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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Molar absorbtivities of compounds exhibiting charge transfer absorption are
A. Small 
B. Moderate 
C. Large 
D. None of these 

2. Homocystinuria is due to abnormal metabolism of
A. Methionine 
B. Valine 
C. Cysteine 
D. Leucine 

3. 3-phosphoglycerate is the precursor molecule in the synthesis of
A. Aspartate 
B. Proline 
C. Serine 
D. Threonine 

4. All of the following amino acids are converted to Succinyl-CoA EXCEPT
A. Methionine 
B. Isoleucine 
C. Valine 
D. Leucine 

5. Affinity chromatography deals with the
A. Specific binding of a protein constituents for another molecule 
B. Protein - protein interaction 
C. Protein - carbohydrate interaction 
D. None of the above 

6. In Counter immunoelectrophoresis
A. The antibody will migrate towards cathode 
B. The antibody will migrate towards anode 
C. Electrophoresis will drive the antibody and antigen parallel to each other 
D. Electrophoresis will drive the antibody and antigen toward each other 

7. Oxidation of a molecule involves
A. Gain of electron 
B. Loss of electron 
C. Gain of proton 
D. Loss of proton 

8. The IPTG is a gratuitous inducers of (-galactosidase, and x-gal is a chromogenic substrate. When a-complementation occurs which colour is produced?
A. Blue 
B. White 
C. Brown 
D. No colour is produced 

9. Attractive Vander Waals forces occur between
A. Any pair of nearby atoms 
B. Polar molecules in the solid state 
C. Only if other forces are less favorable 
D. Apolar molecules in the liquid state 

10. In postprandial state, which of the following amino acid is extracted predominantly by muscle, having been spared by the liver?
A. Alanine 
B. Valine 
C. Glutamate 
D. Glutamine 

11. A biological redox reaction always involves
A. An oxidizing agent 
B. A gain of electrons 
C. A reducing agent 
D. All of these 

12. Why do fluorescence spectrometers often use double-beam optics?
A. So a reference solution can be used 
B. To compensate for power fluctuations in the radiation source 
C. All of the above 
D. To compensate for beam attenuation by the monochromator 

13. In the intersystem crossing
A. All of the above 
B. A molecule converts excess electronic energy to vibrational energy 
C. The spin of an excited electron reverses, changing the state of the molecule (from singlet state to triplet state or vice versa) 
D. A molecule converts its excess energy to light, and emits a photon 

14. A cell which defends against body cells in which viruses are reproducing is
A. Exotoxin 
B. Cytotoxic T cell 
C. Endotoxin 
D. Suppressor T cell 

15. Which of the following represents a correct ordering of the events that occur during the respiration of glucose in the absence of O2?
A. Glycolysis; fermentation 
B. Glycolysis; oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle 
C. Glycolysis; citric acid cycle; oxidative phosphorylation 
D. Oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle; glycolysis 

16. The viruses that can achieve neoplastic transformation are called
A. DNA tumor viruses 
B. RNA tumor viruses 
C. Retroviruses HIV 
D. None of these 

17. The key enzyme in the regulation of fatty acid synthesis is
A. Acetyl CoA carboxylase 
B. AMP activated proteinkinase 
C. Protein phosphatase 
D. None of these 

18. Which of the following is the best described glucogenic amino acid?
A. Lysine 
B. Tryptophan 
C. Valine 
D. None of these 

19. The model that is now known to be correct for the structure of biological membrane is
A. Lock and Key model 
B. Fluid mosaic model 
C. Lac Operon model 
D. Page's model 

20. Which of the following components of the vertebrate immune response occurs first upon invasion by a virus or bacterium?
A. Activation of B lymphocytes 
B. Mobilization of complement proteins 
C. The inflammatory response 
D. Activation of killer T lymphocytes 

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