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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Which type of spores are produce by pteridophytes and gymnosperms ?
A. Spores  
B. Somatic spores  
C. Heterospores 
D. Homospores 

2. Cork cambium results in the formation of cork which becomes impermeable to water due to the accumulation of
A. Resins 
B. Suberin 
C. Lignins 
D. Tannins 

3. Presence of different types of teeth is known as...
A. Thecodont  
B. Diphyodont  
C. Heterodont  
D. Permanent teeth 

4. Which ofthe following is long-day plant ?
A. Oat  
B. Soyabean  
C. Vinca 
D. Paddy 

5. The value of osmotic pressure depends on .........
A. Concentration of solute  
B. Concentration of solvent 
C. Concentration of solution  
D. Concentration of substrate 

6. Which Structure is able to move in areolar tissue
A. Adipose cell  
B. Phagocytic cell  
C. Fibroblasts 
D. Mast cell 

7. Mendelism is genetics of
A. Haploids  
B. Diploids  
C. Prokaryotes  
D. All the above 

8. Mesophyll tissue of Pinus needle is composed of
A. Transfusion tissue 
B. Spongy parenchyma 
C. Chlorenchyma 
D. Armed parenchyma 

9. Which ofthe following element of xylemis living
A. Trachaea 
B. Tracheids 
C. Parenchyma  
D. fibres 

10. Four mineral nutrients required in large quantities by humans are :
A. nitrogen, potassium, manganese and cobalt 
B. potassium, copper, manganese and calcium 
C. phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium 
D. calcium, sulphur, molybdenum and zinc 

11. Mangrove plant live in:
A. Alpine Tundra  
B. Tundra 
C. Marshy areas along rivers  
D. Marshy areas along sea shore 

12. Give the name of scientist who are concern with interferon word
A. Watson & Crick 
B. Khorana 
C. Luis pasteur & Stemberg 
D. Ellic isaks & jan lindenmen 

13. Pre-fertilized endosperm is characteristic of
A. Pteridophytes 
B. Angiosperms  
C. Gymnosperms 
D. Bryophytes 

14. The larger cell of a pollen grain with irregular shaped nucleus is
A. Apical cell  
B. Generative cell  
C. Vegetative cell 
D. Basal cell 

15. Motor cells of leaves and grass, shows which type of movement ?
A. Locomotory movement  
B. Growth movement 
C. Nastic movement  
D. Osmotic movement 

16. Two male gametes are
A. produced before pollination  
B. Haploid 
C. Diploid  
D. At the time of pollination 

17. DNA-ase and RNA-ase are enzymes produced by
A. Salivary glands  
B. Pancreas  
C. Stomach  
D. Intestine 

18. The chromosomes are distributed in two cells in half thir number is called
A. Mitosis  
B. Cytokineis  
C. Heterotypic division  
D. Cellcycle 

19. Blood-sucking insects usually carry parasites in their
A. lungs 
B. blood 
C. salivary glands 
D. tentacles 

20. Which pair of structures distinguishes a nerve cellfrom other cells
A. Vacuole and fibres  
B. Nucleus and mitochondria 
C. Perikaryon and dendrites 
D. Flagellumand medullarysheath 

21. In which method of asexual reproduction the offspring's are genetically identical,to the parents ?
A. Amitotic division  
B. Multiple fission  
C. Division  
D. Binary fission 

22. During photosynthessis, plants
A. absorb O2 , release CO2 
B. release O2 , absorb CO2 
C. absorb N2 , release O2 
D. absorb N2 and release NH3 

23. Which of the following statement is correct ?
A. All veins carry deoxygenated blood 
B. All arteries carry deoxygenated blood 
C. All veins carry deoxygenated blood except one 
D. All arteries carry deoxygenated blood except one 

24. Cardiac output is determined by
A. Heart rate  
B. Stroke volume  
C. Blood flow  
D. Both A and B 

25. Due to which element deficiency bark of tree becomes rough and gets split and exudes gum-like secretion ?
A. Zn  
B. K  
C. P 
D. Cu 

