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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Toxicity due to accumulation of ammonia can be overcome
A. by substituting glutamine by glutamate
B. by controlled addition of glutamine at low level
C. by removal of ammonia or ammonium from culture medium
D. all of the above

2. Spirit vinegar is produced from
A. fruit juices
B. malted grain
C. ethanol
D. ale

3. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is
A. a disease in humans that causes loss of sight
B. a bacterium that can be used to introduce DNA into plants
C. a fungi that is used to produce antibiotics in large amounts
D. a disease in humans that causes loss of weight

4. Fermentation medium for oxytetracyclin (terramycin) consist of
A. CSL, starch, (NH4)2 SO4, sodium chloride and CaCO3
B. CSL, (NH4)2 SO4, sodium chloride and CaCO3
C. CSL, starch,(NH4)2 SO4, ammonium chloride and CaCO3
D. CSL,(NH4)2 SO4, ammonium chloride and CaCO3

5. Recombinant adeno virus can be created by deleting E1A/E 1B genes that are
A. transcriptional regulators and are essential for viral replication
B. not necessary for viral replication
C. coding for virus coat protein
D. important for packaging of viral DNA into viral head

6. Any system that is not at equilibrium
A. is thermodynamically unstable, although it may be kinetically stable
B. is kinetically unstable, although it may be thermodynamically stable
C. is rushing toward equilibrium at a very rapid rate
D. requires an enzyme to reach equilibrium

7. Human serum albumin has been synthesized by
A. transgenic potato and tobacco plants
B. transgenic maize plants
C. transgenic wheat plants
D. any of the above

8. Disaggregating of cells can be achieved by
A. physical disruption
B. enzymatic digestion
C. treating with chelating agents
D. all of the above

9. Which of the modification in hemoglobin is the cause of sickle cell anemia?
A. A mutation in the beta chain
B. A deletion in the beta chain
C. Replacement of the B chain by D chain
D. None of the above

10. The event(s) which does not occur during interphase, is/are
A. Chromatin condenses
B. Protein Synthesis
C. Organelles replication
D. DNA replication

11. Milbemycin is known to exhibit a broad spectrum of activity against
A. agricultural pests
B. agricultural herbs
C. agricultural insects
D. all of these

12. Difference between ? gt 10 and ? gt 11 vectors is that
A. ? gt 11 is an expression vector
B. ? gt 10 is an expression vector
C. ? gt 10 is a replacement vector
D. ? gt 11 is a replacement vector

13. Avermectins (AVM) are macrocyclic lactones which have potent antihelminthic and insecticidal action. They are generally derived from the mycelia of
A. Streptomyces avermitilis
B. P. flourescens
C. L. peruvianum
D. None of these

14. What is meant by 'Organ culture' ?
A. Maintenance alive of a whole organ, after removal from the organism by partial immersion in a nutrient fluid
B. Introduction of a new organ in an animal body with a view to create genetic mutation in the progenies of that animal
C. Cultivation of organs in a laboratory through the synthesis of tissues
D. The aspects of culture in community which are mainly dedicated by the need of a specified organ of the human body

15. The gene coding for VP1 is cloned in
A. pMB 9
B. pBR 322
C. pUC 18
D. pUC 19

16. In prokaryotes, just before the cell divides, the two daughter genomes are attached side by side to the
A. cell membrane
B. replication origin
C. centromeres
D. equatorial plate

17. The size of the virulent plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens is
A. 40-80 kb
B. 80-120 kb
C. 140-235 kb
D. >235 kb

18. How many nucleotides are there in Ss RNA molecule of picorna virus causing FMD?
A. 1000
B. 5000
C. 8000
D. 10000

19. The element neon (Ne) has eight electrons in its outermost electron shell. How many covalent bonds will Ne readily form?
A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Four

20. Which of the following is not true about phagemid?
A. Contain functional origin of replication of the plasmid and ? phage
B. May be propagated as a plasmid or as phage in appropriate strain
C. Contain ? att site
D. Can only be propagated as phage

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