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Morphy Richards Smart Chef 1000 W Food Processor : Rs10445.0
Bajaj FX7 600 W Food Processor : Rs4850.0
Black & Decker PRSM600 800 W Food Processor : Rs39895.0
Morphy Richards Select 500 500 W Food Processor(White) : Rs6175.0
Black & Decker FX 1000-B5 1000 W Food Processor : Rs13500.0
Braun FP 3010 600 W Food Processor(White) : Rs13655.0
Morphy Richards Select 600 600 W Food Processor(White) : Rs7595.0
Morphy Richards Enrico 1000 W Food Processor : Rs9495.0
Maharaja Whiteline Smart chef (FP-100) 600 W Food Processor : Rs4425.0
Braun K700 600 W Food Processor(White) : Rs21465.0
Olympus ORM-1301 Roti/Khakhra Maker(Black) : Rs1632.0
Aluminum PTFE Coated Heating Plates for best cooking, Heavy Gauge chrome finishes cover, Bakelite handle and Connection box.
Philips HD7450 Coffee Maker : Rs1778.0
Nespresso Aerochino3 Coffee Maker(Black) : Rs11990.0
Cafe Coffee Day Orion Fully Automatic Brewer Coffee Maker(Aqua Blue) : Rs6175.0
Cafe Coffee Day Orion Fully Automatic Brewer Coffee Maker(Gold) : Rs6175.0
Ovastar OWCM- 960 4 cups Coffee Maker(Black) : Rs2350.0
Panasonic PA-NC-DF1WXC 8 Cups Coffee Maker(White) : Rs5100.0
The Panasonic NCDF1WXC filter coffee maker comes in a bold new stylish cubic design & stainless steel and White finish. Its stainless steel carafe keeps up to 8 cups of coffee warmer and fresher for longer while a paperless filter provides a brilliant cup of coffee. Its Eco functions ensure an energy efficient but quick boiling appliance, perfect for the energy conscious. MANUFACTURED BY PANASONIC UK.
Lavazza EP 950 Coffee Maker : Rs14199.0
Gear up for one of the best coffee-brewing experiences every morning with this coffee maker from Lavazza. Just load this smart coffee maker with Lavazza Espresso Point cartridges of your choice and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee for that unbeatable kick. Easy to Use Featuring ease of operation, this unit can be manually loaded with a cartridge to enjoy hot coffee with a press of the button marked with the symbol of a cup. Keep your coffee mug on the drip tray and press this button to fill it with a steaming hot beverage. Automatic Ejection of Used Cartridges Ones coffee cartridges are fully used, they are automatically dispensed into the drawer. This mechanism offers their hassle-free and easy disposal. Keep a Check on Coffee Consumption This unit features a counter which counts the amount of coffee that you have consumed, helping you control your daily intake. Removable Drip Tray The multi-purpose drip tray provides a platform to your coffee mug and saves the countertop from coffee stains. It can be detached for easy cleaning.
Ovastar OWCM-960 Coffee Maker : Rs2198.0
Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Maker : Rs5415.0
Brew that perfect cup of coffee every day with this The Scoop® Single-Serve coffee maker from Hamilton Beach. This easy-to-operate coffee machine does not need pricey coffee cartridges or capsules and allows you to use your favorite ground coffee. This fast coffee maker brews your favorite coffee in 90 seconds to two-and-a-half minutes. Mesh Scoop Filter This coffee machine includes one steel mesh scoop filter which eliminates the need for paper filters. It is marked with two measuring lines, allowing you to achieve desired intensity and flavour. Regular and Bold Settings If you wish to brew a mainstream brand coffee, press the button marked with the word “Regular” for a quick, basic automatic drip coffee. Choose the “Bold” mode if you are using fine grinds, decaf or strong flavours of a premium coffee. In this mode, water passes through the coffee at a slower rate to allow more contact time for better flavour extraction, helping you prepare rich-tasting coffee. L-Shaped Cup Rest The coffee maker can hold a regular-sized coffee cup or a travel mug on its L-shaped cup rest. You can adjust it to ensure that your cup is close to the dispensing nozzle to avoid splattering and spillage. Easy Dishwasher Cleanup The three removable parts of this unit, a scoop filter, a secondary filter and a cup rest, are dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning.
Premier MD 205 6 cups Coffee Maker(Black) : Rs1599.0
Russell Hobbs RCM11 1 cups Coffee Maker(Black) : Rs1099.0
Philips HD8751/11 Coffee Maker : Rs54995.0
Philips HD8753/83 Coffee Maker : Rs74995.0
DeLonghi EC 145 Coffee Maker : Rs9015.0
Sunflame SF 721 10 Cups Coffee Maker : Rs7990.0
Russell Hobbs RCM120 12 Cups Coffee Maker : Rs1993.0
Morphy Richards Meno Expresso Brushed 10 Cups Coffee Maker : Rs9495.0
Preethi Zest White Coffee Maker(White) : Rs1930.0
Skyline VI-6060 Egg Cooker(7 Eggs) : Rs1149.0
Stainless steel cover body Auto switch off Safety cut-off button , Electric Egg Boiler
Prestige PHB 3.0 200 W Hand Blender : Rs1004.0
Black & Decker BX275 300 W Hand Blender : Rs3400.0
KitchenAid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper 300 W Hand Blender(Contour Silver) : Rs4225.0
KitchenAid Pro Line Series 5-Speed Cordless 300 W Hand Blender(Frosted Pearl) : Rs18995.0
Westinghouse WKMCSP700 250 W Hand Blender : Rs1605.0
Sheffield Classic SH-9019 200 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs1199.0
Power 250 Watts Voltage 220~240V/50Hz RPM Approx 1000-1200Weight Approx 850 Grams
Euroline EL 186 700 w Hand Blender(White) : Rs1499.0
? Novel Design? Extra Trong Steel Blade With Perfect Air Circulation? Easy Cleaning And Easy Using Construction? Overheated Protection? 220V- 240V 50Hz -60Hz 250W* 1 Year warranty
Ovastar OWCH -1509 250 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs845.0
Wattage : 250 W (Motor) 220 - 240V ~ 50 Hz, Jar Capacity : 0.60 L, Low Noisy During Working, Transparent Plastic Jar With Level Mark, Stainless Steel And Tough Blade and One Whisker Attachment, Safety Lock, Protection, Anti Slip Rubber Feet, Cute And Elegant Design
Monet MHB-5911 200 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs1099.0
Monet 5911 Plastic Body hand Blander have powerful Low Noise motor,2 speed operation,rubberized speed buttons
Maple Dolphin 50 W Hand Blender(White, Black) : Rs2295.0
Strong and Sturdy 250W electric motor. Multi speed provision as per operational utility. Transparent Chopper jar with anti skid base. Usable for chopping, blending, whisking, beating, etc.
