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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. In blood
A. WBCs are more than RBCs  
B. RBCs are more than WBCs 
C. RBCs are less than platelets  
D. Platelets are less than WBCs 

2. Where seminiferous tubules of each lobe empty sperms ?
A. Vas deferens  
B. Vasa efferentia  
C. Epididymus  
D. Seminalvesicles 

3. Future sporophytic generation in a seed is
A. Cotyledon  
B. Endosperm  
C. Hypocotyl  
D. Embryo 

4. Anaerobic respiration is
A. Extramolecular respiration 
B. Molecular respiration 
C. Inter-molecular respiration 
D. Intra-molecular respiration 

5. The sex of a child is determined
A. at the time of the sperm's entry 
B. at the time of fertilisation of the ovum 
C. six to seven-weeks alter conception 
D. in the third month of pregnancy 

6. Which phase of conjugation is impossible in gametes ?
A. Post-fertilization phase  
B. Fertilization phase 
C. Pre-fertilization phase  
D. Gamete phase 

7. Chromosomes not related to sex-inheritance are called
A. allosomes 
B. autosomes 
C. centrosomes 
D. mesosomes 

8. Tube feet are the locomotory organs of
A. platyhelminthes 
B. Echinodermata 
C. Mollusca 
D. Arthropoda 

9. If there were only parental combinations in F2 of a dihybrid cross then Mendel might have discovered ?
A. Independent assortment  
B. Atavism 
C. Linkage  
D. Repulsion 

10. Man is..
A. Ureotelic  
B. Uricotelic  
C. Ammonotelic  
D. Both B and C 

11. Bull semen for the purpose of artificial insemination is stored in
A. ice 
B. liquid oxygen 
C. liquid nitrogen 
D. liquid carbon dioxide 

12. Thorn is a stemstructure because it:
A. Develops from trunk  
B. Develops from apical bud 
C. modification of bank floralbud  
D. is pointed 

13. According to mass flow principle what is responsible for absorptionof water ?
A. Transpiration  
B. Turgidity  
C. Osmotic pressure  
D. Turgor pressure 

14. How many chromosome number are seen in Onion and Housefly?
A. 32,12  
B. 16,12  
C. 16,06  
D. 32,06 

15. From the given below which is short-day plant ?
A. Paddy  
B. Wheat  
C. Oat 
D. Opium 

16. The outer covering of cartilage is called
A. Peritoneum  
B. Periosteum  
C. Endosteum 
D. Perichondrium 

17. Maize is a
A. taxon  
B. category  
C. series  
D. species 

18. Who prepare red list for endangered species?
A. Botanical survey of India  
B. Zoological survey of India 
C. Geological survey of India  
D. All above 

19. Chlorophyll-a differes fromchlorophyll-b in having-
A. Methlygroup instead of aldehyde group 
B. Aldehyde group instead of methylgroup 
C. Methylgroup instead of ethyl group 
D. Onlyphytol tail instead of head 

20. Which method of hydroponics is used for providing nutrients to plants or seedlings in environ ment saturated with fine droplets of nutrients ?
A. Aeroponics 
B. Continous flow of cultured solution 
C. Static cultured solution 
D. Suspension culture 

21. Occurrence of more than four spores from a spore mother cell is called
A. Polysiphony 
B. Polyembryony 
C. Polyspory 
D. Polyspermy 

22. How many electrons are involved for the formation of 1 mole of glucose and 6O molecules ?
A. 6  
B. 12  
C. 18  
D. 24 

23. It is required for differentiation of T-cells?
A. T3  
B. Thymosin  
C. T4  
D. Melatonin 

24. Which one is protected in national park ?
A. Micro organism 
B. Only plants 
C. Plants and animals  
D. None 

25. Oxygen is reduced to water in
A. Fermentation  
B. Calvin cycle 
C. Electron transport 
D. Krebs cycle 

26. Which one of the following substances is actively secreted into the glomerular filterate of the kidney tubule ?
A. amino acids 
B. chloride ions 
C. sodium ions 
D. potassium ions 

