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1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities: Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions : BetterWorld : USD63.41
Keep your pediatric clients actively engaged in their therapy session with "1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities: Creative Ideas for Therapy Sessions." Written for pediatric occupational therapy and physical therapy clinicians, graduate students, pediatric academic courses, and those in fieldwork and internships, this user-friendly guide will provide you with new ideas and activities designed to enhance your treatment session while maintaining your clients attention and interest. "1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities "was written with the intent to be used among a wide range of populations and pediatric settings. Specifically, these settings include a pediatric clinic, school-based setting, hospital, and home-based therapy. This quick and simple reference is organized and written in a way that enables the user to quickly open it and skim a chapter for new treatment ideas. More than 350 photographs are included to supplement treatment activities that require further explanation. The durable spiral binding allows the book to lay flat in times when space is limited, such as in the classroom or clinic. "1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities "covers treatment areas that are typically addressed in pediatric therapy: - Sensory Integration - Visual System - Dissociation Activities - Hand Skills - Body Strengthening and Stabilizing - Cognitive and Higher-Level Skill Building - Social Skills "1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities" by Ayelet Danto and Michelle Pruzansky offers therapists and students a comprehensive mix of easy-to-use therapeutic activities that they may not know exist or have not thought about including in their practice. Therapists can quickly find ideas for specific impairments and design creative and resourceful treatment sessions using the activities provided. Each chapter includes: - A brief description explaining the treatment topic - An explanation of why a particular skill is important - A list of compensatory strategies that may be employed by the therapist to assist the child who is deficient in a particular skill - A list of treatment ideas and activities in which to engage, in order to work on the specific treatment goal - Examples of commercial products that can be used to address the treatment goal When working with children for extended periods of time in the same environment, it can be challenging to find and develop new and exciting treatment activities. This unique resource offers more than a thousand ideas all in one place. "1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities "will quickly prove to be invaluable to any new or experienced pediatric therapist looking for new ideas for a therapy session. 
Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD7.70
x0D; 6-page laminated chart includes: x0D; x0D; -Major theories of child development x0D; x0D; -Vital signs x0D; x0D; -Pain assesment in children x0D; x0D; -Lab values and nursing care of children x0D; x0D; -Pediatric tips for practice x0D; x0D; -Mnemonics for practice x0D; x0D; -Medication administration x0D; x0D; -children and procedures x0D; x0D; -Fluid balance x0D; x0D; -Level of consciousness x0D; x0D; -Childhood immunizations x0D; x0D; -Child abuse and neglect x0D; x0D; -Growth and development x0D; x0D; -Communicating with children x0D; x0D; -Play x0D; 
Winningham and Preussers Critical Thinking Cases in Nursing: Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity, and Psychiatric Case Studies : BetterWorld : USD5.94
Improve your critical thinking skills with 148 realistic case studies from all four clinical practice areas: medical-surgical, pediatrics, maternity, and psychiatric nursing. Each case in Critical Thinking Cases in Nursing, 4th Edition covers a common problem, drawn from actual clinical experiences and written by nurses who are clinical experts. All cases have been thoroughly updated and revised to include current clinical practices, with integrated content on pharmacology, nutrition, and diagnostic/lab tests to encourage you to think critically about all aspects of care. This fourth edition also features highlighted prioritization content to help you prepare for success on the NCLEXA(R) examination and provide quality patient care. 
Color Atlas of Pediatric Dermatology : BetterWorld : USD128.99
An unsurpassed visual archive of pediatric dermatology -- updated with more than 200 brand-new color images A Doodys Core Title 4 STAR DOODYS REVIEW "This is my kind of book This pediatric atlas is chock full of excellent color photographs with 2 to 3 sentences of clinical description and/or therapeutic discussion. It does not need to be perused in any order. Just flip to a page and start looking and learning....If you see children in your practice you will want to have this book on your office shelf. Overall, the color photographs are outstanding and the text is delightful. This book is a treasure."--"Doodys Review Service" With more than 900 color photographs, the new edition of this one-stop, turnkey reference picks up where the previous edition left off. Here is where youll find a vast collection of images that provide invaluable guidance for the diagnosis of both common and rare skin disorders of neonates, infants, and children. For each condition reviewed in the text, one or more clinical photographs are supplied, making differential diagnosis faster, easier, and more efficient. Next, youll find a concise, yet thorough overview of important clinical features, etiology, prognosis, and the most current therapeutic approaches. Turn to any page, and youll see the books magnificent atlas format, with photographs linked to brief text that authoritatively describes the condition illustrated in each image, along with, in most cases, a one-sentence summary of suggested treatment protocols. New to this Edition: 230 colorful new diagnosis-speeding images Up-to-date coverage of the cutaneous manifestations of new and emerging infectious diseases and biological/chemical weapons Revised and refreshed legends throughout the text to highlight the latest thinking in pediatric dermatology practice New treatment modalities that are included wherever applicable, reflecting the very latest clinical findings and treatment guidelines And much more 
The Pediatricians Personal Protector : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Dr. Christy Moser had returned to her close-knit Louisiana parish, determined to uncover the truth about her troubled family past. Suddenly complications arise: two terrifying attempts on her life and Reilly Delancey, a handsome SWAT specialist who wont let her out of his sight until the would-be killer is caught.... Reilly never signed on to be someones bodyguard. Especially not a woman as self-assured, as beautiful, as frustrating as Christy. With her sights set on conducting a private investigation, the sexy pediatrician pleads with Reilly for help. Unable to refuse--or resist--Reilly digs deeper into who framed the people closest to Christy. Before long a new culprit steps forward. A culprit who could end Reillys career--and ultimately seal Christys fate. 
The Portable Pediatrician: Everything You Need to Know about Your Childs Health : BetterWorld : USD19.94
THE PORTABLE PEDIATRICIAN features a comprehensive A-Z list of common childhood illnesses, injuries, and other concerns, with tips on what to look for, when to call the doctor, and how to treat a child at home. The Searses also guide caregivers from a childs infancy to teen years, teaching them how to boost their childrens health, put together a family health plan, work with their pediatrician, and handle emergencies. Complete with the Sears familys trademark reassuring and accessible tone, THE PORTABLE PEDIATRICIAN is a must-have for any parent or caregiver who wants to keep their children healthy and happy. 
Tarascon Pediatric Outpatient Pocketbook : BetterWorld : USD32.18
Finally, a pediatric pocket reference that can actually fit in your pocket The altogether new Tarascon Pediatric Outpatient Pocketbook is the essential quick clinical reference for the busy outpatient pediatrician, family physician, or student/resident on a pediatric clinic rotation. Written by two Stanford-trained pediatricians, this guide includes the latest and most authoritative clinical practice guidelines and is packed with easy-to-understand algorithms, tables, charts, and lists. Covering newborns through adolescents, the meticulously referenced Tarascon Pediatric Outpatient Pocketbook puts the most important but hardest-to-remember facts, treatment options, prognoses and other critical information at your fingertips. 
Pediatric Obesity Clinical Decision Support Chart 5210: Clinical Guidelines : BetterWorld : USD32.62
This convenient flip chart provides child health care professionals practical support and guidance to help improve care and outcomes for overweight youth. "This flip chart is an easy to use general reference for treatment of childhood obesity. The 5210 guidelines are easy to recall for parents and children. The quick access to body-mass index (BMI) and blood pressure charts are useful tools to have in the office." Amanda Jackson, MD, Ochsner Clinic Foundation, Doodys Review. Bring your practice the latest ready-to-use tools including step-by-step prevention, assessment, and treatment interventions for the overweight and obese child developed by the CDC; 15-minute obesity prevention protocol; hypertension evaluation and management guidelines; growth charts spanning birth to age 20 years--including body mass index-for-age percentiles; blood pressure levels for boys and girls; and coding information for obesity-related health services. Adapted from the keep ME healthy flip chart developed by the Maine Center for Public Health and the Maine Chapter of the AAP. 
Conquering Your Childs Chronic Pain: A Pediatricians Guide for Reclaiming a Normal Childhood : BetterWorld : USD8.44
From a renowned expert in the field, a parents guide to managing their childs chronic pain--to give back normal life to the 1 in 5 children for whom pain is a serious problem. A childs chronic pain undermines school performance and social and emotional health, erodes finances, and devastates the family. This book reveals what parents can do to alleviate their childs pain on a daily basis. Dr. Zeltzers clinic is renowned for treatment of pediatric pain stemming from headaches, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome; fibromyalgia, and more, via a multidisciplinary approach including specialists in psychiatry, hypnotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback, and others. Based on more than 30 years study, Dr. Zeltzer offers ways to take control of the pain and ultimately become pain-free. She explains how to tell if the pain has become chronic, soothe the nervous system, reactivate the bodys natural pain control mechanisms, which medications are most effective, breathing, muscle relaxation and visualization techniques, how to reduce parents guilt and much more. It is never too late to treat pain in children, no matter how long it has lasted, says Dr. Zeltzer. Her book offers help and hope to families desperately in need. 
Pediatric Success: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking Skills to Test Taking : BetterWorld : USD39.74
Over 900 NCLEX-style questions on pediatrics and growth and development into body system chapters. Add a 100- question comprehensive exam at the end of the book, plus two 75-question final exams on the bonus CD-ROM, and learning and studying become easier...and measurable. Students use the RACE model to apply critical thinking to the question types theyll encounter in class and on the NCLEX. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Bonus CD-ROM packaged with every book featuring two 75-question final exams with NCLEX question codes. Click Here for a Special Mail-In Rebate Offer 
American Academy of Pediatrics Caring for Your Teenager : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Expert, authoritative guidance you can trust on helping your teenager cope with the changes and challenges of adolescence, from The American Academy of Pediatrics. The critical, life-shaping years between twelve and twenty-one have been called the "turbulent teens." But adolescence doesnt have to be a time of anxiety and upheaval--for either teenagers or their parents. In this comprehensive, down-to-earth guide, the nations leading authority on the care of children helps parents and caregivers guide teenagers through the successful transition into young adulthood. Combining practical parenting advice with the latest medical, psychological, and scientific research, and covering every aspect of a teenagers growth and development, the American Academy of Pediatrics Caring for Your Teenager offers indispensable information on: - The stages of adolescence--what defines normal physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development - Setting rules and limits--helping teenagers grow into responsible adults - The twelve building blocks of self-esteem--from feelings of security and belonging to decision making, pride, and trust - Instilling values and strengthening family ties - The problem of peer pressure: giving your child the confidence to handle it - Hormones--easing teenagers anxieties about their changing bodies - Safeguarding your teenager from sexually transmitted diseases - Adapting to different family types--from single-parent to adoptive to blended - Helping your teenager cope with serious illness or death in the family, sibling rivalry, separation, or divorce Plus - Helping your teenager find the right college--or make an alternative choice - Teens, the Internet, and the law - A comprehensive medical guide to common ailments . . . and much more Caring for Your Teenager is the one guide that no one entrusted with the care of a teenage child should be without--a book that provides parents with all the information they need to ensure that their child is on the right track to becoming a happy, healthy adult. 
