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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Which of the following preparations combines carbidopa and levodopa in a fixed proportion?
A. Selegiline 
B. Sinemet 
C. Tolkapone 
D. Biperiden 

2. The systemic effects of hexamethonium include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Constipation and urinary retention 
B. Stimulation of thermoregulatory sweating 
C. Reduction of both peripheral vascular resistance and venous return 
D. Partial mydriasis and loss of accommodation 

3. Which of the following agonists would be used for cardiogenic shock, cardiac arrest, heart block, or heart failure?
A. ?1-agonist 
B. ?2-agonist 
C. ?1-agonist 
D. ?2-agonist 

4. Insulin causes reduction in blood sugar level by the following mechanisms, EXCEPT:
A. Decreased glucose absorption from the gut 
B. Diminished gluconeogenesis 
C. Reduction of breakdown of glycogen 
D. Increased glucose uptake in the peripheral tissue 

5. Tick the drug belonging to nitrobenzene derivative:
A. Clindamycin 
B. Streptomycin 
C. Azithromycin 
D. Chloramphenicol 

6. Which of the following inhaled anesthetics causes centrally mediated sympathetic activation leading to a rise in blood pressure and heart rate?
A. Desflurane 
B. Sevoflurane 
C. Nitrous oxide 
D. Isofurane 

7. Indicate a beta-blocker, which is particularly efficacious in thyroid storm:
A. Pindolol 
B. Sotalol 
C. Phentolamine 
D. Propranolol 

8. Indicate the antiseizure drug, which is a sulfonamide derivative, blocking Na+ channels and having additional ability to inhibit T-type Ca2+ channels:
A. Tiagabine 
B. Zonisamide 
C. Ethosuximide 
D. Primidone 

9. Which of the following analgesics is a phenanthrene derivative?
A. Fentanyl 
B. Morphine 
C. Methadone 
D. Pentazocine 

10. Which of the following agents is related to cannabis?
A. Heroin 
B. Ecstasy 
C. Hashish 
D. Crack 

11. Tick pirazolone derivative:
A. Methylsalicylate 
B. Analgin 
C. Paracetamol 
D. Ketoralac 

12. This drug is a Class IV antiarrhythmic drug:
A. Flecainide 
B. Sotalol 
C. Lidocaine 
D. Verapamil 

13. Depolarizing agents include all of the following properties EXCEPT:
A. Cause desensitization, noncompetive block manifested by flaccid paralysis 
B. React with the nicotinic receptor to open the channel and cause depolarisation of the end plate 
C. Cholinesterase inhibitors do not have the ability to reverse the blockade 
D. Interact with nicotinic receptor to compete with acetylcholine without receptor activation 

14. Potency of action of
A. Acarbose is more than that of miglitol 
B. Miglitol is six times higher than that of acarbose 
C. Oral hypoglycemic agents depend on the severity of hyperglycemia 
D. Miglitol and acarbose is equal 

15. One liter contains 1,000 mg of a drug. After one hour, 900 mg of the drug remains. What is the clearance?
A. 100 mL 
B. 100 mL/hr 
C. 1 mg/ml 
D. 100 mg 

16. Which of the following agents is a ganglion-blocking drug?
A. Homatropine 
B. Hexamethonium 
C. Rapacuronium 
D. Edrophonium 

17. Tick the drug used in aplastic anemia:
A. Fercoven 
B. Cyanocobalamine 
C. Epoetin alpha 
D. Folic acid 

18. Substances causing narco- and glue sniffings are all of the following EXCEPT :
A. Stimulants 
B. Antipsychotic drugs 
C. Psychedelics 
D. Sedative drugs 

19. Which direction would a partial agonist shift the dose-response curve when compared to a full agonist?
A. To the left 
B. To the right 
C. Down 
D. Up 

20. All of the following agents intensify the secretion of gastric glands EXCEPT:
A. Pepsin 
B. Gastrin 
C. Histamine 
D. Carbonate mineral waters 

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