27. Which option shows correct chronology of cell production during spermatogenesis ?
A. Germinal epithelium --> Spermatogonium --> Primary Spermatocyte --> Secondary Spermatocyte -->Spermatids 
B. Germinal epithelium --> Spermatids --> Spermatogonium --> Primary Spermatocyte--> Secondary Spermatocyte 
C. Germinalepithelium --> Primary Spermatocyte --> Secondary Spermatocyte--> Spermatogonium --> Spermatids 
D. Germinalepithelium--> Primary Spermatocyte --> Spermatogonium--> Secondary Spermatocyte--> Spermatids 

28. In Hill's experiment, Hill used as oxygen acceptor
A. Hydrogen  
B. FAD  
D. Haemoglobin 

29. "I flatter myself having discovered the method that nature employs to purify air. It is vegetation. "Who is credited with this statement and discovery?
A. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier 
B. Joseph Priestley 
C. Louis Pasteur 
D. William Harvey 

30. Green glands are excretony in function whichare found in
A. Spiders  
B. Moth  
C. Scropions  
D. Prawn 

31. Pericardial fluid is secreted by
A. Myocardium  
B. Parietal peritoneum 
C. Visceral peritoneum  
D. None of the above 

32. Mark odd one ?
A. Lips & nail turns to blue or grey in color 
B. Burning is let in alveolar wall 
C. Headache 
D. Increase in size of liver & spleen 

33. In pollen mother cells cytokinesis during meiosis is
A. Simultaneous type 
B. Successive type 
C. ln some cases successive type while in others simultaneous type 
D. No cytokinesis takes place 

34. ?-keto glutaric acid consists of
A. 3 carbons  
B. 4 carbons  
C. 5 carbons 
D. 6 carbons 

35. What are the major tasks under reprouctive and child health care programs ?
A. Create awareness about reproductive health among people 
B. Educate people about reproductive process 
C. Establish reproductive health care in society 
D. Both B and C 

36. Mention the improper sentence from following :
A. Bile juice emulsifies the fat 
B. Chyme is a digestive acidic food in stomach 
C. Pancreatic juice converts lipid into fatty acid and glycerol 
D. Endogastrin stimulates the secretion of gastric juice 

37. DNA nucleotides are attached with
A. Hydrogen bonds 
B. Vander Waal's force 
C. covalent bonds 
D. Electrovalent bonds 

38. Which enzyme is produced by acrosome ?
A. Testosterone 
C. Hyaluronidase 
D. LH 

39. What is length of fallopion tube ?
A. 10 c.m  
B. 10 m.m 
C. 12 c.m  
D. 12 m.m 

40. Which type of epithelium is present in the inner lining of large bronchi :-
A. Squamous epithelium  
B. Pseudo - stratified epithelium 
C. Cuboidal epithelium 
D. Columnar epithelium 

41. What is the surrounding layer of the ovary called ?
A. Germinalepithelium  
B. Tunica albuginea 
C. Stroma  
D. Collagenovs 

42. Which test is carried out if disease is occured bysalmonella typhi ?
A. Widal test  
B. Lisman test  
C. Blood test  
D. Barium test 

43. Milk glands are characteristic of
A. Only primates and mminants 
B. Only placental mammals 
C. All mammals 
D. All vertebrates 

44. Carl Linnaeus is famous for
A. coining the term 'systematics' 
B. introducing binomial nomenclature 
C. giving all natural system of classification 
D. all of these 

45. During dark phase of photosynthesis is oxidized and is reduced
A. CO2 and Water  
B. Water and CO2 
C. Water and NADP  
D. NADPH and CO2 

46. Middle lamella is made up of which substance?
A. Calcium pectate  
B. Hemicellulose  
C. Muramic acid  
D. Phosphoglyceride 

47. If the theory of natural selection is the survival of the fitness, and the fittest are identified asthose who survive, why isn't it regarded as a tautology (a statement that is true only because of the meaning of the terms) ?
A. The effect of traits on the fitness of an organismcan be assessed independently of whether the organism indeed survives  
B. It is regarded as a tautology - the question is based on a false assumption 
C. There maybe some statements in science that are useful evenif theyare not falsifiable or refutable inprinciple 
D. A and C 