26. Photorespiration in C3 plants starts from
A. phosphoglycerate  
B. phosphosglycolate  
C. glycerate  
D. glycine 

27. RQ of protein rich pulses is '
A. Unity  
B. Infinity  
C. More than unity 
D. Less than one 

28. In which subdivision of aquatic ecosystem thermal stratification in seen ?
A. marine  
B. deep fresh water habitat 
C. marine and fresh water area 
D. None of these 

29. Due to what food supplyhas increased during green revolution?
A. use of chemicals  
B. use of biochemicals 
C. use of photochemicals  
D. use of agrochemicals 

30. The shape of Fruting body of lichens is
A. apothecium - flask shaped 
B. perithecium- cup shaped 
C. perithecium - flask shaped 
D. apothecium - Disc chaped 

31. In angiosperm the endosperm is formed
A. In the nucellus  
B. In the embryo sac  
C. In the seed  
D. In the anther 

32. In testis which cells are present in the interstitial space between seminiferous tubules?
A. Sertoli cells  
B. Germinalcells  
C. Leydigs cells  
D. Both A and B 

33. Drooping of fruit, after fruit maturation (ripening) shows .......
A. Increase in amount of auxin  
B. Decreases in amount of auxin 
C. Reduces in amount ofABA  
D. Increase gibberrelic acid 

34. The ionized chl.a+
A. Receives low energy electron  
B. Receives high energy electron 
C. Expels low energy electron  
D. Expels highenergy electron 

35. All of the following are true about the endocrine system except
A. It relies on chemical messenger that travels through the blood stream 
B. It is a control system which has extremely rapid effects on the body 
C. The hormones affect only certain target organs 
D. It is involved in maintaining body homeostasis 

36. It is correct for ecosystem.....
A. ( Plants, Animals, Microorganisms) + Abiotic environment 
B. Community formed byvarious species present ina particular region 
C. Animal, plants and micro- organisms 
D. Abiotic factors 

37. Gibberellins can promote seed germination because of their influence on
A. rate of cell division 
B. synthesis of abscisic acid 
C. production of hydrolyzing enzymes 
D. absorption of water through hard seed coat 

38. Amolecule ofATP is structurallymost similar to a molecule of?
A. RNA  
B. Protein  
C. Lipid 
D. Amino acid 

39. It is produced during water stress that brings stomatalclosure
A. Ethylene  
B. Abscisic acid  
C. Ferulic acid  
D. Coumarin 

40. . .......... have a sucking and circular mouth without jawas
A. lamprey 
B. scoliodon 
C. catla 
D. rohu 

41. The driving pressure AP in breathing which causes air to flow into the lungs is
A. atmospheric pressure minus the intra-alveolar pressure 
B. the intrapleural pressure Ppl 
C. the intrapleural pressure minus the intraalveolar pressure 
D. the intra-alveolar intrapulmonary pressure Palv 

42. What is the rate of respiration during seed germination ?
A. Slow  
B. Steady  
C. Rapid  
D. Zero 

43. In circulatory system, valves occur in
A. Heart and blood vessels of both vertebrates and invertebrates 
B. Both vertebrate and invertebrate hearts 
C. Vertebrate heart only 
D. Invertebrate heart only 

44. Collenchyma Shows deposition of
A. Pectin 
B. Suberin 
C. Resin  
D. Lignin 

45. Two gametes having similar appearance are called as...
A. Gametes  
B. Isogametes  
C. Heterogametes  
D. Isospores 

46. The space between two successive Z-band is known as...
A. A - band  
B. I - band  
C. Krause membrane  
D. Sarcomere 

47. It is activated us he change of blood volume and volume of body fluid
A. Medulla oblongata  
B. Osmoreceptor  
C. Aorta  
D. Renal vein 

48. The events of the menstrual cycle are the cyclic changes in the...
A. Endometrium  
B. Myometrium  
C. Epimetrium  
D. All of these 

49. Peritubuler is in
A. Cortex  
B. Deep in medulla  
C. Calyces  
D. Surround to duct of bellini 

50. Which is correct according to EURO II norms?
A. Sulphur can be controlled at 350ppm in diesel and 150ppm in petrol 
B. Sulphur can be controlled at 150ppm in petrol  
C. Lead can be controlled at 350ppm in diesel  
D. Lead can be controlled at 150ppm in petrol 

