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UGC NET Digest Teaching And Research Aptitude by Dr ML Kamlesh ENGLISH Rs1,500 ISBN: 9788175245026
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UGC NET Paper II Bhugol by Promila Fogat HINDI Rs1,200  ISBN: 9789380873855

If we analyze the nature of the questions concerning the teaching and research qualification of the National Eligibility Test (NET) to be held twice a year by the University Grants Commission (UGC), we will find that the question is intense insights and Demand for analysis. The enlightened scholars of our Editorial Circle have studied the nature of question papers and have prepared a comprehensive explanatory solution to the question papers of the geography of the past years, which will not only touch the deepest dimensions of students' preparation, but their preparation and success. Will provide new direction to We hope that this book will prove useful to students, teachers and other subjects for anus readers.
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UGC NET / SET –  History by Kalpana Pathak ENGLISH Rs800 ISBN: 9789380873565

This book has been designed for the candidates appearing in UGC-NET/SLET in History. It covers pertinent topics as per syllabus provided by the UGC. It will enable the aspirants of lectureship through this exam to answer essay writing, analytical/evaluative, definitional. As well as text-based questions of Paper as per the latest structure, on the subject.

It will also be useful for those preparing for other competitive exams like IAS, IFS, IPS, PCS, etc., with History as an option. As it contains sufficient material that deals with almost all possible questions on the subject for these exams. In spite of our best efforts to cover all aspects, the book may contain some further studies which are discussed elaborately.
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UGC NET Digest On Paper II & III (1. Novels and Drama, 2. Poetry, 3. Literary theory) (in 3 Vol) by Tanvir Ahmed and Mariya Aslam ENGLISH Rs5,000 ISBN: 9789380873626
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  Physical Education
Physical Education - UGC - Net Digest Second Revised In Three Vol by Dr ML Kamlesh ENGLISH Rs5,000 ISBN:  9788175246775

The 4th Impression of the UGC-NET Digest Papers II & III (Physical Education) in two volumes is a unique in the sense that it contains the voluminous text on the prescribed syllabus followed by different types of objective type questions spread over 10 units for Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer-ship Examination of the UGC. The salient features of the book are: - It is a comprehensive objective approach to the subject of physical education as an academic discipline. - The objective type questions have been framed according to the pattern i.e. multiple choice type, matching type, reasoning type, etc., usually set in the NET/SET question papers. - Based on experience and feedback from the users, language and syntactical arrangement of the questions have been simplified. - Rules of various games and sports given in the book have been updated. - The two volumes qualify to be a sort of bible for the candidates preparing for SET/SET and other competitive examinations.
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Sharirik Shiksha  –  Ek Samagra Adhyayan  for TGT, PGT, UGC – NET by Dr. Shyam Narayan Singh HINDI Rs3,000 ISBN: 9788175246546
Now secondary schools, CBSE Physical education has been made a compulsory subject in the board and board examinations of other states and higher education examinations. Therefore, seeing the inevitability of this subject, its importance has increased in the education world. The requirement of teachers related to physical education has become comprehensive from primary education to higher education.

Competition examination is organized for appointment of spokespersons in secondary schools (10 + 2) at state and national level. Success in these exams requires a right strategy and overall study. Keeping this in mind, the book has been carefully prepared. Which will certainly prove to be helpful in the study and practice of the competitor. I fully believe that this book is B.P.ed., M.P. Ed., L.T., Second grade, Third grade, T.G.T., PGT, State Slate-U .Gc. NET- and state-level and national-level spokesman-level exams will prove to be very useful.
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Sharirik Shiksha – For TGT., PGT, KVS., NVS & DSSSB by Pravin Kumar Sharma HINDI Rs1,200 ISBN: 9788175249271

In the book TGT, PGT  very important and useful Book Sharirik Shiksha, the questions are shown according to the ongoing courses of various competitive examinations. Physical Education Teacher Eligibility Examination T.G.T., PG.T., K.V.S., N.V.S., D.S.S.S.B. While examining the tendency of the questions asked in various competitions like the Vidyalayi and University Eligibility Examinations, the whole effort has been made to make the entire contents material. The questions contained in this book are shown in a simple manner according to the time.
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Physical Education and Sports Science for D.S.S.S.B., K.V.S., N.V.S., T.G.T., P.G.T., U.G.C.  by Umesh Kr Ahlawat ENGLISH Rs1,500 ISBN: 9788175249714

It is a matter of great satisfaction and immense pleasure to present this book, though simple in language, easy to understand and yet large enough in terms of contents and quality, to young aspirants who intends to join physical education and sports sciences as a career. This book provides concise and invaluable information on physical education and contains all the current pattern examinations MCQ’s frequently asked.

This book “Physical Education and Sports Science (Books for All Competitive Exams) – D.S.S.S.B., K.V.S., N.V.S., T.G.T., P.G.T., U.G.C.” is fully illustrated, which makes it more meaningful, simple, lively and easy to comprehend. An effort has been made to cover all the topics that a candidate may face in their entrance examination.

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Tournament by Dr Shyam Narayan Singh HINDI Rs400 ISBN: 9788175249301

The book 'Tournament' is presented to teachers and students. In this book, the fixtures used in all types of sports related to the sports world have been explained through simple language and words with the help of pictures. In the present book, the words and sentences of Hindi and English have been properly incorporated and various facts related to the theme of the tournament have been explained very carefully in simple words. I am convinced that the presented book 'Tournament' will prove to be very meaningful for students and teachers associated with physical education.

This book is divided into four chapters - in which the knockout tournament in the first chapter, the league tournament in the second chapter, the combinations tournament in the third chapter, and the Challenge Tournament in Chapter IV has been included.
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