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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The sequence of spores produced in the wheat rust life cycle is
A. basidiospores, aeciospores, pycniospores, and teliospores 
B. teliospores, basidiospores, uredospones and pycniospores 
C. teliospores, aeciospores, uredospores, and basidioqaores 
D. aeciospores, uredospores, teliospores, basidiospores, and pycniospores 

2. The cerebellum
A. contains the pons 
B. controls the release of melatonin 
C. controls coordination 
D. controls the vital function of respiration and circulation 

3. Characteristics which are common tu the Arthropod, Mollusk, Echinoderm and Chordate lines are
A. a segmentation and a coelom 
B. an endoskeleton and a coelom 
C. a compound eye and segmentation 
D. a coelom and a parietal eye 

4. Cellulose, the most important constituent of plant cell wall is made up of
A. branched chain of glucose molecules linked by alpha, 1, 6 glycosidic bond at the site of branching 
B. unbranched chain of glucose molecules linked by alpha, 1, 4, glycosidic bond 
C. branched chain of glucose molecules linked by beta, 1, 4, glycosidic bond in straight chain and alpha, 1, 6, glycosidic bond at the site of branching 
D. unbranched chain of glucose molecules linked by beta, 1, 4, glycosidic bond 

5. Quinine, the remedy for malaria, is extracted from
A. Leaves of Ocimum 
B. Stem of Heve 
C. Bark of Cinnamon 
D. Bark of Cinchona 

6. Which of the following is the cancerous state of blood?
A. Cholera 
B. Proteinemia 
C. Leukemia 
D. Uraemia 

7. The largest flower in the world is that of :
A. Lotus 
B. Rafflesis 
C. Giant cactus 
D. none of these 

8. In the developmental history of mammalian heart, it is observed that it passes through a two - chambered fish-like heart, three chambered frog-lllse heart and finally four chambered stage. To which hypothesis can this above cited statement by approximated?
A. Biogenetic law 
B. Hardy Weinberg law 
C. Lamarck's principle 
D. Mendelian principles 

9. The source of somatostatin is same as that of
A. Thyroxine and calcitonin 
B. Insulin and glucagon 
C. Somatotropin and prolactin 
D. Vasopresin and oxytocin 

10. Heart beat is regulated by the working of
A. Midbrain 
B. Diencephalon 
C. Cerebrum 
D. Medulla oblongata 

11. Hydroponics is concerned with
A. growing plants without soil 
B. growing plants without water but with atmospheric moisture 
C. the treatment ofwater with sound 
D. the conservation of water technique 

12. A few drops of saccharine (sweetex) solution spilled on the floor attracts
A. ants in large numbers 
B. houseflics in moderate numbers 
C. only a few honey bees 
D. none of these 

13. The sex of a child is determined by the
A. chromosomes of the father 
B. chromosomes of the mother 
C. Rh factor of the parents 
D. blood group of the father 

14. Suberin in cork cell wall is a
A. Polypeptide 
B. Polysaccharide 
C. fatty substance 
D. none of the above 

15. Milk tastes sour when kept in the open for some time due to the formation of
A. carbonic acid 
B. citric acid 
C. lactic acid 
D. malic acid 

16. For each molecule of glucose formed in plants, the number of molecule of ATP and NADPH2 required are respeclively
A. 33 and 22 
B. 15 and 10 
C. 18 and 12 
D. 12 and 18 

17. Which one of the following normally have cross pollination but are adapted for self pollination
A. Wheat 
B. Sunflower 
C. China rose 
D. Mustard 

18. Indicate the correct match in the following
A. Vl cranial nerve - Extemal rectos muscle of eye 
B. Vl cranial nerve - Lower jaw muscle 
C. V cranial nerve - Heart 
D. I cranial nerve - Vagus 

19. The rate at which the heart beats per minute in an adult averages
A. 60 
B. 72 
C. 84 
D. 96 

20. Cell sap is
A. a dilute solution of minerals and some organic substances in the vacuole 
B. a dilute solution of minerals in water absorbed by the plant from the soil 
C. exudate from the cell 
D. a solution of different organic substances dissolved in the cytoplasm 

