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Forme Cute(Black) : Rs735.0
Forme Coke A1(Red) : Rs999.0
Forme M20(Red) : Rs1099.0
Forme Winner(Green) : Rs1360.0
MAXX AX3 (Black, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs5817.0
Forme Love One(Black) : Rs728.0
XOLO Hive 8X-1000 (Black, 32 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs14990.0
A&K G 4040(Black) : Rs890.0
RAGE Bold 2400(Blue) : Rs1109.0
Forme Hope H1(Silver) : Rs1040.0
Forme Discovery P9 plus (Black, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs1999.0
Yxtel C 968 (White, 32 KB)(32 MB RAM) : Rs1799.0
Forme S60(White & Orange) : Rs930.0
Yxtel K008(Orange) : Rs1390.0
Forme Winner 6(Red) : Rs1288.0
Forme Forme Q800(Silver) : Rs849.0
Karbonn A40 (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs5178.0
Forme D556(Black & Red) : Rs1015.0
Forme Mini5130Plus(Black & Red) : Rs795.0
T-Max Jaguar (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3499.0
Forme D9 Red(Red) : Rs699.0
T-Max Innocent i502(1 GB RAM) : Rs3999.0
T-Max Butterfly (Blue, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs1999.0
T-Max Butterfly (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs1998.0
Forme Honey Hero(Black) : Rs774.0
T-Max Innocent i452(512 MB RAM) : Rs2399.0
Forme F530(Black and Blue) : Rs720.0
Nuvo Note Pro NQ53 (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7399.0
Videocon V1524+(Black/ Green) : Rs1199.0
Videocon V524 Plus Black Red Dual Sim Mobile Phone .
Forme Surprise P10 (Black & Silver, 4 GB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2289.0
A&K 333 : Rs1299.0
Forme C101(Blue) : Rs727.0
Having a secondary phone can prove to be very helpful in a lot of ways, but you wouldn’t really want to invest in another smartphone. This basic phone from Forme C101 can be a great option if you are considering having a secondary phone. With a dual SIM capacity, the phone lets you manage two numbers effectively. The Display The phone has a TFT display screen of 1.8 inches, letting you read messages and view your contacts with ease. Bluetooth Connectivity You can even use this phone to share files like music and videos to those around you by using the Bluetooth connectivity. The phone also has a micro USB connectivity. The audio jack of 3.5mm lets you connect it to your headphones and enjoy your favourite songs. Camera The phone has a rear camera of 0.3MP that you can use whenever you need to capture a picture. Battery The phone has a lithium-ion battery of 800mAh that lasts for a fairly long time, letting you enjoy long conversations and chat via SMS. Memory And Storage The phone has an internal memory of 32MB, and if this is not sufficient, you can even enjoy an expandable memory of 8GB to save your pictures and other important files.
Karbonn Kphone5(Black and Blue) : Rs1431.0
Your search for that elusive second phone ends here with the Karbonn Kphone5. It is a feature phone that comes with a 6.1 cm TFT screen and an easy-to-use alphanumeric keypad. The phone comes with some essential features such as MMS capabilities, mobile tracker, data security, auto call recording option and video, music and FM players. Dual SIM The phone offers a dual SIM (GSM + GSM) connectivity option that allows you to easily switch between your work and personal life. Camera The phone comes with a 1.3 MP primary camera that allows you to capture quality images and videos. Connectivity This phone is WAP- and GPRS-enabled, so surf the net in high speed and stay connected to your social circles all day long. You can transfer data to other phones using its Bluetooth connectivity as well. Storage Options The phone offers a phone book memory of up to 500 contacts and an SMS memory of up to 200 messages. You also have a call memory option and an expandable memory option (microSD, up to 8 GB). Battery The phone's powerful 1000 mAh battery offers a long battery life. 