Kenwood HB 681 450 W Hand Blender : Rs3299.0
Tefal TEF-BL305840 400 W Hand Blender(Black) : Rs3600.0
Blendforce by Tefal is a blender which delivers better and faster results thanks to the Tripl'Ax Technology: two outer blades act like a cyclone booster so that no pieces are left behind (action 1), two inner blades ensure that no chunks are left at the bottom of the jar (action 2) and two other blades ensure an optimum mixing to mix all types of food, even tough ingredients (action 3).VersatilityThe combination of the Tripl'Ax technology, two speeds plus a pulse function and 400 Watts power, enables Blendforce to blend any kind of ingredients, getting perfectly smooth results, quickly and effortlessly: soups, sauces, milk shakes, smoothies, baby food? use your favourite recipes or unleash your imagination.Blendforce can even crush ice, making it the ideal partner for all your cocktails or iced coffees.Easy to useBlendforce has a Secure Lock System so you can easily see when the blender is securely locked in place. This blender is also easy to wash, with both dishwasher safe jug and removable stainless steel blades. Blendforce looks stylish on any work surface, with a very small footprint but still boasting a generous 1.5 L capacity blending jug, so you can prepare small as well as big quantities according to your needs.Frequently Asked QuestionsMy appliance vibrates excessively during useThe appliance may not be on a flat, stable surface, the appliance is not stable (foot missing, etc.). The volume of ingredients to be blended is too high, reduce the quantity of ingredients. If the vibrations persist, contact an approved repair centre.What should I do if my appliance leaks?? Leak through lid (overflow): - The volume of ingredients is too high, do not exceed the maximum filling level for the bowl as stated in the instructions for use.? The lid is not correctly positioned, lock it securely on the mixer bowl. If the lid has a seal, check its condition and change it if necessary.? Leak from the bottom of the bowl: -Your appliance does not have a removable blade unit: the seal on your blade unit may be damaged, have it checked by an approved repair centre.? If your appliance has a removable blade unit: check it is positioned correctly on the bowl, check the condition of the seal and change it if necessary.? Check that your bowl is not split or broken as a result of impact. If the leak persists, take the appliance to an approved repair centre.For how long can I use the blender continuously?Do not use the appliance for more than 3 minutes in continuous operation and then wait for a few minutes before starting it up again.How do I clean the blender? Do I have to dismantle it? Can I put it in the dishwasher?To clean the body of the appliance, first of all unplug it and then wipe it with a damp cloth. To clean the bowl, use soapy water or washing-up liquid. Some bowls are dishwasher safe, see instructions for use.The blade is having difficulty in rotating, why is this?This is probably due to the fact that there is too much food, or that the pieces are too large or too hard. To correct this, reduce the size or the quantity of ingredients or add a little liquid.Can I put the blender bowl in the microwave?To keep the blender in optimum condition, it is recommended to only use the bowl for blending and to avoid putting it in the microwave or using it for freezing, cooking or sterilising products: the material from which it is made is not designed for this and the bowl could break. No, do not put the accessories in a microwave oven.
Homekitchen99 VEL-HM 0 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs225.0
This hand Mixi can be use for Beating & Churing & Liquidising like Egg, Cream & Tomato Soup, Daal & Milk Shake, Lassi.
Singer HB 65 300 W Hand Blender : Rs2565.0
Ovastar OWHB-321 250 W Hand Blender(White, Blue) : Rs779.0
Powerful 2 Speeds Control (Smooth & Safe Switch), Stainless Steel Blending Rod, 3 Different Stainless Steel Blades For Chopping, Mincing, Liquidising And Whipping
Oster MY Blend 250 W Hand Blender(Pink) : Rs2565.0
Whether you are off to work, the gym or just relaxing - this personal blender helps get you out of the door with blended drinks in hand. Ideal for protein shakes, smoothies or cafᅵ frappes. Simply fill and blend with just a twist of the bottle. Change out
Euroline EL 118 600 w Hand Blender(Silver) : Rs1594.0
? Handy & powerful? Single-touch button? Spring loaded chopping blade? Specification : 220-240V, 50-60HZ,600W* 1 Year warranty
Jaipan Lassi Maker 125 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs799.0
Vibro Chopper & Coffee Beater Hand Blender(White) : Rs699.0
A Chopper is an electric product and it can be used for chopping and coffee beating. It can be very efficient and convenient for small quantity.
