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Deoria Yellow Pages

Dr Akhileshwar Singh : Kasaya, Kushi Nagar, Old Fazil Nagar Road T: 8924064879 M: 9554492695, 8957088128 Deoria
Dr Akhlaque Ahamad Siddiqui : Malviya Road, Chourihari Gali, M: 9450482843, 8423176335 Deoria
Dr Arvind Kumar Singh : Saket Nagar M: 9450671446 E: Deoria
Dr Atul Kumar Singh : Barawan Meer chapar Desahi Deoria Mob: 9161308555, 9161291555
Dr Avinash Kumar Shahi : Raghav Nagar Deoria Mob: 9554486180, 9125142322 Email: Website: 9554486180-d
Dr Brij Bihari Singh : Ramnath Chauraha, Barhaj Road M: 9415825871 Deoria
Dr Deo Brat Rai : Raghav Nagar, Durga Mandir Deoria Mob: 9795211486 Email: Website: 9795211486-d
Dr Devendra Kumar Yadav : Nadawar Road, Salem Pur Deoria Mob: 9838223689, 8865880801 Website: 9838223689-d
Dr Dwarika Singh : Raghav Nagar Road Deoria Mob: 9956026731, 8543003455 Email: Website: 9956026731-d
Dr Girijesh Mishra : New Colony Road, Chakiya Road Deoria Mob: 9793329750, 9415629509 Email: Website: 9793329750-d
Dr Harendra Prasad Srivastava : 589, Ward No.10, Shastri Nagar, Bheekhampur Road, M: 9839483977 Deoria
Dr Jayanti Gaur Srivastava : 418/1, Saket Nagar, M: 9415672242 Deoria
Dr Kamlesh Yadav : Jagdish Katra, East Nandana Ward Deoria Mob: 8127476890, 8355068583 Email: Website: 8127476890-d
Dr Karunanidhan Tiwari : C.C. Road M: 9236613270 Deoria
Dr Lallan Prasad Baranwal : Station Road Deoria Mob: 9450676210 Email: Website: 9450676210-d
Dr Mamta Jaish : Ambedkar Nagar, Bheekhampur Road Deoria Mob: 8005142172 Website: 8005142172-d
Dr Manoj Kumar Gaur : 276/4, Ward No.04, Bhatwalia Deoria Mob: 9956103306 Email: Website: 9956103306-d
Dr Manoj Kumar Gupta : Ansari Road Deoria Mob: 8545852346 Email: Website: 8545852346-d
Dr Mohd Zamin Warsi : New Colony Deoria Mob: 8052207470, 8009990095 Email: Website: 8052207470-d
Dr Naini Chaurasia : 27/21, Ward No.21 Gorakhpur Road Deoria Mob: 9415385447, 8933078843 Email: Website: 9415385447-d
Dr Nand Kishore Jais : Ambedkar Nagar, Bheekhampur Road, T: 9415213734 M: 7897437685 E: Deoria
Dr Narayan Prasad Chaurasia : 27/21, Ward No.21 Gorakhpur Road, T: 9450676044 M: 9415385447 Deoria
Dr Nisha Mishra : Salahabad Deoria Mob: 9161006505, 7897777010 Email: Website: 9161006505-d
Dr OSN Tiwari : Sant Tulsi Marg Deoria Mob: 9452358767 Email: Website: 9452358767-d
Dr Om Prakash Yadav : Hanuman Mandir Road, Raghav Nagar, M: 9838566348 Deoria
Dr Pallavi Srivastava : 202/2, Khariarwa Link Road, Saket Nagar Deoria Mob: 9532984571, 9415822622 Website: 9532984571-d
Dr Pradeep Yadav : Goukaran Nicoab, Sonbarsa Chouraha, Main Road, Near Hero Agency M: 9670046789 Deoria
Dr Preeti Shukla : Thana Road Deoria Mob: 9792587080 Email: Website: 9792587080-d
Dr QZ Ansari : Civil Lines Deoria Mob: 9005959596, 8423918323 Email: Website: 9005959596-d
Dr Rajeev Gaur : 418/1, Saket Nagar, M: 9415672242 Deoria
Dr Rajeev Kamal Rai : Ansari Road Deoria Mob: 9450235301, 8423899099 Website: 9450235301-d
Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh : Dropadi Complex Kotwali Road Deoria Mob: 9455044382 Email: Website: 9455044382-d
Dr Ram Sagar Yadav : Govindpur E: Deoria
Dr Ram Sakal Thakur : Raghav Nagar, M: 8948116438 Deoria
Dr Ramesh Chandra Tripathi : 02, Saket Nagar, T: 7408008585 M: 9415363216 Deoria
Dr Ramesh Maurya : Ansari Road Deoria Mob: 9455630351, 9455630350 Email: Website: 9455630351-d
Dr SB Shahi : 53, Zila Parishad Complex Deoria Mob: 9670155123 Email: Website: 9670155123-d
Dr Sachchidanand Srivastava : 1103, Rajpoor Katra Deoria Mob: 9984787499 Email: Website: 9984787499-d
Dr Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal : 333/18, Asha Sadan, CC Road Deoria Mob: 8853247224, 9695288778 Email: Website: 8853247224-d
Dr Shailesh Srivastava : 06, Thana Road, Gauri Bazar Deoria Mob: 9451956335, 9125588444 Website: 9451956335-d
Dr Shatrughan Singh : Raghav Nagar, M: 9415213048 Deoria
Dr Shri Prakash Rai : Ansari Road M: 9450235299 Deoria
Dr Shyam Bihari Yadav : St. Xavier's School Road, Salahabad T: 05566-220307 M: 9415381701, 8542805910 E: Deoria
Dr Sudhir Rai : State bank Road, Raghav Nagar T: 9651311328 M: 9918296508, 7379181506 Deoria
Dr Sujit Kumar Mukherjee : Civil Lines M: 9335511930 E: Deoria
Dr Vijay Kumar Mishra : Ansari Road, In front of Central Bank, M: 9628279858, 9450480129 E: Deoria
Dr Vinayak Gaur : Mahuadeeh Chouraha, Hata Deoria Road, M: 9721721579 E: Deoria
Dr Vinit Kumar : Ambedkar Nagar, Bheekhampur Road, M: 9452432843 E: Deoria
Dr Virendra Kumar Gond : Ward No.01, Ambedkar Nagar Bheekhampur Road M: 9721174940, 8924906553 E: Deoria
Dr Vishwa Nath Rai : 296/16, Raghav Nagar C.C. Road M: 8081320520 Deoria

Dr Anwar Javed : S/o Mr.Rizwan Ahmed New Colony, Saket Nagar Road Deoria Mob: 9452217244 Email:
Dr Gaur Rana Pratap : Village & Post - Pakariveerbhadra Deoria 270206Mob: 9919577303
Dr Kapil Deo Singh : Village - Cheutahan, P.O. Sohanaria Deoria 274408
Dr Krishna Singh : Eye Department, District Hospital Deoria 274001
Dr Sajan Kumar Agrawal : Sant Vinoba Marg, New Colony Deoria Tel: 05568- 223272, 223762
Dr Vinod Rai : Opp. Ssbl Inter College, Gorakhpur Road Deoria 274001

Dr K Chaudhry

Global Mall : SCO 1 Alpha Commercial Complex, Fatehabad-125050 +91-9810570740