Karbonn K110i(White and Red) : Rs838.0
Lava KKT 27 Plus(Silver) : Rs1314.0
MTS Rockstar M143(Black) : Rs1390.0
Forme S11(Black) : Rs890.0
Forme S60(Black & Gold) : Rs930.0
Camerii Ginger (Golden, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3449.0
Panasonic ELUGA I2 4G (METALIC GOLD, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6799.0
Karbonn Titanium S109 (Golden, 512 MB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3780.0
Nuvo Flash(Black, White) : Rs858.0
Nuvo Flash(White) : Rs855.0
Forme Find7 (White, 512 MB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3499.0
Forme Find7 (iron gray, 512 MB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3499.0
XOLO One (Gold, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6599.0
Ginger Monix Android G310 Kingfisher By Camerii (Black, 512 MB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3299.0
Micromax X707(Grey) : Rs1245.0
Celkon C-349(Black & Red) : Rs904.0
Forme Teddy T2(Grey) : Rs699.0
Zen dual sim(White) : Rs1149.0
Forme Fantasy F10(Black) : Rs799.0
Diyi Xpect400 (Blue, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3199.0
Cheers Sleek 16(Black) : Rs649.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy J1 Ace (Blue, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs6345.0
Karbonn K1 Rock(Blue and Silver) : Rs950.0
Forme Surprise P10 (White, 4 GB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2199.0
Forme S11(Tarnish Black) : Rs895.0
Seniorworld Easyfone(Black) : Rs3375.0
> Large display screen & big talking keypad> Photo Dialing - Single key dialing for 8 contacts> SOS (Emergency help) button - Single key press sets off calls, SMS & siren for immediate help.> Cradle charger for extremely easy charging> Loud, clear & perfectly audible voice quality, even on hands-free> Side button for torch & unlocking keypad
MTS Dual CG 141(Black) : Rs2299.0
Karbonn K2 Star(Black and Red) : Rs813.0
Forme Hope H1(Black Champagne) : Rs1069.0
A&K Bar Phone A 3(Black, Yellow) : Rs649.0
Dual Sim Mobile Phone With Very Good Ear Phone 3.5 MM Jack With Good Battery
Zen Ultrafone 303 Power (Black, 512 MB) : Rs3099.0
Videocon infinium quad (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3800.0
Forme F10(Black & Red) : Rs859.0
Intex Cloud Swift (Gray, 16 GB)(3 GB RAM) : Rs7299.0
Lava X3 (White & Gold, 8 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6499.0
Micromax Bolt A62 (White, 202 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs3807.0
Spice Boss Power M-5510(Black & Grey) : Rs1199.0
Yxtel K008(Green) : Rs1349.0
Mobell Mobell M560(Brown) : Rs1699.0
Forme C3520(32 MB RAM) : Rs1295.0
Micromax Bolt A064 (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3561.0
OPPO Neo 5 (White, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6590.0
Camerii CM47Golden-Ginger Android (Golden, 256 MB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs2569.0
T-Max Innocent i452(512 MB RAM) : Rs2398.0
Forme T4(Silver) : Rs699.0
Forme F8Plus(Silver) : Rs747.0
Micromax Canvas 2 Colors A120 (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs8800.0
Intex aqua (Grey, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs1999.0
Domo nTice Quad 1 - Ghost (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7990.0
LG K10 (Black Blue, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs10799.0
Ginger Monix Android G310 Red Bull By Camerii (Blue, 512 MB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3200.0
Forme K09(Iron Grey+Red) : Rs699.0
Forme Inspire V8(Coffee) : Rs1499.0
Forme M600(Red) : Rs999.0
Micromax C205(Black) : Rs1699.0
Rocktel W9(White, Blue) : Rs599.0
Panasonic gd(Grey) : Rs2099.0
Intex DREAM(Grey) : Rs1495.0
Lenovo A850 (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs9999.0
Karbonn Titanium S9 Lite (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3999.0
InFocus Bingo 10 (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3499.0
With a stylish bezel with ridges, this InFocus budget phone is designed for the rockstar in you. The phone has a good performance with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  Taking pictures is going to be fun with the 5MP front and back camera with dual flash. The phone has a 11.3cm screen that lets you watch videos and movies clearly.
Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs10599.0
A phone that is more a creative companion than just a smartphone, the Micromax Canvas Doodle brings out the child in you, letting you experiment without compromising on your productivity. Scribble, sketch, doodle & draw With the Micromax Canvas Doodle A111 and the expression stylus that comes with it, you can scribble down random notes or take down pointers. You can also make funny sketches and draw random doodles, thoughts and ideas, allowing the artist in you to find a new canvas for expressing yourself. Doodle away       The phone comes armed with Evernote apps that allow you to capture varied elements like text, webpages, screenshots and audio and doodle on them to make notes or pointers. You can also sync and share your data with the service and communicate more effectively and appealingly with the doodles. Feel the speed With a powerful processor that is backed by 512 MB of RAM, the phone that runs on Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) allows you to operate seamlessly and launch multiple apps simultaneously without any lag or hang. You can also play games effectively with this phone that is built for an immersive experience. Capture with clarity Turn your phone into a device that recounts the best moments of your life with the 8 megapixel primary camera that comes with autofocus and an LED flash for low-light conditions. The 2 megapixel secondary camera in the front ensures that you have the best self-portraits and puts a nice non-grainy face to all your video chats. Connect to the world The Micromax Canvas Doodle comes armed with connectivity options galore that meet every need of yours. You can use the USB 2.0 on the phone to transfer files and media easily while the Bluetooth ensures that you can exchange anything you want with your friends. With 3G and Wi-Fi support, the phone also ensures that you have the best possible browsing speeds when you hook up to the internet.
Forme Forever (Pink, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2148.0
Forme Q600(Silver and Black) : Rs845.0
Forme F105(White, Red) : Rs715.0
Forme C1Plus(Blue) : Rs645.0
If you’re on the lookout for a feature phone that comes with simple features and can also be a good backup phone, then look no further than this C1Plus from Forme. Display This phone comes with a 3.81cm TFT screen that lets you enjoy viewing pictures in good clarity. It also comes with an alphanumeric keypad that makes typing messages easy. Primary Camera This mobile phone comes with a primary camera so you don’t miss out on all those precious moments that are worth capturing. Storage Capacity With an internal memory of 32 MB which can be expanded up to 16 GB with a microSD card, this phone lets you store all your favourite pictures and songs. Enjoy Listening to Songs This phone comes with a music player, so you can store songs of your choice and enjoy listening to them while travelling. It also comes with FM radio, so you tune into your favourite radio station. Battery Capacity With a 1250 mAh battery, this mobile phone when fully charged gives a standby time for long hours.  Bluetooth and USB Connectivity With the help of Bluetooth connectivity option, this phone lets you transfer or receive files from other devices. It also has a mini USB port, so you can easily transfer files to or from your PC. Torch Light This mobile phone comes with an LED torch which will come very handy when you’re trying to find a lost key in your garden area or in your bag.
Forme C1Plus(Black) : Rs629.0
Forme K08(Black) : Rs747.0
The Forme K08 is super slim and small phone, it support Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) compatibility,which can help u keep your personal and professional life separate from each other and make the most of every moment. This gives you an advantage of using two networks in one handset.The device supports the 2G network and comes with an alphanumeric keypad under the screen. The handset comes with primary camera support so that the user does not miss out on moments that are worth capturing. The Forme K08 is powered by 800 mAh battery.The phone has an embedded memory of 32 MB which can be further expanded up to 16 GB using microSD cards. The Forme K08 is equipped with a music player, which lets you store music of choice and enjoy listening to them. Play the song you love on the music player and never miss your favorite music again.The FM radio in the handset allows you tune into your favourite stations. The embedded games keep the game enthusiast engaged at their leisure hours. The bar phone allows you to access Internet through GPRS. The preinstalled browser lets to browse through various web pages on the handset itself. You can share files through connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB port. The Conference call option lets you have group conversation with your friends. The USB port also helps in PC synchronisations so that you can create a backup of the stored files in the handset. Other basic features like wallpaper download, mms,STK,predictive text, calculator, alarm clock,Bluetooth,organizer, are found in the Forme K08.
