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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. When a beam of light is used to determine the position of an object, the maximum accuracy is achieved if the light is
A. Of shorter wavelength 
B. Of high intensity 
C. Of longer wavelength 
D. Polarized 

2. The width of the spectrum obtained by prism does not depend upon
A. Angular dispersion 
B. Material of the prism 
C. Incident angle 
D. Angel of the prism 

3. A man P of mass 80 kg runs up a staircase in 12 seconds. Another man Q of mass 60 kg runs up the same staircase in ll seconds. What is the ratio of the power developed by P to that by Q ?
A. 11/9 
B. 49/33 
C. 12/11 
D. 4/3 

4. A stone of mass m is tied to a string of length l and rotated in a circle with a constant speed v. If the string is released, the stone flies
A. Tangential outward 
B. Radically outward 
C. Radially inward 
D. With an acceleration mv2/l 

5. A esound absorber attenuates the sound leveI by 20 dB.The intensity decreases by a factor of
A. 1000 
B. 10000 
C. 10 
D. 100 

6. The specific charge of an electron is
A. 5.7E7 Coulomb/kg 
B. 1.76E11 Coulomb/kg 
C. 1.6E-19 Coulomb/gm 
D. 1.6E-19 Coulomb 

7. Which statement is false ?
A. The gas pressure per unit volume is 2/3 of the mean kinetic energy 
B. In a perfect gas, there is no force of attraction among the molecules 
C. The RMS velocity of the gas molecules is inversely proportional to the square root of the molecular weight 
D. The RMS velocity of the gas molecules is proportional to its absolute temperature 

8. If a force of 30.6 kg acts on a 60 kg mass, calculate the resulting acceleration. 1 kg of force = 9.8 newtons
A. 5m/sec/sec 
B. 2m/sec/sec 
C. 0.5 m/sec/sec 
D. 9.8 m/sec/sec 

9. In the S.l. system the unit of energy is
A. Electron-volt 
B. Joule 
C. Calorie 
D. Erg 

10. A circular coil of radius R carries a current in it. The magnetic field along its axis decreases as we move away from its centre. The pace rate of fall of this field is constant at distance equal to
A. 2 R 
B. R 
C. 3 R 
D. R/2 

11. The volume of a confined gas varies inversely with the absolute pressure provided that the temperature remains unchanged. This statement is known as
A. Dalton's law 
B. Bemoulli's law 
C. Avagadro`s law 
D. Boyle's law 

12. The resistance of an ammeter is 13 ohms and its scale is graduated for a current upto 100 A. After an additional shunt has been connected to this ammeter it becomes possible to measure currents upto 750 A with this meter. The value of shunt resistance is
A. 20 ohms 
B. 2 ohms 
C. 0.2 ohms 
D. 2k ohms 

13. A resultant force of 45 kg is actlng on a body whose acceleration is 10 m/sec2. Calculate the mass of the body
A. 450 kg 
B. 44.1 kg 
C. 4.5 kg 
D. 1960 kg 

14. A particle travels 336 mi in 6 hrs; its average veloclty is
A. 33.6 mi./hr 
B. 66 mi/hr 
C. 56 mi./hr 
D. 40 mi/hr 

15. To a germanium sample, traces of gallium are added as an impurity. The resultant sample would behave like
A. A conductor 
B. A p-type semiconductor 
C. An n-type semiconductor 
D. An insulator 

16. A person suffering from hypermetropia requires which type of spectacle lenses
A. Convex lens 
B. Convex-concave lens 
C. Plano-concave lens 
D. Concave lens 

17. Transistor is a
A. Current operated device 
B. Voltage operated device 
C. Both current and voltage operated device 
D. None of the above 

18. The condition that the image is not formed on the screen placed on the other side of lens, when the object is placed before the lens
A. Between 2F and F 
B. Between F and optical centre 
C. Between 2F and infinity 
D. At F 

19. The amount of a liquid’s cohesive force per unit of length is called
A. Depression 
B. Adhesion 
C. Apparent weight 
D. Surface tension 

20. Which energy-state of triply ionized beryllium Be+3 has the same orbital radius as that of state of hydrogen atom
A. N = 8 state 
B. N = 5 state 
C. N = 4 state 
D. N = 2 state 

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