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A fresh set of 20 random questions is generated every time you open this page and every time you refresh it.
For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Formation of periodontal cyst due to:
A. Nasolacrimal cyst. 
B. Hertiwigs 
C. Epithelial rest of malassaz. 
D. Peals of serres 

2. The risk of malignant change being present in epithelium is greatest in:
A. Homogenous Leukoplakia 
B. Chronic hyperplasic candidiasis 
C. Erythroplakia 
D. Speckled Leukoplakia 

3. Child with mental disorder suffer from orofacial trauma, brought to the hospital by his parents, the child is panic and Irritable, the treatment should done under:
A. Local anesthesia. 
B. General anesthesia 
C. Gas sedation. 
D. Intravenous sedation 

4. An 8 years old child came to your clinic with trauma to upper central incisor with pulp exposure and extensive pulp bleeding your treatment will be:
A. Direct pulp cappining. 
B. Pulpectomy with gutta percha filling. 
C. Apexification. 
D. Pulpotomy with calcium hydroxide 

5. Fracture before 1 year of upper central incisor reach the pulp in 8 year old chil
A. How will you manage this case: 
B. RCT. 
C. Apexification 
D. Direct pulp capping. 

6. Best treatment of choice for carious exposure of a primary molar in a 3 year old child who complain of toothache during and after food taking:
A. Direct pulp capping with caoh. 
B. Direct pulp capping with zao paste. 
C. Formocresol pulpotomy 
D. Caoh pulpotomy 

7. A 5 years old patient lost his primary first maxillary molar the best retainer is:
A. Band and loop 
B. Crown and loop. 
C. Lingual arch. 
D. Nance appliance 

8. In primary tooth for restoration before putting the filling u put:
A. Base. 
B. Calcium hydroxide. 
C. Varnish. 
D. You put the filling after proper cleaning and drying 

9. Mandibular foramen in young children is:
A. Below the level of occlusal plane 
B. At level of occlusal plane. 
C. Above the level of occlusal plane. 
D. Anterior the level of occlusal plane. 

10. A 7 years old boy came to the clinic in the right maxillary central incisor with large pulp exposure:
A. Pulpectomy with Ca(OH)2. 
B. Pulpotomy with Ca(OH)2 
C. Direct pulp capping. 
D. Leave it 

11. An 8 years old come with fractured Max incisor tooth with incipient exposed pulp after 30 min of the trauma , what’s the suitable Tx:
A. Pulpatomy. 
B. Direct pulp capping 
C. Pulpectomy. 
D. Apexification 

12. Formicrisol when used should be:
A. Full Saturated. 
B. Half saturated. 
C. Fifth saturated 
D. None of the above 

13. Polyvinyl silicon compared with polysulfide:
A. Can be poured more than once. 
B. Can be poured after 7 days. 
C. Less dimensional stability. 
D. A and B 

14. Primary malignant melanoma of the oral mucosa:
A. Always originates within the surface epithelium. 
B. Mostly originates within the surface epithelium. 
C. Always originates from Langerhans cells within epithelium 
D. Always originates from nevus cells in the connective tissue 

15. Pedo Pt use rubber dam for :
A. Improve visibility and access. 
B. Lowers risk of swallowing. 
C. Sterile field. 
D. A and B 

16. Father for child 12 year pt < asked you about ,the age for the amalgam restoration of his child ,you tell him:
A. 2 years. 
B. 9 years 
C. 2 decades 
D. All life 

17. Histopathologically adenoid cystic carcinoma in characterized by islands of:
A. Basophilic islands of tumor cells having a "Swiss cheese" appearance 
B. Basophilic islands of tumor cells having a "Swiss cheese" appearance and evidence of serous acini. 
C. Basophilic islands of tumor cells that are intermingled with areas of pseudocartilage. 
D. Basophilic islands of tumor cells that contain mucin and normal acini 

18. The most accurate impression material for making impression of an oral cavity is:
A. Impression compound. 
B. Condensation type silicon. 
C. Polyvinyl silicon's 
D. Polysulfide 

19. Pain during injection of local anesthesia in children could be minimized by:
A. Slowly injection. 
B. Talking to the child during injection. 
C. Using long needle. 
D. A and B 

20. In children, the mandibular foramen is low in relation to the occlusal plane. When you give inferior dental block for pedo Pt the angulations for the needle :
A. 7 mm above the occlusal plane. 
B. 7 mm below the occlusal plane. 
C. 5 mm below the occlusal plane. 
D. At the occlusal plane 

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