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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Exarch condition of xylemis found only in
A. Leaf 
B. Root 
C. Flower  
D. Stem 

2. Parasitic animal which is part of bio-geo community and included as zoo planktons and mesofauna of tenestrial ecosystem is ..
A. Moles  
B. mites  
C. Earthworms  
D. leech 

3. Sclerenchymatous hypodermis is found in
A. Dicot root 
B. Monocot leaf 
C. Dicot stem  
D. Monocot stem 

4. In a hypertonic solution a cell's water potential
A. Decreases  
B. Increases 
C. First increases then decreases  
D. No change 

5. During respiration the food is
A. Oxidised  
B. Reduced 
C. Both oxidised and reduced 
D. Neither oxidised nor reduced 

6. Seeds placed in water imbibe the water becasue of
A. Exosmosis  
B. Higher ?W 
C. Lower ?W 
D. Pressure of vacuoles 

7. Which plastids possess chlorophyll pigments?
A. Chloroplast  
B. Xanthophyllus  
C. Anthrocyanin  
D. Carotene 

8. Which option is not correct for the given diagram ?
A. It indicate decreasing population stable 
B. It indicate stable population 
C. The post-population age group people are more in number 
D. The death rate is higher than birth rate 

9. The ciliated columnar epithelial cells inhumans are knows to occur in.
A. Bile duct and oesophagus 
B. Fallopian tubes and urethra 
C. Eustachian tube and stomach lining 
D. Bronchioles and fallopian tubes 

10. The digestive and breathing passages cross in the
A. pharynx 
B. larynx 
C. oesophagus 
D. trachea 

11. RQ for glucose carbohydrate is
A. 1  
B. 0.5  
C. 2 
D. 0.05 

12. Which hormones are not produced by placenta ?
A. hcG  
B. hpL 
C. estrogens  
D. relaxin 

13. When partial pressure of CO2 rises. the oxygen dissociation curve of haemoglobin at 37°C will
A. remain unchanged 
B. become irregular 
C. shift towards left 
D. shift towards right 

14. Which of the following is a function of cuboidal epithelium :-
A. Participate in secretion and excretion  
B. Helps to remove mucus from trachea 
C. To move mucus in a specific direction 
D. Protect inner tissue cells 

15. Syncytium means......
A. small disc shaped structures at the surface of the centromeres 
B. a condition arises when karyokinesis is not followed bycytokinesis 
C. process of constriction of cytoplasm fromperipheralregion of cell that extends towards the centre 
D. a multinucleate condition arises when karyokinesis and cytokinesis is over 

16. The number of molecules of pyruvic acid formed from one molecule of glucose at the end of glycolysis is
A. 4 
B. 3 
C. 1 
D. 2 

17. Which of the following bond groups are involved in the formation of quaternary Protein?
A. Peptide bond, covalent bond  
B. Disulphide bond, Ionic bond 
C. Easter bond, phosphodiester bond 
D. b and c both 

18. The father of Indian Bryology is
A. Tulsane 
B. Professor Iyengar 
C. Ivanowsky 
D. Pro. Shiv Ram Kashyap 

19. Salamander can regenerate
A. tail 
B. limbs 
C. externalgills 
D. all of those 

20. Blood grouping in humans is controlled by
A. 4 alleles in which IA is dominant 
B. 3 alleles in which IA and IB are dominant 
C. 2 alleles in which none is dominant 
D. 3 alleles in which IA is recessive 

21. A sterile region present between stigma and ovary is called
A. Pollen tube  
B. Style  
C. Filament  
D. Suspensor 

22. What is enzyme?
A. All proteinswhich are in all living cell 
B. Chemicals which act as biological catalysts 
C. All amino acid which arein polypeptidechain 
D. All above 

23. Which one is a product of glycolysis, besides 2 ATP ?
A. FAD  

24. Ovulation generally occurs
A. just before menstruation 
B. during menstruation 
C. just after menstruation 
D. midway through the menstrual cycle 

25. In the developmental history of mammalian heart, it is observed that it passes through a two - chambered fish-like heart, three chambered frog-lllse heart and finally four chambered stage. To which hypothesis can this above cited statement by approximated?
A. Biogenetic law 
B. Hardy Weinberg law 
C. Lamarck's principle 
D. Mendelian principles 