48. What is the relationship between the wing of a bird and the wing of a bat?
A. They are homologous because they represent modified forms of a trait present in a common ancestor (forelimbs) 
B. Theyare analogous because while each carries out the same function (flight), this trait has arisen independently as a result of convergence (i.e. the common ancestor of both did not have a forelimb that allowed it to fly) 
C. A and B 
D. Theyrepresent derived homologies 

49. Carbon monoxide contained in Tobacco smoke
A. Is carcinogenic  
B. Causes gastric ulcers 
C. Reduces oxygen carrying capacityof blood  
D. Raises blood pressure 

50. Excretory structure of earthworms is.
A. Malpighian tubules  
B. Nephridia  
C. Kidney  
D. Anternal glands 

51. Juxta glomerular cells of renal cortex synthesize a hormone called:
A. ADH  
B. Oxytocin  
C. Renin  
D. Urochrom 

52. Lungs have a number of alveoli for
A. Having spongytexture and proper shape 
B. More surface area for diffusion of gases 
C. More space for increasing volume of inspired air 
D. More nerve supply 

53. The pedicel of the female flower coils after pollination in
A. Lotus  
B. Hydrilla  
C. Vallisneria  
D. Trapa 

54. Mesophyll tissue of Pinus needle is composed of
A. Transfusion tissue 
B. Spongy parenchyma 
C. Chlorenchyma 
D. Armed parenchyma 

55. In which method of asexual reproduction the offspring's are genetically identical,to the parents ?
A. Amitotic division  
B. Multiple fission  
C. Division  
D. Binary fission 

56. Which one of the following is an example of free-nuclear endosperm
A. Coconut water  
B. Castor  
C. Sugarcane juice  
D. Groundnut 

57. Animals and plants are used as a food that means...
A. Destruction value of biodiversity 
B. Utilityvalue of biodiversity 
C. Ecosystemservices 
D. all the given 

58. Which is not a example of movement in human ?
A. Movement of jaws  
B. Movement of eyelash and tongue 
C. Movement of appendices  
D. Hearing process 

59. What is length of epididymis?
A. 6 c.m  
B. 6 feet  
C. 6 meter  
D. 6 inch 

60. In man, the area is mainly produced in
A. Liver  
B. Kidneys  
C. Gall bladder  
D. Spleen 

61. Which factors are required for growth ?
A. An increase in group of cells, a duplication of genetic material 
B. Anincrease in group ofcells, production of daughter cells by mitosis 
C. Adupliction of genetic materialand a division assuring that daughter cells receive an equal complement of genetic material 
D. Anincrease in cellmass, a duplication of genetic material, a division assuring that each daughter cell receives an equal complement of the genetic material 

62. Mountain sickness at high altitude is due to
A. Excess co2 in blood  
B. Decreased CO2 in air 
C. Decreased partial pressure of oxygen  
D. Decreased efficiency of haemoglobin 

63. Which ofthe following element of xylemis living
A. Trachaea 
B. Tracheids 
C. Parenchyma  
D. fibres 

64. Cotton fibre is obtained from the
A. stem 
B. leaf 
C. fruit 
D. Seed 

65. Maximumtranspiration takes place from
A. Stem  
B. Leaves  
C. Roots  
D. Flowers and fruits 

66. Decarboxylation of pyruvic acid results in the formation of
A. Water  
B. Acetyl CoA  
C. Glucose 

67. The ionized chl.a+
A. Receives low energy electron  
B. Receives high energy electron 
C. Expels low energy electron  
D. Expels highenergy electron 

68. Where does our mouth open ?
A. Body cavity  
B. Buccal cavity  
C. Pharynx  
D. Oesophagus 

69. Cross pollination has an advantage of
A. Mutation 
B. polyploidy formation  
C. Genetic recombination  
D. Crossing over 

70. Which period is of the cycle is known as a proliferative phase ?
A. 1 to 5 days  
B. 6 to 14 days 
C. 15 to 28 days  
D. 14 to 15 days 

71. First polar body is formed at which stage of oogenisis
A. 1st Meiosis  
B. 2nd Mitosis 
C. 1st Mitosis  
D. Differentiation 

72. By whichtype of transpiration largest amount of water is lost ?
A. Guttation  
B. Cuticular 
C. Stomata  
D. Lenticular 

73. A DNA stand is directly involved in the synthesis of all the following except -
A. Another DNAStand  
B. t- RNA  
C. m-RNA 
D. Protein 