The American Academy of Pediatrics New Mothers Guide to Breastfeeding : BetterWorld : USD3.95
@lt;b@gt;The Breastfeeding Book Your Doctor Recommends@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;@lt;/b@gt;Why is breastfeeding best for my baby? Will I like it? What if it hurts? What happens when my maternity leave is over? Will I be able to use a breast pump? How can I make this work?@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;The American Academy of Pediatrics, the organization that represents the nations finest pediatricians, answers these questions and many more in this invaluable resource to help you and your baby get the healthiest possible start. The benefits of breastfeeding will last a lifetime, for both you and your baby. @lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;Here is everything new mothers need to know about breastfeeding. From preparing for the first feeding to adjusting to home, family, and work life as a nursing mother, this comprehensive resource covers: @lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Preparing for breastfeeding before your baby is born@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Breastfeeding benefits for mothers and babies, including the most recent neurological, psychological, and immunological research showing why breastfeeding enhances your infants immune system and protects against many common illnesses @lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Establishing a nursing routine and what to do when you return to work@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- The fathers role and creating a postpartum support network @lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Handling special situations, from C-sections to premature births@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Breastfeeding beyond infancy@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Weaning your baby@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- Solutions to common breastfeeding challenges@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;- And much more@lt;br@gt;@lt;br@gt;Mothers everywhere will find this book an indispensable guide to one of lifes most important decisions. 
Homeopathic Treatment of Children: Pediatric Constitutional Types : BetterWorld : USD20.12
"The Homeopathic Treatment of Children" is indispensible at giving both a clear overall impression of the various major constitutional types, and also a detailed outline for reference at the end of each chapter. Not only does Paul Herscu draw from various sources (repertories and materia medica), he also adds indispensable original information from his successful practice. 
The Pediatricians Personal Protector : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Dr. Christy Moser had returned to her close-knit Louisiana parish, determined to uncover the truth about her troubled family past. Suddenly complications arise: two terrifying attempts on her life and Reilly Delancey, a handsome SWAT specialist who wont let her out of his sight until the would-be killer is caught.... Reilly never signed on to be someones bodyguard. Especially not a woman as self-assured, as beautiful, as frustrating as Christy. With her sights set on conducting a private investigation, the sexy pediatrician pleads with Reilly for help. Unable to refuse--or resist--Reilly digs deeper into who framed the people closest to Christy. Before long a new culprit steps forward. A culprit who could end Reillys career--and ultimately seal Christys fate. 
Wongs Essentials of Pediatric Nursing [With CDROM] : BetterWorld : USD103.94
The #1 pediatric nursing textbook on the market, this book is known for its accuracy, current research, and highly readable writing style. It provides a foundation in child development and health promotion, and covers specific health problems - organized by age groups and body systems, so you can individualize care at the appropriate level for each child. A streamlined approach, superior illustrations, and a full-color design make it easy to find and understand key nursing information. 
Pediatrics: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review : BetterWorld : USD5.72
The student tested-and-reviewed way to prep for the Pediatrics shelf exam and the USMLE Step 2 CK ." . . good preparation for either the shelf exam or Step 2. Many of my classmates used this book for the pediatric shelf exam and did very well on it." -- Erika Katz, Medical Student, Stony Brook University School of Medicine ." . . a comprehensive review of topics commonly encountered on the shelf and USMLE Step 2 exams. I used this book in preparation for the shelf exam and did really well. Best of all, unlike other review book, PreTest fits in my white coat pocket so I can study whenever I have downtime in the wards." -- Tina Nguyen, Medical Student, SUNY Upstate Medical University "Pediatrics: PreTest(TM) Self-Assessment & Review" is the perfect way to assess your knowledge of pediatrics for the USMLE Step 2 CK and shelf exams. Youll find 500 USMLE-style questions and answers that address the clerkships core competencies along with detailed explanations of both correct and incorrect answers. All questions have been reviewed by students who recently passed the boards and completed their clerkship to ensure they match the style and difficulty level of the exam. 500 USMLE-style questions and answers Detailed explanations for right and wrong answers Targets what you really need to know for exam success Student tested and reviewed "Pediatrics: PreTest(TM) Self-Assessment & Review" is the closest you can get to seeing the test before you take it. Great for clerkship and the USMLE Step 2 CK "Pediatrics: PreTest" asks the right questions so youll know the right answers. Open it and start learning whats on the test. 
The Portable Pediatrician, Second Edition: A Practicing Pediatricians Guide to Your Childs Growth, Development, Health, and Beha : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Dr. Laura Nathanson wrote "The Portable Pediatrician" to help parents find the joy in parenting and gain the confidence to quickly and easily assess their childs development, medical symptoms, and behavioral problems. Parents cant always visit their pediatrician every time they have a question, but fortunately with this book they have the next best thing. "The Portable Pediatrician," one of the few child-care books written by a practicing pediatrician, offers authoritative and practical advice on: Keeping up with, or even one step ahead of, your childs rapidly changing needs Setting limits before the one year birthday Planning the arrival of the next baby in the family Coping with your own as well as with your childs separation anxiety Dealing with the four Is: illnesses, injuries, immunizations, and insurance coverage Getting prompt medical attention for serious crises -- and what to do in the meantime Preventing childhood obesity and eating disorders later Confronting complex behavior and medical problems, including ADD, autism, asthma, oppositional behavior (including potty resistance) 
The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training : BetterWorld : USD3.95
The Toilet-Training Book Your Doctor Recommends How will I know when my child is ready? What do I do if my child resists? How can I handle bedwetting and other accidents? Whats the best way to make this a positive experience for both of us? Helping your child through the toilet-training process may be one of your greatest challenges as a new parent. And when it comes to this important developmental stage, every child is unique. Some are " ready" earlier than others, and not all children respond to the same approach. If youve been confused by conflicting advice from friends, relatives--even other books--here is expert advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the organization representing the nations finest pediatricians. This invaluable resource covers everything you need to know about the toilet-training process to make this important transition as easy and as positive as possible for both you and your child. This comprehensive guide answers parents most frequently asked questions and concerns, including: - When to toilet train: finding the age thats right for your child - How to choose and install a potty - Positive ways to handle the inevitable " accidents" - What to do when your child resists - Practical advice for common problems such as constipation - Toilet training children with special needs - Special tips for boys, girls, even twins - Coping with bedwetting and soiling - And much more The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training is a must-have resource for parents who want the best advicefor themselves and the best experience for their children. 
Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD79.94
Part of the popular "LPN Threads" series, Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing provides a solid foundation in obstetrics and pediatric nursing. An easy-to-follow organization by developmental stages, discussion of disorders by body system from simple-to-complex and health-to-illness, and a focus on family health make it a complete guide to caring for maternity and pediatric patients. Written in a clear, concise style by Gloria Leifer, MA, RN, this edition reflects the current NCLEXA(R) test plan with additional material on safety, health promotion, nutrition, and related psychosocial care. 
Pediatric Pulmonology : BetterWorld : USD95.04
Youll turn here often for the latest AAP findings and recommenations; assessment and testing how-tos; proven therapeutic strategies; procedures, and techniques; home care and monitoring considerations; and much more. Powerful problem-solving features in each information-rich chapter include illustrative case reports, key point summaries; and definitions of pulmonary-specific terms. Nearly 300 finely detailed images complement the text. Content highlights: - Foundation knowledge and know-how - anatomy and physiology; physical examination; pulmonary testing; imaging; bronchoscopy - Allergic conditions - acute bronchopulmonary aspergillosis; asthma - Anatomical disorders - congenital anomalies; chest wall and spinal deformities - Upper airway infections - croup, epiglottitis, and bacterial tracheitis - Lower airway infections - bronchiectasis; bronchiolitis; community-acquired pneumonia; complications of pneumonia; tuberculosis - Noninfectious pulmonary disorders - interstitial lung disease; bronchopulmonary dysplasia; pleural effusion; pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum; pulmonary hemorrhage; aspiration - Miscellaneous pulmonologic issues - lung transplantation; pulmonary disorders associated with obesity; functional respiratory disorders; sleep disorders - Genetic disorders - cystic fibrosis; primary ciliary dyskinesia - Lung disease associated with systemic disorders - pulmonary complications of cardiac disease; endocrine disorders; GI disorders; sickle cell disease; immunodeficiency disorders; neuromuscular disorders; cancer - Treating and managing pulmonary disease - airway clearance techniques; medication delivery; bronchodilators; antibiotics and corticosteroids; oxygen therapy; preventing and treating tobacco dependence; home monitoring; home ventilation 
Principles of Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children : BetterWorld : USD102.08
Written for todays nurse, "PRINCIPLES OF PEDIATRIC NURSING: CARING FOR CHILDREN, 5/e "explores the conditions and nursing interventions for health conditions affecting children, adolescents and their families. Emphasizing research and evidence-based practice, it organizes material by body system instead of developmental stage, allowing faculty to teach pediatrics in integrated courses/short courses without redundancy. This edition includes a new chapter on genetic and genomic influences, more emphasis on culturally competent care, and new features that emphasize clinical reasoning and health promotion. Designed to help students bridge the gap between classroom and clinical situations, the book emphasizes health promotion and maintenance, growth and development, and family-centered care. 
Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies: A Compendium of Evidence-Based Research for Pediatric Practice [With CDROM] : BetterWorld : USD8.43
The Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines & Policies has more than 40 new or revised AAP policy statements: All new AAP clinical practice guidelines and full text of 2009 AAP policy statements, more than 30 clinical practice guidelines, and more than 380 policy statements, clinical reports, and technical reports, 2010 Immunization Schedule, Quick reference tools. Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines include: ADHD / Autism / Bronchiolitis / Cerebral palsy / Dysplasia of the hip / Febrile seizures / Gastroenteritis / Group B streptococcal disease / Head injury / Otitis media / Seizure / Sinusitis / Sleep apnea / Sports medicine / Urinary tract infection. Complete clinical practice guidelines, Complete 2009 policy statements, clinical and technical reports, five section easy-to-use organization. (Does not include CD-ROM). 
Handbook of Pediatric Orthopedics : BetterWorld : USD58.98
"Handbook of Pediatric Orthopedics -- now in a fully updated Second Edition -- encapsulates everything an orthopedic surgeon needs to know to make rapid diagnoses and quickly plan treatment for the gamut of common and uncommon pediatric orthopedic problems. The author, a well-respected authority in the field, provides only the most pertinent information on the developmental, genetic, and neurologic etiology of the various conditions. A full chapter concentrates exclusively on core treatment guidelines and algorithms for pediatric trauma management. Each chapter presents information on basic principles, technical skills, and standards of care in an easy-to-reference list format that allows the busy practitioner quick access to key information and thus facilitates faster diagnoses. Features - Compiles new data on blocks, traction, special casts, aspiration, and arthogram interpretation - 164 drawings, graphs, and charts illustrate important concepts - Provides must-know radiographic parameters and clinical tips for key developmental disorders - Reviews difficult-to-remember levels of innervation, including for the brachial plexus - Numerous charts conveniently list medications and dosages based on weight, route, and frequency - Helpful graphs track growth predictions for each region of the skeleton Orthopedic surgeons, residents, or fellows will refer to this highly practical pocket guide on a daily basis. Clinicians, residents, or fellows in pediatrics will also appreciate its brevity and up-to-date coverage." 
Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Guide : BetterWorld : USD53.00
Expertly and accessibly written by a nurse and parent who who has experienced the anxiety and frustrations of the everyday care of children with tracheostomies, Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Guide is a comprehensive resource for both both parents and health care professional.Essential Topics Discussed Include: What is a Tracheostomy?Types of Trachesotomy TubesReasons for TracheostomiesEating with TracheostomiesHome EquipmentParenting ChallengesSee also Pediatric Care of the Surgical Patient and accompanying Pocket Guide to Pediatric Surgical Nursing. 
The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD60.98
The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics brings you the latest guidelines, procedures, and treatment and management strategies for inpatient pediatric care. The field of pediatric hospital medicine is rapidly growing and this handbook focuses specifically on caring for pediatric patients in the hospital setting. The Philadelphia Guide: Inpatient Pediatrics addresses over 350 commonly encountered inpatient pediatric medical conditions. Unlike other handbooks, it goes beyond diagnostic strategies to include complete treatment and management guidelines. The focus on the treatment of so many inpatient pediatric medical conditions means that it can be used by everyone who cares for pediatric patients in the hospital--medical students, residents, and pediatric attendings. Additionally, the organization of the book makes it immensely accessible. The clinical sections are alphabetized and subheadings are consistent throughout the book to make finding information quick and easy. Readers will have rapid access to tables listing pediatric dosages for emergency, airway, and rapid sequence intubation medications, as well as defibrillation and cardioversion protocols. Classic and current evidence-based references are included. Invaluable appendices cover normal vital signs, neonatal codes, and PALS algorithms. A fresh, new approach to pediatric literature, this indispensable handbook offers concise, precise information for healthcare practitioners of all levels, from all disciplines, involved in the care of children in the inpatient setting. 
Reoperative Pediatric Surgery : BetterWorld : USD226.04
Reoperative surgery is a prevailing challenge faced by pediatric surgeons. Reoperative Pediatric Surgery constitutes in one volume the most up to date information and techniques for critical cases in all of the pediatric surgical specialties including oncology, gastroenterology, gynecology, urology, radiology, and cardiology. Recognized experts impart their knowledge of indications for reoperative surgeries, radiologic evaluation, surgical procedures which may require seldom used and extremely complex techniques, and the risks and outcomes of these specialized approaches. These practicing surgeons provide insight into intricate corrective procedures involving the placement of grafts, stents, and supports with necessary forecasting for complications arising from anatomic growth and disease recurrence. This comprehensive book is an indispensable resource covering the full spectrum of pediatric reoperation addressing the complications of common pediatric surgeries including congenital defect repair, chest wall repair, orchiopexy, hernia repair, fundoplication, and placement of vertriculoperitoneal shunts as well as unique cases of tumor excision and reoperative oncology. With its detailed masterful approach and full color photographs, Reoperative Pediatric Surgery is the gold-standard for this multi-faceted discipline. 
Child Health Guide: Holistic Pediatrics for Parents : BetterWorld : USD20.30
The number of children taking prescription drugs for every type of ailment has reached epidemic proportions. "Child Health Guide" offers sensible alternatives to this disturbing trend, providing the information parents need to make informed decisions about natural healing for their children and the integration of natural treatments into their childrens medical care. The book covers the prenatal period through infancy, toddlerhood, and into middle childhood, with emphasis on extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, a natural foods diet, avoidance of toxic chemicals, limited use of vaccines, and treatment of health problems with homeopathic medicines and herbs. "Child Health Guide" respects parents choices while providing persuasive arguments for building a healthy immune system by avoiding conventional drugs and stressing natural methods. Using an educational and informative tone, the book discusses preventive medicine, the causes of poor health in children, and common foods and chemical exposures that can contribute to chronic illness. It also provides nutritional interventions that strengthen immunity and promote healing. 
Primary Pediatric Pulmonology : BetterWorld : USD156.94
This book is designed to be an evidence-based, practical guide to the day-to-day management of respiratory illnesses in childhood. It is not meant to be an exhaustive review, but rather focuses on the most common and important problems, with emphasis on evaluation and treatment. All contributors are experienced clinicians, writing as specifically as possible and giving their own opinions based on their own experiences in practice. The books 14 chapters cover topics including the evaluation of chronic or recurrent respiratory symptoms, stridor and noisy breathing, apnea, and asthma. Several chapters are devoted to asthma and related issues, including an overview chapter that provides extensive background on this all-too-common childhood affliction. The material covered in this book will interest Pediatricians, General Practitioners, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Allergists, Pediatric Surgeons, Otolaryngologists, and others wanting to learn more about the common and serious pulmonary illnesses in children. 
Pediatric Nutrition Handbook : BetterWorld : USD4.95
A comprehensive handbook to pediatric nutrition from birth through adolescence. A useful and ready reference for practicing clinicians covering both nutritional support and long-term health consequences. 
Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD3.45
500 USMLE-style questions and answers referenced to core textbooks and journal articles. Complete explanations discuss right and wrong answer options. All questions are reviewed by students who have recently passed the exams . 
Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD38.03
Master key concepts and apply them to your nursing practice Corresponding to the chapters in "Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing, 6th Edition, " by Gloria Leifer, RN, MA, CNE, this study guide reinforces your understanding of essential concepts and skills. It offers the preparation you need to pass the NCLEXA(R) Examination and succeed in your nursing career. 
Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (Cpen) Review Manual : BetterWorld : USD73.94
Developed By The Emergency Nurses Association? (ENA), Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN) Review Manual Is The Essential Resource For Nurses Planning To Take The CPEN Examination. Intended For Use By Both First-Time Certifying And Recertifying Nurses, It Contains More Than 600 Practice Questions With Rationales Representative Of Those Found On The CPEN Exam. Built To Reflect The CPEN Exam Blueprint, It Offers A Succinct Yet Comprehensive Review Of The Core Material Based On Content, Cognitive Level, And Type Questions. Written By Pediatric Experts From A Variety Of Pediatric Emergency Settings, It Utilizes Current, Evidence-Based Literature And Experience As The Foundation For Each Question.Included With The Book Is An Online Access Code For JB Testprep, Our Online Interactive Testing Program, Complete With Customizable Practice Exams, Instant Feedback, And Two Additional Exams Consisting Of 175 Questions Each.DonT Forget To Visit Our New Nursing Certification Website: Www.Nursingcertificationsuccess.Com 
Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture [With DVD] : BetterWorld : USD84.21
Shonishin: Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture addresses the emerging interest in safe, specialized, non-insertion acupuncture treatment options for infants and children. The only English language book available on the topic, it focuses on the most important feature in the treatment of children: patient-comfort. The author gives hands-on advice that can be easily integrated into clinical practice. The text begins with an overview of the underlying principles of Shonishin and the special tools and needles used to gently press, tap, scratch, rub, and stroke the childs skin without penetrating it. The expert author then outlines root and symptomatic approaches and techniques, followed by detailed information on how to manage a wide range of specific problems and diseases. Shonishin is an excellent treatment option for common respiratory and digestive ailments. Features - In form of a practical workshop, the accompanying DVD (150 minutes) demonstrates how to do Shonishin - 48 cases from around the world cover which tools and methods work best for different patients, showing a range of treatment ideas, methods, and results available with the techniques described in the book - 140 illustrations, photos, and diagrams complement the text throughout - Numerous tips on how to pacify scared children and aggravated parents This unique, user-friendly guide is a must-have for all acupuncturists, students and teachers of acupuncture as well as pediatricians who also use acupuncture -- regardless of style of practice. The basic treatment has the added advantage of being easily taught to parents so that they can use it regularly at home, thus increasing frequency of treatment and allowing parents to participate actively in the treatment of their children. 
Pediatric Nutrition Support : BetterWorld : USD146.66
Pediatric Nutrition Support is a complete resource for all dietitians, nurses, physicians, and pharmacists involved in pediatric care. This reference provides thorough coverage of the latest developments and techniques in enteral and parenteral feeding and evaluation methods. Cases detailing specific pediatric disease conditions offer concrete examples of nutrition support processes. 
