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Highlight GUEST LECTURE 17 October 2012 10 AM at Bharti Vidyapeth College of Engineering - Evolution of Photometry in India
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Patrick French - One chapter profile in his book India - A Portrait - http://www.economist.com/node/17956721
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Full name Dr Krishan Chand Chaudhry
Popular name Dr K Chaudhry
Screen name DoctorKC    YouTube user : DrKsongs Video views : 1 million views 1100 subscribers + 2.4 millions views 1700 subscribers (drkchaudhry - removed) doctorkcsongs  1 lakh views 100 subscribers
YouTube Partner Channel DrKsongs with own songs and educational lessons in medical subjects, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Computer sciences.
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Born 30 October 1944 at 10:10 AM IST at Mailsi, Multan, then in India  On records : 01 November 1944
Schooling Birbhan Primary School, Jain Chowk, Bhiwani, Haryana (1949-50) 
Govt Primary School, Fatehabad, Haryana (1951-1954) 
Govt High School, Fatehabad, Haryana (1954-1960
Pre-Medical Dayanand College, Hisar, Haryana (1960-1962)
B.Sc. DAV College, Jalandhar, Punjab (1962-1964)
MBBS Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh (1964-1970)
Registration 60148 (Delhi Medical Council)
Voice Over 1500 videos hosted at youtube.com and a thousand more public websites.
Featured on page 1 & 9 of Metro Now 13 May 2008
Featured in Hindustan Times Brunch 25 May 2008
Live interview on India TV 13 May 2008 04.30 PM
1. Aisa Bhi Hota Hai, Zee News 03 June 2008
Author 1. Medicine For Students & Practitioners
2. Biochemical Techniques
3. Synopsis of Pathology
4. A Guide To Pathology
5. Anatomy Mnemonics
6. ObsGyn Mnemonics
7. Pharmacology Mnemonics
8. Surgery Mnemonics
9. MCQ in Anatomy
10. MCQ in Biochemistry
11. MCQ in Community Medicine
12. MCQ in Dermatology
13. MCQ in ENT
14. MCQ in Forensic Medicine
15. MCQ in Medicine
16. MCQ in Microbiology
17. MCQ in Obstetrics & Gynaecology
18. MCQ in Ophthalmology
19. MCQ in Orthopaedics
20. MCQ in Paediatrics
21. MCQ in Pathology
22. MCQ in Pharmacology
23. MCQ in Physiology
24. MCQ in Surgery
25. MCQ in Chemistry
26. MCQ in Physics
27. MCQ in Botany
28. MCQ in Zoology
29. MCQ in General Biology
Ex-Editor The Clinical Reporter
Indian Pharmaceutical Index
Free Software Janam Patri (PCQuest CD-many issues)
Clinical Lab Reporter
Own nursing homes 1. Public Hospital, Fatehabad (Haryana) 1971-78
2. Veekay Nursing Home Paschim Vihar, New Delhi  1978-1998
Developed & Manufactured 1. First 1 ml colorimeter in India (1990) - Analog/Digital
2. Analog/Digital pH Meters
3. Biochemistry kits including Indole-3-acetic acid reagent (for fructose) infinitely stable at room temperature.
(As BSc Student) 4. Developed Reverse Bubble Potometer - Patent no. 102745 now open to public use 
        Published : Plant Physiology by PL Kochhar :::: Paper at ISCA Conference Chandigarh 1966 - Student member
eCommerce Websites ussupermall.net ukmall.net Based upon self developed PHP scripts
Teaching Can teach just any subject, from Hindi Primer to Aeronautical Engineering. Online lessons hosted at http://ukmall.net/lessons
Media coverage Featured on G4TV USA, Venus Television UK, India TV, Sony TV, Zee News, CBC, PNR, Barry Kirkey, CityFM89, Metro Now, Mint, Crest, Harmony, Deccan Herald, Man's World - MANY more.
Casting Managers Sandhya Creations : D-60, Shivaji Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 110015 M: 9582181968 E: sandhya.hiteshi@gmail.com W: delhimall.net/9582181968 ::Facebook
Media contact venue The Big Chill Cafe : HS-5, 1st Floor, Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony, New Delhi Tel: 01146556828, 01129241040
Seeking opportunity as 1. Affiliate Manager - Can use my own affiliate software.
2. Website Manager - Script problems troubleshooted in minutes - most IT/Finance/Educational websites in India are saturated with problems.
2. Regional chief for international music channels/websites.
3. Teacher - Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, Medical subjects, Any other subject
4. BMI Affiliate Music composer, Lyricist & Singer (New songs, Version recording - English, Hindi, Punjabi)
References 1. (Batchmate) Dr Rani Kumar, Retired Dean AIIMS 
2. (School classmate) Prof. Jaswant Singh, Retired Head, Biomedical Engineering, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad Tel: 09873437195
3.  (My wife's brother) Dr SC Chopra, Former Rotating Dean, HAU Hisar - Later Director, GOI Institutes - Now retired Tel: 09416345679 
4. (My wife's brother) Dr YC Chopra, Director General, SDD Group of Professional Institutions, Panchkula Tel : 09814213653