Xillion A102 Black(Black) : Rs899.0
Hitech Yuva Y1(Blue_Black) : Rs799.0
Hitech Yuva presents Y1 with 1000 mAh battery capacity, 32 MB internal memory, 0.3 Megapixel Primary camera, Dual SIM ,FM with recording,Bluetooth
Spice Power S-580 with Power Share(Grey Black) : Rs1485.0
Intex Killer3(white&grey) : Rs1199.0
Apple iPhone 6 (Silver, 64 GB) : Rs43999.0
A&K A8(Green) : Rs644.0
Good Design New Model Value For Money
A&K A10(Black and Green) : Rs644.0
SAMSUNG GT 1200 R/I/M(Black) : Rs1349.0
Micromax Canvas Selfie Lens Q345 (Grey, 1 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4999.0
ZOPO ZOPO COLOR S5.5 White (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7999.0
Lava C180(Black) : Rs1499.0
Micromax X084 Black,Red (Black, Red, 40 MB)(56 MB RAM) : Rs1249.0
RAGE 35 GN (Black, 512 MB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2895.0
Vell Com V07W(White) : Rs780.0
Lenovo A369i (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3537.0
Micromax Canvas Pep (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3490.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy S Duos 2 (Black, 4 GB)(717 MB RAM) : Rs6386.0
Xccess GEMPlus X100(Black) : Rs999.0
Intex Intex Aqua Life 2 (White, Orange, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4319.0
Trio Mini Curve(Black, Grey) : Rs1099.0
Lava KKT 27s(Grey) : Rs1499.0
ZOPO ZOPO COLOR S5.5 Green (Green, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs10670.0
Vox V5600 (Black, 256 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2999.0
Forme F510(Black and Blue) : Rs720.0
Forme Cute C1(Blue) : Rs765.0
Chilli B39(Gold) : Rs1250.0
XOLO Cube (Gold, 8 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs7999.0
SAMSUNG Sm-G361Hhadins (Charcoal Gray, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7849.0
iBall Andi 4.5M Enigma (Special Wine, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6998.0
Intex Aqua Speed (Coffee, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs7549.0
Xccess X499 Gem B(Black) : Rs749.0
Lava A82 (White/WHITEM, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3749.0
Lava KKT Connect Plus(Black & Red) : Rs1219.0
Karbonn K715(Black) : Rs1450.0
Forme Venus2 (Black, 128 MB)(64 MB RAM) : Rs1599.0
Micromax X103i(White) : Rs977.0
Melbon Dude 02(Black) : Rs570.0
Melbon Dude 02(Yellow) : Rs572.0
Karbonn A202 (White, Silver, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2500.0
SAMSUNG Guru FM Plus(Dark Blue) : Rs1475.0
Forme F510(Black + Red) : Rs720.0
Forme Hope H1(Black) : Rs1025.0
Forme M20(Red & Silver) : Rs1099.0
T-Max Butterfly (Navy & Grey, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs1999.0
Cheers Smart Turbo (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3199.0
XOLO A500S IPS (Red, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs5543.0
Xccess Pulse (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2499.0
Ziox ZX(BLACK SILVER) : Rs898.0
Infix N-4 Dual Sim Multimedia 2.4 Inches(Blue) : Rs650.0
Forme M80(Red) : Rs999.0
Intex Aqua Young (Champagne, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4399.0
BSNL Penta Bharat Phone PF100(Red & Black) : Rs799.0
Forme W350 (Blue) : Rs1245.0
Forme C3520(32 MB RAM) : Rs1295.0
Forme Love One(Coffe) : Rs788.0
Forme Teddy(Black) : Rs747.0
Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 (Blue, 8 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs12490.0
Videocon V1DD7(Black) : Rs850.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy On5 (Black, 8 GB)(1.5 GB RAM) : Rs8990.0
Microsoft Lumia 540 (Black, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7900.0
If you have been looking for a smartphone that won’t let you enjoy the perks of just a phone, but much more, then you are in the right place, for this Microsoft Lumia 540 is designed to cater to your tech-savvy needs. Operating System The Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim operating system enables you to personalise the start screen with the help of live folders, and experience an optimised glance screen function, along with an improved camera. It also enhances your browsing experience to make it faster and smoother. Processor The Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core processor helps you navigate better, and paves the way for easy operations. Display The 12.7 cm (5 inches) HD display is easy to clean, has capacitive multipoint-touch, tactile feedback, brightness control, orientation sensor, and Lumia Color Profile to see everything on the screen clearly. Storage The internal memory up to 8 GB, and microSD card storage space up to 128 GB make storing your favourite songs, videos, pictures, and important documents a convenient affair. Battery This dual SIM phone has a replaceable battery capacity of 2200 mAh, which can last for hours. Camera The 8 MP primary camera, and 5 MP front-facing camera, along with flash give you enough reason to capture your favourite moments, video call your best friend, and click selfies. Some of the features that the camera includes are auto and manual white balance, backside-illuminated image sensor, and automatic photo upload to OneDrive.