51. What is the causes of gastritis ?
A. Swelling in stomach  
B. Effect of gastric juice 
C. Swelling in colon  
D. Toxic effect in digestive track 

52. What is the function of leg haemoglobin ?
A. To protect Nif gene from the side effect of O 
B. To proctect nitrogenase from the side effect of O 
C. To provide atmosheric N to Rhizobium bzcteria 
D. To synthesis reduction inducing unit FAD 

53. What is enzyme?
A. All proteinswhich are in all living cell 
B. Chemicals which act as biological catalysts 
C. All amino acid which arein polypeptidechain 
D. All above 

54. Which tissue is located in uterine tube and proximal tube of kidneys respectively :-
A. Columnar epithelium, Cuboidal epithelium  
B. Ciliated epithelium, columnar epithelium 
C. Ciliated epithelium, Cuboidal epithelium 
D. Cuboidal epithelium, ciliated epithelium 

55. Cork cambium results in the formaation of cork which becomes impermeable to water due to the accumulation of ---
A. Resin  
B. Suberin 
C. Starch  
D. Tanin 

56. Which type of hybridization is done for mule ?
A. Inbreeding hybridization 
B. Out breeding hybridization 
C. Inter specific hybridization  
D. Intra specific hybridization 

57. In which one of the following pairs the two items mean one and the same thing?
A. Malleus - anvil 
B. SA node - pacemaker 
C. Leucocytes - lymphocytes 
D. Haemophilia - blood cancer 

58. In hydrophytes, stomata are
A. Not required 
B. Seen only on upper epidermis 
C. Absent or rudimentary 
D. Seen only on lower epidermis 

59. Which of the following are uricotelic animals?
A. Rohu and Frog  
B. Lizard and Crow 
C. Cameland Frog  
D. Earthworm and eagle 

60. Flower in which only set of one essential organ develops are call:
A. Unisexual  
B. Monoecious  
C. Dioecious  
D. Polygamous 

61. By which asexual reproductive method do Dictyota, Fucus and Yeast reproduce ?
A. Budding  
B. Sporulation 
C. Fragmentation 
D. Fission 

62. Find out the wrongly matched pair
A. Primary metabolite - Ribose 
B. Secondary metabolite - Insulin 
C. Protein - Insulin 
D. Cellulose - Heteropolymer 

63. Which of the following plant reproduces byleaf ?
A. Agave  
B. Bryophyllum 
C. Gladiolus  
D. Potato 

64. The name virus was given by
A. Ivanowsky 
B. Pasteur  
C. Diener 
D. Hershey 

65. How manyunit occur in each stackpile of golgi apparatus?
A. 4 to 8 
B. 2 to 6  
C. 4 to 6  
D. 2 to 8 

66. Which assertion is correct ?
A. There is role of ministry of forest and environment in developing biogas technology 
B. Micro organism are used as a bio control agent by IARI 
C. Biofertilisers are used over chemicalfertilizer to redused pollution 
D. Chemicalfertiliser are used to form biofertiliser 

67. Number of chromosomes are maintained from generation to generation by:
A. Mitotic division  
B. Meiosis division  
C. Division  
D. Metamorphosis 

68. Terminalmouth occur in
A. catla 
B. Electric ray 
C. shark 
D. sting ray 

69. By studying analogous structures we look for
A. similarities in appearance and function but different in structure 
B. similarities in appearance but differences in functions 
C. Similarities in organ structure 
D. Similarities in cellmake up 

70. Which information is correct for our country ?
A. India is one of the twelve mega biodiversity countries ofthe world 
B. India comprises 2.4% biodiversity of world 
C. India contains more than 7 % plant species of world 
D. India stands at 7th rank in traditional crop varieties 

71. During cell cycle DNA replication takes place in.....
A. G1- phase  
B. S - phase  
C. G2- phase  
D. M - phase 

72. Dental formula shows
A. Structure of teeth  
B. Monophyodont or diphyodont condition 
C. Number and type of teeth in both jaws 
D. Number and type of teeth in one half of both jaws 

