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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Extradural haematoma occurs commonly due to the rupture of a vessel , which passes through
A. Foramen rotundum
B. Foramen spinosum
C. Foramen lacerum
D. Inferior orbital fissure

2. Choose the incorrect statement regarding the embryonal derivatives of urogenital system
A. Trigone of bladder: Mesonephric duct
B. Labia majora: Genital fold
C. Prostatic utricie: Mullerian duct
D. Appendix of testis: Paramesonephric duct

3. Ascending aorta
A. Emerging from the pericardium becomes the arch of the aorta at the level of manubriosternal joint
B. It continues as the left common carotid artery
C. It gives no branches
D. Is related anteriorly to auricle to left atrium

4. In pemphigus vulgaris structure of desmosomes is damage
A. The wrong statement is
B. Autoantibodies disrupt macula adherens
C. Cadherin disruption lead to severe blistering of skin
D. Zona occludens & gap junctions are normal

5. A 52-year-old man comes to the emergency department complaining of severe abdominal pain. He is diagnosed with cancer involving the abdominal oesophagus and fundus of the stomach. Which of the following eural structures is most likely associated with the “pain” fibers involved with this symptom
A. Greater splanchnic nerves
B. Lumbar splanchnic nerves
C. Postganglionic fibers from the celiac ganglion
D. Nerves from spinal cord levels T1 to T4

6. A patient has aspiration pneumonitis develops chest pain with dullness on percussion in area medial to the medial border of scapula on the elevation of arm. Which part of lung is most likely to be affected
A. Right medial basal lobe
B. Right superior lobe
C. Right apical lobe
D. Right Posterior basal lobe

7. Which of the following muscles is not involved in flexion of metacarpophalangeal joint and extension of interphalangeal joint of the ring finger
A. Flexor digitorum profundus
B. Lumbricals
C. Dorsal interosseous
D. Palmar interosseous

8. Choose the incurred statement concerning pharyngeal plexus
A. Receives contributions from vagus nerve carrying cranial accessory nerve component
B. Supplies all pharyngeal muscles except stylopharyngeus
C. Supplies tensor tympani
D. Supply palatoglossus

9. Segmental resection was performed removing part of liver lying left of the falciform ligament. The segments still retained in the left surgical liver are
A. 2, 3
B. 1, 4
C. 2, 4
D. 1, 4, 5

10. Movements of pronation & supination occurs in all the following joints except
A. Superior radio – ulnar
B. Middle radio – ulnar
C. Inferior radio – ulnar
D. Radio – carpal

11. A newborn baby is noted to have a left unilateral cleft lip. There are no abnormalities of the baby’s palate. Which of the following developmental defects accounts for this occurrence
A. Failure of the left lateral palatine process to fuse with the median palatine process
B. Failure of the left maxillary prominence to unite with the left medial nasal prominence
C. Failure of the right and left medial nasal prominences to merge
D. Failure of the left maxillary process to fuse with the left medial nasal process

12. Abduction at wrist joint is done by all except
A. Extensor carpi radialis longus
B. Extensor carpi radialis brevis
C. Flexor carpi radialis
D. brachioradialis

13. Immediately after delivery, it was noted that a 7.5-lb male neonate had a large swelling on the anterior abdominal wall. The swelling consisted of a large sac, the walls of which were translucent and soft. The umbilical cord was attached to the apex of the sac, and the umbilical arteries and vein ran within its walls. The following statements concerning this case are probably correct except :
A. On closer examination it was possible to see within the sac coils of small intestine and the lower margin of the liver
B. As the baby cried and started to swallow air, the sac became larger
C. Failure of the formation of adequate head and tail folds of the embryonic disc causes a defect in the anterior abdominal wall in
D. The defect in the anterior abdominal wall is filled with thin amnion, which forms the wall of the sac

14. The ligament which transfers weight of arm to the trunk
A. Costo-clavicular
B. Coraco-clavicular
C. Acromio-clavicular
D. Coraco-humeral

15. Regarding the fetal remnants:
A. rudimentary valve of the inferior vena cava
B. atrial septum
C. fossa ovalis
D. annulus ovalis

16. Which of the following pathway is involved in the ability to recognize an unseen familiar object placed in the hand
A. Dorsal spinocerebellar tract
B. Anterior spinothalamic tract
C. Lateral spinothalamic tract
D. Dorsal column

17. Clergyman’s knee is due to inflammation of
A. Suprapatellar bursa
B. Infrapatellar bursa
C. Prepatellar bursa
D. Popliteal bursa

18. Following spinal tracts are ipsitateral except
A. Fasciculus gracilis
B. Fasciculus cuneatus
C. Anterior cortiozispinal
D. Dorsal spinocerebellar

19. Normal, quiet expiration is achieved by contraction of the
A. Elastic tissue in the thoracic wall and lungs
B. Serratus posterior superior muscles
C. Pectoralis minor muscles
D. Serratus anterior muscles

20. Neural crest derivatives are :
A. Melanocytes
B. Schwann cells
C. Thyroid follicular cells
D. Parafollicular C cells

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