Forme Mini 5130(Black) : Rs799.0
Forme Hero(White) : Rs737.0
RAGE Regal(White) : Rs899.0
Forme D8(Black) : Rs699.0
Key Features : GPRS Enabled, 1.8-inch TFT Screen, Expandable Storage Capacity of 8 GB, LED Powerful Torch, Dual SIM (GSM + GSM). Super Business Battery. D8 is a reliable phone with Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) compatibility. This gives you an advantage of using two networks in one handset. The device supports the 2G network and comes with an alphanumeric keypad under the screen. The handset comes with primary camera support so that the user does not miss out on moments that are worth capturing. Battery and Storage. The D8 is powered by 1400 mAh battery. When fully charged, the phone provides a standby time up to 250 hours. The phone has an embedded memory of 32 MB which can be further expanded up to 8 GB using microSD cards. Multimedia, The D8 support what's up function,u can communicate with ur friends easily at same time save ur sim card balance for chating. is also equipped with a music player, which lets you store music of choice and enjoy listening to them. You can play music tracks with MP3, AMR, WAV and MID formats. The FM radio in the handset allows you tune into your favourite stations. The embedded games keep the game enthusiast engaged at their leisure hours. Connectivity and Features : The bar phone allows you to access Internet through GPRS. The preinstalled browser lets to browse through various web pages on the handset itself. You can share files through connectivity options like Bluetooth and USB port.Keeping press up key for a while,the LED Torch light becomes handy for users in dark. The USB port also helps in PC synchronisations so that you can create a backup of the stored files in the handset. Other basic features like wallpaper download, mms, STK, predictive text, calculator, alarm clock,organizer, are found in the D8.
Karbonn K36 Star(Black and Red) : Rs874.0
Blu Studio G HD (Gold, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3499.0
Meet BLU Studio G HD - the smartphone that will take your mobile experience to new heights. With a gorgeous metal finish front frame and huge HD screen, this BLU smartphone strikes the perfect balance between technology and design.
Celkon Charm Grand(Black & Gold) : Rs1449.0
Micromax X070(Grey) : Rs889.0
OPPO Neo 7 4G (White, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs8490.0
Lava Iris 406Q (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4603.0
Sony Xperia E1 (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs4725.0
Videocon VS Mate(Black+Silver) : Rs1799.0
Nokia 130 DS(Black) : Rs1740.0
As enabling as smartphones are, they can be confusing to use too. Many people still prefer the homely comfort of feature phones. If you are one of those people then switch on to the Nokia 130. Loaded with features such as an FM radio, a bright flashlight, a 4.54 cm LCD transmissive screen, and a sturdy body that keeps its color even when scratched, this dual-sim feature phone is always ready for action. Music makes work more enjoyable Featuring up to 46 hours of playback time and an expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB, this phone lets you play your favourite tracks all day long. So put on your headphones and keep enjoying your favourite music. Watch more video The 1020mAh battery of this phone offers you up to 16 hours of video playback on a single charge. So add as many videos and clips as you want to your mobile’s SD card and enjoy your favourite videos on-the-go. Share as much as you want Sharing your files with the Nokia 130 is fast and fun. Whether you want to use the Bluetooth or the microUSB cable, this phone lets you share videos, contacts and more with ease.
Intex Aqua Power HD (Grey, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6999.0
Philips Candy Bar(Black) : Rs1399.0
Hyve Storm (Mystic Grey, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6250.0
This phone is built with stock Android and comes with more RAM to help you multitask and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. And, you get quicker updates. The phone has a 2000mAh TrueLife battery that lets you enjoy a talktime of 14 hours. With a quad core processor, the phone has an excellent performance.
Panasonic GD22 white(White) : Rs1799.0
Karbonn K1 Rock(White and Silver) : Rs812.0
Intex Cloud Glory 4G (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3999.0
The juiciest celebrity gossip, updates on current affairs, trends, games, and everything virtual, make sure that you’re always ahead of the game, with the Intex Cloud Glory 4G experience. Enabled to energise you to enjoy online streaming at a fast pace, this sleek and glorious phone redefines style.
