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Combi Ovens Rs4.25 lakhs

Door Type    Single Door
Size    Medium
Oven Type    Industrial
Capacity    6 x GN 1/1
Power    8 kw
Brand    Mish

By keeping track with the market development, we are engaged in providing our clients with excellent quality Combi Ovens.

Cooking modes and functioning:
Convection mode with humidity regulation
Temperature range between 20°C and 270°C
Humidity regulation between 0% and 99%
Steam mode: Temperature range between 20°C and 130°C
Core probe cooking: Temperature range between 20°C and 99°C
Core probe cooking: with Delta T control
Core probe temperature range between 20°C and 99°C
Δt temperature range between 30°C and150°C
Ventilation speed: Four ventilation speed selectables.
Autoreverse: Autoreverse device for fast rotation direction reversal by the system XT Quick StopXT Optiflow® : Two special “rotating deflectors” delicately but effectively direct the airflow distribution inside the cooking chamber.
Automatic Preheating: The electronic system will provide to automatically increase the selected pre-heating temperature.
Cook Hold Steady holding temperature at 50°C for cooking with single or programmable cooking with multiple phases.
Fast cooling: Quick cooling down of the cooking chamber, with open door, through the cooking chamber fan.
Automatic: Cooking Programs
About 150 stored programs (divided into 6 groups based on the type of food) with possibility for the user to add 150 more.
Favourites: Cooking Programs Possibility to include favorite programs on a single list for easier management.
Each profile can manage a different list of favorites.
Multi Cook function for simultaneous cooking: Possibility to create and manage simultaneous cooking sessions of different foods, controlled and guided by the XT Touch Key system.
Washing system: XT Care Program
Automatic devices (XT Simcleaner) and products for cleaning chamber and boiler controlled by automatic programs.
Working profiles : Possibility to manage three different profiles (plus default profile) with different languages and different lists of favorite programs.
USB connection: Connection for USB pendrive for data transfer, software upgrade and backup
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Inoxtrend Combi Oven Rs 3.45 Lakh

Brand    Inoxtrend
Door Type    Single Door
Oven Type    Industrial
Capacity    5 x GN 1/1
Power    6 kw
Warranty    1 year
Color    Silver

INOXTREND - Combi ovens for passion
Made in Italy

Professional Combi oven suitable to bake roast, grill, gratin, brown, glaze, boil, stew, steam; cook at low temperature; with temperature control at the core of the product, holding of already cooked food.

5 x 1/1 GN - 10 x 1/2 GN
Control panel:

Programm. Touch Screen
Indicative quantity of meals: 70
Cooking chamber heating: Electric
Steam generation: Direct system
Cooking modes and functioning:

Convection mode with humidity regulation
Temperature range between 20°C and 270°C
Steam mode: Temperature range between 20°C and 100°C
Core probe: Temperature core probe range between 20°C and 99°C
Delta T function: Temperature range between 30°C and150°C
Automatic cooking programs : About 150 stored programs (divided into 6 groups based on the type of food) with possibility for the user to add 150 more.
Automatic pre-heating :The electronic system preheat the chamber increasing the temperature to equilateral the loss of temperature produced at the opening of the door
Cook Hold : Maintenance phase at a safety temperature to limit bacterial proliferation
2 ventilation speed :Two ventilation speeds to be selected.
Auto reverse : The autoreverse function reverses the sense of fan rotation each 4 minutes.
Release valve with electromechanical control
Its opening permits the steam to go out from the cooking chamber.
Fast cooling :Quick cooling down of the cooking chamber, with open door, through the cooking chamber fan.
Automatic washing system :XT Simcleaner®
Automatic washing system with detergent tabs DETABINOX® and sparkling aid tabs BRILLINOX®.
2 available washing programs.
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Inoxtrend Electric  Combi Ovens Rs 3.25 Lakh

Oven Type    Industrial
Material    Stainless Steel
Size    Medium
Door Type    Single Door

Elevated service life
Low maintenance cost
Easy to use

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Electric Combi Ovens Rs 3.25 Lakh

Material    Stainless Steel
Oven Type    Domestic, Industrial
Brand    Mish
Door Type    Single Door
Size    Medium

Fine finish
Easy to clean
Perfectly designed
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Industrial Regeneration Ovens Rs 2.2 Lakh

Material    Stainless Steel
Application    Bakery,Hotels
Brand    Mish
Capacity    5,10 and 15 pans

Durable finish standards
Industry approved design
Low power consumption

Other details:

The XT Regeneration oven is designed to retherm (re-heat) bulk or plated meals for Cook-Chill, Cook Freeze or traditional feeding systems.
The oven is constructed entirely from 304, 18/10 stainless steel.
The REGEN XT Oven is electrically heated with a rethermalization capacity of 5, 10 or 15 GN1/1 pans.
High-density insulation, auto stop on door opening, solid stainless door, and water proof chamber increase safety and durability.
The unit has a 304 stainless steel interior and exterior doors.
The doors are mounted on heavy-duty stainless steel hinges and incorporated in the door frame oven chamber there is an interior activated light.

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Convection Oven Rs 52,000

Material    Stainless Steel
Usage    Industries
Power Source    Electric
Display    Digital, Analog
Air-Flow Direction    Duel Air Flow
Max Temperature    300
Model    Inoxtrend
Voltage (V)    220
Condition    New
Power (Kw)    3.3 kw
Tray Size (mm)    GN 2/3
Warranty    1 yr
Capacity    0-100 Kg

Electric ovens with Analog or Digital controls. 4 levels with several types of capacity: 2/3, 433x333, 1/1 and 600x400. An ideal range for small bars or food trucks that need a small oven to heat up or cook croissants, small pastries, bread or simple dishes. 
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Countertop Convection Oven Rs 1.4 Lakh

Application    Baking, Heating of Food
Usage    Food and Beverages
Brand    Mish
Material    Stainless Steel
Display    Analog

Optimum performance
Requires less maintenance
Excellent throughput
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Commercial Bread Oven Rs 98,000

Steam generation    Manual humidification
Control panel    Electromechanical
Model    SUA-B6041E
Brand    Inoxtrend
Power Source    Electric
Type    Automatic
Condition    New
Application    Biscuit

Long service life
Immaculate finish
Simple design
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Industrial Bakery Oven Rs 1.95 Lakh

Brand    Mish
Power Source    Electric
Max Temperature (deg. Celsius)    200-300
Type    Automatic
Warranty    One Year
Condition    New
Application    Breads, Cakes, Donut, Biscuit
Material    Stainless Steel

High operational fluency
Hassle-free performance
Low maintenance
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(Laboratory Equipments (Pathology) )

Catalogue Number : ADV-153

1. Standard double wall construction. Outer made of mild steel dully enamel painted, inner made out of anodized aluminium or stainless steel sheet. 
2. Heating elements provided at bottom & two sides. 
3. Temperature controlled by hydraulic type of thermostat. 
4. Temperature ambient to 2500C with accuracy +- 10C. To work on 220 V AC. 

Available Size: (In Aluminium & Stainless Steel Chamber) 

12” x 12” x 12” 
14” x 14” x 14” 
16” x 16” x 16” 
18” x 18” x 18”

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