Havells Super Chopper 125 W Hand Blender : Rs2700.0
Philips HR2084 650 W Hand Blender(Black) : Rs6995.0
Hamilton Beach 59765-IN 225 W Hand Blender : Rs2600.0
Philips HR 1565 400 W Hand Blender(Black) : Rs4745.0
Oster HB-2619 450 W Hand Blender : Rs2400.0
Pigeon Mini Chopper 300 W Hand Blender : Rs1099.0
Havells Super 125 W Hand Blender : Rs2400.0
Hamilton Beach 59769-IN 600 W Hand Blender : Rs4150.0
Braun MQ300 450 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs4500.0
Ultra-hard stainless steel blades to optimise blending results and reduce suctionFloral bell shape draws food towards the blades for fast blending resultsBraun patented PowerBell technology has been proven to produce fine and even blending for ideal resultsCompact and convenient for minimal storage spaceSimple speed activation simply with one touch and two speed control designed for single hand useIncludes a 600 ml BPA free plastic beaker with ml and fl oz measurements
Kenwood CH580 450 W Hand Blender : Rs3350.0
Kenwood CH 180A 300 W Hand Blender : Rs2850.0
Bajaj Vector 1.25 L Chopper : Rs1956.0
Boss Big Boss Portable Hand Blender(White, Blue) : Rs1395.0
2 speed, high torque motor, accessories - chutney attachment, soup jar, 4 blades and wall mounting stand.
Philips HR1453 175 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs1855.0
Black & Decker SC 5000 300 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs3325.0
Braun MQ 100 400 W Hand Blender : Rs2199.0
Braun MR100 300 W Hand Blender : Rs2700.0
Hamilton Beach 58157-IN 700 W Hand Blender : Rs5695.0
Braun MQ775 775 W Hand Blender(Black) : Rs10300.0
includes a 600 ml bpa free plastic beaker with ml and fl oz measurements.
Braun MQ 500 600 W Hand Blender : Rs4600.0
Be it for pureeing vegetables for creamy soups or for making mayonnaise dressings for salads, this Multiquick hand blender from Braun will help you do them all with ease and quick. Lightweight and designed for comfortable use, this blender will help with all the blending, mixing and whipping needs in your kitchen. 2 speed control The simple speed control mechanism will help you prepare food with the convenience  of using one only hand. The 2 speed controls will let you select the speed according to the texture of the mixture. An additional turbo button is present to give an extra power boost when mixing tough ingredients. Unique shape and powerbell design The stainless steel shaft helps you blend ingredients effectively without splashing them all over. Also, the stainless steel blade in the bell-shaped blending shaft blend and mix ingredients into a fine consistency. Slim and soft grip handle The ease of convenience while using this blender is ensured by the slim and soft grip handle with which you can hold it. With measuring beaker A BPA-free plastic beaker is provided with the blender so that you can blend liquids in it and measure their quantity.
Silverline K-1000 250 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs1125.0
Chopper Big Clickbazar Silverline (Clibaz0010) Abs Body , High Speed Chopper 250 Watts Copper Motor. , Shock Proof. Polycarbonate Unbreakable Container , Food Grade Material. For Easy Chopping N Bitting , Easy Chopping For Instant Cooking
Usha HM 3260 300 W Hand Blender(Grey) : Rs2699.0
Different speeds and turbo option : 6 speeds low noise operation with extra turbo option, functions and attachments : Efficient kneading, beating and whisking with convenient attachments. Rubberise handle for easy handling, convenient eject button, superior quality stainless steel for high aesthetic appeal, vents for efficient motor cooling, voltage, 220 - 240 V AC, 50 Hz, wattage : 300 W, various fucntions and low noise.
Usha OR-01 250 W Hand Blender(Orange) : Rs2690.0
In Today'S Day And Age, Electronics Play A Crucial Way In How We Go About Our Daily Chores And Work. From Room Occupying Appliances And Pocket-Fitting Devices, To Metres And Metres Of Cables, No Home Is Stranger To Any Of These.
Philips HR1341 300 W Hand Blender(White) : Rs1275.0
Havells Super Blend Plus with Chopper 400 W Hand Blender(Red) : Rs3599.0
Kenwood TTP230 1500 W Pop Up Toaster(Brass, Red) : Rs4395.0
Morphy Richards AT 204 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1895.0
Maharaja Whiteline PT-603 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1499.0
Jaipan JPPT-100B 750 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs900.0
Westinghouse WKTT6516PS Pop Up Toaster : Rs3605.0
Orpat OPT-1057 700 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs828.0
Tefal TEF-532718 1200 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs7124.0
Tefal TEF-TT110015 1500 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1645.0
Kenwood TTP 220 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs2900.0
DeLonghi 900 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs3990.0
Kenstar KTP04CPM 1300 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs1275.0
Westinghouse WKTT6516BS Pop Up Toaster : Rs3605.0
Citron PT001 750 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs749.0
Westinghouse WKTT6516O Pop Up Toaster : Rs3795.0
Ovastar OWPT-411 800 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs699.0
Cool Plastic Body, Variable Browning Control Function, One Touch Cancel Button
Wahl WA-ZX515 800 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs2465.0
Kenwood KE-TTP200 900 w Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs3000.0
Kenwood TTP210 1500 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs4650.0
Baltra Crunchy - 2 750 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs850.0
Lanstar LA22Toasty 750 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs899.0
Kenwood TTM 320 850 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs2400.0
Ovastar OWPT-402 800 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs799.0
Bajaj Platini Delite 800 W Pop Up Toaster(Silver) : Rs1890.0
Euroline EL 860 700 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs745.0
Philips Aluminum HD2618 1200 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs6399.0
Sick of eating your hostel food? Bored of eating instant noodles over and over again? Then this Philips pop-up toaster is what you need. Whether it is for your midnight food cravings, evening time snacks or late breakfast, with this toaster you can prepare crispy and tasty toasts which you can savour with butter, jam or eggs. With this pop-up toaster, you can make 2 toasts quickly and easily. Power Consumption This pop-up toaster consumes only 1200 W of power. So you can stay peaceful at your hostel without having to worry about paying high electricity bills. Automatic Shut-Off This pop-up toaster comes with an automatic shut-off option which will switch off the appliance once the bread slices are toasted. This feature helps you make tasty and crispy toasts without over-browning them. This toaster also comes with a stop button which allows you to stop the toasting process as and when required. Removable Crumb Tray This Philips pop-up toaster comes with a removable crumb tray which makes your task of cleaning a lot easier. All the bread crumbs are collected in this tray which you can later dispose of. This removable crumb tray helps keep your toaster and your hostel room clean and neat. Design Stylish and compact, this pop-up toaster won’t consume much space in your hostel room. Its ergonomically designed aluminum body looks trendy and offers durability.