Karbonn Titanium High 2 S203 Dual Sim - Black and Blue (Black, 8 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3499.0
Chilli B39(Silver) : Rs1280.0
Intex Leo(Black) : Rs1250.0
Forme P6 (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3999.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy Pop (Grey, 160 MB) : Rs7460.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 (Silver Titanium, 32 GB)(4 GB RAM) : Rs43400.0
I Kall K35(Black) : Rs799.0
Kenxinda A6 (Black, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4299.0
Ikall K37(White) : Rs739.0
Forme D555+(Red) : Rs1045.0
Apple iPhone 5C (Pink, 32 GB) : Rs49687.0
UNI Triple Sim Touch Screen Feature Phone With 5 Mp Rotating Camera -B (Black, 128 MB)(64 MB RAM) : Rs1999.0
Forme F520 (Yellow, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2099.0
Forme Sunny S60(White & Blue) : Rs930.0
Lenovo S850 (Pink, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs9712.0
Camerii CM46Green-Ginger Android (Green, 256 MB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs2569.0
iBall Andi 4-B20 (White Gold, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2499.0
Karbonn A18Plus (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs5980.0
Karbonn Titanium S3 (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4299.0
Forme F530 : Rs737.0
T-Max M1+ (White, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2599.0
Aqua Neo(Black, Blue) : Rs799.0
Mobi Store Spark(White and Blue) : Rs599.0
I Kall K14(Black) : Rs598.0
Forme Heart Candy(Pink) : Rs1395.0
Forme Summer S700(White) : Rs1395.0
Forme D9 Black(Black) : Rs699.0
Spice Dream-UNO-Mi-498 (Black, 4 GB) : Rs5300.0
Forme M660(Red) : Rs999.0
Forme D20(Black) : Rs849.0
Key Feature: Powerbank support Dual Sim FM Radio Multinational Language. The Forme D20 barphone contains multiple useful features within a small frame. Real big battery not only support long stand by time also can use as powerbank charge ur smart phone or any other electronic products .
Vox Kick K3 : Rs1999.0
T-Max Innocent i452(512 MB RAM) : Rs2398.0
RAGE Nano n(32 MB RAM) : Rs799.0
Mi Max (Gold, 32 GB)(3 GB RAM) : Rs14999.0
The Xiaomi Mi Max brings to you a large display in a surprisingly slim and lightweight body. When you combine this with a long-lasting battery, Snapdragon processor, 16MP PDAF camera and fingerprint recognition, this smartphone becomes too attractive to resist. If you thought it couldn’t get better with this phone, then you’re wrong. Use this smartphone as a remote to control your TV, fridge, air conditioner or other remote-controlled appliances.
UNI N603(Black) : Rs799.0
Chilli B39(Black) : Rs1255.0
HTC Desire 820G+ (Milkyway Grey, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs19000.0
A&K A222(Red & White) : Rs639.0
A&K A111(Silver & Black) : Rs639.0
Infix N5(Black & Red) : Rs580.0
Forme L6(Blue) : Rs899.0
Forme L6(Red) : Rs899.0
Forme Gorilla(Red) : Rs999.0
Forme L5(Red) : Rs899.0
Forme L5(White) : Rs899.0
Forme Gorilla(Blue) : Rs999.0
HTC Desire 826 DS (Purple Fire, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs24752.0
Videocon Dost V1BB (V1390+)(Black & Red) : Rs870.0
SAMSUNG Corby Plus(Deep Red) : Rs7900.0
Lava X38 (2GB) (Blue, 8 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs7299.0
Lava KKT Star 2(Black, Blue) : Rs1359.0
Sansui A11(Black & Blue) : Rs1649.0
Sansui S50 (Black & Gold, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4899.0
Nikcron N209 New(Black & Blue) : Rs999.0
Josh MINT(White & Green) : Rs749.0
Josh Bullet(Black) : Rs899.0
Intex Cloud Jewel (Champagne, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6999.0
Reach Allure 1 (Gold, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs2999.0
Onida I407 (white+silver, 512 MB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3099.0
Zen Cinemax 2 Plus (Black, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs3999.0
Callbar C63(Green & Black) : Rs679.0
Forme W1+(White) : Rs999.0
Kara Diamond (Mini Phone Cum Bluetooth Headset)(White) : Rs1385.0
Melbon MB 877(Red) : Rs572.0
Josh Turbo(Whit & Blue) : Rs899.0
Mido D15(Black & Red) : Rs599.0
I Kall K55 with MP3/FM Player Neckband(Black & Red) : Rs899.0
Gfive Z15(Black & Grey) : Rs849.0
Google Pixel XL (Very Silver, 32 GB)(4 GB RAM) : Rs67000.0
Rocktel W15(Black & Red) : Rs599.0
Zen Z14 Flaunt(Rose Gold) : Rs1187.0
I Kall K14 with MP3/FM Player Neckband(Black & White) : Rs725.0
I Kall K99 with MP3/FM Player Neckband(Red & Black) : Rs695.0
Xccess X490(Black) : Rs749.0
Forme W1+(Champange Gold) : Rs999.0
Reach Allure Speed (Cherry Red, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs5590.0
Reach Cogent n+ (Black, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs2222.0
XOLO Q600 Club (Black, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3999.0
Intex Cloud Power Plus (White & Champagne, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs7999.0
Lava Spark 284(Champagne & Black) : Rs1479.0
Karbonn K90 Mashaal(Black & Champagne) : Rs1349.0
Lava KKT Ultra+ Union(Black & Grey) : Rs1259.0
XOLO One (Black, 16 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4299.0
Apple iPhone 6 (Space Grey, 64 GB) : Rs62000.0
Store more and enjoy more, without using as much storage space with the Apple iPhone 6. FaceTime your friends, create playlist for different moods, listen to podcasts, and enjoy a smarter Siri and countless updated apps on its advanced operating system.