74. Which types of muscles are present in organisms ?
A. Striated muscle  
B. Visceral muscle  
C. Cardiac muscle  
D. All these 

75. The pressure at which the entry of water across the semipermiable membrane stops is called ...
A. Turgor pressur  
B. Root pressure  
C. Osmotic pressure  
D. Diffusion pressure 

76. Inbreeding is possible between two members of
A. order  
B. family  
C. genus  
D. species 

77. Characteristics which are common tu the Arthropod, Mollusk, Echinoderm and Chordate lines are
A. a segmentation and a coelom 
B. an endoskeleton and a coelom 
C. a compound eye and segmentation 
D. a coelom and a parietal eye 

78. When was family planning initiated ?
A. 1950  
B. 1951 
C. 1952  
D. 1953 

79. Which one of the following is a matching pair of a certain body feature and its value count in a normal human adult ?
A. Urea-5-10 mg /100 ml of blood 
B. Blood sugar fasting -70-100 mg/100ml 
C. 3Total blood volume - 3-4 litres 
D. ESR in Wintrobe method - 9-15 mm in males and 20-34 mm in females 

80. Name the hormone responsible for activity of chlorophyll in leaves
A. Cytokinin  
B. Ethylene  
C. Gibberrelin  

81. Respiration is found in
A. Bacteria  
B. Prokaryotes 
C. Onlyanimals 
D. All these 

82. Which one is not matched
A. Pepsin - stomach  
B. Renin - liver  
C. Trypsin - intestine  
D. Ptyalin - mouth 

83. Heart is known as double pump (circulation) because of
A. the right chamber push blood into lungs 
B. left chambers push blood into the entire body 
C. Heart receives impure blood from the body 
D. both A and B 

84. Human diploid chromosome number is 46. Which other organism has same number of chromosomes?
A. Black rat 
B. European hare 
C. Mountain beavor 
D. All these 

85. During exhalation, the diaphragmmoves
A. Apart  
B. Downwards  
C. Upwards  
D. Inwards 

86. In humans after implantation what is the elaborate projection developed from trophoblast called ?
A. Embryonic Layer  
B. Chorionic vili 
C. Placenta  
D. Umbilical cord 

87. Which of the following is the smallest digestive duct ?
A. Oesophagus  
B. Large Intestine  
C. Pharynx  
D. Small Intestine 

88. Bond formed between the first phosphate group and adenosine in ATP is
A. Nitrophosphate bond  
B. Adenophosphate bond 
C. Phosphoanhydride bond 
D. Phosphoester bond 

89. Under secretion of which hormone can cause diabetes mellitus?
A. Vasopressin  
B. ADH  
C. Aldesterone  
D. Insulin 

90. An enzyme brings about
A. Activation energylevel  
B. Increase in reaction time 
C. Decrease in activation energy level 
D. all above 

91. Styrene is made up of the elements: hydrogen and
A. oxygen 
B. sulphur 
C. chlorine 
D. carbon 

92. The correct order of ionisation energy of C, N, O, F is
A. C < N < O < F 
B. F < O < N < C 
C. F < N < C < O 
D. C < O < N < F 

93. The wavelength of de-Broglie wave associated with it would be
A. 6.63 ´ 10-37m 
B. 6.63 ´ 10-31m  
C. 6.63 ´ 10-34m 
D. 6.63 ´ 10-35m 

94. An atom of an element with mass numbers 23 and atomic number 11 will have:
A. 11 neutrons, 12 protons and 11 electrons 
B. 11 protons, 12 neutrons and 11 electrons 
C. 11 neutrons, 11 protons and 12 electrons 
D. 23 protons and 11 electrons 

95. The gas which, on heating at high temperatures under high pressure, transforms into a waxy solid is
A. chlorine 
B. hydrogen 
C. acetylene 
D. ethylene 

96. The main use of mica is in
A. the steel industry 
B. petroleum refining 
C. the electrical industry 
D. the glass and pottery industry 

97. The highest magnetic moment is shown by the transition metal ion with the configuration
A. 3d9 
B. 3d2 
C. 3d5 
D. 3d7 