26. Which parts are the vegetative organs of the flowering plants:
A. Root ,stem, flower  
B. Leaves ,stem, fruits 
C. Roots, leaves, flowers  
D. Roots, stem, leaves 

27. Anon-protein component of enzyme is called?
A. Co-factor  
B. Activator  
C. Co-enzyme 
D. Inhibitor 

28. By ETS, ATP-synthesis occurs on the
A. Outer membrane of mitochondrion  
B. Inner membrane of mitochondrion 
C. Matrix 
D. None of the above 

29. A pair of insectivorous plant is:
A. Dionaea and viscum  
B. Nepenthes and bladderwort 
C. Drosera and rafflesia 
D. Venus fly and Rafflesia 

30. Which one of the following scientists is known as the father of modern genetics?
A. Gregor Mendel 
B. Hargobind Khorana 
C. T.H. Morgan 
D. Charles Darwin 

31. Lysigeneous cavity is found
A. In the cortex 
B. Between xylemand phloem 
C. Beneath Protoxylem  
D. Beneath metaxylem 

32. CH3CHO is
A. Acetaldehyde  
B. Pyruvic acid  
C. Ethanol 
D. Lactic acid 

33. Which gametes take part in sexual reproduction ?
A. Male gametes  
B. Female gametes 
C. Neutral gametes  
D. Both A and B 

34. Excessive stimulation of vague nerve in humans may lead to
A. Hoarse voice 
B. Peptic ulcers 
C. Efficient digestion of proteins 
D. irregular contractions of diaphragm 

35. A person who is oon a long hunger strike and is surving only on water will have
A. Less amino acids in his urine  
B. More glucose in this blood 
C. Less urea in his urine  
D. More sodium in his urine 

36. The process of ATP formation fromADP in the presence of light in chloroplast is called
A. phosphorylation 
B. autophosphorylation 
C. photophosphorylation 
D. chemophosphorylation 

37. Normally male gametes are....
A. Stationary  
B. Ordinary  
C. Nutritive  
D. Motile 

38. Cattle keepers are in center position in dairy industry because......
A. They carries good varieties of cattles 
B. Theyprepare different type of milk products 
C. Their products are sold at national in dairy industry 
D. Theyhave brought white revolution in dairy industry 

39. Which one of the following chemicalis classified as an enzyme?
A. Try glyceride  
B. Cellulose  
C. Galactose 
D. Sucrase 

40. Two organisms of same class but different families will be kept under the same
A. genera  
B. species  
C. order  
D. family 

41. Name the metropolitan city leading the country in its levels of air pollution
A. Ankleshwar  
B. Delhi  
C. Chennai  
D. Bangalore 

42. Which of the following is a correct sequence?
A. Labeling-pressing-collection-drying-poisoning-mounting 
B. collection-pressing-drying-poisoning-labeling-mounting 
C. collection-pressing-drying-poisoning-mounting-labeling 
D. collection-pressing-poisoning-drying-mounting-labeling 

43. In the sieve elements which one of the following is the most likely function of p-proteins?
A. Deposition ofcallose on sieve plates 
B. Providing energyfor active translocation 
C. Autostylic enerymes 
D. Sealingmechanism on wounding 

44. Which pair contains maximum diversity and endemic species in India ?
A. Sunderban and runn of Kutch 
B. Eastern Ghat and West Bangal 
C. East Himalaya and Western Ghat 
D. Kerala and Punjab 

45. Which of the following diseases is hereditary?
A. Dysentery 
B. Tuberculosis 
C. Haemophilia 
D. Cancer 

46. Nucleic acid contains which group of molecules in their constitution?
A. C, H, N and S  
B. C, H, O, N and S 
C. C, H, N, O, and P 
D. C, H, N and O 

47. Carpel is formed of
A. Two part  
B. Three part  
C. Four part  
D. Seven part 

48. Which one is not a co. Enzyme?
A. NAD  

49. Characteristics of epithelial tissues may include
A. absorption 
B. secretion 
C. protection 
D. all of the above 

50. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin :
A. A 
B. C 
C. E 
D. K 

51. Smallest dicotyledonous parasitic plant of the world is:
A. Coryadalis nana  
B. Primula minutissina 
C. Arcethobium minustissimum  
D. Marsilea minuta 

