through environment, education, training and other aids. The First Part of this book is devoted to the theory of intelligence, its definition, components, processes, etc. The first few chapters describe the systematic way to gain insight into one's intelligence, discover it and measure its quotient. .Then a few chapters describe the practical ways in which intelligence can be assimilated on one's personality, developed and augmented through educational processes, tamed to achieve smooth understanding of the puzzles and problems of day-to-day life. The Second Part of the book is devoted to intelligence Testing the examination point of view. It describes the different types of tests devised by educationists and examiners to test your IQ. Model Questions have been set for each faculty of human intelligence. General Ability, Comprehension, Visual Observation, Analogy, Coding and Decoding, Matching and Relationship, Language proficiency, Numerical Aptitude, etc. The style of Questions is the same as set in different examinations like the Combined Defence Services, National Defence Academy, Banking Probationary officers, Civil Services (Preliminary), Bank recruitment, Air Force, Air India, Indian Airlines, Life Insurance, Grade, etc. It is hoped the book will prove useful for the above mentioned examinations.

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Check Your Iq by Anand Sagar ENGLISH : Rs.60 ISBN: 9788172450472
Intelligence Quotient' is an assessment of a person's ability to think and reason. There are some standardised tests which can measure the IQ of an individual. These tests are based on problem solving ability, spatial imagery, memory and general knowledge. Goodwill's 'CheckYour IQ' consists of different types of intelligence tests which will assess your IQ through multidisciplinary questions which include verbal, numerical and diagram based problems. This is an engaging book which will give you an opportunity to test the different areas of brain activity and to identify your strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of intelligence. The tests are designed to test your comprehension ability and practicing them will help to improve your performance in IQ tests.

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How To Improve Your Iq by Anand Sagar ENGLISH : Rs.60 ISBN: 9788172450144
IQ (Intelligence Quotient) represents the mental ability of a person. It is a score derived from one of the several standardized tests designed to assess the intelligence. The more the score, the more intelligent is the person. A person can improve his/her IQ by practice. The book How to Improve Your IQ by Anand Sagar offers a person opportunities to improve his/her IQ by practising the IQ Tests given in the book.

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Measure Your Iq by Prof. Alfred John ENGLISH : Rs.75 ISBN: 9788172450465
Intelligence and psychological tests are gaining an increasing momentum of popularity with our examiners and examinees. There is no shortage of books on the subject, but most of them are slipshod productions, trying to copy one another without imagination, thought and forethought, while the domains of I.Q. tests have ever-widening horizons, and newer and greener pastures are perpetually corning into the view. This book deals comprehensively with standard type of intelligence tests as well as newer forms of tests which are popular abroad and are slowly coming into vogue in our country. This book is specially designed to serve the needs of candidates appearing in various competitive examinations, such as Banks' recruitment Tests, Defence Services, Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as various competitions in the private and public sectors, for intelligence tests are now becoming more important than mere written academic papers. The tests are divided into different groups and chapters. Answers are given at the end of the book to facilitate easy reference and check-up. Answers are also accompanied with reasons, explanations and expositions. Efforts have been made to make the book not only literary and academic but also of intimate interest to the candidate so that he would love to read what he has to read. This is no dull and drab kind of publication so popular with wooden-headed teachers and professors. We shall be glad to receive any suggestions and comments for further improvement of the book.

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Better Your Iq by Jens Nelson ENGLISH : Rs.75 ISBN: 9788172450120
IQ is partly innate and partly acquired. The process of mental development goes on throughout life. BETTER YOUR IQ can help you at any stage of life. It will sharpen your intellect and widen your mental sweep; it can make your thinking scientific, comprehensive and accurate. This book contains: * Questions involving mathematical calculations that will help you develop the power of concentration * Questions involving logic that will help you- develop the power of reasoning * Questions involving analogies, classifications, etc. that will help you develop the power of comprehension. All these combined together will develop a wholesome personality. Higher level of IQ can help you to steer clear, avoid disaster and get an upper hand. Your IQ is the best armour for defence and the best punch for offence.