21. Electron beam therapy is a kind of radiation therapy to treat
A. Enlarged prostate gland 
B. Gall bladder stones by breaking them 
C. Certain types of cancer 
D. Kidney stones 

22. A colour-blind man is married to a normal-visioned woman whose parents also had normal vision. What proportion of their children is likely to be colour-blind?
A. 0 per cent 
B. 25 per cent 
C. 50 per cent 
D. 100 per cent 

23. DPT is a vaccine for :
A. diarrhoea, polio and typhoid 
B. diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus 
C. diphtheria, polio and tetanus 
D. diphttheria, whooping cough and typhoid 

24. Movements due to light are shown by
A. flowering plants 
B. lower plants 
C. all land plants 
D. all the plants 

25. Why mycoplasma is pleuomorphic
A. Due to the presence of sterol 
B. Due to absence of cell wall 
C. Due to presence of three layered cell membrane 
D. None of these 

26. Most common disease of poultry in India is
A. fowl pox 
B. tick fever 
C. ranikhet 
D. coryza 

27. The living and growing part of human hair is
A. hair shaft 
B. hair root 
C. hair follicle 
D. hair papilla 

28. Two organisms live in close association with one another one organism is helped by the association, while the other is neither helped nor harmewhich of the following terms best describes this relationship?
A. Mutualism 
B. Commensalism 
C. Symbiosis 
D. Parasitism 

29. Occurrence of more than four spores from a spore mother cell is called
A. Polysiphony 
B. Polyembryony 
C. Polyspory 
D. Polyspermy 

30. Ovulation generally occurs
A. just before menstruation 
B. during menstruation 
C. just after menstruation 
D. midway through the menstrual cycle 

31. During fertilization, the enzyme which facilitates penetration of the egg by the spermatozoan is
A. acetylcholineasterase 
B. alkaline phosphatase 
C. acid phosphatase 
D. hyaluronidase 

32. Venous blood is carried to the lungs, for oxygenation by the
A. pulmonary arteries 
B. pulmonary veins 
C. pulmonary arteriovenous shunt 
D. right ventricle 

33. The widely used antibiotic, penicillin, is produced by
A. an alga 
B. a bacterium 
C. a fungus 
D. synthetic means 

34. The conducting tissues of the plants are
A. Sclerenchyma 
B. Phloem 
C. Xylem 
D. Xylem and phloem both 

35. Two of the body parts which do not appear in MRI may be
A. scapula and canines 
B. molar teeth and eye lens 
C. tendons and premolars 
D. ligaments and ribs 

36. An insect bite may result in inflammation of that spot. This is triggered by the alarm chemicals such as
A. interferons and histones 
B. histamme and kinins 
C. histamine and dopamine 
D. interferons and opsonin 

37. On chemical analysis, a bottle-cork is found to contain primarily
A. carbohydrates 
B. lipids 
C. tannins 
D. proteins 

38. Which of the following disease is inheritable?
A. Leukaemia 
B. Colour blindness 
C. Malignancy 
D. Hepatitis 

39. Which of the following is not a member of thallophyta
A. Mucor 
B. Moss 
C. Spirogyra 
D. Both A and B 

40. Following fertilisation, implantation usually occurs
A. almost immediately 
B. between 12 and 24 hours 
C. within 1-3 days 
D. after 4 days 

41. Which one of the following is not a mammal?
A. Bat 
B. Duck-billed platypus 
C. Shark 
D. Whale 

42. The universal recipient blood group is
A. A 
B. B 
C. AB 
D. O 

43. Which of the following microorganisms is used for production of citric acid in industries?
A. Aspergillus Nigeria 
B. Lactobadllus buglers 
C. Penicillin citrirum 
D. Rhizomes Nigerians 

44. Which of the following human disease/s is/are caused by a mutant gene?
A. hemophilia 
B. sickle cell anaemia 
C. thalassemia 
D. all the above 

45. A patient awaiting selective surgery presents the following symptoms. Which of them indicate s a heightened activity of the sympathetic portion of his autonomic nervous system ?
A. pale skin 
B. sweaty palms 
C. a yearning for water due to a dry mouth 
D. all of the above 

46. The vitamin which is very liable and easily destroyed during cooking as well as storage is :
A. Vitamin A 
B. Vitamin B6 
C. Vitamin C 
D. Vitamin K 

