Semen Fructose Estimation in Bulls and Man
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Semen Fructose Estimation in Fertility Clinics For Bulls and Men
By Dr K Chaudhry
FIRST Author of Jaypee Brothers
Developer & Maker of Stable Indole 3-Acetic acid Reagent

References :-
Dr Harsh Vardhan
Advisor, World Health Organisation
Union Minister of Science & Technology
Dr SC Chopra
Former Director CIRB and 
PDR Cattle at ICAR
Dr DN Rao
Professor & Head
Department of Biochemistry
AIIMS, New Delhi

Semen Fructose Estimation Kit
For colorimetric determination of fructose in semen

Fructose in presence of hydrochloric acid, forms a pink coloured complex with indole-3-acetic acid. The complex has maximum absorbance at 500-530 nm.

Reagents supplied
Fructose Reagent: Indole-3-acetic acid 10 ml R.T. 1 year
Standard : 200 mg/dl 5 ml R.T. 1 year

Extra Reagent Required : Hydrochloric acid LR / AR / GR

After first use, the reagent and the standard should be stored in refrigerator.
1. Pour over 0.005 ml sample, 5 ml Hydrochloric acid.
2. Add 0.1 ml Fructose Reagent. Mix by inversion.
3. Incubate at 50?C for exact 50 minutes.
4. Cool and read absorbance against water adjusted to zero with bluish green filter (500-530 nm).

For standard, take 0.005 ml standard in place of sample in step 1. For blank, omit sample/standard addition. Proceed further with both tubes as with the test.

The quantity of sample/standard may be adjusted to get standard reading within acceptable range, 0.30-0.60.

In case micropipette is not available, the sample and standard may be diluted 1:20 with deionised water and 0.1 ml measured in place of 0.05 ml.


                    Abs test - Abs blank
Fructose = -------------------------------- x 200 mg/dl
                    Abs std - Abs blank

Diagnostic significance

1. Fructose level in normal semen is over 200 mg/dl at 30 minutes after ejaculation. Fructose is utilised rapidly during sperm activity and fructose level drops by over 40% at 4 hours after ejaculation.

In FRUCTOSE DROP TEST, fructose level is determined at 30 minutes and at 4 hours after ejaculation. The result is reported as % drop from the first level.

Fructose level in semen with dead sperms is 150-250 mg/dl and may show a little drop over time.

2. Absence of both fructose and spermatozoa in the semen indicates obstruction distal to the ejaculatory duct. These findings may be used to confirm vasectomy operation.

3 Reappearance of fructose in semen is used to assess the success of recanalization operation.

Other uses
1. Urine fructose estimation.
2. Urine inulin estimation in inulin tolerance test. Inulin is hydrolysed into glucose and fructose in the procedure itself.
3. Fructose estimation in sugar industry. Here also sucrose is hydrolysed into glucose and fructose in the procedure itself.

Packing                 20 test kit

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