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2014 Chunav : Jisne Bharat Ko Badal Diya - Hindi : Hindi by Rajdeep Sardesai : Rs600 ISBN: 9789351864202

Bhaarat ke 2014 ke aam chunaavon ko 1977 ke baad bhaarateey itihaas ka sabase mahattvapoorn padaav maana ja raha hai. Is chunaav mein desh ne sattaaroodh kaangres paartee ko sametate hue, bhaarateey janata paartee ko shaanadaar jeet dilaee. Saath hee, chunaav prachaar kee ekadam naee tarah kee shailee dekhee gaee, jisane raajaneetik khel ke saare niyam tod daale. Lekin yah kaise aur kyon mumakin hua? Is dilachasp pustak mein prasiddh patrakaar raajadeep saradesaee ne raajaneeti ke sabhee pramukh khilaadiyon aur badee khabaron ke jarie chunaavee kahaanee par najar rakhane ka prayaas kiya hai. Isakee shuruaat 2012 se hotee hai, jab narendr modee ne teesaree baar gujaraat mein raajy vidhaanasabha ke chunaav mein vijay haasil kee, lekin saath hee ek bade mishan par apanee nigaahen gadaeen. Manamohan sinh aur samprag-do ke ghotaalon, teem modee kee parade ke peechhe kee rananeetiyon, raahul gaandhee kee abhootapoorv chookon aur chunaav varsh ke raajaneetik draame se hote hue ve saal 2014 kee us shaanadaar jeet ko rekhaankit kar rahe hain, jisane bhaarat ko badal diya.

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2014: The Election That Changed India by Rajdeep Sardesai ENGLISH Rs399 ISBN: 9780143424987

With a new prologue 'Splendid anyone who wants to understand Indian politics or think they do should read it' - Indian Express 'Delightfully written he has a sharp eye for details, especially the actions of political leaders' - India Today 'Holds you to your seat, often on the edge ' - The Hindu 'Candid and forthright and deliciously indiscreet' - Hindustan Times 'A racy narrative that goes beyond recording immediate political history' - Tehelka The 2014 Indian general elections has been regarded as the most important elections in Indian history since 1977. It saw the decimation of the ruling Congress party, a spectacular victory for the BJP and a new style of campaigning that broke every rule in the political game. But how and why? In his riveting book, Rajdeep Sardesai tracks the story of this pivotal election through all the key players and the big news stories. Beginning with 2012, when Narendra Modi won the state elections in Gujarat for a third time but set his sights on a bigger prize, to the scandals that crippled Manmohan Singh and UPA-II, and moving to the back-room strategies of Team Modi, the extraordinary missteps of Rahul Gandhi and the political dramas of election year, he draws a panoramic picture of the year that changed India.

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Rahul Dravid : Bhartiye Cricket Ke Vivek Ka Rakhwala by Rajdeep Sardesai HINDI Rs10

Gaavaskar aur Raahul Dravid ke beech mein samaanataen kamaal kee hain. Agar Gaavaskar ek bheed bharee trainn mein baithakar aaraam se kitaab padh sakate the to Dravid yahee kaam practice ke lie jaate vaqt bus mein kar sakate the.
Jaane maane patrakaar raajadeep Saradesaee suna rahe hain Raahul Dravid kee kahaanee.

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Bishan Singh Bedi - Firkee Ka Sardaar by Rajdeep Sardesai HINDI Rs10

1966 se, jab Bishan Singh ne pahalee baar bhaarat ka pratinidhitv kiya tha, 1970 ke dashak ke ant tak, jab vo apane kariyar ke ant ko dekh rahe the, bhaarateey kriket ek shaanadaar spin kraanti se guzara jisane kriket ko hamesha ke lie badal kar rakh diya.
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Democracy's XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story by Rajdeep Sardesai ENGLISH Rs599 ISBN: 9789386228482

Nothing unites India like cricket. The Indian team is a glorious mix of people from different religions, classes, castes, regions and languages; where the son of a pump manager from Ranchi is tightly bound in fate and determination to the child prodigy of a Marathi professor from Mumbai and a Muslim from the back alleys of Hyderabad. And while dynasts can rule the roost in politics and Bollywood, cricket is a meritocratic space. But it wasn't always this way. Gandhi, for instance, intensely disapproved of cricket. During the Raj it was associated with racism. It had the nasty odour of communal division, with Hindus and Muslims playing in separate teams. Dalits, meanwhile, were personas non grata on the field. Bestselling author and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai narrates the story of post-Independence cricket through the lives of eleven extraordinary Indian cricketers who represent different dimensions of this change - from Dilip Sardesai and Tiger Pataudi in the 1950s to M.S. Dhoni and Virat Kohli today. This is not a book about an all-time best Indian cricket eleven but one that seeks to show us glimpses of a changing India through personal and anecdotal biographical portraits. From the days that Indian cricketers travelled by train and earned a few hundred rupees for Test matches to the bright lights of the multimillion-dollar IPL, this book puts the spotlight on the evolution of Indian cricket and society, and shows how a post-colonial nation found self-respect.
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Newsman: Tracking India in the Modi Era by Rajdeep Sardesai ENGLISH Rs500 ISBN: 9789353041540

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