52. Which one of following statements pertaining to plant structure is correct ?
A. Cork lacks stomata, but lenticels carry out transpiration 
B. Passage cess help in transfer of food from cortex to phloem 
C. Sieve tube elements possess cyto plasm but no nuclei 
D. The short apical meristem has a quiescent centre 

53. Give the name of sucidal bag of plant cell
A. Lysosome  
B. Mitochondria  
C. Endoplasmic reticulum  
D. Nucleus 

54. The body of arthropods is covered by exoskoleton
A. calciumcarbonate  
B. calciumsulphate 
C. chitiarous 
D. conchin 

55. Outer covering of virus made up of protein is
A. capsid 
B. coat 
C. virion 
D. viriod 

56. During which stage of meiosis crossing over takes place ?
A. Leptotene  
B. Zygotene  
C. Dikinesis  
D. Pachytene 

57. Which of the following is the correct statement for food chain?
A. Everychain formed bynutritional relations , is used to understand energy flow 
B. Enerycomponet of the food chain forms trophic level 
C. Inter- relation amongest different food chain froms food web 
D. All of the given 

58. Each human kidney has nearly.
A. 10,000 neophrons  
B. 50,000 neophrons 
C. 1,00,000 neophrons  
D. 1 million neophrons 

59. Which of the following is a flightless bird ?
A. ostrich 
B. Emu 
C. kivi 
D. All of those 

60. Which scientist was responsible for binomial nomenclature?
A. Darwin 
B. Hooker 
C. Theophrastus 
D. Linnaeus 

61. The leaves are modified into tendrils, hooks, pitcher ,and bladder in the following plants respectively:
A. sweet pea, bignonia, Nepenthes, Utricularia 
B. sweet pea, bignonia, Utricularia, Nepenthes 
C. Nepenthes , bignonia, sweet pea, Utricularia 
D. Utricularia, Nepenthes, bignonia, sweet pea 

62. The root cell of wheat plant has 42 chromosomes. What would be the number of chromosomes in the synergid cell ?
A. 21  
B. 7  
C. 28  
D. 14 

63. Appendicular skeleton includes all except
A. Pectoral and pelvic girdles 
B. Vertebrae 
C. Forelimbs 
D. Hindlimbs 

64. End product of anaerobic respiration is
A. Pyruvic acid 
B. Glucose 
C. Ethyl alcohol and CO2 
D. None of the above 

65. Conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl Co Ais called
A. Glycolysis  
B. Fermentation 
D. Oxidative decarboxylation 

66. In an experiment demonstrating the evolution of oxygen in Hydrilla, Sodium bicarbonate is added to water in the experimental set-up. What would happen if all other conditions are favourable ?
A. Amount of oxygen evolved decreases as carbon dioxide in water is absorbed by sodium bicarbonate 
B. Amount of oxygen evolved increases as the avilability of carbon dioxide increases 
C. Amount of oxygen evolved decreases as the avilability of carbon dioxide increases(D)Amount ofoxygenevolvedincreasesas carbondioxide inwater is absorbedbysodiumbicarbonate 
D. D 

67. What is the swollen, structure present at terminal end of each branch of nerve cell called ?
A. Synaptic cleft 
B. synaptic vessicle 
C. synapse 
D. synaptic knob 

68. The Phenomenon of introduction of exogenous DNA into the genome of animals is -
A. In vivo, gene therapy  
B. Foreign gene therapy 
C. Ex vivo gene therapy  
D. Transgenesis 

69. Orobanche plant is
A. Total stem parasite 
B. Symbiont 
C. Total root parasite 
D. Partial parasite 

70. It shows pulmonary circulation :
A. Left atrium (Oxygenated blood) - Lungs (deoxygenated blood ) - Right atrium 
B. Left atrium (deoxygenated blood ) - Lungs (oxygenated blood ) - Right atrium 
C. Left atrium (Oxygenated blood )- Lungs (deoxygenated blood )- Left atrium 
D. Right atrium (deoxygenated blood) - Lungs (oxygenated blood) - Left atrium 

71. Not connected with peptic ulcer.....
A. Irregular diet  
B. indigestion (C)Mental stress  
C. Pressure of emotion 
D. B 