Usha PT 3210P 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs3249.0
Jaipan JPP-T-9004 750 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs990.0
Maharaja Whiteline PT-100 750 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1112.0
Sheffield Classic SH 6004 750 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs849.0
Kenwood TTP 102 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs2500.0
Russell Hobbs RPT209 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1530.0
Skyline VT-7023 750 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs925.0
Sunflame SF 157 1300 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs1570.0
Morphy Richards 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster AT 202 Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs1795.0
The Morphy Richards AT 202 brings you powerful pop up toaster which gives you perfect crispy toasts the way you want it. The Morphy Richards appliance is a 2 slice pop up toaster with a compact design which fits into your kitchen. This AT 202 pop up toaster has a Cool Touch feature which keeps the toaster cool even during the toasting process. The Morphy Richards pop up toaster consumes 800 W of power.  Functions The variable browning features in this Morphy Richards pop up toaster gives you the perfect toasted slices. The browning control combined with exact heating element which gives you greater control over the quality of toast. The Morphy Richards AT 202 pop up toaster has a Hi-lift feature allowing you to easily retrieve toasted items and make it easier for you to pick up the small sized slices. This 2 slice toaster consists of a cancel button, where you can interrupt the toasting function when you want. The AT 202 toaster has a dust cover which protects your toaster from dust. Safety and Convenience The removable crumb tray in this Morphy Richards pop up toaster offers easy maintenance to remove the crumbs which are accumulated in the bottom of the appliance and keeps your toaster clean. The cord storage inclusion in this elegantly designed pop up toaster saves you from the trouble of dealing with tangled up wires.
Usha PT 3210B 800 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs4495.0
Crompton CG-PT23-I 700 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs1197.0
2 slice pop-up grill toaster Indicator light cool touch exterior Mid cycle cancel button Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning Reheating function electronic temperature control Warranty: 1 year on product Includes: Pop-Up Grill Toaster, Instruction manual and Warranty card
Cello Quick200 850 W Pop Up Toaster(Black) : Rs1999.0
A superb pop-up toaster from Cello. This one will make your breakfast delicious, healthy and easy to make. This product features 2 slice toaster with integrated bun warmer, variable browning control, auto pop-up and auto shut-off, Electronic adjustable browning control and fixed crumb tray for easy cleaning. This is the best pick for your home.
Cello Quick100 800 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs1249.0
A superb pop-up toaster from Cello. This one will make your breakfast delicious, healthy and easy to make. This product features 2 slice toaster with integrated bun warmer, variable browning control, auto pop-up and auto shut-off, Electronic adjustable browning control and fixed crumb tray for easy cleaning. This is the best pick for your home.
Usha PT 3221 850 W Pop Up Toaster : Rs2775.0
Usha PT3340 1600 W Pop Up Toaster(White) : Rs3415.0
Zojirushi CD-WBQ40 Electric Kettle(4 L) : Rs9599.0
Desire DCK-203 Electric Kettle(Silver) : Rs2290.0
Racold Pronto 1L Water Heater Electric Kettle : Rs3095.0
Morphy Richards MR-43027 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Steel) : Rs3500.0
Zojirushi CV-CSQ30 Electric Kettle(3 L) : Rs8999.0
Morphy Richards MR-43732 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Steel) : Rs3500.0
Citron EK004 Electric Kettle(1.8 L) : Rs675.0
Westinghouse WKWK335R Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs5590.0
Kenwood KE-JK455 Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Black) : Rs2900.0
Westinghouse WKWK335P Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs5590.0
Westinghouse WKWK335PS Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs4990.0
Westinghouse WKWK335BL Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs5590.0
Wahl WA-ZX743 Electric Kettle(1.6 L) : Rs3200.0
Westinghouse WKWK1907 SBK Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs4690.0
Westinghouse WKWK335W Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs5590.0
Nova NKT 726 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Black) : Rs799.0
Kenwood JKP250 Electric Kettle(0.5 l) : Rs1999.0
Butterfly Black Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Black) : Rs1800.0
Hot Star LW-MP-14 Electric Kettle(1.2 L, Black) : Rs1700.0
Hot Star LW-PB-14 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Orange) : Rs995.0
Bajaj Majesty KTX 10 Electric Kettle : Rs1799.0
Citron EK005 Electric Kettle(1.8 L, Silver) : Rs1650.0
Orbit Cuty Electric Kettle(0.5 L, Black) : Rs790.0
Philips Black HD4686 Electric Kettle(1.5 L) : Rs5995.0
Havells Vetro 1.7 L Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs3298.0
Sometimes all one needs is a cup of steaming coffee to refresh themselves, whether at work or while traveling. To provide you with hot water or coffee whenever you need it, Havells brings to you this Vetro 1.7L electric kettle. With this kettle, you can also enjoy a bowl of tasty and spicy instant noodles, healthy and well-boiled eggs or a cup of black tea while you are on the move. Auto Shut-Off This electric kettle features an auto shut-off feature which switches off the appliance once the water boils. Dry Boil Protection This electric kettle also features a dry boil protection which automatically turns off the kettle if it doesn’t contain enough water. Water Level Indicator This indicator allows you to make coffee, tea or hot water in a specific quantity. You don’t have to unnecessarily make extra and waste it. Power Consumption With this Havells electric kettle, you don’t have to worry about paying high electricity bills as it consumes 2050 W of power which doesn't make a huge difference in your electricity consumption. Concealed Heating Element To offer utmost protection and to avoid electric shocks, this kettle comes with a concealed heating element.