5. Ch. Dura Ram : Former Haryana Minister - I was family doctor with both his parents admitted at my nursing home.
Born 30 October 1944 10.10 AM at Mailsi, Multan, then in India
Schooling Birbhan Primary School, Jain Chowk, Bhiwani, Haryana (1949-50)
Govt Primary School, Fatehabad, Haryana (1951-1954)
Govt High School, Fatehabad, Haryana (1954-1960
Pre-Medical Dayanand College, Hisar, Haryana (1960-1962)
B.Sc. DAV College, Jalandhar, Punjab (1962-1964)
MBBS Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh (1964-1970)
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Born on 30 October 1944 at 10.10 AM at Mailsi, District Multan, now in Pakistan,  I touched an international border only once during my life time - the border was just coming into existence. I have some dim memories of my life before that. A jumbo gate and 10 feet wide boundary wall surrounded our house called Cote (perhaps Court) - I used to roam alone unescorted in the shade outside the boundary wall and shout Zindabad Zindabad. At the age of three years, I was very poor in history - so were the people around. On an unknown date after 15 August 1947, I lost my father at Kurukshtra. He died of gastroenteritis. In the mean time two of my four mothers also passed away - I was left with only two.
The amusing moment....
Some family members went to fetch water from the well. The bucket dodged the rope and disappered. A diver was summoned. He charged a takka (now three paise) and roped down the well. He failed to find the bucket but came out with Baltoyee (metal pitcher) as substitute. We stayed at Kurushetra refugee camps for a few weeks Hence the incidence could have occured only during 1947 when I was  three years old.
My First School ....
Around 1949, my elderly cousin Amir Chand took me to Birbhan Primary School, Bhiwani. It was near Jain Chowk. To be precise, when we enter Jain Chowk from railway station side, our house RE-96 was second street corner to the right. Going straight away from railway station, was Ram Kishan Di Hatti, Gokul's shop, some 20-30 more shops, then right turn and the school behind masjid. The headmaster asked my birth date. It was rounded off to 01 November 1944. Till date, that is my official date of birth.
My First Teacher ....
Around the year 1963, I was a B.Sc. student at DAV College, Jullundur (now Jalandhar). I recalled my first school teacher Chander Bhan. I inquired around the school and eventually reached him. Sitting behind a huge kaanta (weighing equipment) at his floor mill, he was visibly embarassed - unable to make out how to react. He offered me tea and I came back.
Teacher at Birbhan Primary School, Bhiwani
Master Chander Bhan
Teachers at Primary School, Fatehabad
Master Chetan Dass
Master Yash Pal
Teachers at Govt High School, Fatehabad
Master Gita Ram
Master Khem Chand
Master Bansi Lal
Master Kundan Lall
Master Bhagwant Rai Batra
Master Dharam Chand Chaudhry
Master Hans Raj
Master Parmeshwar Dass
Master Ram Moorti
Master RSD Bhatia
Master Niranjan Das
Master Kasturi Lal
Master Bhagirath Lal
Teachers at Dayanand College, Hisar
Prof. DN Sharma
Prof. LC Kaura
Prof. SP Passi
Prof. Sarvinder Paul
Prof. BM Nagpal
Prof. R Kumar
Prof. GS Raswan
Prof. Ishwar Chander
Prof. CS Chopra
Teachers at DAV College, Jalandhar
Prof. BS Bahl
Prof. GL Chopra
Prof. PL Kochhar
Prof. SK Jain
Prof. RSD Bhatia
Teachers at JN Medical College, Aligarh
Dr SMH Naqvi
Dr Col M Tajuddin
Dr KN Gaur
Dr Amar Hasan
Dr HS Lakhtakia
Dr BR Shukla
Dr Shahista Mohsin
Dr Mohd Zaheer
Dr PN Saxena
Dr Sami Hamid
Dr Intissar Hussein
Dr VN Sehgal
Dr MC Gupta
Dr KS Ahmed
Dr SK Vishwakarma
Dr SS Johri
Dr SM Rizvi
Dr D Kumar
Dr JN Prasad
Dr Mehdi Hasan
Dr YVS Gehlaut
Dr RC Agarwal
Dr BS Pande
Dr N Kumar
Dr OP Ahuja
Dr MH Khan
Dr Uma Srivastava
Dr Tajuddin Taj Shamsi
Dr Wazihul Hasan
Dr GP Mathur
Dr Sarla Mathur
Dr KN Ahmed
Dr Abbas Ali Khan
Mr MN Ansari
Dr Zeenat Ansari
Dr KN Ahmed
Dr Brahm Swaroop
Dr MB Khan
Dr Kusum Saxena
Mrs Shehla Moonis Raza
Mrs Pravin Murad
A GLIMPSE OF MY PAST : 1960 BEFORE PRINCIPAL AT DAYANAND COLLEGE HISAR:- Sir, Prof. CS Chopra can't teach in english language. He begins describing every experiment in past tense - Took a test tube. Midway, he shifts to present tense - Then add .... . He ends up in future tense - You will see .... . Sir, this is english medium college. I have no problem if a teacher cannot teach in english and uses hindi. But how can he order me to describe Equivalent Weight in Hindi? At the top it, head of the Chemistry department refused to listen my complaint and turned me out of his room. Sir, I most humbly but strongly protest against this version of English Medium.