72. In Blackmann's 'Law of Limiting Factors' the rate of photosynthesis continues to increase with the successive increase in the amounts of
A. carbon dioxide, light, temperature  
B. temperature, light, carbon dioxide 
C. light, temperature, carbon dioxide  
D. light, carbon dioxide, temperature 

73. Once blood clots at a wound, harmful bacteria are prevented from entering by
A. antibodies 
B. exudation of serum 
C. scab formation 
D. antitoxins released by the blood clot 

74. The organizations whose genetic material has beenaltered using genetic engineering is called as -
A. Genetically mutant organism  
B. Genetically modern organism 
C. Genetically modified organism  
D. Genetically transferred organism 

75. One molecules of NADH+ H+ gives how manyATPs in ETS
A. 2 ATP  
B. 3 ATP  
C. 4 ATP 
D. 6 ATP 

76. In an auto accident the driver suffers complete sectioning of several anterior ventral roots of spinal nerves. What would be the result of such a lesion to the regions supplied by those spinal nerves ?
A. A, loss of sensation 
B. loss of sensation and motor activity 
C. loss of temperature and pain sensation 
D. loss of motor activity 

77. The function of renin is
A. Degradation of angiotensinogen  
B. Stimulation of corpus luteum 
C. To reduce blood pressure  
D. Vasodilation 

78. Narcotics are obtained from
A. Foeniculum vulgare 
B. Palaver somnijerous 
C. Digitalis pursuer 
D. Solarium tuberous 

79. Oxygen carrying capacityof blood is
A. 20%  
B. 30%  
C. 40%  
D. 50% 

80. Which structure possess flagellin protein?
A. Muscles fiber  
B. Flagellum  
C. Pilli  
D. a,b,c-all 

81. Three communicable diseases prevalent in developing countries caused by unsafe drinking water and bad sanitation are :
A. malaria, acute diarrhoea and schistosomiasis 
B. rheumatism, malaria and AIDS 
C. acute diarrhoea, cancer and gout 
D. onchocerciasis, leukaemia and arthritis 

82. Which fruit is a type of nut?
A. Ground nut  
B. Oat  
C. Walnut  
D. Cashew nut 

83. Muscle cells starved of oxygen and supplied with pyruvic acid will produce
A. Ethanol  
B. Lactic acids  
C. CO2 only 
D. CO2 and H2

84. What are placed one above the other to form stack of coins?
A. oxysomes  
B. F1 particles  
C. cristae  
D. thylakoids 

85. The pollen grains in plants are produced in the
A. anther 
B. carpel 
C. ovary 
D. ovule 

86. A sustained contraction is called
A. tetany 
B. recovery period 
C. tonus 
D. contraction period 

87. Spiral developement of tendrils?
A. Thigmotropism  
B. Thermotropism 
C. Hydrotropism  
D. Phototropism 

88. The tallest living tree in the world is
A. Zamia sp 
B. Eucalyptus sp.  
C. Wolffia sp 
D. Sequoia sp 

89. As we proceed in food chain, bio-mass...
A. Remain Same 
B. Decreases 
C. Increases 
D. Initially same and later keep decreasing 

90. What is Ecosystem diversity?
A. similarity of species diversity in Ecosystem 
B. Variation in species diversity in Ecosystem 
C. Mutation in species diversityin Ecosystem 
D. Homozygosity in species diversity in Ecosystem 

91. The main active constituent of tea and coffee is
A. nicotine 
B. chlorophyll 
C. caffeine 
D. aspirin 

92. Molecules of a noble gas do not possess vibrational energy because a noble gas
A. is chemically inert 
B. is diamagnetic 
C. is monoatomic 
D. has completely filled shells 

93. 30 M and the concentration of is 0.20 M. If the equilibrium constant, Kb for NH3 equals 1.8 × 10–5, what is the pH of this solution?
A. 9.08 
B. 8.73 
C. 11.72 
D. 9.43  

94. When 'Y' is boiled with aqueous alkali forms Z.Z answers the iodoform test. The compound 'A' is
A. methoxyethane 
B. ethoxyethane 
C. Propan -1 -o1 
D. Propan -2 -o1 

95. The boiling point of water, on the kelvin scale of temperature, is
A. 100 
B. 273 
C. 373 
D. 212 

96. Decomposition of benzene diozonium chloride by using Cu2Cl2/HCl to form chlorobenzene is
A. Kolbe's reaction 
B. Sandmeyer's reaction 
C. Cannizarro's reaction 
D. Raschig's reaction 