Russell Hobbs RJK72 Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs3490.0
Havells Aquis Electric Kettle(1 L) : Rs3000.0
Why do you have to waste your LPG gas to boil water, when you can get this Aquis electric kettle from Havells to do it. Safe and quick, this kettle can be used even by your teenage daughter to make coffee for her overnight studies. 360-degree cordless kettle Having no attached power cord makes this kettle safe and portable. After the water is boiled, you can just lift the jug from the heating base and carry it without a trailing power cord. Water level indicator A level indicator on the side of the jug helps you keep track of the quantity of liquid inside. Brushed stainless steel body The kettle sports a brushed stainless steel body which is stylish to match your modern kitchen. Removable and washable filter To prevent the stinking smell of liquids inside the kettle, you can remove the filter and wash it. Safety features The heating element of the kettle is concealed to prevent accidents and to avoid burns. Also, an auto cut-off and dry boil protection feature are provided to ensure safe usage.
Havells Travel Lite Electric Kettle(0.5 L, Red) : Rs1600.0
DeLonghi KBO 3001 Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs8500.0
Sunflame SF 174 Electric Kettle(1.2 L, White) : Rs1190.0
Sogo SS-5715 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Black) : Rs1350.0
Ovastar OWEK-195 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, Black) : Rs950.0
Usha 321 Electric Kettle(0.8 L, Black) : Rs2225.0
Padmini KT-15 Electric Kettle(1.5 L) : Rs1249.0
Polstar Wk 1501 Electric Kettle(1.7 L, Silver,Black) : Rs849.0
Citron EK005 Electric Kettle(1.8 L, Grey and Black) : Rs949.0
Russell Hobbs RJK1818S Stainless Steel Electric Kettle(1.8 L) : Rs2049.0
Russell Hobbs RJK1515 Electric Kettle(1.5 L) : Rs1695.0
Oster BVSTKT3237 Electric Kettle(1.7 L) : Rs1990.0
Morphy Richards Impresso Electric Kettle(1 L, Steel Black) : Rs1999.0
Elekta EKT-2745 Electric Kettle(1.5 L, White) : Rs699.0
Baltra BDF-101 2 L Electric Deep Fryer : Rs3100.0
Easily fries Burger, Chicken, Potatoes and more. Has a Removable Lid with carbon odour filter and Non-Stick Coating for easy cleaning. BDF-101 comes with an adjustable thermostat and temperature control to cook at different temperatures.
Roxx 5534 Elektra 2.5 L Electric Deep Fryer : Rs7200.0
Air Fryer is a revolution in the food processor industry. ROXX has Introduced the Rapid Air Technology which can fry food without using oil, thereby cutting down the fat intake by 80%.
Ovastar OWDF-2112 1.5 L Electric Deep Fryer : Rs1750.0
Deep Fryer Is A Small Unit In Which U Can Fry Things Anywhere.
Ovastar OWAF-1950 2.2 L Electric Deep Fryer : Rs5524.0
Oil Free Cooking
Padmini Air 4 L Electric Deep Fryer : Rs6500.0
1. Now Fry, Grill, Roast & Bake Easily. 2. Use No Oil Or Very Little Oil. 3. Cooking Capacity Upto 800 Gm. 4. Adjustable Time And Temperature Control.5. Removable Basket For Easy Clean. 6. Power-1500 Watts. 7. Voltage 220-240v,50hz.
Sunflame Ikon 600 W Mixer Grinder(3 Jars) : Rs3225.0
Kelvinator DXKJM-5012 500 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs2299.0
Boss Trendy Juice Extractor 350 W Juicer(White) : Rs1886.0
Singer Promix [SMG753PGT] 750 W Mixer Grinder(White, 3 Jars) : Rs2760.0
Orange Neo Smart 550 W Mixer Grinder(Red, 3 Jars) : Rs2499.0
Unichef Juice-O-Matic Plus XL Series 835 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs4995.0
Boss B607 400 W Juicer(Cream) : Rs2500.0
Boss B212 500 W Mixer Grinder(Cream, 3 Jars) : Rs2595.0
Silverline Kitchen Master 600 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs2295.0
Vizla Frontline Krazzy -3 500 W Mixer Grinder(Cream, 3 Jars) : Rs2299.0
In Today'S Day And Age, Electronics Play A Crucial Way In How We Go About Our Daily Chores And Work. From Room Occupying Appliances And Pocket-Fitting Devices, To Metres And Metres Of Cables, No Home Is Stranger To Any Of These.
Kitchen King Woodland 750 W Mixer Grinder(Silver, 3 Jars) : Rs2195.0
Orbit Columbia Stainless Steel 400 W Juicer(Silver, 1 Jar) : Rs2750.0
Padmavati Marshall 450 W Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs1400.0
Jaipan with 3 S.S. Jars 500 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(Ivory, 3 Jars) : Rs3325.0
Butterfly Emerald 4 jar 550 W Mixer Grinder(White, 4 Jars) : Rs4980.0
Kenwood KE-FP220 750 W Mixer Grinder(White, 1 Jar) : Rs3665.0
Hylex HY-501 550 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs2395.0
Ovastar OWMG - 2616 450 W Mixer Grinder(Blue, 2 Jars) : Rs1999.0
Arise Super Plus 550 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs2499.0
Singer MG-49 550 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 3 Jars) : Rs3995.0
Maple MJBCE5 40 W Juicer(White, 1 Jar) : Rs1194.0
Kenstar Axe 500 W Mixer Grinder(White, 3 Jars) : Rs1980.0
Padmini Cutee 350 W Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs1350.0
Preethi Trio - MG 158 500 W Mixer Grinder(Blue with White base, 3 Jars) : Rs3295.0
Bring home this Preethi Trio heavy duty mixer grinder to prepare idli or dosa batter or to make masala pastes and chutneys. The 500-Watt motor and high-grade nylon couplers will help in quick and trouble-free operation, while the stylish design and colour of this mixer add style and elegance to your kitchen. Ideal for dry and wet grinding The mixer comes with a 1.5 L big jar, a 1.0 L middle jar and a 0.4 L chutney jar, so that you can attend to various grinding needs using a single unit. Stainless steel jars with transparent domes and lids The jars are made from 100% stainless steel and feature flow breakers to help with fine grinding. The lids and domes of these jars are made from polycarbonate and are transparent to help you keep track the consistency of the ingredients inside. These jars are also fitted with sturdy and ergonomically designed handles for easy use.    Sharp blades The machine ground and polished stainless steel blades in the jars will help grind those coconut pieces or will finely mince vegetables in no time. Safety features The shockproof ABS body, PVC-insulated 3 core, flexicord with 6 Amps plugtop and earthing ensure the safe use of this mixer.