98. The substance most commonly used as a food preservative is
A. sodium bicarbonate 
B. tartaric acid 
C. acetic acid 
D. benzoic acid 

99. At pH = 4 glycine exists as
A. H2N - CH2 - COO- 
B. H3 - CH2 - COO- 
C. H3- CH2 - COO- 
D. H2N - CH2 - COOH 

100. Which of the following is the second most abundant metal in the earth's crust?
A. Copper 
B. Aluminium 
C. Iron 
D. Zinc 

101. The basic principle of Cottnell's precipitator is
A. peptisation 
B. Le-chatelier's principle 
C. neutralisation of charge on colloidal particles 
D. scattering of light 

102. Which of the following is the lightest gas?
A. Nitrogen 
B. Hydrogen 
C. Ammonia 
D. Carbon dioxide 

103. The ozone layer forms naturally by
A. the interaction of oxygen and water vapour 
B. the interaction of UV radiation with oxygen 
C. the interaction of IR radiation with oxygen 
D. the interaction of CFC with oxygen 

104. 1 mole of sodium acetate dissolved in 1000 cm3 of 0.1 M acetic aci To the above buffer solution, 0.1 mole of sodium acetate is further added and dissolve The pH of the resulting buffer is equal to
A. pKa - Log2 
B. pKa + L0g2  
C. pKa 
D. pKa + 2 

105. Laudnry soap is
A. a mixture of sodium salts of higher fatty acids of natural origin 
B. sodium carbonate 
C. sodium sulphate 
D. a mixture of sodium salts of synthetic sulphonic acids 

106. Paracetamol is
A. Acetyl salicylic acid 
B. Phenyl salicylate 
C. N-acetyl p-amino phenol 
D. Methyl salicylate 

107. Which of the following does not give benzoic acid on hydrolysis?
A. benzyl chloride  
B. methyl benzoate 
C. phenyl cyanide 
D. benzoyl chloride 

108. Ethyl benzene CANNOT be prepared by
A. Clemmensen reduction 
B. Friedel-Crafts reaction 
C. Wurtz reaction 
D. Wurtz-Fittig reaction 

109. Dissolved oxygen should not be less than of water
A. 4 
B. 3 
C. 5 
D. 2 

110. A 6% solution of urea is isotonic with
A. 0.05 M solution of Glucose 
B. 6% solution of Glucose 
C. 1 M solution of Glucose  
D. 25% solution of Glucose 

111. One which is NOT an exception is
A. Mg and Al 
B. N and O 
C. Na and Mg 
D. Be and B 

112. The oxidation state of iron in K4 [Fe (CN )6] is
A. 3 
B. 2 
C. 4 
D. 1 

113. Natural rubber is a polymer of
A. ethylene 
B. vinyl chloride 
C. isoprene 
D. styrene 

114. For the reaction Fe2O3 + 3CO ¾® 2Fe + 3CO2 the volume of carbon monoxide required to reduce one mole of ferric oxide is
A. 67.2 dm3 
B. 44.8 dm3 
C. 22.4 dm3 
D. 11.2 dm3 

115. The spin only magnetic moment of Mn+4 ion is nearly
A. 3 BM 
B. 4 BM 
C. 5 BM 
D. 6 BM 

116. Of the following compounds, the oxime of which shows geometrical isomerism, is
A. Benzaldehyde 
B. Diethylketone 
C. Acetone 
D. Formaldehyde 

117. Formation of coloured solution is possible when metal ion in the compound contains
A. lone pair of electrons 
B. paired electrons 
C. unpaired electrons 
D. none of these 

118. The gases used in the manufacture of ammonia are
A. nitrogen and oxygen 
B. oxygen and nitric oxide 
C. nitrogen and methane 
D. nitrogen and hydrogen 

119. The metal that in the pure form in earth's crust is
A. sodium 
B. magnesium 
C. copper 
D. platinum 

120. 2 N HCI is titrated against 0.1 N NaOH solution. The titration is discontinued after adding 50 cm3 of NaOH. The remaining titration is completed by adding 0.5 N KOH. The volume of KOH required for completing the titration is
A. 10 cm3 
B. 25 cm3 
C. 10.5 cm3 
D. 12 cm3 