97. If at equilibrium the vessel has 1.5 moles of PCl5, the number of moles of PCl3 present in it is
A. 4.5 
B. 6 
C. 3 
D. 5 

98. Hypo, used in photography, is chemically
A. silver bromide 
B. sodium thiosulphate 
C. sodium phosphate 
D. silver nitrate 

99. The compound which is not founded during the dry distillation of a mixture of calcium format and calcium acetate is
A. Ethanal 
B. Propanal 
C. Methanal 
D. Propanone 

100. In which of the following complex ion, the central metal ion is in a state of sp3d2 hybridisation?
A. [CoF6]3- 
B. [Fe(CN)6]3- 
C. [Co(NH3)6]3+ 
D. [Cr (NH3)6]3+ 

101. The substance coated on plastic tape recorder tapes is
A. zinc oxide 
B. magnesium oxide 
C. iron sulphate 
D. iron oxide 

102. Maximum number of molecules of CH3I that can react with a molecule of CH3NH2 are
A. 4 
B. 1 
C. 2 
D. 3 

103. The correct set of four Quantum numbers for outermost electron of Potassium (Z = 19) is
A. 4, 1, 0 
B. 4, 0, 0 
C. 3, 0, 0 
D. 3, 1, 0 

104. When sulphur dioxide is passed in an acidified K2Cr2 O7 solution, the oxidation state of sulphur is changed from
A. + 6 to + 4 
B. + 4 to + 2 
C. + 4 to 0 
D. + 4 to + 6 

105. The major ingredient of leather is :
A. carbohydrate 
B. collagen 
C. polymer 
D. nucleic acid 

106. In the following, the element with the highest ionisation energy is
A. [Ne]3s23p2 
B. [Ne]3s23p4 
C. [Ne]3s23p3 
D. [Ne]3s23p1 

107. In Ramsay and Rayleigh's isolation of noble gases from air, the nitrogen of the air is finally converted into
A. NaNO2 only 
B. NaNO3 only 
C. NaNO2 and NaNO3 
D. NO and NO2 

108. The major constituent of air is
A. nitrogen 
B. carbon dioxide 
C. oxygen 
D. hydrogen 

109. Malleability and ductility of` metals can be accounted due to
A. the crystalline structure in metal 
B. the capacity of` layers of metal ions to slide over the other 
C. the interaction of` electrons with metal ions in the lattice 
D. the presence of electrostatic force 

110. In which one of the given formulae of xenon compounds there are five a-bonds and three p-bonds in it?
A. XeF3O2 
B. XeF2O3 
C. XeFO 
D. XeF2O2 

111. A metal present in insulin is
A. iron 
B. copper 
C. zinc 
D. aluminium 

112. The best material for casting footprint marks in sand is
A. molten lead 
B. sulphur 
C. paraffin wax 
D. plaster of paris 

113. In acetylene molecule, between the carbon atoms there are
A. three pi bonds 
B. three sigma bonds 
C. one sigma and two pi bonds 
D. two sigma and one pi bonds 

114. Which of the following organic compounds answers to both iodoform test and Fehling's test'?
A. methanal 
B. ethanol 
C. propanone 
D. ethanal 

115. In the human body, the most abundant element is
A. carbon 
B. calcium 
C. nitrogen 
D. oxygen 

116. HCl
A. Mg 
B. Zn 
C. Ag 
D. Sn 

117. Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of :
A. nylon 
B. glass 
C. paper 
D. alcohol 

118. The element found on the surface of the moon is :
A. tin 
B. tungsten 
C. tantalum 
D. titanium 

119. In order to increase the volume of a gas by 10%, the pressure of the gas should be
A. increased by 10 % 
B. decreased by 1 % 
C. decreased by 10 % 
D. increased by 1 % 

120. This is because
A. O2 and Xe have comparable ionisation energies 
B. O2 and Xe have comparable sizes 
C. O2 and Xe have comparable electronegativities 
D. both O2 and Xe are gases 

121. Which is the most easily liquifiable rare gas?
A. Kr 
B. Xe 
C. Ar 
D. Ne 

122. A chemical reaction that takes place with the evolution of heat is called a/an
A. reversible reaction 
B. endothermic reaction 
C. thermal reaction 
D. exothermic reaction 