Usha 3053 500 W Mixer Grinder(White, 3 Jars) : Rs2379.0
United 006-Crusher 750 W Mixer Grinder(White, 3 Jars) : Rs1795.0
Anjalimix Jumbo 1000 W Mixer Grinder(Red, 3 Jars) : Rs3595.0
Anjalimix Euro 750 W Mixer Grinder(Red, 3 Jars) : Rs2636.0
Clearline Blender Cum Soup Maker 1000 W Juicer Mixer Grinder(White, 1 Jar) : Rs4995.0
Khaitan Brio 450 W Mixer Grinder(White, 2 Jars) : Rs1600.0
Quba S26 Grill, Toast(White) : Rs845.0
Russell Hobbs Ru-20930 Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs4200.0
Jaipan 828 Grill : Rs1235.0
Kraft Oxford Grill Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs1190.0
Russell Hobbs RU-17888 Grill(Silver) : Rs4999.0
Morphy Richards SM3001 Grill(White) : Rs1794.0
Black & Decker TS2040 Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs3415.0
Inalsa Brunch Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1250.0
Polstar SG 1888 Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1299.0
Nova NSG-2437 Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1135.0
Orbit Wrangler Sandwich Maker Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1490.0
SignoraCare Sandwich Toaster(2 slice) Grill, Toast(Beige) : Rs799.0
Kraft Multi Grill with Changeable Plates Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs2589.0
SignoraCare Sandwich Maker(2 Pc Toaster+2 Pc Grill) Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1499.0
Kraft Grill Master Grill, Toast(White,Black) : Rs1250.0
Crompton CG-HGT-SG Grill : Rs2199.0
Nikitasha NT-SM-81M Toast(Black) : Rs1800.0
Maple Grill Sandwich Grill, Toast(Silver) : Rs3794.0
Baltra Feed BSM-215 Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs1020.0
Sheffield Classic SH6003 Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1099.0
Citron Sm001 2 Slice Toast Grill, Toast(White) : Rs799.0
Bright Supreme Sandwich Maker Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs322.0
Best In Class Gas Toaster Available In India
Utility Chrome Polish - Griller Grill(Black) : Rs799.0
Orpat OST-1117 Dx Grill(White) : Rs1150.0
Wama WMSM09D Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1800.0
Russell Hobbs RST70P Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1599.0
Inalsa Superia Grill, Toast(Black,Grey) : Rs1141.0
Inalsa Superia Grill Grill(Steel) : Rs1650.0
SignoraCare Sandwich Maker Grill (4 Slice) Grill(White) : Rs1499.0
Maple MTD3 Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs2899.0
Sunflame SF-106 Grill : Rs1095.0
Kenwood SM650 Toast(Black) : Rs4500.0
Euroline EL-002G Grill(White) : Rs785.0
Inalsa Multimeal Grill : Rs1822.0
There is something extraordinary about a freshly made sandwich. Imagine munching a homemade grilled sandwich with freshly plucked lettuce leaves, dripping cheese and spicy minced chicken after a tiring day at work. Sounds heavenly, right? So bring home this Inalsa sandwich maker and treat yourself every day with mouth-watering and healthy sandwiches. Non-Stick Coated Cook Plates To make your lifestyle healthier, this sandwich maker comes with non-stick coated plates. With these plates, you can make delicious sandwiches with little or no oil at all and these plates also make way for easy cleaning. With Interchangeable Plates Anything that looks good, tastes good! So let your sandwiches look appealing. With these interchangeable triangular and grill plates, you can give your sandwiches a restaurant-like look. For a regular sandwich, you can use the triangular plates and for a grilled sandwich, you can replace the triangular plates with the grill plates. Bakelite Heat Resistant Body This Inalsa sandwich maker is ergonomically designed and comes with a sturdy, bakelite heat-resistant body to ensure durability and ease of maintenance. Power Consumption This highly functional and efficient sandwich maker consumes just about 750 W of power which won’t make any significant changes to your electricity bills. Design This sandwich maker is compact and stylishly-designed to suit your modern kitchen.
Inalsa Snax Grill Grill, Toast(White) : Rs1980.0
United EL-13B Grill(Black) : Rs699.0
Kitchen Knight NCM8088 Toast(White) : Rs509.0
Nova 3 in 1 Panni Grill Press with Adjustable Temperature Control and Ceramic Coating Grill, Toast(Black and White) : Rs3295.0
Prestige PGMFB Grill(Black) : Rs949.0
When you have no time to fix an elaborate breakfast, a sandwich maker is what comes to your rescue, letting you fix your husband and kids have a healthy breakfast of buttered sandwiches with their favourite stuffings. This sandwich maker from Prestige comes with non-stick coated plates and requires less oil, which makes it easy to manage and also a very healthy option.
true : Rs31
Padmini S.T Crispy Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs1069.0
Make delicious sandwiches in a jiffy with Padmini Crispy Sandwich Toaster. This 4-slice triangle sandwich toaster has an easy to clean non-stick toasting surface. The safety thermal cut-out and thermo fuse ensure protection from any electricity hazzard. Further, the heat insulated handle and locking system will ensure additional safety. It has 2 pilot lights for power and heating, so that you know when the power is ON and when the sandwiches are already done.
Utility CI-433 Grill(Black) : Rs869.0
Sandwich Maker or Grill baking plate stand upright For Compact Storage And space saving Non-Stick coated plates for easy Cleaning Feet Power on & Ready Light Thermostatically controlled Overheat safety protection.