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Puzzles For The High Iq by Phillip J. Carter ENGLISH : Rs.60 ISBN: 9788172450847
You don't have to be a genius to tackle these amusing arid challenging Puzzles for the High IQ, but it would surely help! Try some of the toughest tests - Find the Missing Figure, Guess the Picture Sequence, Detect What Word or Letter Comes Next, Odd One Out, Missing Symbols, Number Crunching, Cryptograms, and much more. These baffling challenges will keep you perplexed for hours. But with persistence and brainpower, you can proudly count yourself among the few who conquered these conundrums for the high IQ. If not­ the answers are at the back!

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Take The Iq Challenge by Sam Phillips ENGLISH : Rs.50 ISBN: 9788172451042
Know yourself is an ancient adage, Know your IQ is modern craze. The Greeks bequeathed to us the former. The British Bequeathed to us the latter. It was left to the Americans. To make a scientific fad out of them. Modern psychoanalysts believe, says H.J. Eysenck nevertheless there is no doubt that most people have an intense interest in their own personality,temperament, intelligence, traits, abilities, complexes and so forth. What is IQ? It is wrong to believe that intelligence tests are developed and constructed according to a rational derived from sound scientific theory. There are also some difficulties encountered in going from the ivory tower to the market place. But there is no such thing as alleged inapplicability of psychological science to practical problems of applied life. Intelligence Tests, right from the beginning, have been outstandingly successful in their practical application. The evidence on this part is overwhelming. Useful measurements can be undertaken even in the absence of a sound theoretical basis. Temperature, for example, can be measured in subjective terms. This was enunciated by the physicist, Dolbear in 1897, working with snowy tree cricket. His formula runs as follows: Count the number of chirps this animal produces in fifteen seconds and add forty, the sum is the temperature obtaining at the time in degrees Fahrenheit. It was the French psychologist, Binet who came up with the theory that mental abilities and functions should be measured by means of mental tests clearly involving these functions and abilities. In 1904 the Ministry of Public Instruction in Paris appointed a commission to study procedures for the education of mentally subnormal children attending Paris schools, and it was in response to this practical demand that Binet prepared his first scale. Binet constructed a series of thirty problems or tests which were meant to call for judgment, comprehension and reasoning. The problems were of such a nature that these could be understood and solved without benefit of special school learning. For example- This is a garden in which you have lost your ball. This gap represents the entrance. Use your pencil to show me how you would search for the ball. Any systematic search, i.e in ever-decreasing circles or going up and down along parallel paths, is counted as a correct solution, while a vague wandering about is considered incorrect. The problems varied widely in difficulty and Binet from the easiest to the most difficult by noticing the percentage of right answers given by the various groups of children. Mental Age: IQ test lead to the understanding of the concept of Mental age. A child of ten may have knowledge and understading of life current among children fifteen years old. His mental age would be fifteen. On the contrary a boy of fifteen may have mental age of only eight or nine years. The child who is two years advanced at the age of two would be something like eight years advanced at The age of eight. Thus what remains constant is the ratio mental age over chronological age, rather than the difference and it is this ratio (usually multiplied by 100 to get rid of the decimal point) which is referred to as Intelligence Quotient. Let us consider two children both with the mental age of eight. The first has a chronoloqical age of six and so his IQ Would be 133. The other has a chronological age of twelve and so His IQ would be 67. How Popular is IQ?: The IQ has achieved immediate popularity and in Spite of its many imperfections it has remained probably one of the most widely known psychological concepts among teachers, psychiatrists, social workers, and others connected in some way with psychology.

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Challenging Iq Test by Kenneth A. Russell ENGLISH : Rs.60 ISBN: 9788172452001
If so, try out these twenty treacherous tests and see how you score! Each quiz has twenty challenging problems that give your brain a workout, and gauge your mental flexibility and breadth of knowledge. They're all timed, too-you get only an hour to find synonyms, fill in missing words, make logical comparisons, complete equations, and tease out numerical progressions.

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