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Patrick French 
on pages 348-350
India : A Portrait
by Patrick French
(Hard cover)
Alfred ISBN 9780307272430
Rs410 including Courier charges
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+91-9810570740, 9810571993
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Dr Aggarwal's
Eye Clinic
Center for Eye Microsurgery
Dr Rakesh Aggarwal
MBBS, MS (Ophth), FRCS (Glasg)
F-17, Moti Nagar, New Delhi-110015
Tel: 011-25462686 Mob:9811069069


Feature Book
Agni Ki Udan
by APJ Abdul Kalam
Prabhat Prakashan ISBN
Price: Rs165
Including Courier Charges
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+91-9810570740, 9810571993
Feature Book
Only The Paranoids Survive
by Andrew S Grove
Hachette ISBN
Price: Rs322
Including Courier Charges
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1118 Apress products in 12 pages
Pro .NET 2.0 Graphics Programming - Apress : Apr39.99
*Adheres closely to original style/approach that made this book a best-seller in its previous incarnation *Functions as a practical guide for a business audience *Case-study contains the fully working source code to a real commercial product
PHP 5 Recipes - Apress : Apr34.99
* The only PHP cook book available that is completely up-to-date for PHP 5 which includes teaching material for PHP 5 object-oriented features * Complete code provided to solve all common problems PHP developers will come across in day-to-day work as well as using built in PHP functionality * Works well as a learn-by-example teaching book, as well as a quick solutions book
Expert Oracle Database Architecture - Apress : Apr39.99
* Based on a proven best-seller and written by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world and f * Fully revised book, covering bothfor the 9i and 10g versions of the database * Based on what is widely-recognized as the best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and why it is so powerful * Inspired by the thousands of questions Tom has answered on his site. It defines what Oracle really is, and why it is so powerful It and it tackles the problems that developers and DBAs struggle with every day
Agile Development with ICONIX Process - Apress : Apr44.99
*Describes an agile process that works on large projects *Ideal for hurried developers who want to develop software in teams *Incorporates real-life C#/.NET web project; can compare this with cases in book
Flash 8 Essentials - Apress : Apr29.99
* Potentially huge market – Flash has a huge user base worldwide, and the new version is going to be one of the most exciting yet. * Allows users of previous Flash versions to get up to date asap with the new features of Flash X. * Written by some of the most popular community figures in the Flash community.
Advanced SharePoint Services Solutions - Apress : Apr44.99
*Practical examples can be used immediately. *Hands-on exercises. *Short, task-based procedures for solving common problems.
ASP.NET 1.1 Solutions Toolkit - Apress : Apr34.99
*Includes 15 controls (programs) covering a wide range of situations; provides both a working coded solution to their problem as well as the thinking behind it *Controls can be ‘cut and pasted’ or used as templates for readers to build their own controls
Pro Perl - Apress : Apr44.99
*Condensed, readable style; delivers tremendous value in just one book. This book offers *THE resource for focused and pragmatic industrial solutions in Perl, while the competing *best-sellers are older, quirkier and shallower treatments of Perl. *Thorough discussion of Perl—from installations to applications development; ideal for working Perl programmers in 2005. *Wainwright is a respected Perl expert and author of industry-respected Pro Apache title.
Pro Perl Debugging - Apress : Apr44.99
*Surpasses archaic debugging practices. *Introduces advanced debugger topics such as customization, optimization and extension. *Serves as a valuable resource for developing and deploying rock-solid Perl applications. *There is no direct competition for an advanced and comprehensive debugging book.
Beginning VB .NET 1.1 Databases - Apress : Apr39.99
* Written by best selling author Peter Wright, and marks a return to his best form as he writes with a mission again. ‘Beginning VB6’ by Peter Wright sold circa 100k copies, and he followed up with Beginning VB6 Objects which sold circa 30k copies on a more niche topic. * A personal journey with an expert in VB.NET database programming, this is a book that stands out from the crowd. * A complete tutorial involving the reader in all the key areas of VB.NET database programming that they need to progress their skill set in VB.NET. * All the skills are covered that a novice programmer will need to meet the database programming challenges they may meet in their programming career. * 2 months free subscription to ASP.Today for readers of this title.
The Definitive Guide to Java Swing - Apress : Apr44.99
Fully updated for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 5.0, the third edition of this praised book is a one-stop resource for serious Java developers. This book shows you the parts of Java Swing API that you will use daily to create graphical user interfaces (GUI). You will also learn about the Model-View-Controller architecture that lies behind all Swing components, and about customizing components for specific environments. Author John Zukowski also provides custom editors and renderers for use with tables, trees, and list components. Youll encounter an overview of Swing architecture, and learn about core Swing components, toggelable components, event handling with the Swing Component Set, Swing menus and toolbars, borders, pop-ups, choosers, and more.
Regular Expression Recipes for Windows Developers - Apress : Apr29.99
* Only book dealing with regular expressions for Windows developers in a concise manner * Teaches beginners by example, without bogging them down in syntactical explanations; also an ideal reference for experienced developers/ programmers * Covers all of the major Windows development languages
Shell Scripting Recipes - Apress : Apr29.99
*Author is active and well-known within the community *Comprehensive and example-driven, for faster completion of administration tasks *Scripts are POSIX-compliant; supported by all mainstream shells *All examples contain the problem, the solution, and the code needed to implement the solution.
Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL - Apress : Apr34.99
*The most updated PostgreSQL book on the market, covering version 8.0 *Highlights the most popular PostgreSQL APIs, including C, Perl, PHP, and Java *This is two books in one; it simultaneously covers key relational database design principles, while teaching PostgreSQL
Open Source Messaging Application Development - Apress : Apr29.99
*Author is the maintainer of Gaim; and provides excellent insight into the application *Practice building and extending Gaim, while learning GTK toolkit and network protocols *Tutorials are based on OS Gaim project: the #1 Sourceforge project out of 86,116 present on Sourceforge *In one 7 day period (from 8/23/04-8/30/04), it was downloaded nearly 55,000 times. Typing gaim into google brings up over 900,000 hits
Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005 - Apress : Apr34.99
*Code-base rewritten from previous version, to demonstrate ASP.NET 2.0 functionality; updated features also included *Example code is flexible, to fit each reader’s needs *Each chapter—not just the latter ones—builds a new feature of the functional e-commerce website; keeps reader excited *Final website is fully operational and ready for immediate use to sell goods and take money.
Dynamics AX - Apress : Apr69.99
* Covers the A-to-Z of Axapta in 300 pages * Author is the world’s leading Axapta expert * Provides essential guidance to a fast-growing community currently deprived of suitable documentation and training
Painless Project Management with FogBugz - Apress : Apr34.99
* The official book about FogBUGZ * Includes forward by Joel Spolsky * Will receive prominent mention on www.joelonsoftware
Pro Apache Beehive - Apress : Apr29.99
* Pro Apache Beehive should be the first and only book on Apache Beehive including its Eclipse Pollinate plug-in at the time it is published. * Covers this much anticipated open source SOA-driven J2EE alternative framework, originally created by BEA and later contributed to Apache. * In-depth, hands-on coverage including Comparison between PageFlows in Workshop to the Standard.
Pro Service-Oriented Smart Clients with .NET 2.0 - Apress : Apr34.99
* Offers a unique blend of theory and examples. * The first book covering service orientation with smart clients. * Only book brave enough to tackle the challenges surrounding testing agility in smart clients. * Gives practical case studies to re-enforce theory. * Introduces the concept of smart agents.
DOM Scripting - Apress : Apr24.99
* Most JavaScript books are very long-winded, boring, and developer-oriented – this one provides a quick and easy reference for those who are not code experts, but want to quickly learn and take advantage of JavaScript/DOM to add cool functionality to their web sites. * Shows readers how to build several real world projects. * All examples are fiercely standards compliant and up-to-date.
Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Using .NET 2.0 Patterns - Apress : Apr34.99
* Includes coverage on .NET Generics, .NET 2.0. and coverage of both Open Source and Closed Source libraries and applications. *Based on C# code examples that work on multiple platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows, etc). * Focuses on solving problems in short and easy to digest segments.
The Definitive Guide to Building Java Robots - Apress : Apr54.99
* With this book readers might well be able to build the next Mars Rover. * First book out on Java robotics. * The biggest selling point about this book is that no one else shows readers how to combine the power of their PC with a robust programming language in Java to create exciting robotics. * The book is a great teaching aid (in robotics or software) that establishes a new paradigm for thinking about robotics along with simpler ways to do things, i.e., vs. the old way using microcontrollers.
Foundation ASP.NET for Flash - Apress : Apr29.99
* No other book covers how to integrate Flash and ASP.NET, except the old friends of ED Flash book. Yet there is much demand for information on how to integrate Flash with dynamic server-side functionality. * Covers the latest versions of Flash and ASP.NET (2.0). * Written so that Flash and ASP.NET users can learn equally well from the book. * Includes several fully working example applications.
Running IPv6 - Apress : Apr44.99
* Covers IPv6 on Windows XP, MacOS X, FreeBSD, and Linux. * It is on the cusp of the next Internet breakthrough. Network administrators will have to accommodate this technology eventually; this book will help them become more proficient. * IPv6 is gaining popularity, even the US government is starting to adopt it.
Beginning Python - Apress : Apr34.99
* Totaling 900 pages and covering all of the topics important to new and intermediate users, Beginning Python is intended to be the most comprehensive book on the Python ever written. * The 15 sample projects in Beginning Python are attractive to novice programmers interested in learning by creating applications of timely interest, such as a P2P file-sharing application, Web-based bulletin-board, and an arcade game similar to the classic Space Invaders. * The author Magnus Lie Hetland, PhD, is author of Apress’ well-received 2002 title, Practical Python, ISBN: 1-59059-006-6. He’s also author of the popular online guide, Instant Python Hacking (, from which both Practical Python and Beginning Python are based.
