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1. A gas mixture consists of 2 moles of oxygen and 4 moles of argon at temperature T. Neglecting all vibrational modes, the total internal energy of the system is
A. 11RT
B. 9RT
C. 15RT
D. 4RT

2. Nuclear fusion is possible
A. Only between light nudei
B. Only between heavy nuclei
C. Between both light and heavy nuclei
D. Only between nuclei which are stable against beta-decay

3. Which of the following is an amorphous solid ?
A. sugar
B. salt
C. glass
D. diamond

4. A tuning fork of frequency 480 Hz produces l0 beats per second when sounded with a vibrating sonometer string. What must have been the frequency of the string if a slight increase in tension produces fewer beats per second than before
A. 490Hz
B. 480 Hz
C. 470 Hz
D. 460 Hz

5. A metallic wire of 40 ohms resistance will be
A. 320 ohms
B. 320 ohms
C. 160 ohms
D. 20 ohms

6. The velocity with which a projectile must be fired so that it escapes earth's gravitation does not depend on
A. Mass of the earth
B. Mass of the projectile
C. Radius of the projectile's orbit
D. Gravitational constant

7. A boat is sent across a river with a velocity of 8 km/hr If the resultant velocity of boat is 10 km/hr, then velocity of river is
A. 12.8km/hr
B. 6 km/hr
C. 8 km/hr
D. 10km/hr

8. In case of linearly polarized light, the magnitude of the electric field vector
A. increases and decreases linearly with time
B. is parallel to the direction of propagation
C. does not change with time
D. varies periodically with time

9. In which case there is maximum tension in the wire, if same force is applied on each wire
A. L = 400 cm, d = 0.01 mm
B. L = 300 cm. d = 0.03 mm
C. L = 200 cm, d = 0.02 mm
D. L = 500 cm, d = 0.05 mm

10. In an electrolyte 3.2E18 bivalent positive ions drift to the right per second while 3.6E18 monovalent negative ions drift to the left per second. Then the current is
A. 0.45 amp to the left
B. 0.45 to the right
C. 1.6 amp to the right
D. 1.6 amp to the left

11. If the distance between two similar magnetic poles held one cm apart be doubled, then the force of interaction between them will be
A. Halved
B. Doubled
C. Unchanged
D. One quarter ot the original value

12. The particle accelerated at a constant rate from 23 mi/hr. to 58 mi./hr. in 3.5 sec. Its acceleration was
A. 10 mi./hr. per sec
B. 58 mi/hr per sec
C. 23 mi./hr. per sec
D. less than 10 mi./hr. per sec

13. Which statement below is true ?
A. Radiant energ; is propagated as a wave motion
B. Positions have the same mass as an electron
C. When a nucleus emits a beta particle, its mass number is unchanged
D. All of ihe above

14. The operation of a nuclear reactor is said to be critical, ii the multiplication factor k has a value
A. 1
B. 1.5
C. 2.1
D. 2.5

15. Transistor is a
A. current operated device
B. voltage operated device
C. both current and voltage operated device
D. none of the above

16. Two rods of the same length and material transfer a given amount of heat in 12 seconds when they are joined end to end. But when they are joined length-wise, they will transfer the same amount of heat, in the same conditions, in
A. 1.5s
B. 48s
C. 24s
D. 3s

17. lf the mass of a moving projectile is tripled and its velocity is doubled, the kinetic energy will be multiplied by
A. 8
B. 6
C. 2
D. 12

18. What is the luminous intensity of a lamp which produces an illuminance of 12 lux at a distance of 5.0 m from it ?
A. 300 cd
B. 400 cd
C. 100 cd
D. 200 cd

19. A person is standing in an elevator. ln which situation does he find his weight less ?
A. when the elevator moves upward with uniform velocity
B. when the elevator moves downward with uniform velocity
C. when the elevator moves upward with constant acceleration
D. when the elevator moves downward with constant acceleration

20. The plsaee difference between the instantaneous velocity and acceleration of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is
A. 0.5 pie
B. 1 pie
C. 0.707 pie
D. zero

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