123. Atoms of an element differ from those of all other elements in :
A. atomic number and electronic configuration 
B. atomic number and number of valance electrons 
C. number of neutrons and electronic configuration 
D. number of neutrons and number of valence electrons 

124. During the fusion of an organic compound with sodium metal, nitrogen of the compound is converted into
A. NaNO2 
B. NaNC 
C. NaCN 
D. NaNH2 

125. Lucas test is associated with
A. Carboxylic acid 
B. Aldehydes 
C. Alcohols 
D. Phenols 

126. Considering the state of hybridization of carbon atoms, find out the molecule among the following which is linear?
A. CH3 - C º C - CH3 
B. CH2 = CH - CH2 - C º CH 
C. CH3 - CH2 - CH2 - CH3 
D. CH3 - CH = CH - CH3 

127. Identify the ore not containing iron
A. siderite 
B. chalcopyrites 
C. limonite 
D. carnallite 

128. A solution with pH=2 is more acidic than a solution of pH=6 by a factor of
A. 4 
B. 12 
C. 400 
D. 1000 

129. This is due to
A. +R effect of -NH2 group 
B. hyperconjugation effect 
C. -R effect of -NH2 group 
D. -I effect of -NH2 group 

130. Helium is used in balloons in place of hydrogen because it is
A. radioactive 
B. lighter than hydrogen 
C. incombustible 
D. more abundant than hydrogen 

131. IUPAC name of (CH3)3CCl
A. n-butyl chloride 
B. t-butyl chloride 
C. 3-chloro butane 
D. 2 chloro 2 methyl propane 

132. Which of these will have the least volume?
A. HCl 
B. HBr 
C. HF 
D. HI 

133. Of the following, the content of carbon is minimum in
A. steel 
B. pig iron 
C. wrought iron 
D. cast iron 

134. 1 mole of Zn2+ and 0.01 mole of Cu2+ till the sulphide ion concentration reaches 8.1 ´ 10–19 moles. Which one of the following statements is true? [Ksp of ZnS and CuS are 3 ´ 10–22 and 8 ´ 10–36 respectively]
A. Only CuS precipitates 
B. Only ZnS precipitates 
C. Both CuS and ZnS precipitate 
D. No precipitation occurs 

135. The volume of 10N and 4N HCl required to make 1 litre of 7N HCl are
A. 0.50 litre of 10N HCl and 0.50 litre of 4N HCl 
B. 0.80 litre of 10N HCl and 0.20 litre of 4N HCl 
C. 0.75 litre of 10N HCl and 0.25 litre of 4N HCl 
D. 0.60 litre of 10N HCl and 0.40 litre of 4N HCl 

136. A neutron makes a head on elastic collision with a stationary deuteron. The fractional energy loss of the neutron in the collision is
A. 16/81 
B. 8/9 
C. 8/27 
D. 2/3 

137. In the experiment for the determination of elm of electron by the Thomson method, elecl and magnetic fields are
A. Parallel and both are perpendicular to the motion of electron 
B. Both mutually parallel and also parallel to the motion of the electron 
C. Both mutually perpendicular and also perpendicular the motion of electron 
D. Both mutually perpendicular and have no relation with motion of the electron 

138. A boat is sent across a river with a velocity of 8 km/hr If the resultant velocity of boat is 10 km/hr, then velocity of river is
A. 12.8km/hr 
B. 6 km/hr 
C. 8 km/hr 
D. 10km/hr 

139. A gas mixture consists of 2 moles of oxygen and 4 moles of argon at temperature T. Neglecting all vibrational modes, the total internal energy of the system is
A. 11RT 
B. 9RT 
C. 15RT 
D. 4RT 

140. Indicate the only correct statement in the following
A. The maximum amount of heat that can be converted into mechanical energy is 100% 
B. The maximum amount of mechanical energy that can be converted into heat is 100% 
C. By opening the door of a working refrigerator in a room. you can cool the surrounding air 
D. in an adiabatic expansion of a gas, the product of pressure and volume increases 

141. The condition that the image is not formed on the screen placed on the other side of lens, when the object is placed before the lens
A. Between 2F and F 
B. Between F and optical centre 
C. Between 2F and infinity 
D. At F 