JDBC Recipes - Apress : Apr64.99
* The only standard size JDBC cookbook in market with clear specification of problems and ready-to-be-used working code solutions (in a cut-and-paste fashion) that work for at least two leading databases such as MySQL and Oracle. • Most existing JDBC-related books provide only generic solutions, which might not work on any vendor’s database. This book shows the importance of vendor factor for solving JDBC problems. • Complete coverage of database and result set metadata (which is missing from most JDBC books).
Pro ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming - Apress : Apr39.99
* Pro ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming shows how to provide users and customers with ASP.NET 2.0 websites that are easy-to-use, perform well, and secure. * This book clearly explains how to handle all of the common website tasks effortlessly: including logging in, displaying important customer information, querying data, reporting. and security. * With this book, readers will learn ASP.NET 2.0 and how to apply it to solve real business problems.
Beginning Excel What-If Data Analysis Tools - Apress : Apr34.99
* The only book on the market dedicated to the What-If functions and tools built into Excel, which are key to many business analysis scenarios. * Focused and to the point – where other Excel books force the reader to wade through 100’s of pages of related information and commit hours of reading, this book gets straight to the topic of teaching the reader about What-If scenario tools in Excel. * Offers the deepest tutorial treatment of the Solver add-in, the Goal Seeker and the other What-If scenario analysis tools, in a practical, hands-on exercises approach to using Excel to get business results.
Pro SQL Server 2005 Assemblies - Apress : Apr39.99
* First book on the market to show how to effectively exploit the new .NET capabilities of the SQL Server 2005 database. * Broad audience, with strong appeal to SQL Server developers as well as to VB.NET and C# programmers. * Provides a detailed and example-driven tutorial on how to build and use .NET assemblies. Shows not only what you can do with assemblies, but what you should, and should not, do.
Foundations of Ajax - Apress : Apr29.99
* Ajax is one of the hottest topics in the developer community right now! and this will be the first Ajax book that offers detailed explanation of how Ajax works and how to use it to best effect. Theory and practice covered immediately in one volume. * Ajax works across many platforms and different groups of developers – this book is designed to be suitable for all those developers across all those platforms, who are interested in the hot new topic of Ajax. * Demand for Ajax knowledge will be strong. Leading technology companies like Google, Yahoo, Adaptive Path, and Amazon are adopting Ajax techniques, and many other companies are doing the same in order to compete with Ajax. This book connect the developer community to the new Ajax functionality.
The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick - Apress : Apr54.99
* The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick is the first book to cover ImageMagick ( comprehensively, one of the most popular open source software suites for creating and manipulating images. * Beginner /Intermediate Programmers and Web Developers looking for an automated solution for image manipulation; this book explains how ImageMagicks features can be incorporated in a variety of applications. * The author and review team is unusually strong: the author has been involved in large-scale image processing and storage for the past several years. And the creators of ImageMagick were closely involved in the books technical review.
Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals - Apress : Apr39.99
Jonathan Lewis is one of the worlds foremost authorities in this field (he is frequently quoted and reference by other leading experts, such as Tom Kyte – see for example Book will be strongly co-promoted with Tom Kytes Expert Oracle Database Architecture (1-59059-530-0) Highlights traps for those migrating from Oracle 8i to 9i to 10g, potentially averting often disastrous performance issues and downtime (=lost revenue) The first comprehensive book written to investigate, describe, and demonstrate the methods used by the Cost Based Optimizer Jonathan is one of very few Oracle authors to maintain online enhancements, errata and addenda pages, so the reader will be supported long after the book is published
Pro SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services - Apress : Apr29.99
* Deep, thorough coverage of all SRS 2005 technologies related to professional-level business reports * Supported and technically validated by the MS team * Especially (but not exclusively) applicable to readers in the US medical sector
Foundation XML for Flash - Apress : Apr29.99
* Potentially huge market, due to Rich Internet Applications growing in popularity, and Microsoft Office and .NET development being so popular – this books shows how to use XML and Flash to integrate these MS technologies with simple Rich Internet Applications. * There is no other book on the market that covers this topic area. * Book supports next version of Flash, which is also a large market area.
The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite - Apress : Apr44.99
* The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite is the first book devoted to mastering mod_rewrite, Apache’s most powerful (and confusing) module. * It is authored by noted Apache expert and Apache Software Foundation member Rich Bowen, who draws on several years of extensive experience administering the Apache server as well as speaking and writing regularly on the topic. * This book covers all matters pertinent to mod_rewrite: installation and configuration, basic and conditional rewrites, access control, maintaining virtual hosts, and proxying.
Beginning Visual C# 2005 Express Edition - Apress : Apr19.99
* Written by Peter Wright, who taught 100,000 new programmers how to program in Visual Basic when Microsoft last launched a new product so suitable for new/hobbyist and aspirant programmers. The same Peter Wright style today makes this book the best Express tutorial available. * Covers all the key features of Express C# in a friendly, accessible style, and opens up a whole range of exciting continuation products in the Apress roadmaps for when the new programmers wants to continue their journey. * C# is the language of the future and a lot of aspirant programmers are going to choose C# as their entry-point into programming. This book serves that new community of programmers and presents a first-class author to guide them.