Honoured by Shri JP Vijh, Managing Director Jaypee Brothers, for being their First Author

I hate dictators. If job of a teacher is to dictate notes, millions of teachers can be taken off the duty by distributing notes compiled by a universally acceptable capable teacher. Obviously, I used to constantly look at the teacher and listen to him. During the year 1965-66, Miss Praveed Murad was teaching Proteins and all students were busy taking down dictation. I was attending the class my own way. Suddenly she burst,"Mr Chaudhry, why are you staring at me. If you are not interested, you may go out of the class". UPSET, I too began writing. Around end of the period, I enquired if I could ask a question.
"Madam. pepsin is protein and it acts upon protein. Why is there no autodigestion?"
"Mr Chaudhry, can you explain what you exactly mean."
"Madam, why some molecules of protein don't digest other molecules?"
The question went to HOD who promised me to find out answer.

Around the year 1968 I went to Tasveer Mahal Cinema, Aligarh, to view noon show "Ishq par zor naheen". All around there were girls, girls and girls. The movie had a touching song, "Main tumse door chali jayungi..." - I loved to listen it again and again. For matinee show again, there were girls, girls and girls. I walked in. After viewing evening show and night show too, I found my bicycle stolen from outside Khandelwal sweet shop. At police station, I stated theft time as 9-12 PM.  Can some mathematician help me calculate the probable time of theft?
After I failed in pathology three times, I became a member of gang privileged to enter two adjacent  cinema halls without ticket. After show ended half a dozen of us posted ourselves at exit - at silly point, first slip, second slip, third slip, mid-wicket and mid-on - staring at every girl or woman coming out. With time I ended up as misfit with the gang. Because of my extraordinary behaviour, activities and achievements, my face was known to students and teachers all over the university. Perhaps eve-teasing would be most contraindicated for such a person. I was staring at a lady emitting out of hall. She walked over to me and my friends smiled from their positions. "Dr Chaudhry, could you recognise me? I am Dr Firdaus Jaffrey, dentist, introduced to you by Shehla Appa at Abdullah Hall fete.". How could I continue with that gang? I quit it in frustration.
Twice again on subsequent occasions she asked me if I could recognised her and I could not. Thrice it happened with another lady. "Dr Chaudhry, mujhe pehchaana?". "Sorry, nahin pehchaan paaya apko". "Main, Dr Hem Lata Gupta! Lady Hardinge se". Unfortunately, that great madam was brutally murdered. From a patient I asked her address. She replied,"Your next door!".

Who is this Doctor KC - criminally blocking beautiful pictures of the shining star of bollywood? I fail to believe some one considers me that important. I thought it could be Dr KC Chaudhry, Father of Paediatrics in India, but reference to YouTube contradicts that.

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