73. Tiny sacs or bladders are found in:
A. Utriculariya  
B. salvinia  
C. nepenthes  
D. Hydrilla 

74. Give examples of elastic bond
A. Tendon  
B. Cartilage 
C. Ligament 

75. Plants withscotoactive stomata perform
A. C4  
B. CAM photosynthesis photosynthesis 
C. C3photosynthesis  
D. Anoxygenic photosynthesis 

76. They respire through lungs
A. Fish  
B. Cockroaches  
C. Crocodiles 
D. Earthworms 

77. Which of the following is correct for all veins ?
A. All veins transport deoxygenated blood 
B. All veins transport oxygenated blood 
C. They transport blood from organs to heart 
D. They transport blood from heart to organs 

78. During fertilization, the enzyme which facilitates penetration of the egg by the spermatozoan is
A. acetylcholineasterase 
B. alkaline phosphatase 
C. acid phosphatase 
D. hyaluronidase 

79. New systematic and the concept of life was given by
A. Huxley  
B. Odom  
C. Elton  
D. Linnaeus 

80. The trachea is supported by, cartilaginous rings,which are.........shaped
A. C  
B. L  
C. O  
D. S 

81. How many protected areas are present in India ?
A. 89 
B. 581  
C. 492 
D. 34 

82. In males, testes are contained in scrotal sacs because
A. other organs do not make space for testes in the abdominal cavity 
B. testes, if let loose in the abdomen, would hamper the process of sperm maturation 
C. a slightly lower suitable temperature is furnished by the scrotum and it does not hamper sperm formation 
D. all of these 

83. What percentage of CO2 is transported in the form of carbamino compounds ?
A. 70%  
B. 90%  
C. 5%  
D. 20% 

84. Patients who excrete large quantities of sodium in the urine have
A. defective cells lining the villi of ileum that fail to reabsorb Na+ 
B. erraticrenal threshold for Na+ 
C. diseased adrenal cortex 
D. diseased adrenal medulla 

85. Occurrence of more than four spores from a spore mother cell is called
A. Polysiphony 
B. Polyembryony 
C. Polyspory 
D. Polyspermy 

86. Which organisms are useful for the knowledge of biotechnology and genetic engineering ?
A. Animals  
B. Plants 
C. Micro Organism  
D. None of them 

87. Which of the following ratio is constant in the DNA of all the species?
A. A+U / T+C  
B. A+G/ C+T  
C. A+C / T+G 
D. A+T / C+G 

88. Carbonic anhydrase is activated in the presence of which elements?
A. Mb  
B. Mn  
C. Ca 
D. Zn 

89. Choose the correct sequence of stages of growth curve tor bacteria
A. lag. log. stationary, decline phase 
B. lag. log, stationary phase 
C. stationary. lag, log. decline phase 
D. decline. lag, log phase 

90. Which method of hydroponics is used for providing nutrients to plants or seedlings in environ ment saturated with fine droplets of nutrients ?
A. Aeroponics 
B. Continous flow of cultured solution 
C. Static cultured solution 
D. Suspension culture 

91. The metal generally mixed with gold while making ornaments is
A. zinc 
B. iron 
C. silver 
D. copper 

92. Producer gas chemically consists of
A. CO+H2 
B. CO+N2 
C. CO2+N2 
D. CO2+H2 

93. At pH = 4 glycine exists as
A. H2N - CH2 - COO- 
B. H3 - CH2 - COO- 
C. H3- CH2 - COO- 
D. H2N - CH2 - COOH 

94. Enzymes are made up of
A. carbohydrates 
B. amino acids 
C. nucleosides 
D. fatty acids 

95. The monomers of Buna-S rubber are
A. vinyl chloride and sulphur 
B. butadiene 
C. styrene and butadiene 
D. isoprene and butadiene 

96. A micron is equivalent to
A. 0.01 mm 
B. 0.01 m 
C. 0.001 mm 
D. 0.0001 mm 

97. The temperature of the slag zone in the metallurgy of Iron using blast furnace is
A. 800 - 1000 C 
B. 1500 - 1600 C 
C. 1200 - 1500 C 
D. 400 - 700 C 

98. The letter 'D' in D - glucose signifies
A. that it is a monosaccharide 
B. configuration at all chiral carbons 
C. configuration at a particular chiral carbon 
D. dextrorotatory 