Visual C# 2005 Recipes - Apress : Apr39.99
* One of the first books to really offer C# programmers a set of cut-and-paste Visual C# 2005 solutions, in the Apress Recipes series format. Every recipe is specifically chosen and written to help the emerging Visual C# 2005 professional do their job from day one. * The Apress Recipes series balances code and textual explanations perfectly to explain the new nuances of Visual C# 2005 as well as present the code recipes themselves. * The code in this book comes as a complete stand-alone Visual Studio 2005 Solution, complete with unit tests for all recipes. This means the solutions are really ready to run as soon as the reader opens the book. * Code is authoritative and follows Microsoft’s best-practice guidelines for .NET 2.0.
CSS Mastery - Apress : Apr24.99
One of very few CSS books that focuses on teaching advanced-level CSS techniques CSS is a huge market—every web designer needs to know CSS to succeed in the modern web design marketplace Part of the Solutions series, and a follow-up from the best-selling Dan Cederholm book, Web Standards Solutions (ISBN 1590593812)
Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 - Apress : Apr39.99
* Offering a native Windows release, PostgreSQL 8.0 is poised to garner considerable market share in the open source arena. This book shows readers how to harness this popular open source database with PHP, the world’s most popular web scripting language. * Essentially three books in one, PostgreSQL 8.0 exposes readers to detailed introductions of PHP and PostgreSQL. Readers gain extensive knowledge about these two popular open source technologies to create powerful websites. * Authored by W. Jason Gilmore, author of the best selling Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, and noted PostgreSQL developer and community liaison Robert Treat.
Blog Design Solutions - Apress : Apr29.99
* No other blog book gives professional quality information on blog design and development like this one. Others are either dummies style books, or are aimed more at understanding the community/theory. * The Book supports 4 of the most popular blog engies, and shows you how to build your own. * It’s written by a team of well respected community figures
Pro Nagios 2.0 - Apress : Apr54.99
Real-world configurations and supporting materials enable you to deploy Nagios and integrate other tools on a step-by-step basis Simplifies deployment and installation by providing examples of real-world monitoring situations and explains how to configure, architect, and deploy EM solutions to address these situations Shows how to create your own Nagios plug-ins, to monitor devices for which Nagios doesn’t provide plug-ins
Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8 - Apress : Apr24.99
*Supports the new version of Dreamweaver; a huge potential market—over 3 million users worldwide *Unique within that market: purely based on web design (and not server-side functionality) teaching professional techniques *Task–based approach makes learning quick and easy
Excel Pivot Tables Recipe Book - Apress : Apr24.99
Pivot Tables are a huge growth area. This book gives people the fast-answers they need to succeed The book is far more detailed than any competing title. Readers of this book will be able to do more, and more quickly The book goes beyond basic explanations and includes real-world troubleshooting, performance and security information not provided elsewhere
Pro Apache Geronimo - Apress : Apr29.99
Could be first to market book on Pro Apache Geronimo Apache Geronimo is open source lightweight (like Spring, Hibernate and Apache Beehive), enterprise Java deployment tool Practical, hands on book with lots of code samples to learn and apply
Pro Apache XML - Apress : Apr44.99
Offers thorough introductions to several of the Apache Foundations hottest projects, including Xerces, Axis, and Xindice. Shows you how to build XML-driven websites using the popular Cocoon project. Demonstrates how to transform XML-based documents into a variety of formats, including PDF, SVG, and PS, using the Formatting Objects Processor (FOP) project. Includes a concise introduction to XML and Web Services.
Beginning SQL Server 2005 for Developers - Apress : Apr39.99
* The only truly Beginning level book on the market that is tailored to the needs of aspiring developers with little or no experience. Assumes no prior SQL Server knowledge. * Explores the new 2005 features fully but also suitable for SQL Server 2000 users. * The book provides everything an aspiring developer needs to start building SQL Server database applications.
Beginning GIMP - Apress : Apr39.99
The GIMP Version 2.4 will be released end of 2005. We’ll likely be first to market a book about the new version. Other books are pre-Version 2.4 and very outdated Takes a project-based approach. Reader will be taught through real-world examples and projects immediately applicable for their own work GIMP is an emerging technology in Open Source that has been making big headlines. Was used to make the Scooby-Doo movie and the official mascot of Linux (Tux) GIMP works on Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows. This book shows how to install it on each platform.
Pro Spring - Apress : Apr39.99
*Readers will witness a real application being built with Spring framework, which is a very hot topic. *Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is most up to date at time of book’s release; AOP is a hot topic right now. *Will be endorsed by Open Source Spring Framework founder and head, Rod Johnson (plus a Foreward, name on cover, and/or possible Spring logo).
Honeypots for Windows - Apress : Apr29.99
* Talks about hardening a Windows host before deploying Honeypot * Covers how to create your own emulated services to fool hackers * Discusses physical setup of Honeypot and network necessary to draw hackers to Honeypot * Discusses how to use Snort to co-exist with Honeypot * Discusses how to use a Unix-style Honeypot to mimic a Windows host * Discusses how to fine-tune a Honeypot * Discusses OS fingerprinting, ARP tricks, packet sniffing, and exploit signatures
Pro ASP.NET 1.1 in VB .NET - Apress : Apr44.99
* Takes advantage of lateness to market by including experienced real-world knowledge of ASP.NET development as well as core information. * Single volume covering both C# and VB.NET.
