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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. An 18 years old Patient present complaining of pain, bad breath and bleeding gingival. This began over the weakened while studying for the final exam. The patient may have which of the following conditions:
A. Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
B. Rapidly progressive periodontitis
C. Desquamative gingivitis.
D. Acute periodontal cyst

2. During examination 34 show gingival recession buccally, the least correct reason is:
A. Frenum attachment.
B. Patient is right hand brushed.
C. Occlusal force.
D. Inadequate gingival

3. Unmounted sharpening instruments are better than mounted because:
A. Has finer grains.
B. Don't alter the bevel of the instrument.
C. Easier to sterilize.
D. Less particles of the instruments are removed.

4. Dental plaque is formed after :
A. 6 hours.
B. 12 hours.
C. 24 hours.
D. 48 hours

5. Acute periodontal abscess:
A. Fistula present.
B. Swelling enlargement in tooth site.
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

6. The periodontium comprise which of the following tissues:
A. Gingiva and the PDL.
B. Gingival, PDL, and alveolar bone.
C. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, and cementum.
D. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, cementum, and enamel

7. Floss used to:
A. Remove Interproximal plaque.
B. Remove overhangs.
C. Stimulate gingival
D. None of these

8. For treatment of pericoronitis:
A. Extraction of the tooth.
B. Analgesic + Sterility + Antibiotic.
C. Cleaning with concentrated phenol.
D. None

9. Amputation means:
A. Surgical removal of the apical portion of the root.
B. Removal of one or more roots.
C. The root and the crown are cut lengthwise.
D. None

10. The best method for tooth brush is Bass method because:
A. It enter to interproximal area
B. Can be used by patient with gingival recession and it rotainary advice to all types of patients.
C. The both sentences are correct.
D. The first sentence is correct and the second is wrong

11. What is the benefit of rinsing the mouth with water:
A. Plaque removal.
B. Calculus removal.
C. Washing the food debris
D. All of these

12. Use of miswak and toothbrush:
A. Toothbrush after meals and miswak at prayer time and when out of home.
B. Miswak and toothbrush must be used together.
C. Use the miswak only when they can not afford to buy the toothbrush and toothpaste.
D. Not use the miswak and use the toothbrush instead

13. Which of the following statement is true for the reported relationship of periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus:
A. The reported incidence of periodontal disease in the diabetes is less than that for nondiabetic.
B. Pts with history of diabetes of less than 10 years have more periodontal disease destruction than those with history of longer than 10 years.
C. The prevalence of periodontal disease increase with the advancing age of the diabetic.
D. The prevalence of periodontal disease increase with the better metabolic coronal of the diabetic state

14. Plaque consists of:
A. Bacteria.
B. Inorganic material.
C. Food
D. All of these

15. Hemisection means:
A. Surgical removal of the apical portion of the root.
B. Removal of one or more roots.
C. The root and the crown are cut lengthwise.
D. None

16. Chlorhexidine is used as mouth wash in the concentration of:
A. 0.1-0.2 %.
B. 1-2 %.
C. 5-10 %.
D. 20 %

17. Biological width:
A. 1 mm.
B. 2 mm.
C. 3 mm.
D. 4 mm

18. Overhanging restoration margins should be removed because:
A. It provides ideal location for plaque accumulation.
B. It tears the gingival fibers leading to attachment loss.
C. Its removal permits more effective plaque control.
D. A and C

19. Periodontal pocket differ most significantly from gingival pocket with respect to:
A. Depth.
B. Tendency to bleed on gentle probing.
C. The location of the bone of the pocket.
D. All of the above

20. Treatment of gingival trauma from faulty oral hygiene is mainly:
A. To advice the patient to give up faulty habits immediately
B. Reassure the patient that it will disappear by itself.
C. To buy a new brush
D. All of these

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