47. Pruning of plants promotes branching because the axillary buds get sensitized to
A. Ethylene 
B. Gibberellin 
C. Cytokinin 
D. lndole acetic acid 

48. The change in mammalian sperm which prepares it to fertilize the ovum is termed
A. fertilization 
B. caudation 
C. activation 
D. capaciation 

49. Patients who excrete large quantities of sodium in the urine have
A. defective cells lining the villi of ileum that fail to reabsorb Na+ 
B. erraticrenal threshold for Na+ 
C. diseased adrenal cortex 
D. diseased adrenal medulla 

50. Green plants evolve oxygen during the day rather than carbon dioxide. This means that
A. green plants do not respire 
B. green plants respire only at night 
C. green plants respire during the day also but the rate of respiration is very low 
D. the rate of photosynthesis is much higher than the rate of respiration 

51. Identify the correctly matched pair
A. Melghat - Tiger 
B. Kaziranga- Hangul 
C. Dachigam - Musk deer 
D. Velavadar - Avitauna 

52. The most numerous leukocytes are the
A. eosinophils 
B. monocytes 
C. lymphocytes 
D. neutrophils 

53. A person with blood group AB is sometimes called a universal recipient because of
A. lack of antigens 
B. lack of antibodies 
C. lack of both antigens and antibodies 
D. the presence of antibodies 

54. In maize, hybrid vigour is exploited by
A. bombarding the seeds with DNA 
B. crossing of two inbred parental lines 
C. harvesting seeds from the most productive plants 
D. inducing mutations 

55. Arthropods can be characterized by all of the following except
A. A hard exoskeleton 
B. A water vascular system 
C. Jointed appendages 
D. Moulting 

56. Seed dormancy can be broken by treating the seeds with
A. abscisic acid 
B. acetic acid 
C. coumarin 
D. gibberellic acid 

57. Sugar syrup is used for the preservation of fruits because it :
A. kills the microorganisms present in them 
B. helps to improve their taste and flavour 
C. drains moisture to inhibit growth of microorganisms 
D. mixes well with the fruits 

58. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched
A. Rhizobium - Parasite in ‘the roots of leguminous plants 
B. Mycorrhime - Mineral uptake from soil 
C. Yeast - Production of biogas 
D. 4. Myxomycetes - The disease ring worm 

59. Some plants flower only once in their lifetime. They are called
A. monocarpid 
B. monogamous 
C. monogenic 
D. monomorPhic 

60. Mutation is
A. a factor responsible for plant growth 
B. a change which affects the offspring of F2 generation only 
C. a change that is inherited 
D. a change which affects the parents 

61. Lower jaw of tadpole is formed by
A. Coracoid 
B. Meckel's cartilage 
C. Angulo-splenial 
D. None of the above 

62. The largest flower in the world is that of
A. Lotus 
B. Rafflesi 
C. Giant cactus 
D. Cauliflower 

63. The Central Rice Research Institute of India is located at
A. Kolkata 
B. Cuttack 
C. Bangalore 
D. Mysore 

64. Velamen is present in
A. parasitic roots 
B. assimilatory roots 
C. epiphytic roots 
D. fusiforrn roots 

65. A young drug addict used to show symptoms of depressed brain activity, feeling of calmness. relaxation and drowsiness. Possibly he was taking
A. marijuana 
B. amphetamine 
C. diazepam 
D. pethidine 

66. All of the following may be considered as secondary sex characteristics of the male except
A. increase in sex drive 
B. extemal genitalia 
C. pattern of hair and beard growth 
D. development of a deeper voice 

67. Secondary growth in plants refers to the
A. development of secondary organs afer the plant attains maturity 
B. development of flowers and fruits 
C. growth in length and development of new branches after the plant starts flowering 
D. formation of secondary tissues by the activity of lateral meristems 

68. Haploid cells can be obtained from
A. Leaf 
B. Anther 
C. Seed 
D. Stem 

69. When fishes are kept in an aquarium containing water but no aquatic plants, they frequently come to the surface and float in a semivertical position for want of
A. air 
B. oxygen 
C. dissolved oxygen 
D. fresh supply of oxygen 

