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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Which one the following features, refers to vitrified bond wheels ?
A. Not sensitive to shocks and pressure  
B. Used for longer period due to dense structure 
C. Used for longer period due to an elastic structure 
D. Suitable for wet and dry grinding 

2. Lock nut in the micrometer is provided to
A. Lock the micrometer when it is not in use 
B. Control the movement of the spindle 
C. Lock the reading after setting it over the workpiece 
D. Measure the workpiece accurately 

3. Back-gear mechanism is provided in cone pulley headstock to
A. Transmit power from spindle gear to stud gear 
B. Increase the speed of spindle 
C. Reduce the speed of spindle 
D. Reverse the speed of spindle 

4. Ratchet stop in the micrometer helps to
A. Hold the workpiece 
B. Lock the spindle 
C. Adjust zero error  
D. Control the pressure 

5. A simple change gear train is used to cut a certain pitch thread. Due to the nonavailability of the required gear from the set, down gear with 3 teeth more than that of the calculated value is mounted.The thread that is cut will have a pitch
A. More than that required for the full threaded length 
B. More for certain length and then less for the remaining thread length 
C. Equal to that required for the full threaded length 
D. Less than that required for the full threaded length 

6. In a gas cut plate, the cut shows grooves and has deep drag lines. This is due to
A. Smaller size cutting nozzle 
B. Less oxygen pressure  
C. Tip too close to the cut surface  
D. Too much travel speed 

7. A high carbon steel has to be forged, which colour indicate the most suitable forging temperature?
A. Yellow red 
B. Dark cherry red 
C. White 
D. Light yellow 

8. The distance through which a screw thread advances axially in one turn is called:
A. Diameter of thread 
B. Lead of thread 
C. Depth of thread  
D. Pitch of thread  

9. Deep groove ball bearings creates a lot of noise.
A. Depends on the application 
B. No reference frame for comparison is mentioned 
C. They create very less noise 
D. Yes 

10. Which of the following tasks is performed by a Fabrication fitter?
A. Measuring 
B. Maintenance 
C. Fabrication 
D. Assembly 

11. For making various types of hems and seams from the sheet metal of thickness less than 0.4 mm, the allowance should be
A. Twice the thickness of sheet.  
B. Three times the thickness of sheet. 
C. Four times the thickness of sheet.  
D. No allowance. 

12. Scroll and gear mechanism is employed in
A. Three-jaw chuck  
B. Four-jaw chuck 
C. Magnetic chuck  
D. Collet chuck 

13. The permissible deviation for leveling of machine is
A. 0.03/100 mm  
B. 0.03 / 200 mm 
C. 0.03 / 300 mm  
D. 0.03 / 400 mm 

14. Which one of the following types of chips is found while turning cast iron ?
A. Long curly chips  
B. Segmental chips. 
C. L-shaped chips  
D. Spiral chips 

15. After threading a hole by a tap, it was found that the crest of thread was not formed through out. Which one of the following reasons would have caused this defect ?
A. Broken the tip of cutting edge of the tap 
B. Hole size slightly less than the tap drill size 
C. Hole size slightly more than the tap drill size 
D. Insufficient coolant supply 

16. Which one of the following statements is true with reference to the tool life ?
A. Time between starting and finishing a job 
B. Time between two successive regrinds 
C. Time between starting of metal cutting and tool wear out 
D. Total time for turning work including regrinding of tool 

17. In a riveted joint pitch is the distance between two adjacent rivets in the same row, measured parallel to the seam. It is usually equal to :
A. 2 x Diameter of the rivet hole 
B. 3 x Diameter of the rivet hole 
C. Diameter of the rivet hole 
D. 4 x Diameter of the rivet hole 

18. Which taper is used on spindle nose of the lathe headstock?
A. Jarno taper  
B. Brown and Sharpetaper 
C. Pin taper  
D. Morse taper 

19. What is the name of the furnace, which is used for themanufacture of C.I. ?
A. Open hearth  
B. Cupola 
C. Bessemer  
D. Puddling 

20. Which one of the following shoulders is used on components to be threaded ?
A. Beveled shoulder 
B. Radius shoulder 
C. Undercut shoulder  
D. Square shoulder  

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