Test Your Knowledge - Free MCQ PRACTICE
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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. If X + 3 Y = 8 and 2 X + 5 Y = 12 , the value of X & Y will be respectively:
A. - 4, 4 
B. 3.5, 1 
C. 1, 2 
D. 2, 2 

2. A main purpose of using worm and worm wheel drives in machines and their accessories is to?
A. Provide large speed reduction from worm shaft to worm wheel 
B. Transmit large torque 
C. Provide large speed reduction from worm wheel to worm shaft 
D. Transmit higher speeds 

3. MGNREGA provides legal guarantee for employment at minimum wages to adult members of a household in a financial year for at least
A. 120 days 
B. 90 days 
C. 100 days 
D. 80 days 

4. After simplification of ( 3 / 4 ) + ( 2 / 5 ) - ( 7 / 20 ), we will get:
A. 19 / 40 
B. 9 / 20 
C. 4 / 5 
D. 17 / 20 

5. The pattern on the work surface caused by the movement of the cutting tool is called?
A. Waviness 
B. Roughness 
C. Surface texture 
D. Lay 

6. It is required to machine a single start worm of 2 module (m) and 60 mm pitch diameter, the speed ration is 40:1, to what length should the worm be cut?
A. 21 mm 
B. 14.6 mm 
C. 29.3 mm 
D. 33.3 mm 

7. Where is the Statue of Liberty located?
A. London, England 
B. Brisbane, Australia 
C. Auckland, New Zeland 
D. New York, U.S. 

8. The axis of the plate cam blank and the end mill spindle should always remain?
A. Opposite to each other 
B. Parallel to each other 
C. Vertical and inclined 
D. Inclined to each other 

9. In a shaping machine with mechanical driven ram the ram speed is not uniform?
A. In the middle of the cutting stroke 
B. At the beginning of the cutt9ing stroke 
C. At the end of the return stroke 
D. In the middle of the return stroke 

10. A point to point control system is suitable only for one of the following applications?
A. Milling profile 
B. Turning 
C. Drilling 
D. Grinding 

11. What is a built up edge is respect of a turning tool?
A. A tool cutting edge with a crater on it 
B. A method of reconditioning worn out cutting tool edge 
C. A carbide tip soldered on a tool shank 
D. Job material embedded on tool edge 

12. In a planning machine the depth of cut is given by?
A. Moving cross slide 
B. Rotating the feed screw of the tool holder 
C. Adjusting tool slide 
D. Lifting the work piece 

13. Rough and finish boring operations are carried out to machine a hole in a milling machine, for rough boring select?
A. Slow spindle speed and coarse feed 
B. Slow spindle speed and fine feed 
C. High spindle speed and coarse feed 
D. High spindle speed and fine feed 

14. Which one of the bushes used in a drill jig and permits cutting tools of different diameters?
A. Press fit bushes 
B. Removable bushes(slip) 
C. Fixed removable bushes 
D. Liner bushes 

15. An irregularly shaped workpiece is turned on a lathe. which one of the following work holding accessories is used?
A. Three jaw chuck 
B. Two jaw chuck 
C. Driving plate 
D. Face plate 

16. The result obtained by dividing 0.18 by 0.09 will be:
A. 0.2 
B. 0.02 
C. 2 
D. 20 

17. CNC machine are not manually operated. They are controlled by means of?
A. A programme 
B. An operating 
C. A cam 
D. A plug board system 

18. The tooth thickness of rack is measured by?
A. Universal vernier caliper 
B. Gear tooth vernier caliper 
C. Flange micrometer 
D. Gear tester 

19. The web of twist drill, due to repeated grinding causes resistance to feeding while drilling a 12 mm diameter hole, the above effect is reduced by providing?
A. Thinning of web 
B. Less feeding force 
C. Negative rake of web 
D. More feeding force 

20. There are two types of milling processes based on the direction of cutter rotation and work feed direction in up cut milling?
A. The work is fed in the same direction as the rotation of the cutter 
B. Chip removal starts at the thickness part 
C. The work is fed against direction of the cutter rotation 
D. Machine with backlash eliminator is essential 

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