99. At equilibrium, it was found that 60% of SO2 is used up. lf the partial pressure of the equilibrium mixture is one atmosphere. the partial pressure of O2 is
A. 0.41 atm 
B. 0.21 atm 
C. 0.52 atm 
D. 0.82 atm 

100. The main chemical constituent of clay is
A. silicon oxide 
B. aluminium borosilicate 
C. zeolites 
D. aluminium silicate 

101. The correct order in which the first ionisation potential increases is
A. Na, K, Be 
B. K, Be, Na 
C. K, Na, Be 
D. Be, Na, K 

102. The compound that does not form a clear solution with cold water is
A. benzoic acid 
B. sugar 
C. baking powder 
D. caustic soda 

103. Hence, the binary solution shows
A. no deviation from Raoult's law 
B. positive deviation from Raoult's law 
C. positive or negative deviation from Raoult's law depending upon the composition 
D. negative deviation from Raoult's law 

104. 1 N aci The percentage of nitrogen in the food is
A. 8.4 
B. 16.8 
C. 0.84 
D. 1.68 

105. The nature of saliva is
A. neutral 
B. acidic 
C. basic 
D. amphoteric 

106. The brown ring test for nitrates depends on
A. oxidation of nitric oxide to nitrogen dioxide 
B. reduction of ferrous sulphate to iron 
C. oxidising action of sulphuric acid 
D. the reduction of nitrate to nitric oxide 

107. During the fusion of an organic compound with sodium metal, nitrogen of the compound is converted into
A. NaNO2 
B. NaNC 
C. NaCN 
D. NaNH2 

108. When an iron nail gets rusted, iron oxide is formed :
A. without any change in the weight of the nail 
B. with increase in the weight of the nail 
C. with decrease in the weight of the nail 
D. without any change in colour or weight of the nail 

109. The molecular mass of A is 49 u. Molecular mass of B will be
A. 6.50 u 
B. 50.00 u 
C. 12.25 u 
D. 25.00 u 

110. In which of the following, NH3 is not used?
A. Group reagent for the analysis of IIIgroup basic radical 
B. Nessler's reagent 
C. T0llen's reagent 
D. Group reagent for the analysis of IV group basic radical 

111. The most extensive, commercially useful source of thorium as monazite sand occurs in India at
A. Orissa coast 
B. Travancore coast 
C. West Bengal coast 
D. Gujarat coast 

112. Which cycloalkane has the lowest heat of combustion per CH2 group?
A. cyclopropane 
B. cyclopontane 
C. cyclohexane 
D. cyclobutanc 

113. The normality of 30 volume H2O2 is
A. 6.685 N 
B. 2.678 N 
C. 8.034 N 
D. 5.336 N 

114. The one which is NOT an exception is
A. N and O 
B. Na and Mg 
C. Mg and Al 
D. Be and B 

115. The process of changing of one element into another is called
A. radioactive decay 
B. transinutation of the elements 
C. covalent bond formation 
D. hybridization 

116. Glucose contains in addition to aldehyde group
A. two primary OH and three secondary OH groups 
B. three primary OH and- two secondary OH groups 
C. one primary OH and four secondary OH groups 
D. one secondary OH and four primary OH groups 

117. The metal that in the pure form in earth's crust is
A. sodium 
B. magnesium 
C. copper 
D. platinum 

118. In acetylene molecule, between the carbon atoms there are
A. three pi bonds 
B. three sigma bonds 
C. one sigma and two pi bonds 
D. two sigma and one pi bonds 

119. pH value of which one of the following is not equal to one?
A. 0.05 M H2SO4 
B. 0.1 M CH3 COOH 
C. 0.1 M HNO3 
D. 50cm3 of 0.4 M HCI +50 cm3 of 0.2M NaOH 

120. Platinum, Palladium and Iridium are called noble metals because
A. They are shining lustrous and pleasing to look at 
B. They are inert towards many common reagents 
C. They are found in native state 
D. Alfred Nobel discovered them 

121. The isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reactions is :
A. U-235 
B. U-238 
C. U-239 
D. none of these 

122. The correct decreasing order of dipole moment in CH3CI, CH3Br and CH3F is
A. CH3F > CH3Br > CH3CI 
B. CH3CI> CH3Br > CH3F 
C. CH3F > CH3CI > CH3Br 
D. CH3CI> CH3F > CH3Br 

