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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The bulk modulus of a gas is 6 × 103 N/m2. the additional pressure needed to reduce the volume of the gas by 10% is
A. 300 N/m2
B. 400 N/m2
C. 1000 N/m2
D. 600 N/m2

2. A capacitor consists of :
A. Conductors separated by dielectric
B. Insulators separated by dielectric
C. Ceramic places separated by mica disc
D. None of these

3. Sodium vapour lamps are particularly suitable for :
A. Street lighting
B. Storage yards
C. Foggy areas
D. All these

4. Type of slot used in small DC Armature is :
A. Open type with tapered slot
B. Open type with Dove tail
C. Semi-enclosed type
D. Closed type

5. Gate that assumes 1 state if and only if the input does not take a 1 state is called :
A. AND gate
B. NOT gate
C. NOR gate
D. B and C

6. A practical Q meter consists of :
A. Wien bridge oscillator
B. AF oscillator
C. RF oscillator
D. Crystal oscillator

7. The frequency of rotor current in an induction motor is
A. slip times the frequency of stator current
B. slip times the frequency of supply
C. One by slip times the frequency of stator current
D. One by slip times the frequency of supply

8. The following is(are) physical hazard agent(s)
A. Falls
B. Electricity
C. Inhalation
D. All these

9. Function of the commutator in a DC machine is
A. To change alternating voltage to direct voltage
B. To change AC to DC
C. To improve commutation
D. For easy speed control

10. A rubber cord of cross sectional area 1 mm2 and unstretched length 10 cm is stretched to 12 cm and then released to project a stone of mass 5 gram.If Y for rubber = 5 × 108N/m2, then the tension in the rubber cord is
A. 25 N
B. 50 N
C. 100 N
D. 200 N

11. Depth of a pole below ground level in case of normal soil should be :
A. 1/4 of the full height
B. 1/5 of the full height
C. 1/6 of the full height
D. 1/8 of the full height

12. The number of depletion layers in a transistor is :
A. four
B. three
C. two
D. one

13. Torque-speed characteristic of a series motor is
A. Parabola
B. Rectangular hyperbola
C. Linear
D. None of these

14. To reduce corona effect,usually:
A. The distance between the conductors is reduced
B. The conductor diameter is reduced
C. Bundled conductors are used
D. Standard conductors are used

15. What is the difference between an atom and an ion?
A. Ions have always a larger mass than the atoms of the same element.
B. Ions are neutral particles while atoms always carry a positive charge.
C. Ions are always charged particles while the atoms are neutral as a whole.
D. Ions can only exist in liquid solutions.

16. The material to be used in the manufacture of a standard resistor should be of ?
A. Low resistivity
B. High resistivity and low temparature co-efficient
C. High temp co-efficient
D. Low resistivity and high temparature co-efficient

17. When an alternator is connected to infinite bus bar, change in excitation for alternator will
A. Change the terminal voltage and power factor both
B. Affect only terminal voltage and power factor remains unaffected
C. Affect only power factor and terminal voltage remains unaffected
D. Neither terminal voltage will get affected nor power factor

18. Amplitude of damped waves :
A. Decreases with time
B. Increases with time
C. Is zero
D. Is constant

19. Cord grip and under writer’s knot are used in :
A. Lamp holder’s terminals
B. Ceiling roses
C. Terminals of pendants
D. All of these

20. To have effective synchronization without any interruption, the necessary conditions which must be satisfied are
A. The terminal voltage and frequency of the incoming machine must be same as that of bus bar voltage and frequency
B. With respect to the external load, the phase of alternator voltage must be identical with that of the bus bar voltage
C. A and B
D. None of these

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