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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Dentin permeability
A. Decreases with the increase of cavity preparation.
B. Increase when sclerotic dentin develops under a carious lesion.
C. Increase with smear layer.
D. Bacterial toxins can pass through before the actual penetration of bacteria

2. Treatment of internal resorption involves:
A. Complete extirpation of the pulp to arrest the resorption process
B. Enlarging the canal apical to the resorbed area for better access.
C. Utilizing a silver cone and sealer to fill the irregularities in the resorbed area.
D. Filling the canal and defect with amalgam

3. RCT contraindicated in:
A. Vertical fracture of root
B. Diabetic patient
C. Unrestored teeth.
D. Periodontally involved teeth

4. What is the estimated incubation period of HIV infection:
A. 6 months.
B. 3 years.
C. 6 years.
D. 10 years

5. The normal response of a vital pulp to the electric pulp testing is:
A. No response.
B. Higher than that of the control teeth.
C. Lower than that of the control teeth.
D. In a range similar to that of the control teeth

6. Which of the following may be used to disinfect gutta percha points
A. Boiling.
B. Autoclave.
C. Chemical solutions
D. Dry heat sterilization

7. Apexification is procedure that:
A. Finds the most apical stop of the Gutta-Percha in RCT.
B. Induce the formation of a mineral barrier in the apical region of incompletely root
C. Is new in the endodontic field.
D. Involves the surgical removal of the apical region of the root and placement of a retrograde filling material

8. All are irrigation for canals EXCEPT:
A. Saline.
B. Hydrogen beroxide.
C. Sodium hypochlorite
D. RC prep

9. Sensitivity to palpation and percussion indicates:
A. Reversible pulpitis.
B. Irreversible pulpitis.
C. Hyperplastic pulpitis.
D. Inflammation of the periradicular tissues

10. If the maxillary first molar is found to have four, the fourth canal is likely found:
A. In the disto-buccal root.
B. In the mesio-buccal root
C. In the palatal root.
D. None of these

11. Pulpal pain may NOT be referred from:
A. The right maxilla to the left maxilla
B. The third molar to the ear.
C. A max molar to the sinus.
D. A max cuspid to ear

12. The pH of the calcium hydroxide is:
A. 7.2
B. 12
C. 19
D. 5.5

13. Which of the following failure may be treated non-surgically:
A. Post filling that has removed
B. Severe apical perforation
C. Very narrow canal with a periapical lesion and the apex cannot be reached.
D. None of these

14. The accesses opening for a maxillary premolar is most frequently:
A. Oval
B. Square.
C. Triangular.
D. None of these

15. Lesion similar to Endo Lesion:
A. Hyperparathyroidism
B. Initial stage of cemental dysplasia
C. Ossifying Fibroma
D. Dentigerous cyst

16. Pulp stone can be the following EXCEPT:
A. Present freely in the pulp.
B. Cause discomfort & pain to the patient
C. In radiographs,Small spheroidal radiopaque.
D. False stone occurs due to dystrophic dentin

17. If tooth or root is pushed during surgical extraction into Max Sinus:
A. Leave it and inform the patient
B. Remove it as soon as possible
C. Follow the Pt for 3 months.
D. None of these

18. A patient with severe periradicular pain has a necrotic pulp, a broken lamina dura, and circumscribed radiolucency of long duration. The periradicular diagnosis:
A. Acute apical periodontitis.
B. Chronic apical periodontitis.
C. Acute exacerbation of chronic apical periodontitis
D. Abscess

19. In case of traumatic intrusion of young permanent incisor, the treatment of choice is:
A. Surgical repositioning of intruded tooth and splinting.
B. To wait for re eruption of the intruded tooth during months
C. Slow orthodontic extrusion using light force.
D. Only antibiotic prescription and wait for eruption

20. Amount of G.P should after post preparation:
A. 1 mm.
B. 4-5 mm
C. 10 mm.
D. None of these

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