Karbonn K-Phone 1(Black Brown) : Rs1411.0
Karbonn Quattro L52 VR (Champagne & White, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6499.0
Lava Iris X8 (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs7548.0
SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 Neo (Pebble Blue, 16 GB)(1.5 GB RAM) : Rs11990.0
Zen Admire Curve 4 GB with Free Back Cover (Champagne Gold, 4 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs2379.0
RAGE Silk_Blue(Black) : Rs899.0
Forme K11(Black) : Rs699.0
I Kall K11 with MP3/FM Player Neckband(Black & Blue) : Rs695.0
SAMSUNG Star Duos(Black) : Rs12300.0
Lava Iris Fuel F1 (White, 8 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs6449.0
Intex Cloud M6 (Black, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs5998.0
Lenovo S920 (White, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs13198.0
Nokia XL (Bright Yellow, 4 GB)(768 MB RAM) : Rs10183.0
Salora KT 24 Plus Sport(Black & Red) : Rs1099.0
Lava X28 (Black Grey, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6379.0
Lava ARC 22(Black) : Rs1212.0
Aeku Mini C6(White) : Rs1622.0
A&K 444(Yellow) : Rs1389.0
Intex Eco Sport(Black) : Rs939.0
Panasonic Eluga L 4G (Radiant Blue, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs5994.0
Intex Eco 105(Black) : Rs795.0
Despite the technologically-advanced smartphones that are popular these days, some people still like the traditional idea of using a basic phone. And if you happen to be one of them, then this Intex ECO 105 feature phone will be worth the buy. Display This phone features a display of 4.5 cm, which is big enough to help you operate it easily. Battery Duration The 800 mAh battery of this phone offers 6-7 hours of talktime, and 180-200 hours of standby time. Storage If you think the internal memory of 20 KB is not enough, then you will be happy to know that this phone also offers you the option of a microSD card slot expandable up to 32 GB to store a lot of files. Connectivity Whether you want to connect this dual SIM phone to other mobiles, or a PC, you can do both with its Bluetooth and USB options. Additional Features Some of the other features that this phone includes are mobile tracker, torch light, auto call record, pre-loaded games, and language support.
Lava Iris X1 Atom (White & Silver, 8 GB)(512 MB RAM) : Rs3783.0
Lava Iris 404Q (Black, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs4378.0
Gionee S96(Black) : Rs3149.0
A&K A 222(Black & Green) : Rs630.0
Micromax X081(White) : Rs1017.0
Karbonn A108 Plus (Black, 512 MB)(256 MB RAM) : Rs2222.0
Micromax Canvas Duet AE90 (Black, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs8249.0
Sansui Z15(Black and Blue) : Rs999.0
Micromax Canvas Elanza A93 (Black, 4 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6799.0
Karbonn Titanimum S205 (5.1 (Lollipop),16GB Internal memory,2GB Ram & Dragontrail Scratch Resistant glass) (White+Golden, 16 GB)(2 GB RAM) : Rs5399.0
Forme M9(Black) : Rs850.0
Forme M60(Red) : Rs1045.0
Diyi D1(Black,Red) : Rs1099.0
Karbonn Aura 9 (White, 8 GB)(1 GB RAM) : Rs6100.0
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