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Akbarpur Yellow Pages

Dr Ambrish Verma : Pandey Baba Bazar, Tehsil Kadipur, Distt. Sultanpur M: 9454019274 Akbarpur
Dr Babu Ram Chaudhary : Loharia, Post Saidapur, T: 05271-260036 M: 9450154829 Akbarpur
Dr Brajesh Verma : Patel Nagar T: 05271-216645 M: 9044983663, 9919883424 Akbarpur
Dr Devendra Kumar Srivastava : Mohalla Khatariyan Near Ram Janki Mandir, Sahjadpur M: 9838692933 Akbarpur
Dr Jai Prakash Naraian Singh : Kunj gali, Meeranpur T: 0571-245216 M: 9450047976 E: Akbarpur
Dr Jai Prakash Verma : Mohalla Rasoolabad, Hauz Patti, Near Shivala Mandir M: 9839168873, 8005246873 Akbarpur
Dr Mohd Hasan : Meeranpur T: 05271-245286 M: 9415169686 Akbarpur
Dr Pradeep Gupta : Sahjadpur Dostpur Chauraha M: 9454042242 E: Akbarpur
Dr Rahul Srivastava : Old Tehsil Tiraha, Gayatri Mandir Gate M: 09984558841, 9651968069 E: Akbarpur
Dr Rajesh Kumar : Malipur Road, Sahjadpur M: 9415888715, 9956636756 Akbarpur
Dr Rakesh Kumar Srivastava : Khatritola, Sahjadpur M: 9415921481, 8858842624 Akbarpur
Dr Ram Bilas : Poorvi Naka, Sahjadpur M: 9336040834, 9455302361 Akbarpur
Dr Ram Ji Gupta : Sahjadpur-Dostpur Road M: 9450210139 E: Akbarpur
Dr Ram Rekh Yadav : Dharma, Mubarak Patti, Post. Pantipur M: 9415792671 E: Akbarpur
Dr Ramesh Chandra Srivastava : Poorvi Naka, Shahjadpur M: 9838693205 Akbarpur
Dr Sandeep Kumar Verma : Patel Nagar, Baskhari Road, Near Kotwali M: 9450497260, 8809972042 E: Akbarpur

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