Pediatric Dentistry: Building a No-Fear Practice: Introducing Children to a Lifetime of Positive Dental Care : BetterWorld : USD13.94
Say goodbye to crying, restraints, and quiet rooms forever. Replace the use of force with a proven anxiety reduction program. Develop relationships based on trust rather than authority. Learn simple techniques for painless treatment and non-surgical options. ""Dr. Pikes well-written book provides practical options for truly child-friendly dental practices." " -Prashant Gagneja, DDS, MS, Chair, Pediatric Dentistry, Oregon Health & Science University ""An invaluable book for any dentist interested in the most practical and humane treatment of children." " -J Henry Clarke, DMD, Professor Emeritus, School of Dentistry, Oregon Health & Science University ""Dr. Pike offers sound suggestions for reducing dental fears in children, thus insuring they seek routine care as adults."" -Felix F. Loeb, Jr., MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Oregon Health & Science University 
Pediatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! : BetterWorld : USD51.98
Pediatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy is a handy reference book in the award-winning Incredibly Easy style--perfect for those entering or needing a refresher in pediatric nursing, a core subject for nurses. This book organizes those developmental concerns and childhood disorders in an intuitive way, while weaving a family-centered approach to practice throughout the material. So, whether shes a student looking for NCLEX or course help, a practicing nurse needing some targeted information on a difficult topic, or a clinician prepping for certification, Pediatric Nursing Made Incredibly Easy is the perfect reference for her. 
Pediatric Secrets : BetterWorld : USD41.77
Pediatric Secrets is an easy-to-read, best-selling volume in the Secrets Series, perfect for use in clerkships, for board prep, or as a handy clinical reference. Richard A. Polin, MD and Mark F. Ditmar, MD present essential questions and answers to help you better meet the challenges you face every day. 
The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook : BetterWorld : USD66.01
The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook: Mobile Medicine Series, 4th Edition, by Myung K. Park, MD, FAAP, FACC, is a pediatrics reference that provides the practical knowledge you need to diagnose and manage children with congenital and acquired heart disease. It emphasizes new medical management and surgical techniques, as well as the results of surgery for a number of cardiac conditions. A user-friendly organization helps to facilitate the decision making process, while revised coverage and new chapters reflect the rapid changes taking place in the field. Based on Dr. Parks larger reference, Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners, this pocket-sized book is a portable, succinct, and practical resource. 
Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners : BetterWorld : USD124.91
From history and physical examination through electrocardiography and the management of special problems, this popular reference provides the practical guidance you need to diagnose and manage children with congenital and acquired heart disease. The fully revised 5th edition incorporates recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances in pediatric cardiac surgery, blood pressure standards, and cardiac arrhythmias. 
Mosbys Pocket Guide to Pediatric Assessment : BetterWorld : USD46.13
Mosbys Pocket Guide to Pediatric Assessment offers a concise but comprehensive approach to health assessment for the pediatric client. It begins with a general description of history taking and includes approaches to children at various ages, nutritional assessment, and measurement and evaluation of vital signs. Emphasis is on "how to" information, including how and what to assess in each body system. Psychosocial, anatomical, and physiological development variations are incorporated as appropriate, as well as normal and abnormal findings. Given the extensive information provided, this reference is ideal for a broad range of nurses and students dealing with pediatric patients. 
Pediatric and Adolescent Musculoskeletal MRI: A Case-Based Approach : BetterWorld : USD227.40
Since radiologists learn by seeing, this booka (TM)s case-based format is ideal. The 102 cases unknown and 217 supplemental cases throughout depict scenarios commonly encountered in daily practice, with special emphasis on the rapidly growing area of sports injuries and traumatic disorders in older children and adolescents. The cases are heavily illustrated with nearly 600 high-resolution MRI images, as well as complementary plain films, scintigrams, and CT scans. Each case outlines the clinical history, findings, and differential diagnosis. Clinical pearls, questions and answers, and concluding summaries are also included. An orthopedic surgeon provides clinical commentary where appropriate to share the insight gained from sports medicine. 
Pediatric Advanced Life Support : BetterWorld : USD35.60
4 STAR DOODYS REVIEW "The purpose is to help healthcare professionals study, learn, and retain critical information needed for the emergency care of children and improve performance on the PALS final exam. Numerous healthcare professionals are required to pass a PALS course each year. The book is easy and fast to read, while closely following current American Heart Association guidelines.....To review the content covered in a PALS course, this book uses a question and answer format to decrease the amount of reading and to emphasize the main learning points. Only the correct answers are provided. This format will help the reader avoid wasting time reading, reviewing, and possibly learning incorrect information.....this study guide is attractive for its time-saving, easy to read format that emphasizes major learning points."--"Doodys Review Service" Updated to meet the 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines, this rapid-fire question-and-answer book is required reading for anyone preparing for PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification or recertification. 
Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: A Comprehensive Handbook : BetterWorld : USD59.95
For more than a decade, there has been no resource to guide the practitioner, trainee or allied health professional in this important field of pediatrics. These disorders are addressed every day with children admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatric intensive care unit, inpatient units, day hospitals, surgical units (inpatient and ambulatory), emergency rooms or in the outpatient setting. Fluid and Electrolytes in Pediatrics: A Comprehensive Handbook is a complete compendium of ready access information for pediatricians, family practitioners, residents, students and allied health professionals. The manual will be a "go to" source for tables or information on any aspect of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base metabolism for general pediatrics/ family practitioners/residents/medical students/nurses or the medical or surgical specialties. In order to achieve the goal as the "THE" textbook in this discipline, each chapter of the book will be divided into the following areas: Definition and Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Causes, Treatment and Representative Scenarios. Case presentations/problems (6-10) to illustrate the key points within the chapter. The scenarios will attempt to cover the most common problems that present in pediatrics. This book will have unique information with extensive tables, lists, and algorithms that detail clinical features of the entire spectrum of water metabolism, disorders of electrolytes, and disturbances in acid-base homeostasis by age (infants/newborns, children and adolescents) that is not available in any other textbook. 
Pediatric Nursing Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide : BetterWorld : USD19.98
The quick and easy way to learn the concepts and major theories of pediatric nursing - and how to apply them to real-world situations If youre looking for a fun, fast review that boils pediatric nursing down to its most essential, must-know points your search ends here "Pediatric Nursing Demystified" is a complete yet concise overview of all the important pediatric nursing concepts and the disorders that most often afflict infants to adolescents. Youll also learn how to apply those principles to real-life clinical situations. In order to make the learning process as easy and effective as possible, youll find learning aids such as chapter objectives, key terms, a brief overview of each topic, content summaries, chapter-ending questions, numerous tables and diagrams, and a comprehensive final exam that includes NCLEX-style questions covering all the content found in the book. "Great for course exams and as an NCLEX review " 
Pediatric Anesthesiology Review: Clinical Cases for Self-Assessment : BetterWorld : USD99.78
Based on a program of study developed at the Childrens Hospital Boston, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Pediatric Anesthesiology Review: Clinical Cases for Self-Assessment provides essential medical information for the subspecialty of pediatric anesthesiology. Illustrating the broad spectrum of the pediatric anesthesiologista (TM)s practice, this book utilizes an interactive question and answer dialogue which imitates the simplicity of conversation and affords the reader high-yield benefits. The case-based approach encourages readers to collaborate with colleagues, improve their oral presentation skills, and prepare for challenging situations by explaining various anesthesia care plans and why specific data are required before and during the care of the pediatric patient. Pediatric Anesthesiology Review: Clinical Cases for Self-Assessment is designed for those who would become consultants in pediatric anesthesia. Written by a panel of specialists recognized internationally for their efforts in their respective areas within pediatric anesthesia and examiners for various medical specialty boards including the American Board of Anesthesiology, this self-assessment programmed text for residents, fellows, and clinicians in the field of pediatric anesthesiology offers extremely valuable advice. The ability to explain why, in addition to how, is central to the Childrena (TM)s Hospital Boston programa (TM)s philosophy, and Pediatric Anesthesiology Review: Clinical Cases for Self-Assessment maintains this ideal in the crafting of this book. 
Current Pediatric Diagnosis and Treatment : BetterWorld : USD3.95
THE MOST CURRENT AND COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE OF CLINICALLY FOCUSED INFORMATION ON PEDIATRICS NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART 16TH EDITION Everything clinicians need to treat children from birth and infancy through adolescence Puts at your fingertips at-a-glance diagnostic essentials and typical features of disorders, followed by clinical findings...differential diagnosis...complications...treatment...and prognosis Applies to both ambulatory and inpatient pediatrics Points you to the best sources of pediatric data online Provides the latest drug information, including medications for psychiatric disorders Offers expanded material on end-of-life care MORE A practical approach to pediatric disorders focusing on the clinical aspects of pediatric care and their underlying principles "This popular classic...is a well-written, up-to-date, general pediatric text that is a very useful reference work to have in ones library." -- Emergency and Office Pediatrics (review of previous edition) ..."this book is all you want and need to know about in your pediatrics rotations. ...Definitely a must have for a good medical student with lot to learn and too little time.... All my med school classmates just wanted to have my book."* "An excellent hands on manual....This book is a great combination of up to date, accurate information in a clear and concise form. It gives you all of the details you need to make a sound diagnosis and is still easily readable. A great value and a solid buy for both in the office and the hospital."* *FIVE-STAR online reviews of the previous edition The Sixteenth Edition of this classic, comprehensive practitioners tool is packed with hands-on clinicalinformation on ambulatory and inpatient medical care of children from birth through adolescence. Each section has been developed by an expert in his or her area of practice, providing you with: Essentials of diagnosis and typical features of each disorder, followed by general considerations, clinical findings, laboratory findings, differential diagnosis, complications, treatment, and prognosis Answers-at-a-glance tables, developmental charts, graphs and forms, located abundantly throughout the book Handy end-of-chapter lists of Web and other resources for further information THIS IS THE REFERENCE THAT LEADS YOU QUICKLY TO ALL THE AUTHORITATIVE GUIDELINES YOU NEED ON... Managing feeding and sleep disorders in infants and young children Managing colic Dealing with temper tantrums and breath-holding Diagnosing and treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Diagnosing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Evaluating and treating autistic spectrum disorders Monitoring adolescent psychosocial development, including: risk assessment for depression and suicide...substance abuse...eating disorders...school avoidance and failure...birth control for the sexually active adolescent...adolescent rebellion and turmoil and 
Pediatric Urology for the Primary Care Provider : BetterWorld : USD94.42
"Pediatric Urology for the Primary Care Provider "addresses everyday management and treatment of pediatric patients with common urology conditions for the primary care provider. Dr. Stephen Zderic and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Kirk, along with their contributors, provide helpful information for primary care providers to effectively care for their patients and to handle the increasingly complex case load encountered in the clinic. Common conditions and topics addressed: - Toilet training - Daytime wetting - Nocturnal enuresis - Frequency, Dysruria, and Meatal problems - Urinary tract infections - Hematuria - Problems with circumcision - Groin abnormalities - Painful scrotum - Disorders of the female genitalia With its user-friendly text, illustrations, and algorithms, "Pediatric Urology for the Primary Care Provider "is a step-by-step guide to facilitating treatment, operating efficiently, and adding more value to time spent in the office--a must-have resource for employing hands-on patient management and care in pediatric urology. A perfect read for pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and family practitioners. 
Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics: A Case-Based Textbook : BetterWorld : USD61.99
This volume provides a practical overview of the ethical issues arising in pediatric practice. The case-based approach grounds the bioethical concepts in real-life situations, covering a broad range of important and controversial topics, including informed consent, confidentiality, truthfulness and fidelity, ethical issues relating to perinatology and neonatology, end-of-life issues, new technologies, and problems of justice and public health in pediatrics. A dedicated section also addresses the topics of professionalism, including boundary issues, conflicts of interests and relationships with industry, ethical issues arising during training, and dealing with the impaired or unethical colleague. Each chapter contains a summary of the key issues covered and recommendations for approaching similar situations in other contexts. Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics: A Case-Based Textbook is an essential resource for all physicians who care for children, as well as medical educators, residents and scholars in clinical bioethics. 
The Washington Manual of Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD62.98
Ideal for residents, interns, and medical students, The Washington Manual of Pediatrics provides concise rapid-access information to be used while on call, in a critical care setting, in the emergency unit, and in subspecialty outpatient clinics. Organized by organ system, the book outlines established approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of common inpatient pediatric problems. It includes ample tables, algorithms, and evidence-based references, plus full-color dermatology and infectious disease sections, a formulary, and pocket cards for quick reference. A companion Website will offer the fully searchable text, quarterly drug updates, and an image bank of dermatology and infectious disease photos. The Washington Manual(R) is a registered mark belonging to Washington University in St. Louis to which international legal protection applies. The mark is used in this publication by LWW under license from Washington University. 
On Call Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD60.23
Be on call with confidence Successfully managing on-call situations requires a masterful combination of speed, skill, and knowledge. The pocket-sized titles in the On Call series provide you with immediate access to the vital, step-by-step information you need to rise to the occasion When youre on call...alone...in the middle of the night...theyre your answer books for what to do and how to do it quickly-from diagnosing a difficult or life-threatening situation to prescribing the right medication. 
Fundamentals of Pediatric Orthopedics : BetterWorld : USD146.99
Geared to the everyday needs of pediatricians, primary care physicians, and orthopedists, the Fourth Edition of this best-selling book is a complete and user-friendly guide to diagnosis and management of pediatric orthopedic problems. Treatment plans are reviewed and illustrated and pitfalls, including normal variations, are discussed. Emphasis is on the welfare of the whole child, and parent education information is included. The uniquely graphic presentation features 1,025 full-color drawings and photographs, which have been improved for this edition. Other Fourth Edition highlights include greater emphasis on primary care, more information on trauma principles, and updated treatment plans and parent education. "Doodys Core Titles(TM) 2009." 
Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Families : BetterWorld : USD159.82
PEDIATRIC NURSING: CARING FOR CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES, third edition, offers a dynamic and insightful guide to caring for pediatric clients. The authors embrace a holistic, family-centered approach to the care and nurturing of children in all states of health, exploring healthy growth and development milestones, as well as illness states and chronic conditions. All nursing care is framed within a family context, underscoring the importance of viewing children not just as individuals, but as members of a family. General nursing skills such as assessment, communication, and health promotion are presented within the pediatric framework to help nurses approach children and their families with an authentic, informed understanding of their conditions and needs. 
Pediatric Allergy: Principles and Practice [With Access Code] : BetterWorld : USD78.42
Pediatric Allergy supplies the comprehensive guidance you need to diagnose, manage, and treat virtually any type of allergy seen in children. Drs. Leung, Sampson, Geha, and Szefler present the new full-color second edition, with coverage of the diagnosis and management of anaphylaxis, the immune mechanisms underlying allergic disease, the latest diagnostic tests, and more.in print and online at expertconsult.com. 
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question Book : BetterWorld : USD52.13
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question Book, Third Edition is the ideal review guide for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Family Nurse Practitioners preparing to take certification exams and as a reference in the practice setting. The content of the Study Question Book is divided into systems with an in-depth coverage of growth and development and health promotion and maintenance. Following each chapter are test questions, including answers and bibliographic reference. Focused on enhancing your test-taking skills while also integrating the principles of test taking, this study guide provides a comprehensive and total approach to success in the examination process.The Perfect Study Guide for the ANCC Exam Intended to work either as a stand alone or in conjunction with the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide. 
Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine : BetterWorld : USD70.32
Written by top pediatricians from the world-famous Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, this handbook encapsulates 68 chapters covering assessment and management of emergency pediatric illness and injury. The Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediactric Emergency Medicine is the absolute must-have resource for every pediatric caregiver. 
Pediatric Sedation Outside of the Operating Room: A Multispecialty International Collaboration : BetterWorld : USD61.68
This comprehensive guide provides tips and instruction for the entire range of specialists that utilize pediatric sedation. Each specialty receives tailored coverage that focuses on its unique patient population, challenges, potential solutions, and sedation techniques. Each chapter is written by a leading specialist in the field. A comprehensive spectrum of pediatric sedation will be covered, which will be of interest to oncologists, pediatricians, hospitalists, intensivists, radiologists, emergency medicine specialists, anesthesiologists, nurses, dentists, and gastroenterologists. Background chapters cover pharmacology as well as pediatric anatomy, with special focus on the airway and respiratory mechanics. The future of pediatric sedation is also reviewed as well as the cutting-edge research that is being done in the field. 
Principles of Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children Clinical Skills Manual : BetterWorld : USD56.00
This is a student supplement associated with: "Principles of Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children, 5/e "Jane W. Ball DrPH, RN, CPNP, "EMSC National Resource Center" Ruth C. Bindler, "Washington State University" Kay J. Cowen, "University of North Carolina, Greensboro" ISBN: 0132111756 
Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD58.35
Like other titles in the Board Review Series, BRS Pediatrics is designed to offer students a strong foundation for subsequent learning in both primary care and subspecialty pediatrics. BRS Pediatrics features: . A comprehensive overview of the basic principles of pediatrics . Detailed information for the pediatric subinternships and pediatric subspecialty rotations . Case-based review tests (simulating USMLE Step 2 questions) at the end of each chapter . Explanations for the correct answers and the incorrect responses with cross-references to the appropriate text for student follow-up . End-of-book comprehensive 100-question examination Youll find that BRS Pediatrics will be an indispensable resource for the pediatric rotation, the end of rotation exam, and the USMLE Step 2. 
Pediatric Neurology: A Case-Based Review : BetterWorld : USD60.94
Pediatric Neurology: A Case-Based Review is the first pediatric neurology review book written specifically for neurology residents preparing for the oral boards. The book presents sixty cases with discussions structured according to the neurology oral boards format: localization of neurologic findings; differential diagnosis and most likely diagnosis; diagnostic workup; and patient management. The cases will help readers lay a foundation of knowledge in pediatric neurology and develop an organized approach to clinical decision-making. An introduction explains in detail what to expect on the examination and gives helpful hints on preparing for and taking the exam. 
Pediatric Anesthesia and Emergency Drug Guide : BetterWorld : USD49.57
While all anesthetic and emergency drugs on the market are made for and administered to both adult and pediatric patients, their dosages and routes of administration are critically different. In the pediatric population, drug dosages are so specific, due to the childs small body mass index, that each drug given is calculated to their specific kilogram weight. Pediatric Anesthesia and Emergency Drug Guide is the first book that discusses and lists the milligram per kilogram dose range of each drug. Designed as a quick index, the anesthesia care provider for a 21 Kg child can simply open the book to the 21 Kg page, and see all the common anesthetic drugs already calculated both in milligrams and actual ccs to be drawn up for that specific weight, along with calculated intravenous fluids and endotracheal/LMA sizes as well as calculated emergency drugs, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation specific information including: chest compression to ventilation ratio, depth and rate of chest compression, synchronized cardioversion and defibrillation Joules, pulse check placement, and foreign body obstruction maneuvers. 
Birth Day: A Pediatrician Explores the Science, the History, and the Wonder of Childbirth : BetterWorld : USD3.95
I delivered twenty babies in the summer of 1977. I was hardly more than a baby myself, just turned twenty-four and starting my third year of medical school."--from Birth Day So began Mark Sloans three-decades-long exploration of the wonders and oddities of human childbirth. Pediatrician, husband, and father, the author has attended nearly three thousand births since that long-ago summer, encountering everything from routine deliveries to tense labor-room dramas. In Birth Day, Sloan draws on his personal and professional experience to weave the strands of memoir, history, science, and culture into a fascinating--and often funny--tapestry of this fundamental human passage. Birth Day takes the reader on a remarkable journey, from the dawn of human history to the quiet efficiency of a modern operating room; from Aristotle and Julius Caesar to a trailblazing, cross-dressing British army surgeon; from a recent past filled with the horrors of childbirth gone wrong to a present day, in which every pregnancy is expected to end happily. Some of Birth Days many topics include - The evolution of human childbirth--or, why do gorillas have it so easy? - The first five minutes of life--scuba divers, astronauts, and the amazing adaptations that transform a fetus into an air-breathing, out-in-the-world baby - Cesarean section--a look at its origins, its future, and how it came to be the most frequently performed operation in American hospitals - Pain and politics--the age-old quest for painless childbirth, starring Adam and Eve, Queen Victoria, a nineteenth-century medical brawl, and the rise of todays "epidural monoculture" - Daddies--raging paternal hormones, hidden anxieties, and the emotional evolution of men (including the author, his father, and grandfather) as they approach fatherhood - The five senses at birth--does light enter the womb? how loud is it in there? what is a newborn baby searching for with those first anxious glances? - A tour of the newborn body--springy skulls, hairy ears, innies and outies, the advantages (and disadvantages) of looking like your father, and why the United States is one of the worlds most circumcised nations Delightfully instructive and entertaining, Birth Day" "offers a fresh, sometimes irreverent take on a universally familiar topic. Warm, reassuring, and packed with stories from the authors work and life, this unique book is one pediatricians meditation on the hiding-in-plain-sight marvels of human birth. 