121. A complex compound in which the oxidation number of a metal is zero is
A. [Ni (CO)4]  
B. K3 [Fe (CN)6] 
C. [Pl (NH3 )4]Cl2 
D. K4 [Fe (CN)6] 

122. In the electrolytic refining of Zinc
A. graphite is at the anode 
B. the metal ion gets reduced at the anode 
C. acidified zinc the electrolyte 
D. the impure metal is at the cathode 

123. Which one of the following is a covalent crystal?
A. Quartz 
B. Rock salt 
C. Dry ice 
D. Ice 

124. Which one of the following does NOT involve coagulation?
A. Formation of delta regions 
B. Peptization 
C. Treatment of drinking water by potash alum 
D. Clotting of blood by the use of ferric chloride 

125. Which one of the following is the basis of modern periodic table?
A. Atomic mass 
B. Atomic number 
C. Atomic size 
D. Atomic volume 

126. An oxidizing agent is a substance
A. Loses an electron in a redox chemical action 
B. Gains an electron in a redox chemical action  
C. Accelerates a redox chemical action 
D. Substitutes an electron in a redox chemical action 

127. 02 ´ 1025 hydrogen chloride molecules is
A. 10 
B. 100 
C. 5 
D. 50 

128. Diamond is the harder than graphite because of :
A. difference of layers of atoms 
B. tetrahedral structure of diamond 
C. difference of crystalline structures 
D. none of these 

129. The derivative is
A. 1, 1 - dibromopropane 
B. 1, 4 - dibromobutane 
C. 2, 2 - dibromobutane 
D. 1, 2 - dibromoethane 

130. Camphor can easily be purified by the process of
A. sublimation 
B. distillation 
C. crystallisation 
D. sedimentation 

131. Presence of halogen in organic compounds can be detected using
A. Leibig's test 
B. Duma's test 
C. Beilstien's test 
D. kjeldahl test 

132. The total number of atomic orbitals in fourth energy level of an atom is
A. 32 
B. 16 
C. 8 
D. 4 

133. Radioactive disintegration of uranium ultimately results in formation of :
A. radium 
B. thorium 
C. polonium 
D. lead 

134. Vinegar is acidic in nature due to the presence of
A. vanillic acid 
B. lactic acid 
C. hydrochloric acid 
D. acetic acid 

135. The compound obtained when acetaldehyde reacts with dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide exhibits
A. geometric isomerism 
B. both optical and geometric isomerism 
C. neither optical nor geometric isomerism 
D. optical isomerism 

136. Which one of the following is not a "Black-body” ?
A. A highly polished black car 
B. Uniform temperature enclosure 
C. Platinum black 
D. The sun 

137. You are standing 1000 m from the point where a steel block strlkes the sldewalk. How long will lt take the sound to reach your ears if the speed of sound in air at 0° C is about 333 m/sec. ?
A. 3 seconds 
B. 2 seconds 
C. 1 second 
D. 5 seconds 

138. An object is immersed in a fluid. ln order that the object becomes invisible, it should
A. Behave as a perfect reflector 
B. Absorb all light falling on its surface 
C. Have refractive index 1.0 
D. Have refractive index exactly matching with that of the surrounding fluid 

139. The energy of a photon corresponding to the visible light of maximum wavelength is approximately equal to
A. 2.0 eV 
B. 2.5 eV 
C. 1.0 eV 
D. 1.5 eV 

140. Two balloons are filled, one with pure He gas and the other with air. If the pressure and temperature of these balloons are same, then the number of molecules per unit volume is
A. More in the He filled balloon 
B. 2Same in both balloons 
C. More in air filled balloon 
D. ln the ratio of 1:4 

141. An electric fan has blades of length 30 cm measured from the axis of rotation. If the fan is rotating at 120 rpm, the acceleration of a point on the tip of the blade is ?
A. 1600 m/s/s 
B. 47.4 m/s/s 
C. 23.7 m/s/s 
D. 50.55 m/s/s 

142. The motion of planets in the solar system is an example of the conservation of
A. Mass 
B. Linear momentum 
C. Angular momentum 
D. Energy 

143. if there are no heat losses, the heat released by the condensation of x grams of steam at 100°C. The ratio y/x is nearly
A. 4 
B. 3 
C. 2 
D. 1 

