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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Which one of the characteristics of a milling cutter is most suitable for climb milling?
A. Left hand cutting
B. Teeth material is carbide
C. Larger clearance and rake angle
D. The teeth are straight to the axis of the cutter

2. A 1.5mm displacement of tool point in boring operation will result in a change in the diameter equal to?
A. 0.75 mm
B. 1.5 mm
C. 3 mm
D. 6 mm

3. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence?
A. George Washington
B. Abraham Lincoln
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. Jhon F Kennedy

4. A Shaft is turned in one finish cut which one of the following parameters will directly influence the machining time?
A. Cutting depth
B. Setting angle
C. Diameter of work piece
D. Tool travel distance

5. The lead screw pitch of a milling machine is 5mm and the dividing head ratio is 40 : 1 the lead of the milling machine is?
A. 0.125 mm
B. 5 mm
C. 8 mm
D. 200 mm

6. It is required to machine a single start worm of 2 module (m) and 60 mm pitch diameter, the speed ration is 40:1, to what length should the worm be cut?
A. 21 mm
B. 14.6 mm
C. 29.3 mm
D. 33.3 mm

7. The tool post of a planning machine is mounted on?
A. Apron
B. Cross rail
C. Clapper box
D. Saddle

8. In Field Hockey, each team has ____ players on the field at any one time.
A. 9
B. 8
C. 11
D. 12

9. Which gear arrangement used to change the circular motion of horizontal to vertical without change in speed ratio?
A. Two spur gear
B. Two helical gear
C. Two bevel gear
D. Worm and worm gear

10. By using quick return mechanism in shaping machine the cutting stroke moves slow and return stroke fast. what is the ratio between cutting stroke and return stroke?
A. 2:3
B. 3:2
C. 5:3
D. 3:5

11. Indexing head mechanism works with?
A. Rock and gear
B. Worm and worm gear
C. Two helical gear
D. Two bevel gear

12. What will be the result if the clearance angle in drill is increased?
A. Poor wedging action
B. Weak cutting edge
C. Rough hole surface
D. Increased point angle

13. Why do you hold a workpiece lengthwise while machining in a planning machine?
A. It is easier to load workpiece lengthwise
B. The idle time will be minimised
C. The surface quality will be improved
D. The tool life will be increased

14. A 42 teeth involute helical gear with a helix angle of 45 deg is to be cut on a milling machine?
A. 12 to 13
B. 35 to 54
C. 135 to rake
D. 17 to 20

15. If A : B = 1 : 2 and B : C = 4 : 5 then the ratio between A : B : C will be:
A. 1 : 2 : 4
B. 2 : 4 : 5
C. 3 : 4 : 5
D. 4 : 5 : 6

16. Thread ring gauges are used check external threads. Separate 'Go' and 'No Go' gauging members are provided. Which one of the following screw thread elements is not checked with the ring gauges?
A. Pitch
B. Helix angle
C. Profile
D. Pitch diameter

17. One which unit the tool setting is done on NC machine?
A. On special devices away from the machine
B. On the NC machine during idle time
C. On the pre setting devices
D. None of above

18. An irregularly shaped workpiece is turned on a lathe. which one of the following work holding accessories is used?
A. Three jaw chuck
B. Two jaw chuck
C. Driving plate
D. Face plate

19. Thread measurement with inserts fitted in the anvil and spindle of screw tread micrometer are selected on the basis of one the following elements of a thread being measured?
A. Major diameter
B. Minor diameter
C. Effective diameter
D. Pitch

20. Which one of the bushes used in a drill jig and permits cutting tools of different diameters?
A. Press fit bushes
B. Removable bushes(slip)
C. Fixed removable bushes
D. Liner bushes

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