142. When you make lce cubes, the entropy of water
A. Does not change 
B. Increases 
C. Decreases 
D. May either increase or decrease depending on the process used 

143. When a beta-particle is emitted from a nucleus, the neutron-proton ratio
A. is increased 
B. is decreased 
C. remains the same 
D. first decreases then increases 

144. In a carbon monoxide molecule, the carbon and the oxygen atoms are separated by a distance 1.12E-10 m. The distance of the centre of mass from the carbon atom is
A. 0.64E-10 m 
B. 0.56E-10 m 
C. 0.51E-10 m 
D. 0.48E-10 m 

145. When milk is churned, cream gets separated due to ?
A. centripetal force 
B. centrifugal force 
C. frictional force 
D. gravitational force 

146. Which statement below is true ?
A. Radiant energ; is propagated as a wave motion 
B. Positions have the same mass as an electron 
C. When a nucleus emits a beta particle, its mass number is unchanged 
D. All of ihe above 

147. A six pole generator with fixed field excitation develeps an emf of l00V, when operating at 1500 rpm. At what speed must it rotate to develop 120V?
A. 1200 rpm 
B. 1800 rpm 
C. 1500 mm 
D. 400 mm 

148. More liquid rises in a thin tube because of
A. Smaller value of radius 
B. Smaller value of surface tension 
C. Larger value of radius 
D. Larger value of surface tension 

149. lf the uniform acceleration near the surface of the earth is about 9.8 m/sec for . free-fall, what is the velocity at the end of 2 seconds of fall ? neglect friction
A. 14.6 m/sec 
B. 17.0 m/sec 
C. 19.6 m/sec 
D. 9.8 rn/sec 

150. If the radius of the earth shrinks by 1.5% mass remaining same , then the value of acceleration due to gravity changes by
A. 1% 
B. 3% 
C. 4% 
D. 2% 

151. When a guitar string is surrounded with a 440 Hz tuning fork, a beat frequency of 5 Hz is heard. It the experiment is repeated with a tuning fork of 437 Hz, the beat frequency is 8 Hz. The string frequency is
A. 445 Hz 
B. 435 Hz 
C. 429 Hz 
D. 448 Hz 

152. A wire mesh consisting oi very small squares is viewed at a distance ol 8 cm through a magnilying converging lens of focal length 10 cm. Kept close to the eye. The magnification produced by the lens is
A. 5 
B. 8 
C. 10 
D. 20 

153. A person swims in a river aiming to reach exactly opposite point on the bank of a river. His speed of swimming is 0.5 m/s at an angle 120° with the direction of flow of water. The speed of water in stream is ?
A. 1 m/s 
B. 0.5 m/s 
C. 0.43 m/s 
D. 0.25 m/s 

154. Transistor is a
A. current operated device 
B. voltage operated device 
C. both current and voltage operated device 
D. none of the above 

155. By sucking through a straw. a student can reduce the pressure in his lungs to 750 mm of Hg density 13.6 gm/cc. Using the straw. he can drink water from a glass upto a maximum depth of
A. 10 cm 
B. 75 cm 
C. 13.6 cm 
D. 1.36 cm 

156. lf a color disc composed of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet ple-shaped sections is rapldly rotated, which color will your eye see ?
A. red 
B. black 
C. brown 
D. white 

157. The minimnm potential difference between the base and emitter reqnired to swltch a silicon transistor ‘ON’ is approximately
A. 1 V 
B. 3V 
C. 5V 
D. 4.2V 

158. A nucleus of mass number A, originally at rest, emits an alpha - particles with speed v. The daughter nucleus recoils with a speed
A. 2v/A + 4 
B. 4v/A + 4 
C. 4v/A - 4 
D. 2v/A - 4 

159. Radium Ra236 has a half-life of 1590 years. How much of the original amount of Ra236 would remain after 6360 years ?
A. 1/8 
B. 1/4 
C. 1/16 
D. 1/2 

160. Moment of inertia of a uniform disc about a diameter is I. Its moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through a point on its rim will be
A. 51 
B. 31 
C. 41 
D. 61 

161. A particle travels 336 mi in 6 hrs; its average veloclty is
A. 33.6 mi./hr 
B. 66 mi/hr 
C. 56 mi./hr 
D. 40 mi/hr 

162. if there are no heat losses, the heat released by the condensation of x grams of steam at 100°C. The ratio y/x is nearly
A. 4 
B. 3 
C. 2 
D. 1 