Beginning Java Objects - Apress : Apr39.99
Export author Barker covers information key for proficiency with an OO programming language like Java, and shows how to really create reusable code and extensible applications.
Expert Network Time Protocol - Apress : Apr44.99
* In-depth look into all of the aspects of NTP. * Takes the mystery (and fear) out of working with NTP. * Written in an entertaining and multi-faceted voice.
Pro Novell Open Enterprise Server - Apress : Apr44.99
* Can approach this book as either an experienced Linux or Novell administrator * Even includes detailed intro to working with SUSE Linux, and related programs like RPM, YaST, and Samba * Contains all necessary information to prepare for the CLE certification
Pro MySQL - Apress : Apr39.99
* One of the first books to cover MySQL 5 in depth * Foregos reiteration of the basics found in other books, and concentrates on MySQL’s advanced applications in enterprise environments * Doubles as a reference for users interested in having a thorough guide to configuration directives, commands, and features at their disposal
Software Project Secrets - Apress : Apr44.99
* No other writer on the popular topic of Agile methods and software development methods has identified project management’s best practices as a cause of software project failure. The analysis clearly shows how these best practices can create problems for software development projects. * The book assumes no technical knowledge, and is accessible to businesspeople—project managers, executives and customers—who may know nothing about software development. This book is geared towards a wide group of IT professionals and decision makers working in 2005. * This book is not just theoretical. The detailed case studies included make the material come to life. They illustrate how methodology choices influence the success or failure of software development projects.
Pro C# 2005 and the .NET 2.0 Platform - Apress : Apr44.99
*First fully compliant .NET 2.0 title for the professional C# programmer in 2005. *Based on one of Apress’ best selling books, by original author. *Prepares working C# programmers to face new .NET 2.0 technology.
Expert Oracle Database 10g Administration - Apress : Apr44.99
*One-stop reference for administration and management of Oracle 10g Database *9i predecessor was a best seller; this edition covers all new features, with fully field-tested examples—not just showcase examples *Contains essential primers on Unix, Linux and Windows NT management and on SQL and PL/SQL programming; ideal for new/aspiring DBAs
Expert ASP.NET 2.0 Advanced Application Design - Apress : Apr64.99
* This book surveys the different technologies and servers that are available for you to use with ASP.NET and maps the Quality Attributes of Application Architecture for these different servers. * The author has been using ASP.NET since the technology preview of the .NET 1.0 Framework. He has put scores of ASP.NET applications into production for large enterprise companies and universities. * This book is written with todays technology, with an eye on the future.
Foundation ActionScript Animation - Apress : Apr29.99
* The only definitive and authoritative book available on ActionScript animation. * Provides for a thorough understanding of complex principles, along with practical examples. * You dont have to be an ActionScript expert to get the most out of this book. * Written by Keith Peters, author of many books, and a popular community figure.
Beginning Perl Web Development - Apress : Apr29.99
* Avoids proof-of-concept examples in favor of teaching readers how to produce well-coded secure CGI applications that will stand up to the demands of being placed into the potentially hostile environment of the Internet. * Takes a holistic approach to web application development and includes instruction on how to use ancillary programs such as Mason and Nagios that the reader will need to be familiar with in order to progress. * The book’s comprehensive scope tackles all the areas of Perl web application development the reader is likely to need in creating their first web applications.
Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C# - Apress : Apr29.99
* Three sets of standards bundled in one book: Code standards, Design standards and patterns. Great value for the money! * Pro .NET Code & Design Standards in C# is based on industry best practices; it is intuitive and will be updated for every major edition of .NET. * It showcases the C# language. However, it is created in a universal style to make it suitable for all .NET development projects whatever flavor of language.
SCJD Exam with J2SE 5 - Apress : Apr39.99
* An update of the popular first edition, the second edition covers changes to the exam per the release of J2SE 5. * Co-authored by Mehran Habibi, member of the official Sun certification team, author of the first edition, and author of the Apress book Java Regular Expressions: Taming the java.util.regex Engine (Apress, 2004). * Guides the reader through a complete project implementation, familiarizing him with the key concepts, requirements, and pitfalls sure to come up in the exam.
Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform - Apress : Apr69.99
Based on newest version of Visual Studio .NET (2005) and .NET Framework version 2.0 All topic areas include specific code examples Bridges the gap between classic C++ and Visual C++ .NET Update of a highly successful first edition
The Career Programmer - Apress : Apr29.99
The crucial wisdom-guide to surviving within the programming industry in 2006. Provides raw material for surviving and thinking smart in todays industry. Delivered with the wit and aplomb to make a serious topic entertaining and palatable TE Conquer Master self-defense techniques to shield yourself, your project, and your code from corporate politics, arbitrary management decisions, and marketing-driven deadlines Explains how the individual programmer or project manager can work within the existing system to solve deadline problems and regain control of the development process
Pro JSF and Ajax - Apress : Apr39.99
* The JSF book that will take developers to the next level – delivers cutting edge cross browser platform solutions using Best of Breed technologies. * Will be only book on market compliant with the J2EE 5(JSF 1.2) specification. * Authors are respected experts in the field as are the tech review team (which includes Adam Winder from the JSF Expert Group –who provides a foreword – and Kito Mann who runs JSFCentral and wrote the highly respected JavaServer Faces in Action.
