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(Laboratory Equipments (Pathology) )

Catalogue Number : ADV-172

Product Description:-
1. Standard equipment for cutting serial section for research work.

2. Precise feed mechanism allows to cut sections from 1- 50 microns in steps of 1 micron each. 

3. Complete with razor 120 mm with back and handle, object holders set of three, honing plate, oil can packed in wooden box.

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(Laboratory Equipments (Pathology) )

Catalogue Number : ADV-173

Product Description:-
1. Spencer Type Simple operation. 
2. Sharpener with electronic timer for razors up to 180 mm on both wedges. 
3. Working mechanism encased in molded aluminium cover and front portion covered with clear acrylic canopy to observe safe and dust free honing. 
4. Complete with honing plate and dust cover.

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Buy from Manufacturers

Fisher Scientific Tissue Path High-Profile Microtome Blade : USD73.06

Accu-Edge Microtome Blade, Low Profile, Disposable : USD1923.49

Microtome Blades : USD147.95
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