144. What is the luminous intensity of a lamp which produces an illuminance of 12 lux at a distance of 5.0 m from it ?
A. 300 cd 
B. 400 cd 
C. 100 cd 
D. 200 cd 

145. A particle travels 336 mi in 6 hrs; its average veloclty is
A. 33.6 mi./hr 
B. 66 mi/hr 
C. 56 mi./hr 
D. 40 mi/hr 

146. Vector C is the sum of two vector A and B and vector D is the cross product of vectors A and B. What is the angle between vectors C and D?
A. 180° 
B. 90° 
C. 60° 
D. zero 

147. A second's pendulum is mounted on a rocket. lts period of oscillation decreases when the rocket
A. Moves up with uniform acceleration 
B. Moves up with a uniform velocity 
C. Comes down with uniform acceleration 
D. Moves round the earth in a geostationary orbit 

148. The maximum power rating of a 20 ohm resistor is 1 kW. If the integral resistance of the dc source is negligible, then this resistor can be safely used across a
A. 150 V dc source 
B. 200 V dc source 
C. 50 V dc source 
D. None of these 

149. A stone tied with a string, is rotated in a vertical circle. The minimum speed with which the string has to be rotated ?
A. is independent of the mass of the stone 
B. is independent of the length of the string 
C. decreases with increasing mass of the stone 
D. decreases with increasing in length of the string 

150. Carbon dating is best suited for determining the age of fossils if their age in years is of the order of
A. 1000 
B. 10,000 
C. 100,000 
D. 1,000,000 

151. Radioactive nuclei that are injected into a patient collect at certain sites within its body, undergoing radioactive decay and emitting electromagnetic radiation. These radiations can then the recorded by detector. This procedure provides an important diagnostic tool called
A. Gamma camera 
B. CAT scan 
C. Radiotracer technique 
D. Gamma ray spectroscopy 

152. With what minimum acceleration can a firemen slide down a rope while breaking strength of the rope is 2/3 his weight
A. g/3 
B. 2g/3 
C. zero 
D. g 

153. A wire mesh consisting oi very small squares is viewed at a distance ol 8 cm through a magnilying converging lens of focal length 10 cm. Kept close to the eye. The magnification produced by the lens is
A. 5 
B. 8 
C. 10 
D. 20 

154. A neutron makes a head-on elastic collision with a stationary deuteron. The fractional energy loss of the neutron in the collision is
A. 16/81 
B. 8/27 
C. 8/9 
D. 2/3 

155. When a p-n diode is reverse biased. then
A. No cunent flows 
B. The depletion regon is increased 
C. The depletion region is reduced 
D. The height of the potential barrier is reduced 

156. A nucleus of mass number A, originally at rest, emits an alpha - particles with speed v. The daughter nucleus recoils with a speed
A. 2v/A + 4 
B. 4v/A + 4 
C. 4v/A - 4 
D. 2v/A - 4 

157. A resultant force of 45 kg is actlng on a body whose acceleration is 10 m/sec2. Calculate the mass of the body
A. 450 kg 
B. 44.1 kg 
C. 4.5 kg 
D. 1960 kg 

158. If Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays carry same momentum. which has the longest wavelength ?
A. Alpha rays 
B. Beta rays 
C. Gamma rays 
D. None, all have same wavelength 

159. A good floor lamp has a wlde heavy base to increase its stability through
A. increasing contact area 
B. lowering the center of gravity 
C. raising the center of gravity 
D. None of the above 

160. One nanometre is equal to
A. 1E-7 cm 
B. 1E-9 cm 
C. 1E-9 mm 
D. 1E9 mm 

161. The particle accelerated at a constant rate from 23 mi/hr. to 58 mi./hr. in 3.5 sec. Its acceleration was
A. 10 mi./hr. per sec 
B. 58 mi/hr per sec 
C. 23 mi./hr. per sec 
D. less than 10 mi./hr. per sec 

162. Calculate the work done , it a wire is loaded by ‘Mg’ weight and the increase in length is ‘l’
A. Mgl/2 
B. 2 Mgl 
C. Mgl 
D. zero 

