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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Growth in plant is
A. Limited  
B. Life long  
C. Diffusable  
D. Unlocalized 

2. Where the Lyoid Botanical Garden is situated?
A. Cheenai  
B. Darjilling  
C. Luckhnow  
D. Shibipur 

3. Which period is of the cycle is known as a proliferative phase ?
A. 1 to 5 days  
B. 6 to 14 days 
C. 15 to 28 days  
D. 14 to 15 days 

4. Who publish Red-list ?

5. What is the edible part of Mango?
A. Epicarp  
B. Mesocarp  
C. Endocarp  
D. Thalamus 

6. A Snake feed on frog, the hawk feed on this snake. What is the place of snake in foodchain?
A. Tertiary consumer 
B. Producer  
C. Secondary consumer  
D. Primaryconsumer 

7. The universal recipient blood group is
A. A 
B. B 
C. AB 
D. O 

8. A person with blood group AB is sometimes called a universal recipient because of
A. Lack of antigens 
B. The presence of antibodies 
C. Lack of both antigens and antibodies 
D. Lack of antibodies 

9. A microspore is a
A. Male gamate  
B. First cell of male gametophyte 
C. Last cellof male gametophyte  
D. Diploid cell 

10. Radioactivity is a phenomenon of the spontaneous emission of
A. All of the above 
B. Electrons (beta particles) 
C. Protons (alpha particles) 
D. Gamma rays (short wave electromagnetic waves) 

11. During high wind velocity, the stomata
A. Remain unaffected but lose more water due to mass action 
B. Open more widely  
C. Remian unaffected  
D. Close down 

12. What is right for all veins ?
A. They carry oxygenated blood  
B. They carry Deoxygenated blood 
C. They directly open into vena cave  
D. None of the above 

13. Dry seeds when placed in waeter swell up due to
A. Imbibition  
B. Absorption  
C. Diffusion  
D. Adsorption 

14. Name the process involve in multiplication phase of spermatogenesis ?
A. Mitotic  
B. Meiosis  
C. Amitosis  
D. A and B 

15. Vernalization means.............
A. Effect of light on growth 
B. Growth Graph 
C. Speedy flowering at low temperature 
D. Flowering at high temperature 

16. Encephalitis occurs when
A. There is excessive cerebrospinal fluid 
B. The basal ganglia are damaged 
C. A person suffers a stroke 
D. The the brain become acutely inflamed 

17. Fret channel is a another name for
A. Stroma lamellae  
B. Intergranallamellae 
C. Grana lamellae  
D. Space present in stroma lamellae 

18. Which organic chemicals are included in shoot with photoperiodism ?
A. Ethylene  
B. Cytokinin 
C. Auxin  
D. Gibberrelin 

19. Which of the following plant disease is caused by mineral deficiency?
A. Heart rot of beetroots 
B. Ring rot of potato 
C. Red rot of sugarcane 
D. Wilt of cotton 

20. Which acid is produced when milk gets sour?
A. Acetic acid 
B. Tartaric acid 
C. Lactic acid 
D. Butyric acid 

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