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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The de-oxygenated blood from heart comes to the lungs by
A. Pulmonary artery  
B. Pulmonaryvein  
C. Branchialartery  
D. Renal artery 

2. Number of FADH2 formed in one turn of Krebs cycle is
A. L  
B. 2  
C. 3 
D. 4 

3. Stipular tendrilmodification is found in :
A. Smilex  
B. Pea  
C. Guava 
D. Mimosa pudica 

4. Which of the following gas would disappear from the atmosphere if all the photosynthetic activities were to stop?
A. Nitrogen  
B. Carbondioxide 
C. Hydrogen  
D. Oxygen 

5. Which is correct statement for Active transport ?
A. It occurs against the concentration gradient so ATP is required 
B. It occurs against the concentration gradient so ATP is not required 
C. It occurs in the concentration gradient so ATP is not required 
D. It occurs in the concentration gradient so ATP is required 

6. The best example of extra cellular enzyme is?
A. Nuclease  
B. Digestive enzyme  
C. Dehydrogenase  
D. Lipase 

7. DNA replication requires
A. DNA polymerase only 
B. DNA polymerase and ligase 
C. Ligase only 
D. RNA polymerase 

8. If a cell gets reduced in size when placed in solution, the solution is
A. Hypertonic  
B. Hypotonic  
C. Weak  
D. Saturated 

9. Where the Sublingual gland is located ?
A. Anterior region of toungue 
B. Under membrane of the toungue 
C. Lower region of toungue  
D. Under the toungue  

10. In which asexual reproduction three layered encysts develop ?
A. Binary fission  
B. Multiple fission  
C. Sporulation  
D. Fragmentation 

11. The diameter of human trachea is about
A. 1 cm  
B. 2.5 cm  
C. 2 inches 
D. 0.1 cm 

12. Part not belonging to urinferous tubule is
A. Glomerules  
B. Distalconvoluted tuble  
C. Henle's loop 
D. Connecting tubule 

13. Which of the following is called necessary evil
A. Photosynthesis 
B. Transpiration 
C. Absorption 
D. Osmosis 

14. Root hairs absorb water from soil when
A. Solute concentration is higher in root hairs 
B. Absorptionis active 
C. Solute concentration is higher in soil solution 
D. Osmotic concentration is same in the two 

15. Respiration is found in
A. Bacteria  
B. Prokaryotes 
C. Onlyanimals 
D. All these 

16. Mark odd one ?
A. Mucus  
B. Saliva  
C. Tears  
D. Acid 

17. Blockage in respiratory passage in humans is prevented due to the presence of
A. Epiglottis  
B. Larynx 
C. Alveoli  
D. C shaped cartilagenous rings 

18. In which class of Echinodermata, a plurteus larva is formed?
A. Holothuroidea 
B. Asteroidea 
C. Echinoidea 
D. Crinoidea 

19. Maximum reabsorption of useful substance occurs in the region of nephron:
A. Henle's loop  
B. Glomeruls 

20. Photorespiration and photosynthesis both require
A. Organic fuel  
B. Chlorophyll  
C. Cytochromes  
D. Energy 

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