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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The web of twist drill, due to repeated grinding causes resistance to feeding while drilling a 12 mm diameter hole, the above effect is reduced by providing?
A. Negative rake of web
B. Thinning of web
C. Less feeding force
D. More feeding force

2. Which country has granted temporary asylum to Edward Joseph Snowden who leaked details of the US program of mass surveillance of electronic data
A. Ecuador
B. Hong Kong
C. China
D. Russia

3. A point to point control system is suitable only for one of the following applications?
A. Milling profile
B. Turning
C. Drilling
D. Grinding

4. Morse taper is one of the internationally accepted standard tapers. The morse taper are available in numbers from?
A. 0 to 7
B. 0 to 8
C. 1 to 7
D. 1 to 8

5. Which milling machine is particularly adopted for milling internal or external profiles?
A. Pantograph milling machine
B. Universal milling machine
C. Planetary milling machine
D. Tracer controlled milling machine

6. While grinding and lapping cemented carbide tipped tool with diamond wheels a good flow of coolant should be directed to cover the grinding zone, the coolant suitable is?
A. Soluable oil
B. Mineral oil
C. Sulphurised oil
D. Mixture of paraffin and water

7. Which one of the following thread forms is provided in the threaded parts where the pressure acts on one flank of the threads during transmission?
A. V thread
B. Square thread
C. Knuckle thread
D. Buttress thread

8. The tooth thickness of rack is measured by?
A. Universal vernier caliper
B. Gear tooth vernier caliper
C. Flange micrometer
D. Gear tester

9. It is required to machine a single start worm of 2 module (m) and 60 mm pitch diameter, the speed ration is 40:1, to what length should the worm be cut?
A. 21 mm
B. 14.6 mm
C. 29.3 mm
D. 33.3 mm

10. The tensile strength of a metal is its ability to resist fracture when subjected to tensile loads, the tensile strength of metals are expressed in?
A. N/mm sq.
B. Kg/mm sq.
C. N. Metre
D. Kg. Metre

11. One solder is made of 45% of tin & 55% of lead, what will be the quantity of tin & lead in 28 kg of solder:
A. 12 & 16 Kg
B. 15.4 & 12.6 Kg
C. 12.6 & 15.4 Kg
D. 16 & 12 Kg

12. Solid H.S.S. cutters and carbide inserted tooth cutters are commonly used for milling, the permissible cutting speed of an inserted tooth cutter in relation to that of a HSS cutter is?
A. Twice as much
B. Five to ten times greater
C. smaller
D. Same

13. Counter boring is done for?
A. Deburring hole ends
B. Enlarging holes to accurate size
C. Finishing cored holes
D. Accommodating socket head screws

14. It is commonly observed that the face of a grinding wheel becomes shiny and smooth or glazed after some use due to one of the reasons stated below?
A. Grade of wheel is too hard
B. Abrasive of the wheel not suitable for the purpose
C. Grain size is too coarse
D. Structure of the wheel is too open

15. The quality control allows at the most 0.4% defective parts, How many defective parts can be allowed in a production of 500 parts?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10
D. 20

16. What is a built up edge is respect of a turning tool?
A. Job material embedded on tool edge
B. A carbide tip soldered on a tool shank
C. A method of reconditioning worn out cutting tool edge
D. A tool cutting edge with a crater on it

17. After simplification of ( 3 / 4 ) + ( 2 / 5 ) - ( 7 / 20 ), we will get:
A. 19 / 40
B. 9 / 20
C. 4 / 5
D. 17 / 20

18. Rough and finish boring operations are carried out to machine a hole in a milling machine, for rough boring select?
A. High spindle speed and coarse feed
B. slow spindle speed and coarse feed
C. slow spindle speed and fine feed
D. High spindle speed and fine feed

19. Which one of the following is an artificial abrasive?
A. Emery
B. diamond
C. Corundum
D. Silicon carbide

20. It is required to finish grind a dia 50mm hardened steel shaft on a cylindrical grinding machine, if the recommended surface speed of the work is 33 metres/minute, the rpm of the work is?
A. 190
B. 150
C. 210
D. 250

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