Schaums Outline of Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD10.41
Study faster, learn better, and get top grades Modified to conform to the current curriculum, "Schaums Outline of Pediatric Nursing" complements these courses in scope and sequence to help you understand its basic concepts. The book offers extra practice on topics such as health promotion and health problems of children in infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. Youll also get coverage on chronic illnesses and disabilities in children and dysfunctions of the various systems of the body in children. Features: Professional case studies and 122 review questions Comprehensive review of specialized topics such as impact of cognitive or sensory impairment on the child and family, family-centered home care, and pediatric variations of nursing interventions Support for all the major textbooks for pediatric nursing courses Topics include: Health Promotion and Growth Development, The Hospitalized Child and Family, Common Alterations in Pediatric Respiratory Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Hematological and Immune Functioning, Common Cancers in Children and Adolescents, Alteration in Musculoskeletonal and Joint Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Neurological Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Neuromuscular Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Fluid and Electrolyte Balance & Urinary and Renal Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Endocrine Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Cardiac Functioning, Common Alterations in Pediatric Gastrointesetinal Functioning, Common Alterations in Sensory Functioning, The Child with Special Needs 
Rogers Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care : BetterWorld : USD269.98
Rogers Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care, Fourth Edition continues the tradition of this classic text--detailed discussions of the scientific principles of pediatric critical care translated into practical clinical applications. This new edition has an international roster of over 250 contributors and emphasizes areas of collaboration between critical care physicians and nurses. Other highlights of this edition include a new section on basic concepts of critical care, including genetic medicine; a new section on PICU systems, organization, and management; chapters on worldwide threats to childrens health; and sections on life support technologies and invasive procedures. A companion Website offers instant access to the fully searchable text. (www.rogerspediatricintensivecare.com) 
Core Curriculum for Pediatric Critical Care Nursing : BetterWorld : USD70.27
From the experts at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), comes the definitive resource on administering quality nursing care to critically ill pediatric patients. The 2nd edition has been updated to reflect the current state of pediatric critical care nursing practice and explores the anatomic, physiologic, and cognitive/psychosocial changes that occur across the lifespan of a child and identifies the ways in which these changes are affected by specific health problems. Using a systems-based approach for quick and easy reference, this authoritative resource covers developmental anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and defining characteristics of common pediatric disorders, clinical assessment, relevant pharmacology, monitoring and diagnostic testing, and therapeutic procedures. Disease coverage includes essential pathophysiology, etiology and risk factors, signs and symptoms, nursing and collaborative management, and complications. Also serves as an effective study guide for the pediatric CCRN certification examination. 
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Pediatric Fibromyalgia: A Safe, New Treatment Plan for Children : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Dr St Amand offers a protocol to help reverse the autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia, in children. The program for adults - an alternative treatment using guaifenesinm, a common ingredient in cough medicine - has been adapted and is outlined along with further helpful information. 
Handbook of Research Methods in Pediatric and Clinical Child Psychology : BetterWorld : USD394.84
This handbook was developed to answer two basic questions: What does one need to know about beginning a career as a researcher? What skills are especially critical for researchers to develop the knowledge base in the field? This volume is organized around the following topic areas, each of which reflect critical areas of knowledge base and skills: (1) using theoretical models and frameworks in data and analysis, (2) designing research, (3) securing resources for research, (4) managing and implementing research in clinical settings, (5) disseminating research findings, (6) developing strategies to integrate research and practice, (7) integrating research and policy. The chapters are authored by a wide range of expert researchers whose work reflects key content areas as well as cutting-edge research. This volume emphasizes a practical, skill-based perspective, that considers the problems that are faced by researchers executing various tasks, uses illustrations from ongoing research and includes recommendations for training researchers in pediatric and clinical child psychology. 
Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide : BetterWorld : USD97.94
* A unique and straightforward explanation of complex pathophysiology of cardiac malformations * Addresses the important and growing concern of diagnosing heart disease and cardiac problems in pediatric care * Provides the skills necessary for todays managed care environment in using the history, physical examination, ECG, and chest X-ray to uncover possible problems and eliminate areas of false concern * Topics covered include preventive cardiology and health promotion, heart disease in the neonate and in special populations, congenital cardiac malformation, acquired cardiac conditions, and congestive heart failure 
Outlines & Highlights for Principles of Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children by Jane W. Ball : BetterWorld : USD52.03
Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included. Cram101 Textbook Outlines gives all of the outlines, highlights, notes for your textbook with optional online practice tests. Only Cram101 Out 
Pediatric Primary Care: A Problem-Oriented Approach : BetterWorld : USD3.95
This mid-sized reference is an essential guide for diagnosing and managing childrens diseases in day-to-day practice. Provides quick access to diagnoses via presenting signs and symptoms and utilizes a problem-oriented format to focus on problems seen in practice. Focuses on primary care including the interface with specialists. 
Pediatric Chest Imaging: Chest Imaging in Infants and Children : BetterWorld : USD352.96
Imaging of the pediatric chest continues to evolve rapidly. All chapters in this 2nd edition of a oePediatric Chest Imaginga have been extensively updated, with additional disease-specific information and numerous new illustrations. The role of advanced technology in the diagnosis of pediatric chest disorders is highlighted, special attention being paid to the technical aspects of modern imaging modalities, their indications, and the diagnostic information that they supply. While some chapters focus on the use and role of individual modalities, others address a wide range of specific disorders. Without exception, the authors are internationally known experts in the field. This superbly illustrated book, which is unique in covering all the essential aspects of pediatric chest imaging, will serve as an invaluable reference for all specialists who routinely image children as well as for those who need access to information on how best to image them 
The Harriet Lane Handbook: A Manual for Pediatric House Officers : BetterWorld : USD60.49
Trusted by generations of residents and practitioners, The Harriet Lane Handbook from The Johns Hopkins University remains your first choice for fast, accurate information on pediatric diagnosis and treatment. Now even more convenient to carry, its your go-to resource for a wealth of practical information, including the latest treatment and management recommendations, immunization schedules, procedures, and therapeutic guidelines, as well as a unique, comprehensive drug formulary. New information on dermatology treatments, eczema complications, lead poisoning, and signs of child abuse keeps you completely up to date. Youll also have easy access to the entire contents online, with frequent updates to drug information, treatment protocols, vaccination schedules, and downloadable images at www.expertconsult.com. 
Pediatric Nurses Survival Guide : BetterWorld : USD6.65
The new "Pediatric Survival Guide" provides nurses and nursing students who work with pediatric patients with an accessible reference containing all the important information they need to know and apply without requiring them to memorize it. 
Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED : BetterWorld : USD4.85
No matter how careful you are, kids get hurt. The National Safety Council can help you handle, the usual bumps and bruises, as well as more serious injuries and sudden illnesses. And because no one wants to see children get hurt in the first place, you will get tips on preventing injuries. The NSCs pediatric emergency care programs were the first to focus specifically on how injuries affect babies and young children. The updated curriculum assures that you are learning the latest emergency care techniques. The program meets first aid and CPR certification requirements for all 50 states and conforms to the latest guidelines for CPR. McGraw-Hill Public Safety Website 
Handbook of Pediatric Strabismus and Amblyopia: : BetterWorld : USD129.79
Based on Dr. Wrighta (TM)s classic major reference, Handbook of Pediatric Strabismus and Amblyopia outlines the latest findings in diagnosing the most commonly presenting problems in pediatic cases, offering the most complete assessment tools for accurate diagnosis and then best treatment options. Distilling the essentials of these prevelant and sometimes complicated cases into a portable, complete and authorative pocket reference, this handbook offers a complete picture of how to best treat pediatric patients. Specifically, the introductory chapters on the specifics of pediatric ophthalmology (embryology, post-natal development and the pediatric exam) will help newcomers to pediatric practice fully grasp the subtle differences in pediatric care. The chapters are written by leading experts in the field and are presented in a user-friendly format, relying on heavily illustrated in color plates, clincally helpful tables, charts, and decision-making guidelines. This approach will enable the practitioner (whether specialist or generalist) to make the most accurate diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment option. 
Pediatric Examination & Board Review : BetterWorld : USD8.38
The best cases and the best questions -- The most comprehensive review for pediatric examinations and boards "Pediatric Examination and Board Review" is the best resource for preparing for examinations and boards. It employs a step-by-step approach to case-based learning that assures more thorough absorption of material, and reinforces your understanding of even the most difficult topics. Coverage reflects all recent advances of clinical importance, so you can assimilate the critical new information easily into your examination preparation activities and daily practice. Its the ultimate tool to prepare for certification and recertification/maintenance of certification, or for use as a clinical refresher FEATURES: Coverage of the full scope of pediatrics Case-based approach More than 1000 board-style questions with detailed explanations Cases are progressive, with additional clinical information revealed after the initial questions-sets for the most effective learning experience possible Explanations for correct/incorrect answers are concise but thorough Engaging writing style makes exam prep efforts more efficient and enjoyable Covers all areas addressed by the board and recertifying examinations, across all the clinical subspecialties Complete coverage of current developments in such areas as genetics, infectious diseases, and oncology The best pedagogic aids of any pediatric review book: helpful tips/clinical pearls, quick quizzes, learning objectives, web resources/bibliography, and more Full-color photographs illustrate dermatologic and ophthalmic conditions Perfect for USMLE 3 preparation 
Guidelines for Air and Ground Transport of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients: : BetterWorld : USD28.37
Completely revised and expanded, the new third edition includes "must-have" guidelines for health care professionals who make decisions about the emergency interfacility transport of children. The third edition of Guidelines represents the collaborative work of a diverse team of professionals involved in neonatal or pediatric transport. Of interest to hospital administrators, clinicians, communication personnel, and policy makers, updated topics include: Quality improvement, Reimbursement, Ethical considerations, Legal issues, Research, International Transport Stress Management, Integration with EMS, Accreditation, Family Centered Care Unique Clinical Transport Issues. Testimonial: "This is a must reference for any hospital involved in interfacility transport. Although other books cover clinical aspects of transport medicine...none have the scope, depth, and authority of this one." Jay P. Goldsmith, MD (Ochsner Clinic Foundation), Doodys Review. 
