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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Amputation means:
A. Surgical removal of the apical portion of the root. 
B. Removal of one or more roots. 
C. The root and the crown are cut lengthwise. 
D. None 

2. For treatment of pericoronitis:
A. Extraction of the tooth. 
B. Analgesic + Sterility + Antibiotic. 
C. Cleaning with concentrated phenol. 
D. None 

3. Hemisection means:
A. Surgical removal of the apical portion of the root. 
B. Removal of one or more roots. 
C. The root and the crown are cut lengthwise. 
D. None 

4. Floss used to:
A. Remove Interproximal plaque. 
B. Remove overhangs. 
C. Stimulate gingival 
D. None of these 

5. Chronic suppurative periodontitis:
A. Patientlains from moderate pain. 
B. Fistula with drain. 
C. Pulp polyp in open coronal carious lesion 
D. All of these 

6. Periodontally involved root surface must be root planed to:
A. Remove the attached plaque and calculus. 
B. Remove the necrotic cementum. 
C. Change the root surface to become biocompatible 
D. A and B 

7. Bass brushing has the advantage of the bristles enters in the cervical area , and it is recommended for all patients:
A. Both statements are true. 
B. Both statements are false. 
C. First is true ,second is wrong. 
D. First is wrong , second is true 

8. Which of the following statement is true for the reported relationship of periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus:
A. The prevalence of periodontal disease increase with the better metabolic coronal of the diabetic state 
B. The prevalence of periodontal disease increase with the advancing age of the diabetic. 
C. Pts with history of diabetes of less than 10 years have more periodontal disease destruction than those with history of longer than 10 years. 
D. The reported incidence of periodontal disease in the diabetes is less than that for nondiabetic. 

9. What is the benefit of rinsing the mouth with water:
A. Plaque removal. 
B. Calculus removal. 
C. Washing the food debris 
D. All of these 

10. 17.Dental plaque composed mainly of:
A. Bacteria. 
B. Inorganic materials. 
C. Food 
D. None of these 

11. Treatment of gingival trauma from faulty oral hygiene is mainly:
A. To advice the patient to give up faulty habits immediately 
B. Reassure the patient that it will disappear by itself. 
C. To buy a new brush 
D. All of these 

12. After scaling and root planning healing occur by:
A. New attachment. 
B. Long junctional epithelium. 
C. New attached periodontal ligament fibers 
D. New bone and connective tissue formation. 

13. The periodontium comprise which of the following tissues:
A. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, and cementum. 
B. Gingival, PDL, and alveolar bone. 
C. Gingiva and the PDL. 
D. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, cementum, and enamel 

14. Difference between Gracey and universal curette:
A. Section of gracey is hemicircular and in universal triangular. 
B. Gracey has one cutting edge while universal has two. 
C. Gracey Used for cutting in specific area while universal is in any area. 
D. All of these 

15. Which of the following statements is true regarding dental calculus:
A. It is composed entirely of inorganic material. 
B. It is dens in nature and has a rough surface. 
C. It is mineralized dental plaque. 
D. B and C only 

16. Caries consist of:
A. Bacteria. 
B. Fluid. 
C. Epithelial cells 
D. All of these 

17. Periodontal pocket differ most significantly from gingival pocket with respect to:
A. Depth. 
B. The location of the bone of the pocket. 
C. All of the above 
D. Tendency to bleed on gentle probing. 

18. The best method for tooth brush is Bass method because:
A. It enter to interproximal area 
B. Can be used by patient with gingival recession and it rotainary advice to all types of patients. 
C. The first sentence is correct and the second is wrong 
D. The both sentences are correct. 

19. Attrition may be caused by
A. Friction due to pipe. 
B. Friction during sleep. 
C. Gastric acid. 
D. None 

20. To prevent perio problem MOST effective method is:
A. Community program. 
B. Removal of plaque. 
C. Patient education 
D. None of these 

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