Utility CI-432 Grill, Toast(Black) : Rs948.0
Onida Smart Chef 72B Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs3795.0
Jaipan 8010 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs2845.0
Crompton CG-PIC P1 Induction Cooktop(Push Button) : Rs3725.0
True Power BQ2 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1685.0
Black Ceramic plate 237mmX237mm. 16*28 Al coil, 15A IGBT. Power cord: 1.5m. 4 digits display. Button control. 7 cooking functions. 9 level of power and temperature adjustable. 4 hours timer. Working voltage and power consumption visible.
Wipro Cuisino IC3 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs4175.0
You used to be the kind of person who’d rather sleep through the morning than get up and make breakfast. Those days are long gone, ever since you got this Wipro Cuisino Induction Cooktop IC3 Induction Cook Top. With this latest gadget in your kitchen, the recipes just keep coming. Flaunting a stylish design, this Wipro induction cook top looks great on your kitchen counter. It provides a range of advantages as opposed to your gas stove. Firstly, you completely cut out the risk of burns with this cook top that uses electricity. It is a faster and more convenient option for a quick cup of tea. It boasts of a feather touch control system that allows you to comfortably go about your morning without straining yourself. When you are in a hurry or you’re just not in the mood, you can activate one of the 8 preset cooking menus. It cooks your food based on preset temperatures and you don’t have to bother with adjusting them over again. In sync with your gadget-friendly household, this induction cook top comes with a digital display. Additionally, it comes with a fast heating feature that allows you to save time and not hamper a busy schedule. For appropriate functioning, this cook top requires a 1900 W power consumption. It also comes with a timer that ensures that your dish doesn’t get overcooked if your favourite sitcom is running on television at the same time. When you are in a rush to get to work, you don’t have to head back up to check if you switched off this induction cook top. It comes with an automatic shut-off feature that keeps your worries at bay. Equipped with these and many more features, this Wipro induction cook top is a must-have in every bachelor’s kitchen.
Greenchef 2OE7 Induction Cooktop(White, Push Button) : Rs2273.0
The new slim and stylish induction cooker with a humanized pause button.
Prestige PDIC 1.0 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs10445.0
Arise Firo Induction Cooktop(Red, Touch Panel) : Rs2299.0
Roxx 5515 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs2899.0
Crompton CG-EIC2 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs3078.0
Singer Pluto Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1999.0
Elegant black finish body. Flat surface for smooth & hassle free cleaning. Helps to prefix the time for heating. Features: 1. Safety Cut -Off, 2. 7 Auto-Cook Settings, 3. Tough Crystal Glass Top, 4. Soft Push Button Key.
Q Max Gold Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1159.0
Used For Cooking In Lieu Of Gas
Arise Flash Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs2299.0
Whether you are in office or at home, stay cool this monsoon with Arise Fiza ceiling fan. The super cool fan provides environment friendly air-cooling utility and keeps your surrounding environment ultra-fresh and peaceful. Easy to install, Arise Fiza ceiling fan offers smooth functioning without giving load to your electricity bills. This robust and stylish product is the best way to stay cool this summer and matches well with every kind of d?cor in your office or home.
Ariva Fura Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs2399.0
GILMA Spectra Touch Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs2800.0
Maharaja Whiteline IC 102 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs2925.0
Havells Insta Cook OT Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs2900.0
Havells ST-X Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs3400.0
Singer IK 85 Induction Cooktop : Rs2549.0
Bajaj Ba1 Induction Cooktop(White, Touch Panel) : Rs2550.0
Bajaj Majesty ICX 16 Induction Cooktop(Push Button) : Rs2949.0
Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cooktop(Push Button) : Rs2414.0
Bajaj Platini PX 130 IC Induction Cooktop(Push Button) : Rs3750.0
Morphy Richards Chef Xpress 500 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs4365.0
Indicook IC-1400 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1499.0
Induction cookers top the chart amongst those kitchen appliances that help you cook faster as they have a steady and quick heat supply that is simple to control. The?Indicook Induction cooktop IC 1400 comes with eight power levels?to permit you select the desired temperature for your meal. The?five auto cook options?that come with this facilitate you to preset the timing of your cooktop before you start cooking a particular dish.
Larin D-lite+ Induction Cooktop(Maroon, Push Button) : Rs2230.0
No need Gas or kerosene, Save money multipurpose use, As an instant heat depending on the temp. Controller. Compact, portable light weight, Consumes less electricity – wattage control. Heavy duty and long life, Automatic cut-off system, Easy to clean & Pollution free, Milk does not spill over, Vessels does not get heated up & Blackened, All types of metal (utensil) use on it, Ideal for Residences... Offices... Hospitals... Canteens.... Clinics... Hotels... Restaurants...etc...
Skyline VI-5050-FT Induction Cooktop(Maroon, Touch Panel) : Rs2499.0
Havells Insta Cook ET Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs3495.0
Whirlpool NX20D2 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1799.0
6 preset cooking mode-customised for indian cooking.Elegant Design,7-segment digital disply,Reliable "Tact"switch operation,Over temperature protection,Adjustable heat level,Self diagnostic Error codes,User friendly operation.
Kenstar Kitchen King Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs1850.0
Whether you are a bachelor living on your own or a newlywed setting up the kitchen, this Kitchen King induction cooktop from Kenstar will take care of your almost all cooking needs. With 7 preset cooking menus, you can boil milk, cook rice or make rotis in a short time. Set Time and Temperature with a Single Press of a Button With the separate buttons provided for setting time and temperature, you can manage to cook your signature dish in the perfect way. You can increase or decrease these parameters with the buttons marked with the “+” and “-” signs. 7-Segment Digital Display The digital display shows you the preset time and temperature or the numbers that you have set and lets you know the exact time that your recipe may take to be ready. Auto Pan-Detection Function This induction cooktop is equipped with a function which enables the automatic pan detection. It will heat up only if a pan is placed onto its surface. If you forget to keep one on the cooktop, it will not work, saving you and your family members from the likely accidents. Easy to Clean The anti-magnetic glass plate of this unit is easy to clean as it can be wiped with a soft cloth after each use.