Pediatric Wheelchair and Headrest Design Guidelines and the Effect of Headrests on Relative Injury Risk Under Rear Impact Conditio : BetterWorld : USD84.98
Enjoy a wide range of dissertations and theses published from graduate schools and universities from around the world. Covering a wide range of academic topics, we are happy to increase overall global access to these works and make them available outside of traditional academic databases. These works are packaged and produced by BiblioLabs under license by ProQuest UMI. The description for these dissertations was produced by BiblioLabs and is in no way affiliated with, in connection with, or representative of the abstract meta-data associated with the dissertations published by ProQuest UMI. If you have any questions relating to this particular dissertation, you may contact BiblioLabs directly. 
Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology : BetterWorld : USD317.73
A comprehensive reference guide to the successful performance of pediatric autopsies and to the optimal recognition and interpretation of their pathologic findings. The authors cover such major developmental disorders as hydrops, chromosomal defects, and congenital abnormalities, metabolic disorders, and review the major organ systems. Additional chapters address sudden infant death, cytogenetics, the medical and forensic autopsy, special procedures, cultures and infection control, and biological hazards at the autopsy. Numerous standard reference tables, copious illustrations and drawings, and an appendix at the end of each chapter provide a wealth of practical information and bibliographic citations. 
Family-Centred Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Rehabilitation : BetterWorld : USD37.74
Family-Centred Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Rehabilitation analyzes the effectiveness of Family-Centred Services (FCS) for children with disabilities or chronic illnesses. This text provides you with the exact definition of FCS and offers proof that parent involvement in childrens treatment greatly enhances therapy. You can use the suggestions and methods to integrate parents into therapy, maximizing the familys intervention experiences and making your work more successful and effective.Many clinicians agree that families play a crucial part in deciding what intervention strategies are best for their children. From this text, you will learn that listening to parents and valuing parental input will give you insight into the goals, needs, and ambitions families have for their children. This enables you to choose, with the parent, the interventions that best suit your patientsneeds and the needs of their families. In addition to information on how to integrate parents and families into intervention, Family-Centred Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Rehabilitation offers suggestions that will improve your existing FCS or help you implement a family- centred approach, including: performing therapy in natural settings, such as school or home, to make changes in the childrens social and physical environmentsacknowledging the grieving and adaptation process of families while being compassionate and understandingletting parents describe what they would like their child to be able to do and accomplish in the future putting the parentsconcerns and requests first, enabling parents to deal with caring for their child supporting parents and reinforcing them when they have innovative and helpful ideasinforming parents on the progress of their children and educating parents on methodologies and strategies used in FCSMany of the suggestions derived from the analysis of current data and original research in Family-Centred Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Rehabilitation have immediate clinical applicability, allowing you to quickly adapt methods into your intervention processes. This text also provides you with information on types of evaluative methods, such as Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC) and Family-Centred Program Rating Scale (Fam PRS), that will help you determine if your FCS program is working efficiently. Emphasizing the goal of parent interaction in FCS services, Family-Centred Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Rehabilitation offers methods that will improve your work with families and patients, making services more beneficial and relevant to the child and to their families. 
Outlines & Highlights for Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care by Brian K. Walsh : BetterWorld : USD37.71
Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again Virtually all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events are included. Cram101 Textbook Outlines gives all of the outlines, highlights, notes for your textbook with optional online practice tests. Only Cram101 Outlines are Textbook Specific. Cram101 is NOT the Textbook. Accompanys: 9781416024484, 9781437708318 
Pediatric Neuropsychological Intervention : BetterWorld : USD64.43
Pediatric neuropsychology is the practice of understanding and elucidating brain-behavior relationships as applied to children and adolescents. This volume examines current trends in the assessment and treatment of common disorders including traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, epilepsy and autistic spectrum disorders. Its primary aim is to help practitioners and researchers identify and understand the evidence to support interventions with a range of acquired or congenital neuropsychological disorders. The text is divided into three sections. Section one provides a foundation by considering general issues relevant to assessment and treatment in pediatric neuropsychology. Section two guides the practitioner in their approach to the use of interventions in a range of conditions and disorders, and the book closes with a section focusing on medical and experimental initiatives with an emphasis on interdisciplinary issues. This is essential reading for pediatric neuropsychologists, child clinical psychologists and school psychologists, as well as pediatric neurologists and psychiatrists. 
Essentials of Pediatric Nutrition : BetterWorld : USD66.76
Essentials Of Pediatric Nutrition Relays The Key Information Needed To Work In Pediatric Nutrition With Various Age Groups And Diseases/Conditions. This Consolidated And Modified Version Of The Very Successful Fourth Edition Of Pediatric Nutrition Covers The Core Best-Practice Guidelines On The Most Vital Information Concerning The Normal Child From Preconception Through Adolescence As Well As Infants And Children With Diseases/Conditions Affecting Nutritional Status. It Provides The Tools And Resources Needed To Assess, Monitor, And Determine Appropriate Interventions Aimed At Maximal Nutrition Status And Growth. Topics Covered: - Recommended Weight Gain And Key Nutrient Concerns During Pregnancy- Nutrition Screening And Assessment- Unique Nutrient Concerns And Management Considerations Of High Risk Neonates- Food Hypersensitivities- Unique Nutritional Challenges Of Infants And Children With Disabilities- Diabetes- Common Types Of Cancers (Such As Leukemia) In Infants And Children And Their Treatment Challenges- Enteral And/Or Parenteral Nutrition- Approved Botanicals In Pediatric PracticeThe Online Access Code Provides Access To The 2010 Dietary Guidelines, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Growth Charts, Tanner Stages Of Sexual Development, Recommended Dietary Allowances/Dietary Reference Intakes, And Conversion Tables. 
Chest Radiographic Interpretation in Pediatric Cardiac Patients : BetterWorld : USD118.94
From congenital or acquired problems in newborns to cardiovascular abnormalities in older children, this comprehensive text explains how to interpret chest radiographs and how to report that information in day-to-day practice. It steers readers through this often challenging area using numerous practical case examples, more than 400 high-quality radiographs, drawings and specimen photographs, straightforward explanations of findings, and the collective experience of several of the worlds foremost experts on cardiac imaging and pediatric cardiology. After an introductory discussion of normal cardiac anatomy and imaging, the authors provide readers with a systematic approach to understanding chest images in children with congenital or acquired heart disease followed by useful bulleted synopses of basic pathologic features, clinical manifestations and radiographic findings. While the trend in recent decades has been toward increasingly sophisticated imaging modalities, this book successfully illustrates that there is still an extraordinary amount of diagnostic and therapeutic information to be found in chest x-rays. Features -Multiple perspectives from imagers, cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons on the pathology of congenital heart disease -High-resolution radiographs, detailed drawings, and specimen photographs vividly elucidate interpretative principles -Summary of pediatric cardiovascular surgical procedures provides context and practical examples of what to expect when viewing post-operative chest radiographs This book will improve the accuracy and confidence of any radiologist, cardiologist, or clinician involved in the interpretation of pediatric chest images and is ideal for residents and fellows in radiology and pediatric cardiology. 
Study Guide for Essentials of Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD35.22
This helpful study aid is designed to accompany "Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, "Second Edition, by Terri Kyle and Susan Carman. Exercises and practice questions are designed to help students retain information and succeed in the classroom. Each chapter contains three sections that, in total, include over 1240 review questions, along with Learning Objectives to ensure students master content from each chapter. Section I: Assessing Your Understanding presents a variety of labeling, sequencing, matching, short-answer, true and false, and fill-in-the-blank questions to test comprehension of key concepts.Section II: Applying Your Knowledge consists of case studies and exercises to enhance critical thinking skills.Section III: Practicing for NCLEX questions help students prepare for the exam with a variety of NCLEX-style review questions. 
Take Your Pediatrician with You: Keeping Your Child Healthy at Home and on the Road : BetterWorld : USD3.45
Its three oclock in the morning and your child is screaming in pain. To make matters worse, you and your family are vacationing in a strange city. What should you do? Call the front desk? Your family pediatrician? An ambulance? From in-flight earaches to strep throat, from poison ivy to insect bites, illness and injury are common and unwelcome traveling companions. You need to know when to treat your child yourself and when to seek professional medical care. This compact handbook tells you how to decide and then puts crucial information for preventing and treating acute childhood illnesses and injuries at your fingertips. In Take Your Pediatrician with You, Dr. Christopher Ryder offers expert advice on keeping children safe and healthy at home and on the road. He includes detailed instructions for creating a childrens medical care kit to use at home or while traveling. Also included are descriptions of common childhood illnesses and summer woes; travel tips; accident prevention; and guidelines for emergency care. A chapter on international adoption guides parents through the process of bringing a child home safely. As well as a reassuring travel companion, this valuable resource will become the "turn-to" guide at home and in childcare centers. 
The 24/7 Baby Doctor: A Harvard Pediatrician Answers All Your Questions from Birth to One Year : BetterWorld : USD3.95
"The 24/7 Baby Doctor" is the essential twenty-first-century reference guide for new parents. Doing away with the often intimidating "What to Expect" approach of so many parenting books, Dr. Victoria Rogers McEvoy coaches readers in an encouraging, you-can-do-this voice, telling parents what they can do and when they need to consult their doctor. She asks (and answers) all key questions, on topics such as sleep, food, crying, stooling, spitting up, development, health and safety, and technology. She offers evidence-based solutions that reflect American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and the latest research--whether on vaccines, autism, or cognitive products that supposedly make babies smarter. And, where possible, Dr. McEvoy gives parents the parameters to make their own choices. 
