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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. After trauma a tooth become yellowish in color, this is due to:
A. Necrotic pulp.
B. Irreversible pulpitis.
C. Pulp is partially or completely obliterated
D. Hemorrhage in the pulp

2. An 8 years old child came to your clinic with trauma to upper central incisor with pulp exposure and extensive pulp bleeding your treatment will be:
A. Direct pulp cappining.
B. Pulpectomy with gutta percha filling.
C. Apexification.
D. Pulpotomy with calcium hydroxide

3. Histopathologically adenoid cystic carcinoma in characterized by islands of:
A. Basophilic islands of tumor cells that are intermingled with areas of pseudocartilage.
B. Basophilic islands of tumor cells having a "Swiss cheese" appearance
C. Basophilic islands of tumor cells having a "Swiss cheese" appearance and evidence of serous acini.
D. Basophilic islands of tumor cells that contain mucin and normal acini

4. In 7 Years old patient, all first molars carious and suspected pit and fissure areas of the second molars. Treatment plan:
A. Restore all first molars and observe second molars.
B. Restore all first molars and topical fluoride on second molars.
C. Restore all first molars and seal pits and fissures of second molars
D. Restore first and second molars with composite

5. Band and loop space maintainers is most suitable for the maintenance of space after premature loss of:
A. A single primary molar
B. Two primary molars.
C. A canine and a lateral incisor.
D. All of the above

6. Father for child 12 year pt < asked you about ,the age for the amalgam restoration of his child ,you tell him:
A. 2 years.
B. 9 years
C. 2 decades
D. All life

7. Pedo , has trauma in 11 y , half an hour ago , with slight apical exposure , open apex, treatment is:
A. Pulpotomy with formacresol.
B. Apexification.
C. DPC (direct pulp capping)
D. Extraction

8. A 6 years old child has #74 and #84 extracted best space maintainer is:
A. Lingual arch.
B. Bilateral band and loop
C. Bilateral distal shoe.
D. No need for space maintainer

9. Formation of periodontal cyst due to:
A. Nasolacrimal cyst.
B. Hertiwigs
C. Epithelial rest of malassaz.
D. Peals of serres

10. Child with mental disorder suffer from orofacial trauma, brought to the hospital by his parents, the child is panic and Irritable, the treatment should done under:
A. Local anesthesia.
B. General anesthesia
C. Gas sedation.
D. Intravenous sedation

11. Space loose occur in:
A. Proximal caries.
B. Early extraction.
C. Ankylosis.
D. All of the above

12. Pit and fissure sealant:
A. New erupted teeth
B. Deep fissure and pits in molars
C. Proximal caries
D. A and B

13. Pedo Pt use rubber dam for :
A. Improve visibility and access.
B. Lowers risk of swallowing.
C. Sterile field.
D. A and B

14. A 5 years old patient lost his primary first maxillary molar the best retainer is:
A. Band and loop
B. Crown and loop.
C. Lingual arch.
D. Nance appliance

15. Which of the following would be clinically un acceptable as a primary of isolating a tooth for sealant placement:
A. Cotton roll.
B. Rubber dam.
C. VAC-ejector moisture control system.
D. None of the above

16. Hand over mouth technique is used in management of which child:
A. Mentally retarded.
B. Positive resistance.
C. Uncooperative.
D. Hysterical

17. Three year old pt , has anodontia (no teeth at all), what would you do:
A. Full denture
B. Implant.
C. Space maintainer.
D. No intervention

18. In primary tooth for restoration before putting the filling u put:
A. Base.
B. Calcium hydroxide.
C. Varnish.
D. You put the filling after proper cleaning and drying

19. The most accurate impression material for making impression of an oral cavity is:
A. Impression compound.
B. Condensation type silicon.
C. Polyvinyl silicon's
D. Polysulfide

20. Two weeks baby born with 2 anterior teeth which is highly mobile , and his mother have no problem or discomfort during nursing him what is ur management:
A. Do not do anthing as the baby have no problem during feeding.
B. Do not do anything as the mother don`t feel discomfort.
C. U must extract as soon as possible to avoid accident inhalation of them
D. Do nothing , it will shell by it self

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