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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. A cell is plasmolysed after being kept in hypertonic solution. What will be present between cell wal and plasmalemma ?
A. Isotonic solution  
B. Hypertonic solution  
C. Air  
D. Hypotonic solution 

2. The de-oxygenated blood from heart comes to the lungs by
A. Pulmonary artery  
B. Pulmonaryvein  
C. Branchialartery  
D. Renal artery 

3. Cell body of which neuron giving rise to both dendrite and axonal branches
A. Unipolar neuron  
B. Multipolar neuron  
C. Bipolar neuron 
D. Allthe above 

4. Various colours in flower fruit and seeds are due to presence of which pigment?
A. Anthocyanin  
B. Chlorophyll  
C. Chloroplast  
D. A,b,c-all 

5. Which of the following is correct for the quaternary structure of protein?
A. It represents a three dimensional form of whole protein 
B. It forms with interaction betweendifferent polypeptide Chain 
C. A and B 
D. It forms the three dimensional arrangement of the atoms within a single polypeptide chain 

6. At higher CO2 concentration,oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin will
A. Move to left  
B. Move to right  
C. Become irregular  
D. Move upwardly 

7. Cavityofcoelenteratcs is called
A. Cavity 
B. Coelom 
C. Coelenteron 
D. All above 

8. During mitosis nuclear membrane and nucleolus begin to disappear at :
A. Earlymataphase  
B. Late metaphase 
C. Earlyprophase  
D. Late prophase 

9. From the life cycle point of view the most important part of a plants is:
A. Flower  
B. Leaf  
C. Stem 
D. Root 

10. The state of a continuously mild or partial contraction of a muscle is denoted as
A. Tonus 
B. Tetanus 
C. A twitch 
D. A reflex contraction 

11. Conversion of starch to organic acids is required for
A. Stomatal opening  
B. Stomatal formation 
C. Stomatal activity 
D. Stomatal closing  

12. The bird without cloaca is the
A. Duck 
B. Pigeon 
C. Parrot 
D. None of these 

13. Pappus is a modification of :
A. Calyx  
B. Corolla  
C. Stamens 
D. Gynoecium 

14. Which enzyme would change glucose - 6 phosphate to fructose - 6 phosphate?
A. Transferase  
B. Isomerase  
C. Lyases 
D. Glucose phosphatase 

15. Genes do not occur in pairs in
A. Zygote  
B. Somatic cell 
C. Endosperm cell  
D. Gametes 

16. The enzyme involved in transcription is
A. DNA polymerase II  
B. DNA polymerase I 
C. RNA polymerase  
D. DNA polymerase III 

17. The pulse beat is measured by the
A. Artery  
B. Capillary  
C. Vein  
D. None 

18. A substantial fall in the level of which gases has been found between 1997 to 2005 in Delhi?
A. CO2, SO2 
B. CO2, CO, SO2 
C. CO2, SO2,NO2 

19. During respiration the food is
A. Oxidised  
B. Reduced 
C. Both oxidised and reduced 
D. Neither oxidised nor reduced 

20. Which of the following is not useful in blood clotting
A. Fibrin  
B. Calcium  
C. Platelets 
D. Bilirubin 

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