Flash Application Design Solutions - Apress : Apr24.99
*Over one million Flash developers worldwide. The book supports the new version of Flash, due later on this year *The only up-to-date book that focuses on usable Flash design *Mimics Dan Cederholm’s best-selling Web Standards Solutions—broadening the Solutions series
.NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes - Apress : Apr64.99
It is difficult to just throw out all existing code and start over when a new technology arrives. That’s the situation with Microsoft .NET, which represents a new and improved way of developing software for the Windows platform. Wouldn’t you would love to rewrite all of your existing code in the newer managed code environment that .NET provides? However, you have that little problem known as legacy code. Fortunately, Microsoft .NET provides a rich set of tools interoperation with existing code. This book is written as a guide for Windows developers transitioning from native Windows code to .NET managed code.
Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 in VB 2005 - Apress : Apr39.99
One of the first books to show new the new VB 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 technologies and features Provides a complete tutorial that walks you through building web-enabled solutions using Microsoft’s new .NET 2.0 coding technology Entire generation of developers—both those familiar with .NET and those using other technologies—looking for authoritative information on .NET 2.0 and its capabilities and changes. This book has been created to appeal directly to the widest possible market
Deploying .NET Applications - Apress : Apr29.99
Proven author provides expert analysis on key new features Visual Studio 2005 release provides an ample catalyst for sales of this book Our .NET 2.0 series has proven to be a very successful book line; this is a member of such
Beginning REALbasic - Apress : Apr29.99
REALbasic is a powerful, easy-to-learn programming language, allowing almost anyone to write sophisticated applications that can be distributed across the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. This practical tutorial reference is ideal for anyone wishing to master REALbasic, from beginners to experienced Visual Basic programmers who want to create cross platform programs. REALbasic’s success is proven - there are already over 100,000 users, and this number is steadily rising. This is the only up-to-date book available for the current version, REALbasic 2005.
.NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers - Apress : Apr64.99
* Good coverage of C# as well as Delphi for .NET. * Not a port of a Delphi book – tightly focused on what’s new which includes the FCL overview that you need to make sense of the Microsoft documentation. * Particularly clear and well-written.
Practical Software Factories in .NET - Apress : Apr59.99
The Software Factory methodology is based on recognition of these similarities and a drive to extend the concept of reusability to the point where we achieve entirely automated product lines. Based on an analysis and understanding of the common features and techniques of a set of applications, a Software Factory defines a tailored, end-to-end methodology for building these applications. At the heart of the Software factory methodology is the concept of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), which in essence are development environments specifically tailored to the set of applications in hand. It removes a certain degree of flexibility but greatly enhances productivity by removing a lot of the coding complexity (for an analogy, consider the use of the now ubiquitous drag-and-drop controls in Winforms or Visual Basic). Further, in the SF methodology, patterns, process advice, and best practices can be harvested and applied for all applications in the set. There are some good books on the theory of SF already on the market. Up until this point, a lot of these concepts were fairly theoretical and abstract.
Expert VB 2005 Business Objects - Apress : Apr44.99
Popular conference speaker Rocky Lhotka shows how to use the framework to create a sample application and demonstrates how easy it is to write Windows, Web, and Web services interfaces for applications based on it.
Beginning PHP and MySQL 5 - Apress : Apr34.99
* This best-selling title has comprehensive discussions about PHP 5, MySQL 5, and how these two popular open source technologies work together to create powerful websites. * Updated to reflect the new features found in MySQL’s most significant release to date. Readers are introduced to advanced database features like triggers, stored procedures, and views. They learn how to integrate these new capabilities into their PHP-driven web applications. The book also discusses PHP’s new MySQL extension, mysqli, which is required for MySQL versions 4.1 and higher. * Packed with hundreds of practical examples covering all aspects of web development, including forms management, templating, database integration, Web services, security, and session handling.
Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization - Apress : Apr44.99
* An essential book for new and migration projects for SQL Server 2005: will ensure that that such projects have a well-designed database and secure, optimized data access strategies right from the start. * Describes all new SQL Server 2005 features related to physical database design and provides completely new chapters on designing for fast data access, and exploiting .NET code in the database for optimum distribution of application logic. * An excellent foundation for MCAD/MCSE/MCDBA Database Design and Implementation exam. * Deep experience and advice, along with many tips or tricks, from an MVP lead author with over ten years of experience with SQL Server.
Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers - Apress : Apr54.99
First and only book on the Java 5, including new Java EE 5, for SAP/ABAB programmers The author has given the first course of its kind in Belgium, and employs his experience and approach in this book More Java development or exposure to Java needed by SAP/ABAP programmers and developers as evidenced by NetWeaver, for example
Beginning XML with DOM and Ajax - Apress : Apr29.99
This book gives the most up-to-date picture of the topic—XML support in the most modern web browsers, creating XML-driven applications using the most versions of web standards and server-side languages, including CSS 2.1/3, DOM, XSLT and XPath 2, PHP 5, ASP.NET 2, and many more. The book shows that you can give the reader all they need to know to hit the ground running, without making them trawl through hundreds of pages of syntax. The book also provides an introduction to Ajax-style programming, which is an essential topic for modern web developers to understand. XML is core to Ajax, so an understanding of it is essential when learning how to program Ajax functionality. This book therefore provides a great stepping stone for readers wishing to take this path.
The Definitive Guide to SQLite - Apress : Apr44.99
This is the first book to devote complete coverage to the most recent release of the popular embedded open source database SQLite. The book acts as both an ideal tutorial and reference guide. It offers experienced database developers a thorough overview of its capabilities and APIs, yet is mindful of newcomers who may be making their first foray into the database environment with SQLite. Readers are presented with introductions to the SQLite extensions available for C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Tcl.
Foundation ASP for Dreamweaver 8 - Apress : Apr29.99
* The book supports the new version of Dreamweaver, a huge potential market – Dreamweaver has over 3 million users worldwide. * This book is fairly unique within that market - a book purely focused on ASP web development with Dreamweaver that teaches professional techniques, and doesn’t treat readers like idiots (it isn’t aimed at the dummies audience.) * ASP has been superceded by ASP.NET, but still remains very popular amongst Dreamweaver Developers.
Foundations of Atlas - Apress : Apr29.99
There is huge interest in Ajax and Atlas. This book will demystify the technology and show people how to apply it. First book to be published on this revolutionary new technology. Written by an experienced .NET author working in close collaboration with the Atlas development team
Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks - Apress : Apr39.99
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is the ultimate web programming methodology for producing dynamic, rich web experiences. Java developers are crying out for guides showing how to add Ajax functionality to web applications, and this book meets their needs with Pro Ajax and Java. This is the book every Java developer needs to become expert in Ajax. The authors provide the reader with the perfect Java/Ajax toolkit to get started quickly, exploring Ajax development in detail using the 4 most popular Java web application frameworks: Struts, Spring, JSF, and Tapestry.
Pro Java Programming - Apress : Apr44.99
*Exploits the finer points of core and standard editions of Java 2 *Updated to include the final Java 2SE 5.0 (Tiger) release * *Ideal for experienced non-Java and Java programmers who need intermediate level book
Practical Common Lisp - Apress : Apr54.99
* Treats LISP as a language for commercial applications, not a language for academic AI concerns. This could be considered to be a secondary text for the Lisp course that most schools teach . This would appeal to students who sat through a LISP course in college without quite getting it – so a nostalgia approach, as in wow-lisp can be practical… * Discusses the Lisp programming model and environment. Contains an introduction to the language and gives a thorough overview of all of Common Lisp’s main features. * Designed for experienced programmers no matter what languages they may be coming from and written for a modern audience—programmers who are familiar with languages like Java, Python, and Perl. * Includes several examples of working code that actually does something useful like Web programming and database access.
Expert .NET Delivery Using NAnt and CruiseControl.NET - Apress : Apr54.99
* Includes selection of patterns and anti-patterns to describe ideal environment for success. * Looks in-depth at specific tools, and extensions of these tools. * Focuses on how projects are actually handled in real world—drawing on author’s vast field experience. * Includes code examples like NAnt automation tasks, case studies, and facilitation utilities.
Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization - Apress : Apr54.99
First book to address and assess performance of enterprise Java-based applications using the new Java EE 5 Presents Java EE 5 Performance Management as a proven methodology, featuring a set of common problems that have been observed in real-world customer environments Presents wait-based performance tuning methodology, the most efficient Java EE 5 tuning methodology, but one previously neglected in the Java EE 5 space
Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax - Apress : Apr29.99
This is the most up-to-date book on JavaScript available, covering current standards, techniques, and practices. It provides all you need to know to hit the ground running, without making you trawl through hundreds of pages of syntax. The book contains multiple chapters on Ajax and DOM Scripting, which are two of the hottest web development and design tools available today. Using a pragmatic and thorough approach, the book ensures that even the most novice JavaScript programmers will become familiar and comfortable using the tools presented.
Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8 - Apress : Apr34.99
Supports Flash 8, due later this year; will be a huge market Provides professional best practices—strong emphasis on planning, documentation, and adhering to strict and clean coding from the outset Teaches you to create dynamic, reusable rich-client web applications and services
Windows Server 2003 Networking Recipes - Apress : Apr39.99
Windows Server 2003 Networking Recipes offers a comprehensive, task-based guide to installing, deploying, and configuring the various networking protocols and services supported by Windows Server 2003. Currently, there is little printed information available on performing tasks associated with building and running these services. Instead, administrators are forced to wade through the Microsoft documentation to find what they need. This book makes it easy by presenting task-based information in a multi-solution format. Graphical, command-line, group policy, registry, and scripting solutions are included with each recipe as applicable.
Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology - Apress : Apr39.99
This book will save Java developers countless hours of development time by providing seven complete Ajax applications to learn from and adapt for use in their own projects. The applicaions include an online calendaring/scheduling system, a Flickrâ„¢-style photo gallery application, and an Ajax role-playing game. The book also details the set-up of a perfect Java/Ajax development environment in which to construct the applications; Java technologies covered include Apache, Ant, Ajax Tags, Struts, Prototype, DWR, Dojo, and more. This is the first book of its kind, aimed at Java/Ajax developers.
AdvancED ActionScript Components - Apress : Apr39.99
*Over a million Flash developers worldwide—a huge potential market *The only book focusing exclusively on ActionScript components *Compatible with the next version of Flash, to be released later this year
The Game Makers Apprentice - Apress : Apr29.99
The Game Makers Apprentice shows you how to create nine exciting games using the wildly popular Game Maker game creation tool. This book covers a range of genres, including action, adventure, and puzzle games--complete with professional quality sound effects and visuals. It discusses game design theory and features practical examples of how this can be applied to making games that are more fun to play. Game Maker allows games to be created using a simple drag-and-drop interface, so you dont need to have any prior coding experience. It includes an optional programming language for adding advanced features to your games, when you feel ready to do so. You can obtain more information by visiting The authors include the creator of the Game Maker tool and a former professional game programmer, so youll glean understanding from their expertise.
Pro ADO.NET 2.0 - Apress : Apr39.99
* Provides compact coverage of new ADO.NET features and use of cutting edge tools, such as Visual Studio .NET 2005. * Content and examples take practical focus as opposed to a theoretical, academic treatment. * Heavily trimmed content eliminates information the reader won’t find useful very often.
C++/cli - Apress : Apr44.99
This book gives developers – both the experienced and those who have only taken their first few steps – a small, fast-paced primer that will kick-start them into the world of C++/CLI. In twenty no-fluff chapters Microsoft insiders take readers into the heart of the C++/CLI language and explain both how the language elements work and how Microsoft intends them to be used. At the end of this short book readers will have a deep thorough grounding in the core language elements and the confidence to explore further that comes from a solid understanding of a language’s syntax and grammar.
Practical .NET 2.0 Networking Projects - Apress : Apr29.99
This book addresses the market demand of novice .NET programmers to learn about, and build, networked applications – a subject very often omitted from traditional computer programming books. The book brings cutting-edge technologies such as GPS communication, Bluetooth and Radio Frequency ID (RFID) within reach of the mass-market. The .NET 2.0 Framework and .NET 2.0 Compact Framework provide a number of APIs for communicating through these technologies and this book demonstrates these in the form of a number of practical projects that readers can undertake to build their own network additions.
Microformats - Apress : Apr24.99
In this book, noted web developer and long time WaSP member John Allsop offers practical examples to teach all you need to know about Microformats. Coverage details what Microformats are currently available and how to use them; the general principles of how they work; how to use Microformats with web sites and software that already support them; and how to create your own. The end of the book features a chapter full of anecdotes from many professional web designers and developers already using Microformats in their work today--what worked, what didnt, things to watch for--so you can learn from their experiences.
Founders at Work - Apress : Apr19.99
Founders at Work recounts the early struggles for independence and acceptance of many of modern technology’s giants, through personal interviews that are at times hilarious, at times painful, and always inspiring. As human-interest stories they will interest the same audience that enjoys reading about the Google founders in PEOPLE magazine. These stories are exceptionally interesting, because theyre about the early stages, when the founders were younger and inexperienced. Most readers know startup founders only as confident millionaires. As novices trying to find their way by trial and error, theyre more human, and easier for the reader to identify with.
SharePoint 2007 Users Guide - Apress : Apr29.99
SharePoint 2007 Users Guide: Learning Microsofts Collaboration and Productivity Platform is the follow-up edition to the successful SharePoint 2003 Users Guide (Apress, 2005). This book provides guidance about the new workflows, interface, and other technologies within SharePoint 2007. Authors Seth Bates and Tony Smith describe SharePoint in a variety of environments. They have the expertise and ability to proffer an eminently useful guide for anyone working with SharePoint technologies in any capacity.
PHP Solutions - Apress : Apr24.99
Using a friendly, accessible and visual learning style, this book takes the reader through the details of setting up their development environment and PHP code basics as painlessly as possible, and shows how to wire together several real world PHP projects. The PHP code offered here generates semantically-sound markup, which is then attractively styled using CSS. The book is up-to-date with the latest versions of PHP (6) and MySQL (5) but is written to be compatible with older versions that readers might find on their hosting servers. Unlike other references, This book teaches security right from the start.
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Express for Developers - Apress : Apr29.99
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a free relational database management system from Microsoft and provides a major subset of full SQL Server 2005 functionality. Many users learn on SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and then move on to SQL Server 2005. This book is a comprehensive, clear and gentle introduction to all fundamental aspects of SQL Server 2005 Express and the T-SQL database language. It is highly readable yet technically thorough. The book assumes no prior experience in databases or programming and is ideal for any new SQL Server Express user, whatever their use of SQL Server Express.

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