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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. A resultant force of 45 kg is actlng on a body whose acceleration is 10 m/sec2. Calculate the mass of the body
A. 450 kg
B. 44.1 kg
C. 4.5 kg
D. 1960 kg

2. A bus is moving on a straight road towards north with a uniform speed of 50 km/hour when it turns through 90. If the speed remains unchanged after turning, the increase in the Velocity of bus in the turning process is
A. 70.7 km/hour along south-west direction
B. zero
C. 50 km/hour along west
D. 70.7 km/hour along north-west direction

3. The condition that the image is not formed on the screen placed on the other side of lens, when the object is placed before the lens
A. Between 2F and F
B. Between F and optical centre
C. Between 2F and infinity
D. At F

4. Vector C is the sum of two vector A and B and vector D is the cross product of vectors A and B. What is the angle between vectors C and D?
A. 180
B. 90
C. 60
D. zero

5. A nucleus of mass number A, originally at rest, emits an alpha - particles with speed v. The daughter nucleus recoils with a speed
A. 2v/A + 4
B. 4v/A + 4
C. 4v/A - 4
D. 2v/A - 4

6. lf the uniform acceleration near the surface of the earth is about 9.8 m/sec for . free-fall, what is the velocity at the end of 2 seconds of fall ? neglect friction
A. 14.6 m/sec
B. 17.0 m/sec
C. 19.6 m/sec
D. 9.8 rn/sec

7. The operation of a nuclear reactor is said to be critical, ii the multiplication factor k has a value
A. 1
B. 1.5
C. 2.1
D. 2.5

8. Two projectiles are fired from the same point with the same speed at angles of projection 60 and 30 respectively. Which one of the following is true?
A. Their maximum height will be same
B. Their range will be same
C. Their landing velocity will be same
D. Their time of flight will be same

9. A lens is made of flint glass refractive index = 1.5. When the lens is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.25, the focal length
A. increaes by a factor of 1.25
B. increases by a factor of 2.5
C. increases by a factor of 1.2
D. decreases by a factor of 1.2

10. A proton and an alpha particle enter uniform magnetic field with the same velocity. The period of rotation of the alpha particle will be
A. the same as that of proton
B. three times that of proton
C. two times that of proton
D. four times that of proton

11. An organ pipe closed at one end has lundamental frequency of 1500 Hz. The maximum number of overtones generated by this pipe which a nonnal person can hear is
A. 14
B. 13
C. 6
D. 9

12. Two parallel beams of positrons moving in the same direction will
A. Repel each other
B. Will not interact with each other
C. Attract each other
D. Be deflected normal to the plane containing the two beams

13. Speed of Electro Magnetic wave depends
A. only upon the electric properties of the medium
B. only upon the magnetic properties of the medium
C. both upon the electric and magnetic properties of the medium
D. mechanical and themial properties of the medium

14. A boat at anchor is rocked by waves whose crests are 100 m apart and velocity is 25 m/sec. The boat bounces up once in every
A. 2500 s
B. 75 s
C. 4 s
D. 0.25 s

15. An astronaut is looking down on earth's surface from a space shuttle at an altitude of 400 km. Assuming that the astronaut's pupil diameter is 5 mm and the wavelength of visible light is 500 nm. The astronaut will be able to resolve linear objects of the size of about
A. 0.5 m
B. 5 m
C. 50 m
D. 500 m

16. The angle between two vectors of magnitude 12 and 18 units when their resultant is 24 units,is ?
A. 6351'
B. 8231
C. 7552'
D. 8916

17. The specific charge of an electron is
A. 5.7E7 Coulomb/kg
B. 1.76E11 Coulomb/kg
C. 1.6E-19 Coulomb/gm
D. 1.6E-19 Coulomb

18. The minimnm potential difference between the base and emitter reqnired to swltch a silicon transistor ON is approximately
A. 1 V
B. 3V
C. 5V
D. 4.2V

19. Three objects coloured black, gray and can withstand hostile conditions upto 2800C. These objects are thrown into a furnance where each of them attains a temperature of 2000C. Which object will glow brightest?
A. l the white onject
B. the black object
C. the gray object
D. all glow with equal brightness

20. A body of mass 0.5 kg is whirled in a vertical circle at an angular frequency of 10 rad/s. lf the radius of the circle is 0.5 m, what is the tension in the string when the body is at the top of the circle ? Take g = l0 m/s2
A. 40N
B. 30N
C. 20N
D. 10N

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