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Dr Renu Chauhan Books
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Surface and Radiological Anatomy by Dr Renu Chauhan, Dr Manpreet Gambhir ENGLISH Rs150 ISBN: 9788177394436

The book has been prepared keeping in view the needs of the undergraduate MBBS, Dental and BSc (Radiology) students. A wide range of modern imaging techniques including Radiographs, Angiograms, Computed tomography and Magnetic resonance images have been showcased with an excellent collection of relevant material. A special effort has been made to keep the language simple and lucid without compromising on the informative and communicative contents. The book should be useful to a wide array of audience including students and teachers of diverse medical fields.

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Anatomy for MLT & other Allied Courses by Dr Renu Chauhan, Dr Sanshriti Chauhan English Rs80 ISBN: 9788177395006

The book 'Anatomy for MLT and other Allied Courses' has been prepared in order to specifically cater to the needs of MLT students. Since Anatomy as a subject is very vast and daunting, the book has been written in a simplified manner to make every topic easy to understand and remember. 
The salient features of the book are: 
• The text is concise and reader-friendly. 
• It includes all aspects of human anatomy. 
• Well-labelled diagrams have been incorporated to make the concepts of the subject clear. 
• The book will also serve the needs of students of other paramedical courses like B.Sc. Radiology, Diploma in Radiography, etc.

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Anatomy for B.Sc. Nursing by Dr Renu Chauhan ENGLISH Rs325 ISBN: 9788177393415
The book Anatomy for B.Sc. Nursing has been prepared in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council. The book has the following salient features: • Written in a simple, easily understandable language • Text is concise and reader-friendly • Includes all aspects of human anatomy • Well-labelled diagrams and figures make the concepts of the topic clear • Useful not only for nursing students, but also for teachers and serving nurses
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Essentials of Genetics by Dr Renu Chauhan ENGLISH Rs100 ISBN number : 9788177394016

This book aims at providing the MBBS and allied health sciences students with the basic concepts of genetics. Care has been taken to include frequently asked topics in the examination and at the same time avoiding unnecessary details. While relevant important topics have been discussed at length, other infrequently asked topics have also been covered. Efforts have been made to use simple English language throughout this book so that the text can be readily understood. The subject has been made interesting by including many coloured illustrations so as to enhance and facilitate reader’s understanding of the pertaining text. A sincere attempt has been made to make the text concise and lucid. Chapters such as Dermatoglyphics, Prenatal diagnosis and Important Techniques in Genetics have also been dealt with so that the students can keep pace with the recent developments.

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Histology Workbook by Dr Renu Chauhan, Dr Sanshriti Chauhan ENGLISH Rs250 ISBN : 9788182965751

Histology or Microanatomy word is received by the students with too much of an awe. This inspired me to simplify this difficult subject. Hence, the need was felt to introduce this histology workbook. The content of this work book has been kept simple yet lucid. In order to make the journey of learning histology easy, majority of the figures used in this work book are the actual photographs of the slides seen by the students through the microscope. I sincerely hope that this work book will find a wide acceptance among teachers and students alike. There is nothing absolute in medicine. Therefore, any constructive criticism or suggestions regarding improvements in this work book will be highly appreciated.

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