Bajaj Majesty ICX 21 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs4275.0
An induction cooktop is no more a novelty but has become a necessity in every home. It gives you freedom from the tension of refilling gas cylinders. So get this induction cooktop from Bajaj and make everyday cooking a fast and convenient process. Six Preset Menus This induction cooktop comes with six pre-set menus like idli, pressure cooker, milk/tea, roti/dosa, curry/sabji/ and fry/boil, which means that you can cook different recipes for your family members with ease. These easy-to-operate programs will let you choose your personalized cooking settings. 2000 W Power This induction cooktop consumes 2000W of power and helps save energy with quick and efficient heating. It has a reliable and long-life tact switches and also features auto-shut off feature for safety. Design It has well-designed internals that help avoid the ingress of water and insects, thereby ensuring its longevity.  Convenient to Use This induction cooktop comes with variable temperature selection, variable time selection, variable power selection and fixed and variable cooking options for added convenience.  LED Display This induction cooktop comes with an LED display and can be operated through easy push buttons and different power levels. The preset cooking and delay timer are very convenient especially when you want to cook in a hurry.
Butterfly Rhino G2 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs3000.0
The Butterfly Power Hob - Rhino G2 is high efficient and energy saving with thermal efficiency higher than 90%. Featuring multiple grades of power and temperature selections it suits different cooking needs. It offers over current, over voltage and low voltage protection. It is easy to clean and maintain. Buy the Butterfly Power Hob - Rhino G2 right now!
Morphy Richards Chef Express 900 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs2699.0
In today's day and age, electronics play a crucial way in how we go about our daily chores and work. From room occupying appliances and pocket-fitting devices, to metres and metres of cables, no home is stranger to any of these.
Preethi Trendy Plus IC 116 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs2099.0
Quba I20 Induction Cooktop(Grey, Touch Panel) : Rs2699.0
high temperature black crystal plate, 4 digit led display, touch senser button, no electromagnetic radiation, high efficiency infrared heating coil, can use all kinds of flate, different cooking models to choose gentle heat
Borosil Smart Kook TC22 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs4200.0
In Today'S Day And Age, Electronics Play A Crucial Way In How We Go About Our Daily Chores And Work. From Room Occupying Appliances And Pocket-Fitting Devices, To Metres And Metres Of Cables, No Home Is Stranger To Any Of These.
Morphy Richards Chef Xpress 400 Induction Cooktop(Touch Panel) : Rs2749.0
Quba 111 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs1299.0
Heat proof polished ceramic plate ,micro-controller based ,easy to clean . No problem of stains, 2000w capacity,4 digits bright LED display,10 push button
Maharaja Whiteline Easy Induction Cooktop(Push Button) : Rs2350.0
Bajaj Majesty ICX 8 Plus Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs3172.0
Bajaj ICX 10 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs5995.0
It has push button control. Compatible utensils are Stainless Steel Pots, Stainless Steel Rice Cookers. Compact and Portable
Baltra BIC-106 Induction Cooktop(Black, Touch Panel) : Rs2090.0
Bajaj Majesty ICX 2 Induction Cooktop(Black, Push Button) : Rs2549.0
Bajaj ICX 2 Induction Cooker is a smart induction cooker with 3 Preset Menu: Steam, Hotpot, Stirfry. It supports 1800 W power and comes with variable time selection modes. Bajaj ICX 2 Induction Cooker also has delay start option, digital display and auto shutoff function with task switch control.
Morphy Richards 36RCSS OTG : Rs10895.0
Morphy Richards 52 L 52RCSS OTG : Rs9499.0
Bajaj 2800 TMCSS OTG : Rs7575.0
Morphy Richards 24 L 24RSS OTG : Rs6995.0
Bajaj 16 L 1603T OTG : Rs2499.0
Bajaj 22 L 2200T OTG : Rs6499.0
Bajaj 3500TMCSS OTG : Rs8300.0
Morphy Richards 40 L 40RCSS OTG : Rs12695.0
Bajaj 16 L 1603TSS OTG : Rs3905.0
Bajaj 4500TMCSS OTG : Rs9025.0
Bajaj 1000TSS OTG : Rs2880.0
Morphy Richards 16PC OTG : Rs4995.0
Docbel-Braun Multipurpose 2kg Weighing Scale : Rs720.0
Docbel-Braun Kitchen Weighing Scale, Highly Accurate And Senitive Scale Manufactured As Per International Specification, Ultra Morden Shapes Without Any Edge, Wide View Dial With Moving Pointer, Easily Removable Pan
true : Rs15
Sathyam Digital 6 Kg Kitchen Multi-Purpose Weighing Scale(Grey) : Rs1500.0
weighing Scales
Ace Digital 3 Kg x 1/2 gm Kitchen Multi-Purpose Weighing Scale : Rs1599.0
Features capacity 3 kg, accuracy 1/2gm, platform size 165 x165 mm, LCD display with backlight, battery included, weighing mode gm/kg, ct. Tare function, ac/dc mode.
true : Rs36
Citron AF001 Air Fryer(2.2 L, Black) : Rs2393.0
Bajaj Majesty RCX 42 Electric Rice Cooker(4.2 L) : Rs4499.0
Prestige PPRHO V2 1.8-2 Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature(1.8 L) : Rs2995.0
Havells MAX COOK 2.20L Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature(2.2 L) : Rs3035.0
Kenstar KRC18W1P Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature(1.8 L, White) : Rs1812.0
Euroline SSE 42 Electric Rice Cooker(1.8 L) : Rs1725.0
Panasonic SR WA 22F Electric Rice Cooker(2.2 L) : Rs2348.0
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