123. The time required for 100% completion of a zero order reaction is
A. 2k/a 
B. ak 
C. a/k 
D. a/2k 

124. In the periodic table metals usually used as catalysts belong to
A. d - block 
B. f - block 
C. p - block 
D. s - block 

125. The amino acid which is not optically active is
A. alanine 
B. serine 
C. lactic acid 
D. glycine 

126. Monobromination of 2-methylbutane gives how many distinct isomers?
A. Three 
B. Two 
C. One 
D. Four 

127. The derivative is
A. 1, 1 - dibromopropane 
B. 1, 4 - dibromobutane 
C. 2, 2 - dibromobutane 
D. 1, 2 - dibromoethane 

128. The 'B' atoms occupy the centre of each face of the cube. The probable empirical formula of the compound is
A. AB2 
B. AB 
C. A3B 
D. AB3 

129. Cooking is fast in a pressure cooker, because
A. food particles are effectively smashe 
B. water boils at higher temperature inside the pressure cooker 
C. food is cooked at constant volume 
D. loss of heat due to radiation is minimum 

130. Which of the following compound would not evolve CO2 when treated with NaHCO3 solution?
A. benzoic acid 
B. salicylic acid 
C. phenol 
D. 4-nitro benzoic acid 

131. The order of stability of metal oxides is
A. Fe2O3 < Cr2O3 < AIZO3 < MgO 
B. Fe2O3 < Al2O3 < Cr2O3 < MgO 
C. Al2O3 < MgO < Fe2O3< Cr2O3 
D. Cr2O3 < MgO < Al2O3 < Fe2O3 

132. Which is the most easily liquifiable rare gas?
A. Kr 
B. Xe 
C. Ar 
D. Ne 

133. In vulcanisation, natural rubber is heated with :
A. Carbon 
B. Sulphur 
C. Silicon 
D. Phosphorus 

134. In which of the following complex ion, the central metal ion is in a state of sp3d2 hybridisation?
A. [CoF6]3- 
B. [Fe(CN)6]3- 
C. [Co(NH3)6]3+ 
D. [Cr (NH3)6]3+ 

135. Mg+2 is isoelectronic with
A. Zn2+ 
B. Cu2+ 
C. Na+ 
D. Ca2+ 

136. Using mass M, length L, time T and current as fundamental quantities, the dimension of permeability is
A. M-1LT-2 A 
B. ML 2T-2 A-1 
C. ML T-2 A-2 
D. ML T-1 A-1 

137. A wire of length L is drawn such that its diameter is reduced to half of its original diameter. If the initial resistance of the wire is 10 ohms, its new resistance would be
A. 40 ohms 
B. 80 ohms 
C. 120 ohms 
D. 160 ohms 

138. Characteristic X-rays are produced due to
A. Transfer of momentum in collision of electrons with target atoms 
B. Transition of electrons from higher to lower electronic orbits in an atom 
C. Heating of the target 
D. Transfer of energy in collision of electrons with atoms in the target 

139. Calculate the work done , it a wire is loaded by Mg weight and the increase in length is l
A. Mgl/2 
B. 2 Mgl 
C. Mgl 
D. zero 

140. The voltage oi clouds is 4E6 volt with respect to ground. In a lightening strike lasting 100 m sec. charge of 4 conlombs is delivered to the ground. The power oi lightening strike is
A. 160 MW 
B. 80 MW 
C. 2O MW 
D. 500 KW 

141. A bus is moving on a straight road towards north with a uniform speed of 50 km/hour when it turns through 90. If the speed remains unchanged after turning, the increase in the Velocity of bus in the turning process is
A. 70.7 km/hour along south-west direction 
B. zero 
C. 50 km/hour along west 
D. 70.7 km/hour along north-west direction 

142. lf the density of a given body is 10 gm/cms, what is its specific gravity ?
A. 0.01 
B. 1.0 
C. 1.0 
D. 10.0 

143. The direction of the force exerted on a surface by a liquid at rest is
A. Normal to the surface 
B. Parallel to the surface 
C. tangential to the surface 
D. 30 to the surface 

