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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. A smoker 30 packets year present with, microscopic hematuria and painless left scrotal mass, LDH negative AFP negative, DD?
A. Epididymitides 
B. Seminoma 
D. Lung Cancer 

2. A motor cyclist after multiple trauma is having hypoventilation. The cause is
A. Damage to respiratory centre 
B. Damage to respiratory apparatus 
C. Both 
D. None of the Above 

3. A patient of Crohn's Disease, underwent resection anastomosis. Now presents on 7th post-op day with anastomotic site leak from a fistula. Everyday leakage volume adds up to 150-200ml. There is no intra-abdominal collection and the patient is stable without any complains. What will be the next line of management?
A. Do conservative treatment and leave him and hope for the spontaneous resolution 
B. Perform Laparotomy and check for leakage site and healthy margins 
C. Perform Laparotomy and place lateral drains and leave 
D. Perform Laparotomy and completely exteriorize the fistula 

4. A 12 year old girl presents with nodular goiter. Which of the following statements regarding her evaluation and management incorrect?
A. 99 m-Tc scan should be performed to determine whether the nodules are hypofunctioning or hyperfunctioning  
B. All nodules > 4cm should be resected irrespective of cytology 
C. FNAC should be performed for all nodules > 1cm in diameter 
D. Functional thyroid nodules are usually benign 

5. Early complication of Ileostomy
A. Diarrhoea 
B. Obstruction 
C. Necrosis 
D. Prolapse 

6. Which of the following incisions is taken for diaphragmatic surgery?
A. Transverse 
B. Circumferential 
C. Vertical 
D. Radial 

7. A child is having circumferential burns over both his thighs , buttocks , face and scalp . Calculate the surface area of the burnt are
A. 27% 
B. 10% 
C. 37% 
D. 45% 

8. A new born boy is having lumbosacral meningomyelocele n awaiting the surgical repair. The sac is best protected with sterile guaze piece soaked with
A. Mercurochrome 
B. Tincture benzoin 
C. Methylene blue 
D. Normal saline 

9. During resuscitation, artefacts of fractured ribs most commonly involve
A. 2nd-4th ribs 
B. 3rd-5th ribs 
C. 4th-6th ribs 
D. 5th-7th ribs 

10. After doing a Thoracoabdominal graft, a person developed weakness in legs. It is due to
A. Decreased blood supply to lower limbs 
B. Thoracic splanchnic nerve injury 
C. Lumbosacral nerve injury 
D. Discontinuation of Arteria Radicularis Magna 

11. A child is having few drops of blood with act of defecation. The probable diagnosis is
A. Juvenile rectal polyp 
B. Adenomatous Polyposis 
C. Rectal ulcer 
D. None of these 

12. Damage control surgery include
A. Used in triage 
B. Controlled major hemorrhage than disability 
C. Surgery avoided to controlled major damage 
D. Minor disability rectiied irst then posted for surgery 

13. A guy driving a car fast suddenly slams on the brakes. He was wearing a seat belt. The most likely organ affected is :
A. Liver 
B. Spleen 
C. Mesentery 
D. Kidney 

14. External Hemorrhoids, distal to dentate line is
A. Painful 
B. Skin Tag is not seen in these cases 
C. Ligation is done as management 
D. May turn malignant 

15. After removal of the Parotid gland, patient is having sweating on cheeks while eating. Auriculotemporal nerve which contains parasympathetic secretomotor fibers to parotid gland is fused with
A. Greater Petrosal Nerve 
B. Facial Nerve 
C. Greater Auricular Nerve 
D. Buccal Nerve 

16. Neurogenic shock is characterized by
A. Hypotension and bradycardia 
B. Hypertension and bradycardia 
C. Hypertension and tachycardia 
D. Hypotension and tachycardia 

17. True about Epigastric Hernia is
A. Located below the umbilicus and always in the midline 
B. Can be seen anywhere on abdomen 
C. Located above the umbilicus and always in the midline 
D. Located above the midline and on either side 

18. A lady has dysphagia, intermittent epigastric pain. On endoscopy, Esophagus was dilated above and narrow at the bottom. Treatment is
A. Heller's Cardiomyotomy 
B. Esophagectomy 
C. Dilatation 
D. PPIs 

19. Which jaw cyst is pre-malignant?
A. Odontogenic keratocyst 
B. Dentigerous Cyst 
C. Radicular Cyst 
D. Dental Cyst 

20. Due to advances in cancer treatment the prognosis of which of the following has become better?
A. Glioblastoma Multiforme 
B. Esophageal Carcinoma 
C. ALL in children 
D. Cholangiocarcinoma 

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