Pediatric Imaging: The Fundamentals : BetterWorld : USD91.64
Written by Lane F. Donnelly, MD, recipient of the Society of Pediatric Radiologys 2009 Singleton-Taybi Award for professional lifetime dedication to medical education, "Pediatric Imaging: The Fundamentals" makes it remarkably simple to learn how to safely perform and accurately interpret pediatric imaging studies. Ideal for residents and practitioners alike, this reader-friendly text emphasizes advanced imaging applications-including neuro applications-while nearly 400 high-quality, clinically relevant digital images (nearly 100 in color) clearly demonstrate essential concepts, techniques, and interpretation skills. Full-chapter coverage of current breakthroughs in PET/CT, MR sleep studies, fetal imaging, and more, ensure that you have the latest information available at your fingertips. 
Perinatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care : BetterWorld : USD85.62
With the in-depth coverage you need, this text helps you provide quality treatment for neonates, infants and pediatric patients. It discusses the principles of neonatal and pediatric respiratory care while emphasizing clinical application. Not only is this edition updated with the latest advances in perinatal and pediatric medicine, but it adds a new chapter on pediatric thoracic trauma plus new user-friendly features to simplify learning. 
Pediatric Nutrition : BetterWorld : USD92.50
Pediatric Nutrition, Fourth Edition covers nutrition guidelines from preconception through neonatal, including normal growth, inborn errors, acute care medical conditions like diabetes, and cardiac and pulmonary issues. It covers the latest clinical research, accepted practice protocols, and study of the normal child from preconception through adolescence. In a practical and detailed manner, this best-selling text provides cutting edge research and resources on the most important pediatric practice issues and therapies. Commonly used by dietetic practitioners studying for their Pediatric Specialty exams, registered dietitians, dietetic technicians, nutritionists, pediatricians, nurses, and dietetic students, this book is considered the last word in pediatric nutrition. 
Activity Analysis, Creativity and Playfulness in Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Making Play Just Right : BetterWorld : USD85.94
Activity Analysis, Creativity And Playfulness In Pediatric Occupational Therapy: Making Play Just Right Is A Unique Resource On Pediatric Activity And Therapy Analysis For Occupational Therapists And Students. This Text Provides Useful Information On Planning Creative And Playful Activities Within Therapy Sessions. This Resource Contains Case Studies, Activity Worksheets And A DVD. 
Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics [With CDROM] : BetterWorld : USD5.28
"Very comprehensive...Carries on the long tradition of excellence that has sustained it as a standard in its field for many years." (Journal of the American Board of Family Practice, review of 15th Edition). "Highly recommended." (JAMA, review of 16th Edition). The 17th Edition of this best-selling, classic text provides state-of-the-art coverage of all medical and surgical disorders in children. Readers will find complete, authoritative information on genetics, endocrinology, etiology, epidemiology, pathology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and prognosis. Several new contributors have been added, and the text has been revised and updated, including substantial revisions to sections on allergic disorders, the upper and lower respiratory tracts, neoplastic diseases and tumors, diabetes mellitus in children, neuromuscular disorders, behavioral and psychologic disorders, and the ear. This classic text has been enhanced with redrawn artwork, additional tables and boxes to highlight key points, and an enhanced two-color design. 
Love and Limits in and Out of Child Care: What Your Child Care Provider and Your Pediatrician Want You to Know : BetterWorld : USD3.95
Love and Limits In and Out of Child Care is a roadmap for parenting happy, healthy children. Coauthored by day care provider Margaret (Peggy) Thomas, her husband, Richard, and Lisa Dobberteen, a pediatrician who entrusted her own children to Peggys care, this is an enjoyable and educational guide to everything from TV watching to toilet training. Drawing on the authors expertise in their respective fields, Love and Limits offers a peek into an ideal child care situation along with advice on medical and developmental issues of real concern to parents. Conversations between Peggy Thomas and Dr. Dobberteen highlight the authors shared view about the value of loving routines -- love and limits -- in raising children today. Whether their young children are in full- or part-time child care settings or at home, families will find the combination of common-sense parenting advice and medical insight just right for todays complex world. With a healthy balance of time-proven wisdom and up-to-date medical information, the book offers parents proven strategies for deciding which day-care situation is best, along with practical tips for establishing bedtime routines getting along with others negotiating the logistics of child care -- sick days, payment, vacations, and more enticing picky eaters to eat keeping toddlers occupied during travel selecting first aid essentials -- what to keep on hand helping children cope with problems and frustrations Charmingly illustrated by award-winning childrens book illustrator Susanna Natti, this invaluable resource will guide and reassure all parents. 
Current Essentials Pediatrics : BetterWorld : USD60.13
Use "Current Essentials: Pediatrics" as a quick reference on the wards and in the clinic " This concise, alphabetically-organized reference provides synoptic information for more than 400 common or important diseases and syndromes seen in children, from birth through infancy and adolescence. "Nutshell" information on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 400 medical disorders One Pearl and one Disease per page Covers ambulatory and inpatient medicine Includes all key specialties in pediatrics Handy thin trim size slips easily into lab coat pocket Use as a companion to "Current Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatrics" (McGraw-Hill, 19th Edition, 2007) 
Ricci and Kyles Maternity and Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD8.44
Apply the essentials of maternity and pediatric nursing with this handy study aid designed to accompany Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. It offers exercises and practice questions to help you retain information and succeed in the classroom. 
Evidence-Based Imaging in Pediatrics: Optimizing Imaging in Pediatric Patient Care : BetterWorld : USD83.94
Evidence-Based Imaging in Pediatrics: Optimizing Imaging in Pediatric Patient Care presents a user friendly guide to the evidence-based science and the merit defining the appropriate use of medical imaging in infants and children. Edited by Drs. Medina, Applegate and Blackmore, this ideal reference gathers contributions by internationally renowned specialists in the field. The book covers the most prevalent conditions and diseases affecting children. Each chapter is framed around important and provocative clinical questions relevant to the daily physiciana (TM)s practice. Key points and summarized answers are highlighted so the busy clinician can quickly understand the most important evidence-based imaging data. Topics include patient selection, imaging strategies, test performance, cost-effectiveness, radiation safety and applicability. A wealth of illustrations and summary tables reinforces the key evidence. By offering a clear understanding of the science behind the evidence, the book fills a void for pediatricians, radiologists, clinicians, surgeons, residents and others with an interest in medical imaging and a desire to implement an evidence-based approach to optimize pediatric patient care. 
Pediatric Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice : BetterWorld : USD158.56
Thoroughly updated and expanded, the new edition of the classic comprehensive reference on pediatric rehabilitation brings together specialists from the various wings of the pediatric rehabilitation community. This market-leading text covers everything from basic examination and psychological assessment to electrodiagnosis, therapeutic exercise, orthotics and assistive devices, and in-depth clinical management of the full range of childhood disabilities and injuries. Features include: Expanded new edition of Dr. Gabriella MolnarC Us pioneering pediatric rehabilitation text Comprehensive coverage of all areas, with up-to-date information on therapy, exercise physiology, CAM, cancer, obesity, and joint replacement Clinical emphasis throughout Multi-specialty expert authorship 
Forensic Aspects of Pediatric Fractures: Differentiating Accidental Trauma from Child Abuse : BetterWorld : USD172.56
Fractures are a common finding in children and it is estimated that 2.1% of all children will suffer at least one fracture before the age of 16. With young children in particular, the question may arise if this is related to child abuse. The aim of this book is to help physicians involved in child abuse cases to interpret radiological findings in light of the forensic circumstances under which they occurred. The authors present up-to-date literature related to the mechanisms underlying non-accidental cases of trauma. In this book not only the radiological findings in child-abuse are discussed, but more importantly, these findings are analyzed from a forensic perspective. Careful attention is paid to evidence regarding reported trauma mechanisms and their clinical outcome; for example, can a fall from a couch result in a femoral fracture, and if not, where is the supporting evidence? 
Chous Electrocardiography in Clinical Practice: Adult and Pediatric : BetterWorld : USD118.99
Widely considered the optimal electrocardiography reference for practicing physicians, and consistently rated as the best choice on the subject for board preparation, this is an ideal source for mastering the fundamental principles and clinical applications of ECG. The 6th edition captures all of the latest knowledge in the field, including expanded and updated discussions of pediatric rhythm problems, pacemakers, stress testing, implantable cardiodefibrillator devices, and much more. Its the perfect book to turn to for clear and clinically relevant guidance on all of todays ECG applications. 
Maternity and Pediatric Nursing : BetterWorld : USD89.44
Authors Susan Ricci and Terri Kyle have teamed up to deliver a unique resource for your students to understand the health needs of women and children. This combination book, Maternity and Pediatric Nursing will empower the reader to guide women and their children toward higher levels of wellness throughout the life cycle. In addition, the focus of the textbook will emphasize to the reader to anticipate, to identify, and to address common problems that would allow timely, evidence-based interventions. Finally, their approach is to provide a resource that incorporates case studies threaded throughout each chapter, multiple examples of critical thinking and an outstanding visual presentation with extensive illustrations depicting key concepts. 
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Proactive Intervention : BetterWorld : USD175.90
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury begins by covering the 3 "Cs": Comprehensive, Contemporary, and Compassionate. The book is written for speech-language pathologists, educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, allied health professionals, and family members. Distinguished by presenting a unified philosophy of functional evaluation and treatment, this volume provides insight and management directions for all children with traumatic brain injury. Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive-communicative skills are detailed in an easily read and used format. 
Pediatric CNS Tumors : BetterWorld : USD215.18
Pediatric CNS Tumors is a detailed review of childhood brain tumors with a particular emphasis on providing treatment algorithms for each tumor type. Controversies and current therapeutic agents under development are also discussed. The second edition includes expanded chapters on embryonal tumors, rare tumor types, and supportive care for patients with brain tumors. 

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