144. The minimnm potential difference between the base and emitter reqnired to swltch a silicon transistor ON is approximately
A. 1 V 
B. 3V 
C. 5V 
D. 4.2V 

145. Hard X-rays for the study of fractures in bones should have a minimum wavelength of 1E-11 m. The accelerating voltage for electrons in X-ray machine should be
A. Less than 124.2 kV 
B. More than 124.2 kV 
C. Between 60 kV and 70 kV 
D. 100 kV 

146. In isothermal expansion, the pressure is determined by
A. Compressibility only 
B. Temperature only 
C. Both temperature and compressibility 
D. None of these 

147. Two parallel wires in free space are 10 cm apart and each carries a current of 10 A in the same direction. The force one wire exerts on the other per metre of length is
A. 2E-7 N. repulsive 
B. 2E-7 N. attractive 
C. 2E-4 N, repulsive 
D. 42E-4 N, attractive 

148. The electric current passing thorough a metallic wire produces heat because of
A. Collisions of the conduction electrons with the atoms of the metallic wire 
B. The energy released in the ionization of the atoms of the metal 
C. Collisions of conduction electrons with each other 
D. Collisions of the atoms of the metal with each other 

149. A bomb of mass 3.0 kg explodes in air into two pieces of masses 2.0 kg and 1.0 kg. The smaller mass goes at a speed of 80 m/s. The total energy imparted to the two fragments is
A. 1.07 kJ 
B. 2.14 kJ 
C. 2.4 kJ 
D. 4.8 kJ 

150. Two particles of mass M and m are moving in a circle of radii R r. If their time-periods are same, what will be the ratio of their linear velocities?
A. MR:mr 
B. M:m 
C. R:r 
D. 1:1 

151. When a beta-particle is emitted from a nucleus, the neutron-proton ratio
A. is increased 
B. is decreased 
C. remains the same 
D. first decreases then increases 

152. An astronaut is accelerated in his spacecraft from rest to 800mi./hr. in 60 sec. He was subjected to an acceleration of
A. 4800 ft/sec/sec 
B. 1200 mi./hr/hr 
C. 4800 mi./hr/hr 
D. 48000 mi./hr/hr 

153. In simplest terms, the energy of a wave is directly proportional to the square of its
A. height 
B. refraction 
C. reflection 
D. length 

154. Two parallel beams of positrons moving in the same direction will
A. Repel each other 
B. Will not interact with each other 
C. Attract each other 
D. Be deflected normal to the plane containing the two beams 

155. A frog can be levitated in a magnetic field produced by a current in a vertical solenoid placed below the frog. This is possible because the body of the frog behaves as
A. Paramagnetic 
B. Diamagnetic 
C. Ferromagnetic 
D. Antiferromagnetic 

156. What is the potential energy of a 10 kg steel ball which has been raised vertically 9 m above the floor ?
A. 441 joules 
B. 98 joules 
C. 90 joules 
D. 882 joules 

157. When light of wavelength 300 nm nanometre falls on a photoelec' tric emitter, photoelectrons are just liberated. For another emitter however, light of 600 nm wave length is sufficient for creating photoemission. What is the ram of the work function of the tWI emitters?
A. 1 : 2 
B. 2 : 1 
C. 4 : 1 
D. 1 : 4 

158. Which of the following is an amorphous solid ?
A. sugar 
B. salt 
C. glass 
D. diamond 

159. The maximum distance upto which TV transmission from a TV tower of height h can be received is proportional to
A. h1/2 
B. h 
C. h3/2 
D. h2 

160. If Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays carry same momentum. which has the longest wavelength ?
A. Alpha rays 
B. Beta rays 
C. Gamma rays 
D. None, all have same wavelength 

161. The difference in the lengths of a mean solar day and a sidereal day is about
A. 1 min 
B. 4 min 
C. 15min 
D. 56 min 

162. When a monochromatic point source of light is at a distance of 0.2 m from a photocell, the cutoff voltage and the saturation current are respectively Vo = 0.6 volt and is = 18.0 mA. If the same source is placed 0.6 m away from the photocell, then
A. Stopping potential Vo = 0.2 volt and saturation current is = 18.0 mA 
B. Stopping potential Vo = 0.6 volt and saturation current is = 18.0 mA 
C. Stopping potential Vo = 0.6 volt and saturation currenl is = 2.0 mA 
D. Stopping potential Vo = 0,2 volt and saturation current is=2.0mA 

