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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The tapping hole should be
A. Larger than the tap size  
B. Smaller than the tap size 
C. Equal to the tap size  
D. Equal to the core (minor) diameterof the tap 

2. To get a fine even surface on a workpiece by facing operation on lathe, it is necessary to have
A. High cutting speed, fine feed and heavy depth of cut 
B. Low cutting speed, fine feed and light depth of cut 
C. Low cutting speed, fine feed and heavy depth of cut 
D. High cutting speed, fine feed and light depth of cut 

3. Which is the correct expression for the unit of feed rate in milling?
A. M/min 
B. Mm/rev 
C. Mm/sec 
D. Mm/min 

4. Micrometer has a negative error of 0.03 mm. What is the correct reading when the micrometer measures 40.53 mm ?
A. 40.50 mm 
B. 40.56 mm 
C. 40.46 mm 
D. 40.59 mm 

5. Balancing of wheel is done to
A. Make the sides of the wheel parallel 
B. Make the outside diameter concentric with the bore 
C. Equalize the weight in every position of the wheel 
D. None of these 

6. Which among the following statements in respect of fixed steady is NOT correct?
A. Skinning is done on the job before it is set with the job. 
B. When setting its two lower pads are made to just touch the surface of the job first. 
C. It must be trued before the pads to bear on the job. 
D. It is fixed to the carriage of the lathe. 

7. A drill bit is used to cut circular holes of metal sheet and it is made of
A. High Carbon Steel 
B. Pure Iron 
C. Wood 
D. Rubber 

8. The tip of a cemented carbide tool is joined on the shank by
A. Welding  
B. Brazing 
C. Soldering  
D. Clamping with a screw 

9. The depth of B.A. screw thread is
A. 0.64 P  
B. 0.7035 P 
C. 0.6 P  
D. 0.61 P 

10. Aluminium in its pure form is not used for engineering work because
A. It is brittle  
B. It is very light 
C. It is costly  
D. It lacks strength 

11. A traveling steady is fixed on the saddle of a Lathe. What is the function of this steady rest?
A. To avoid load on the lathe centres while turning long 
B. To prevent bending of long shafts due to cutting forces 
C. To enables to turn at higher cutting speeds than recommended 
D. To reduce the load on the cutting tool while turning 

12. Process of increasing carbon percentage on the surface of lowcarbon steel is known as
A. Hardening  
B. Nitriding 
C. Carburizing  
D. Tempering 

13. Second cut in a file is the type of
A. Section  
B. Grade 
C. Cut 
D. Design 

14. The tool post of a planning machine is mounted on?
A. Apron 
B. Cross rail 
C. Clapper box 
D. Saddle 

15. Which one of the following statements in respect of thread chasing dial is false?
A. Worm gear of chasing dial engages with the lead screw while thread chasing 
B. Thread chasing dial stops rotating when the half nut lever is engaged 
C. Thread chasing dial is used to catch the thread when threading on lathe 
D. Thread chasing dial is an additional part of the lathe carriage 

16. Peventive maintenance is
A. The overall lubrication and repair work carried out by the maintenance section in advance of the machine coming to breakdown. 
B. The maintenance work for any fault noticed during the work. 
C. Done to prevent the maintenance of machines. 
D. None of the above. 

17. If reamer is found to be cutting while rotating in clockwise direction when viewed against the entering end at right angle to it is known as
A. Left handed reamer 
B. Central reamer 
C. Right handed reamer 
D. None of the mentioned 

18. Which of the following tasks is performed by a Bench fitter?
A. Measuring 
B. Maintenance 
C. Filing 
D. All these 

19. Muntz metal is an alloy of
A. Copper and nickel 
B. Copper and tin 
C. Copper and zinc 
D. Copper and aluminium  

20. Which is the function of a pipe vce
A. Grips the work at four points  
B. The screw is vertical 
C. The movable jaw moves vertically  
D. All these 

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