163. A person is standing in an elevator. ln which situation does he find his weight less ?
A. when the elevator moves upward with uniform velocity 
B. when the elevator moves downward with uniform velocity 
C. when the elevator moves upward with constant acceleration 
D. when the elevator moves downward with constant acceleration 

164. Two parallel beams of positrons moving in the same direction will
A. Repel each other 
B. Will not interact with each other 
C. Attract each other 
D. Be deflected normal to the plane containing the two beams 

165. If a force of 30.6 kg acts on a 60 kg mass, calculate the resulting acceleration. 1 kg of force = 9.8 newtons
A. 5m/sec/sec 
B. 2m/sec/sec 
C. 0.5 m/sec/sec 
D. 9.8 m/sec/sec 

166. Characteristic X-rays are produced due to
A. Transfer of momentum in collision of electrons with target atoms 
B. Transition of electrons from higher to lower electronic orbits in an atom 
C. Heating of the target 
D. Transfer of energy in collision Ef electrons with atoms in the target 

167. A proton and an alpha - particle, moving with the same velocity. enter into a uniform magnetic field, acting normal to the plane of their motion. The ratio of the radii of the circular paths described by the proton and alpha - particle is
A. 1:2 
B. 1:4 
C. 1:16 
D. 4:1 

168. In simplest terms, the energy of a wave is directly proportional to the square of its
A. height 
B. refraction 
C. reflection 
D. length 

169. Density of wood is 0.5 kg /cc in the CGS system of units. The corresponding value in MKS units is
A. 5000 
B. 0.5 
C. 5 
D. 500 

170. A frog can be levitated in a magnetic field produced by a current in a vertical solenoid placed below the frog. This is possible because the body of the frog behaves as
A. Paramagnetic 
B. Diamagnetic 
C. Ferromagnetic 
D. Antiferromagnetic 

171. A bus is moving on a straight road towards north with a uniform speed of 50 km/hour when it turns through 90°. If the speed remains unchanged after turning, the increase in the Velocity of bus in the turning process is
A. 70.7 km/hour along south-west direction 
B. zero 
C. 50 km/hour along west 
D. 70.7 km/hour along north-west direction 

172. A beam of parallel rays is brought to focus by a plano-convex lens. A thin concave lens of the same focal length to joined to the first lens. The effect of this is
A. the focus shifts to infinity 
B. the focal point shifts towards the lens by a small distance 
C. the focal point shifts away from the lens by small distance 
D. the focus remains undisturbed 

173. In old age arteries carrying blood in the human body become narrow resulting in an increase in the blood pressure. This follows from
A. Pascal's law 
B. Stokes’ law 
C. Bemoulli's principle 
D. Archimedes principle 

174. If an object is moving with a constant acceleration, the net force acting on that body ts
A. increasing 
B. decreasing 
C. constant 
D. zero 

175. The horizontal rangeis four times the maximum height attained by a projectile. The angel of projectile is
A. 30° 
B. 45° 
C. 90° 
D. 60° 

176. The ground state energy of hydrogen atom is - 13.6 eV. What is the potential energy of the electron in this state ?
A. 0 eV 
B. -27.2 eV 
C. 2 eV 
D. 1 eV 

177. If a body ‘A’ of mass ‘M’ is thrown with velocity ‘V’ at an angle of 30° to the horizontal and another body ‘B’ of the same mass is thrown with the same speed at an angle of 60° to the horizontal, the ratio of horizontal range of A to B will be?
A. 1:3 
B. 1:1 
C. 3:2 
D. 2:3 

178. A laser beam is used for carrying out surgery because it
A. ls highly monochromatic 
B. ls highly coherent 
C. ls highly directional 
D. Can be sharply focused 

179. The earth revolves about the sun in an elliptical orbit with mean radius 9.3E7 m in a period of 1 year. Assuming that there are no outside influences
A. The earth's kinetic energy remains constant 
B. The earth’s potential energy remains constant 
C. The earth's angular momentum remains constant 
D. All three above are correct 

180. When a body moves with a constant speed along a circle?
A. its velocity remains constant 
B. no force acts on it 
C. no work is done on it 
D. no acceleration is produced in it