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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. When cables are drawn through the conduit and terminated at the outlet or switch points, the system of wiring is called :
A. Conduit wiring  
B. Cleat wiring 
C. Batten wiring 
D. None of these 

2. Which cables does Entertainment wiring require?
A. Coax 
B. AV 
D. CAT 5 

3. Maximum load amd number of points for light and fan cicuits :
A. 1000Watts,10 
B. 800Watts,8 
C. 800Watts,10 
D. 1000 Watts,8 

4. In a circuit breaker the current that exists at the instance of contact separation is called :
A. Restriking current 
B. Breaking current 
C. Arc current 
D. Recovery current 

5. Speed of a DC motor depends upon
A. Field flux 
B. Armature resistance 
C. Applied voltage 
D. All of these 

6. The following is indirect cost of accident
A. Money paid for treatment of worker 
B. Compensation paid to worker 
C. Cost of lost time of injured worker 
D. All these 

7. Depth of a pole below ground level in case of normal soil should be :
A. 1/6 of the full height 
B. 1/4 of the full height 
C. 1/5 of the full height 
D. 1/8 of the full height 

8. An OR gate has 4 inputs. One input is high and the other three are low. The output is …….
A. Alternately high and low 
B. High 
C. Low 
D. May be high or low depending on relative magnitude of inputs 

9. The inner tube of a HPMV lamp is filled with :
A. Argon gas 
B. Halogen gas 
C. Helium gas 
D. Nitrogen gas 

10. Two wires have the same material and length, but their masses are in the ration of 4:3. If they are stretched by the same force, their elongations will be in the ratio of
A. 2:3 
B. 3:4 
C. 4:3 
D. 9:16 

11. A capactor of 600 microfarads is connected across the supply voltage of 250 volts. What is charge of the capacitor?
A. 0.15 coulomb 
B. 1.5 coulombs 
C. 15 coulombs 
D. 150 coulombs 

12. Maximum safe temperature for class F insulating material is :
A. 105°C 
B. 120°C 
C. 130°C 
D. 155°C 

13. Selection of electric motor is governed by :
A. Nature of load to be handled 
B. Environmental conditions 
C. Nature of electric supply available 
D. All these 

14. On passing AC through an inductor :
A. Voltage lags behind the current 
B. Voltage and current remain in phase 
C. Voltage leads the current 
D. Voltage drops down 

15. Charge on an electron is ?
A. 1.602 * 10-19 C 
B. 1.602 * 10-19 µC 
C. 9.107 * 10-31 C 
D. 9.107 * 10-25 C 

16. Frequency generated by an oscillator can be measured with :
A. Voltmeter 
B. Frequency meter 
C. Either CRO or Electronic frequency counter 
D. AVO meter 

17. Efficiency of a transformer stands high :
A. There is no loss of electric power in it 
B. It is a static instrument 
C. Its windings remain immersed in mineral oil 
D. It works on the principle of mutual induction 

18. A full adder can be made out of …………
A. Two half adders and a NOT gate 
B. Two half adders and a OR gate 
C. Two half adders 
D. Three half adders 

19. The spit phase induction motor has
A. Moderate starting current and moderate starting torque 
B. Low starting current and high starting torque 
C. Low starting current and moderate starting torque 
D. Moderate starting current and low starting torque 

20. The type of wiring depends on :
A. Safety and appearance 
B. Durability and cost 
C. Location and consumers budget 
D. All of the above  

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