My Ecounter with Fevers Since Year 1971

I am known for thinking different, speaking different, doing different.
1. I annoy everyone with my contention : Any person who contests an election would never be either honest, or sincere, or dedicated.
2. I annoy my doctors. I don't check my blood pressure and blood sugar. I seldom go in for laboratory tests. I rarely consult doctors. I feel comfortable without tests and treatment.
3. I always believed in my clinical sense. I seldom prescribed laboratory tests. My distractors may tag this note as rubbish since I treated every fever as Malaria without testing blood.

I left school during 1960. Soon after, Malaria left India - ERADICATED. During my college years and in medical college I had no exposure to Malaria patients.

During May 1971 I landed in Fatehabad, Haryana with MBBS degree. Soon I found a patient shivering with fever. Fever appeared for some hours in day. I diagnosed it as Malaria. At that time Malaria was unknown in India, having been eradicated a decade ago. I encountered second shivering patient, third, and fourth. With no antimalarial drugs in market, I didn't know how to treat. The lone MD doctor in town Dr Vijay Arora called me MAD.

At Punjab Medical Store I found a 1000 tablet bottle of Quinine dihydrochloride discarded a decade ago - must be EXPIRED. Gifted to me FREE. My fever patients recovered well with that medicine.

At Indian Medical Association Hissar Branch meeting in Fatehabad, I talked to IMA members and found no taker of my contention.

AND THEN I found Newspaper Headline - Malaria Strikes Back. Soon Nivaquin, Camoquin, Daraprim, and other antimaralial drugs were available.

Without blood testing, my default treatment in Fever was :-
1. Chloroqine tablets 4 tablets single dose.
2. Paracetamol tablets for 36 hours.
3. If fever persisted after 36 hours, then antibiotic.

Then every year, a new avtar of Fever appeared - Viral fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, some more. Every new avtar of Fever began with panic with some entire families down.

Surprisingly, my default treatment of fever continued to be effective in all new avtars of Fever. By simple mathematics, there could be two possibilities :-

1. Fever every year was a new variant of Malaria.
2. Quinine known as antimalarial only, is nonspecific fever drug effective against Viral fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, and now Corona virus.

During the preceding months, I construed Corona Virus as latest avatar of Fever, this time engulfing the whole world. Yesterday, I found use of antimalarial drugs in Corona Virus in USA.

Viral fever began as killer disease. We learnt to coexist with Viral fever.
Dengue fever began as killer disease. We learnt to coexist with Dengue fever.
Chikungunya began as killer disease. We learnt to coexist with Chikungunya
Corona Virus began as killer disease AROUND THE WORLD. World would learn to coexist with Corona Virus.

I suggest the following regime to combat Corona Virus. :-
A. Immunity booster such as GURUCHI 500 mg one tablet twice a day for one month. Some alternatives at
B. At first fever sign
1. Chloroquin-DS 2 tablets single dose in India (endemic population) or 5 tablet course elsewhere.
2. Paracetamol tablets for 36 hours.
3. If fever persists after 36 hours, then antibiotic.

I am sure my above regimen would cut down incidence of Corona Virus grossly.

It is unfortunate that Government banned Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic injections. Pratap Pharma VISHMANT injection could have certainly defeated Corona Virus.











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