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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The vascular disorder most closely related to smoking :
A. Takayasu's arteritis 
B. Polyarteritis nodosa 
C. Buerger's disease 
D. Aortic aneurysm 

2. Vascular phenomenon in acute inflammation helps in :
A. Bringing the defensive cells like neutrophils from interior of the vessels to the site of irritation 
B. Miimizing the effect of irritant by diluting it considerably 
C. Limiting the inflammatory reaction to the smallest possible area 
D. All of these 

3. The commonest site of thrombosis is :
A. Vein 
B. Artery 
C. Heart 
D. Capillary 

4. The characteristic feature of polyarteritis nodosa, is :
A. Necrotising inflammation of the vessel wall 
B. Leucocytic infiltration of the vessel wall 
C. Purulent inflammation of the vessel wall 
D. Hypertrophy of vessel wall 

5. Through the process of suppuration, the body :
A. Gets rid of dead material 
B. Imprisons the foreign body 
C. Destroys the irritant factor 
D. Limits the area of inflammation 

6. The term croupous inflammation is synonymous with :
A. Suppurative inflammation 
B. Sero-fibrinous inflammation 
C. Fibrinous inflammation 
D. Catarrhal inflammation 

7. Increase in number of cells is termed :
A. A Hypertrophy 
B. Hyperplasia 
C. Atrophy 
D. Aplasia 

8. The carcinoma more frequent in Women :
A. Lung 
B. Large intestine 
C. Pancreas 
D. Stomach 

9. Reed-Sternberg cells are present in :
A. Tuberculosis 
B. Hodgkin's disease 
C. Syphilis 
D. Rheumetic carditis 

10. In diabetes mellitus the cells of the distal portion of proximal convoluted tubules contain :
A. Siderin 
B. Amyloid 
C. Glycogen 
D. Mucoprotein 

11. Glycogen can be stained with :
A. Fontana stain 
B. Methylene blue 
C. Periodic acid schiff 
D. Albert stain 

12. Sarcoidosis most commonly affects :
A. Hilar lymph nodes 
B. Epitrochlear lymph nodes 
C. Inguinal lymph nodes 
D. Cervical lymph nodes 

13. Foreign body giant cells are seen in :
A. Tuberculosis 
B. Syphilis 
C. Actinomycosis 
D. All of these 

14. Calcification of media is most related to :
A. Thrombotic sclerosis 
B. Atherosclerosis 
C. Diffuse arteriolar sclerosis 
D. Monckeberg's sclerosis 

15. The spreading factor, hyaluronidase is found in :
A. Clostridium welchii 
B. Testicular tissue 
C. Malignant tumours 
D. All of these 

16. Massive liver cell necrosis may be caused by protein deficiency superimposed on depletion of :
A. Vitamin A 
B. Vitamin B 
C. Vitamin D 
D. Vitamin E 

17. Anaemia in ankylostomiasis is most likely to resemble anaemia due to :
A. Pregnancy 
B. Excessive menstruation 
C. Haemolysis 
D. Malaria 

18. A true capsule Occurs in :
A. Ewing's tumour 
B. Leiomyoma of uterus 
C. Benign haemangioma 
D. Rhabdomyoma 

19. Pulmonary hypertension causes hypertrophy of the :
A. Right ventricle 
B. Left ventricle 
C. Right atrium 
D. Left atrium 

20. Vascular changes in pulmonary hypertension are most similar to those in :
A. Aspiration pneumonia 
B. Pulmonary infarct 
C. Essential hypertension 
D. Pulmonary embolism 

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