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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. What IRQ does the real time clock use?
A. 0 
B. 1 
C. 8 
D. 9 

2. When installing a new video card in a system which previously used an onboard video controller, the onboard video controller needs to be:
A. Physically removed. 
B. Disable in the BIOS 
C. Disabled in the windows control panel 
D. Disable using the jumper pin on the new video card. 

3. What is the main difference between AT and ATX motherboards?
A. Parallel connectors 
B. Soft power switch 
C. Serial connectors 
D. BNC connector 

4. When upgrading components in a computer with a 200 Watt Power supply, what consideration should be made for the power requirements of the additional system components?
A. Determine the Power needed for the devices and replace the battery backup. 
B. Determine the power needed for the devices and upgrade to power supply in necessary. 
C. Determine the power needed for the additional components and upgrade the processor if necessary. 
D. Determine the power needed for the devices and replace the system cooling fans with larger fans in needed. 

5. USB can supply power for all of the following except ___.
A. 4 port hub 
B. Keyboard 
C. Mouse 
D. External hard drive 

6. The monitor is displaying mostly in green and not in normal colors. If monitor is not defective, which of the following would cause this?
A. A pin on the connector is bent. 
B. The drivers are installed incorrectly. 
C. The refresh rate is too fast. 
D. The resolution is set too high 

7. The electrical connector between the docking station and a portable computer is
A. Used as a surge suppressor 
B. Manufacturer specific only 
C. Manufacturer and model specific 
D. Not propriety but is an industry standard 

8. A customer has a cable that has a connector with 15 pins. The pins are arranged in three rows of 5 pins. What would this cable be used for?
A. Game Port 
B. COM Port 
C. VGA Monitor 
D. LPT Port 

9. What is the smallest space to store data on a hard drive?
A. Track 
B. Sector 
C. Cluster 
D. Cylinder 

10. Which interrupt is reserved for the system timer?
A. 0 
B. 1 
C. 8 
D. 13 

11. A video resolution of 800 into 600 would constitute which video mode?

12. Which of the following should be placed between a heatsink and a processor setting them in place?
A. Thermal grease. 
B. Rubber cement. 
C. Plastic plate. 
D. Ceramic plate. 

13. How many bits wide is the AGP Bus?
A. 8 
B. 16 
C. 32 
D. 64 

14. Which memory address range is reserved for VGA video card?
A. C000-C3FF 
B. C000-C7FF 
C. D000-D7FF 
D. D000-DFFF 

15. A customer complains that they receive malicious e-mails from the same user several times a day. What should you ask the customer?
A. Ask if the user knows the company policy for sending out viruses? 
B. When was the last time the anti-virus signatures were updated? 
C. Have there been any strange e-mails received in the last few weeks? 
D. When was the last time the hard drive was defragmenter? 

16. Identify the I/O port described below. An external D Shaped connectors with a total of 15 female pins in 3 rows.
A. Parellel Port. 
B. Serial Port. 
C. VGA Video Port 
D. Joy Stick/MIDI Port. 

17. What is the benefit of an Energy Star compliant computer?
A. Will last longer before breaking down. 
B. Is manufactured with less toxic chemicals. 
C. Runs cooler and uses less electricity. 
D. All of above 

18. Which of the following would NOT be repaired onsite?
A. Virus infection 
B. File system errors 
C. CRT high voltage supply 
D. Faulty video card 

19. How much video RAM is needed to display 1024 into 768 at 24bit color?
A. 1MB. 
B. 4M 
C. 8MB. 
D. 512KB. 

20. A customer has a PC that supports an AMD Athlon XP 2100 + processor. What is the Front side Bus speed of the customer's main broad?
A. 133 MHz 
B. 166 MHz 
C. 200 MHz 
D. 266 MHz 

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