163. The volume of a confined gas varies inversely with the absolute pressure provided that the temperature remains unchanged. This statement is known as
A. Dalton's law 
B. Bemoulli's law 
C. Avagadro`s law 
D. Boyle's law 

164. An organ pipe closed at one end has lundamental frequency of 1500 Hz. The maximum number of overtones generated by this pipe which a nonnal person can hear is
A. 14 
B. 13 
C. 6 
D. 9 

165. An object is immersed in a fluid. ln order that the object becomes invisible, it should
A. Behave as a perfect reflector 
B. Absorb all light falling on its surface 
C. Have refractive index 1.0 
D. Have refractive index exactly matching with that of the surrounding fluid 

166. A ball is dropped downwards. After 1 second another ball is dropped downwards from the same point. What is the distance between them after 3 seconds ?
A. 20m 
B. 9.8m 
C. 25m 
D. 50m 

167. A tuning fork of frequency 480 Hz produces l0 beats per second when sounded with a vibrating sonometer string. What must have been the frequency of the string if a slight increase in tension produces fewer beats per second than before
A. 490Hz 
B. 480 Hz 
C. 470 Hz 
D. 460 Hz 

168. A bullet is fired from a gun with a speed of 1000 m/s in order to hit a target 100 m away. At what height above the target should the gun be aimed? The resistance of air is negligible and g=10 m/s2
A. 5 cm 
B. 10 cm 
C. 15 cm 
D. 20 cm 

169. Which energy-state of triply ionized beryllium Be+3 has the same orbital radius as that of state of hydrogen atom
A. n = 8 state 
B. n = 5 state 
C. n = 4 state 
D. n = 2 state 

170. Vector C is the sum of two vector A and B and vector D is the cross product of vectors A and B. What is the angle between vectors C and D?
A. 180 
B. 90 
C. 60 
D. zero 

171. An astronaut is looking down on earth's surface from a space shuttle at an altitude of 400 km. Assuming that the astronaut's pupil diameter is 5 mm and the wavelength of visible light is 500 nm. The astronaut will be able to resolve linear objects of the size of about
A. 0.5 m 
B. 5 m 
C. 50 m 
D. 500 m 

172. A parallel plate capacitor is made by stacking n equally spaced plates connected alternatively. If the capacitance between any two adjacent plates is C then the resultant capacitance is
A. n-1C 
B. n+1C 
C. C 
D. nC 

173. The amount of a liquids cohesive force per unit of length is called
A. depression 
B. adhesion 
C. apparent weight 
D. surface tension 

174. In a material medium, when a positron meets an electron both the particles annihilate leading to the emission of two gamma ray photons . This process forms the basis of an important diagnostic procedure called

175. Two blocks of equal mass 3 kg, connected by a light string, are placed on a horizontal surface which is not frictionless. If a force of 20 N is applied in the horizontal direction on a block, the acceleration of each block is 0.5 m/s/s. Assuming that the frictional forces on the two blocks are equal, the tension in the string will be
A. 60 N 
B. 40 N 
C. 20 N 
D. 0 N 

176. If the universal gas constant is R and Boltzmann constant is K, then number of molecules in a mol of hydrogen will be
A. K/R 
B. R/2K 
C. R/K 
D. 2R/K 

177. The maximum range of a gun of horizontal terrain is 16 km. If g= 10 ms then muzzle velocity of a shell must be ?
A. 160 m/s 
B. 200?2 m/s 
C. 400 m/s 
D. 800 m/s 

178. The resultant of Vector A -x 0 will be equal to
A. zero 
B. A 
C. zero vector 
D. unit vector 

179. An oscilloscope measures the
A. Peak to peak value of AC voltage 
B. RMS value of AC voltage 
C. D.C. wlue of a voltage 
D. None of the above 

180. Most of the comets moving round the sun have orbits of the shape of
A. a hyperbola 
B. a parabola 
C. an elongated ellipse 
D. a circle