163. Equipotential surface associated with an electric field which is increasing in magnitude along the x-direction are
A. Planes parallel to yz-plane 
B. Planes parallel to xy-plane 
C. Planes parallel to xz-plane 
D. Coaxial cylinders of increasing radii around the x-axis 

164. Blue colour of sky is due to
A. Interference 
B. Scattering of light 
C. Dispersion of light 
D. Sun emits more of blue 

165. Hard X-rays for the study of fractures in bones should have a minimum wavelength of 1E-11 m. The accelerating voltage for electrons in X-ray machine should be
A. Less than 124.2 kV 
B. More than 124.2 kV 
C. Between 60 kV and 70 kV 
D. 100 kV 

166. A beam of parallel rays is brought to focus by a plano-convex lens. A thin concave lens of the same focal length to joined to the first lens. The effect of this is
A. the focus shifts to infinity 
B. the focal point shifts towards the lens by a small distance 
C. the focal point shifts away from the lens by small distance 
D. the focus remains undisturbed 

167. A person swims in a river aiming to reach exactly opposite point on the bank of a river. His speed of swimming is 0.5 m/s at an angle 120° with the direction of flow of water. The speed of water in stream is ?
A. 1 m/s 
B. 0.5 m/s 
C. 0.43 m/s 
D. 0.25 m/s 

168. What is the work done ln joules if a 100-kg ball is raised to 3 m above the floor in 1 second ?
A. 1960 joules 
B. 980 joules 
C. 2940 joules 
D. 3240 joules 

169. Consider a car moving along a straight horizontal road with a speed of 72 km/h. If the coefficient oi static friction between the tyres and the road is 0.5, the shortest distance in which the car can be stopped is g = 10 m/sec/sec
A. 20 m 
B. 40 m 
C. 30 m 
D. 72 m 

170. In an ideal parallel LC circuit, the capacitor is charged by connecting it to a dc source which is then disconnected. The current in the circuit
A. Becomes zero instantaneously 
B. Grows monotonically 
C. Decays monotonically 
D. Oscillates instantaneously 

171. lf the end A of a wire is irradiated with alpha rays and the end B is irradiated with beta rays, then
A. a current will flow from B to A 
B. a current will flow from A to B 
C. there will be no current in the wire 
D. a current will flow from each end to midpoint of the wire 

172. A lens is made of flint glass refractive index = 1.5. When the lens is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.25, the focal length
A. increaes by a factor of 1.25 
B. increases by a factor of 2.5 
C. increases by a factor of 1.2 
D. decreases by a factor of 1.2 

173. A common emitter amplifier has a voltage gain of 50, an input impedance of 100 ohms and an output impedance of 200 ohms. The power gain of the amplfier ia
A. 500 
B. 1000 
C. 1250 
D. 100 

174. For a wave propagating in a medium, identify the property that is independent of the others
A. Velocity 
B. Wavelength 
C. Frequency 
D. None. All these are interdependant 

175. If an object is moving with a constant acceleration, the net force acting on that body ts
A. increasing 
B. decreasing 
C. constant 
D. zero 

176. The momentum of a body increases by 20%. What is the percentage increase in its kinetic energy ?
A. 60 
B. 52 
C. 44 
D. 36 

177. Which of the statements below is courect ?
A. The angle of bank for a road is obtained from a consideration of the centripetal force required 
B. There is no tendency for the vehicle to skid if a road is banked for the speed at which the vehicle is moving 
C. C. The resultant force action on the vehicle will be that which maintains it in the circular path 
D. All of the above statements are correct 

178. The earth revolves about the sun in an elliptical orbit with mean radius 9.3E7 m in a period of 1 year. Assuming that there are no outside influences
A. The earth's kinetic energy remains constant 
B. The earth’s potential energy remains constant 
C. The earth's angular momentum remains constant 
D. All three above are correct 

179. Two rods of the same length and material transfer a given amount of heat in 12 seconds when they are joined end to end. But when they are joined length-wise, they will transfer the same amount of heat, in the same conditions, in
A. 1.5s 
B. 48s 
C. 24s 
D. 3s 

180. When analyzed, most complicated machines are found to consist of a combination of various simple machines. Which machine below is NOT a simple machine ?
A. lever 
B. electric motor 
C. inclined plane 
D. pulley