70. An action potential in the nerve fibre is produced when positive and negative charges on the outside and the inside of the axon membrane are reversed. because
A. more potassium ions enter the axon as compared to sodium ions leaving it 
B. more sodium ions enter the axon as compared to potassium ions leaving it 
C. all potassium ions leave the axon 
D. all sodium ions enter the axon 

71. Which of the following terms describes the process by which the plasmmembrane moves substances inward, against concentration gradient?
A. Facilitated diffusion 
B. Active transport 
C. Simple diffusion 
D. Autotrophism 

72. The body is protected against drying, absorbing and bacterial invasion by the
A. epithelium 
B. secretion of sebaceous glands 
C. blocking sweat pores 
D. all of these 

73. Which of the tailoring statements about AIDS is correct?
A. It does not affect women 
B. It generally affects the brain 
C. AIDS virus can vary its genetic code outwitting a vaccine 
D. all those infected by a blood transfusion get AIDS within five years 

74. The formation of chiasmatis an important feature of meiotic division because it
A. Ensures that the same genetic characteristics appear in the daughter cell as in the parents 
B. Ensures that the number of genes in the new chromosomes remains constant 
C. Provides opportunities for new genotypes to arise 
D. Prevents homologous chromosomes from pairing 

75. The Hepatitis-B, which affects liver, is actually a :
A. Virus 
B. Bacterium 
C. Protozoan 
D. Helminth 

76. All of the following are functions of the liver except
A. Produce bile 
B. Store glycogen 
C. Secrete insulin 
D. Store vitamins 

77. Clove, the commonly used spice, is obtained from the
A. root 
B. Stem 
C. flower bud 
D. fruit 

78. Which one of the following is the correct group of diseases exclusively caused by virus?
A. Measles, syphilis, rabies, cholera 
B. Poliomyelitis, syphilis, chicken pox, mumps 
C. Cholera, tuberculosis, meningitis, syphilis 
D. Measles, small pox, mumps, rabies 

79. When male and female flowers are borne on different plants, the plant is said to be
A. bisexual 
B. dioecious 
C. dichlamydeous 
D. monoecious 

80. Orobanche plant is
A. Total stem parasite 
B. Symbiont 
C. Total root parasite 
D. Partial parasite 

81. Who received the Nobel Prize for working out the early carbon pathway of photosynthesis
A. Watson 
B. Khorana 
C. Krebs 
D. Calvin 

82. Genes control heredity in man and other organisms. This gene is
A. a bead-like structure on the chromosomes 
B. a protein molecule 
C. a segment of RNA 
D. a segment of RNA or DNA 

83. When a physician informs a patient that his blood pressure reading is 160/90, he refers respectively to
A. systolic pressure of the right ventricle 
B. systolic pressure of the aorta and diastolic g pressure in the superior vena cava 
C. systolic and diastolic pressures of the brachial artery 
D. blood pressure in the veins of the arm 

84. The phase of menstrual cycle in humans that lasts for 7-8 days, is
A. Follicular phase 
B. Ovulatory phase 
C. Luteal phase 
D. Menstruation 

85. Bar of Sanio are the
A. Medullary ray cells with bar like orientation in Ephedra 
B. Rings around the torus of all gymnosperm wood 
C. Thickened boundaries between bordered pits of pine wood 
D. Unthickened cellulose walls between bordened pits of pine wood 

86. The quiescent centre in root meristem serves as a
A. Site for storage of food which is utilized during maturation 
B. Reservoir of growth hormones 
C. Reserve for replenishment of damaged cells of the meristem 
D. Region for absorption of water 

87. Which of the following is a worm but not flatworm?
A. Echinococcus 
B. Enterobius 
C. Taenia 
D. Dugesia 

88. A cross section at the midpoint of the middle piece of a human sperm will show
A. 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules only 
B. mitochondria and 9 - 2 arrangement of microtubules 
C. centriole. mitochondria and 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules 
D. centriole and mitochondria 

89. In the development of frog the blastopore forms the future
A. tympanum 
B. mouth 
C. nares 
D. anus 

90. Cose relation between flower and pollinating agent is best exhibited by
A. Sa1vi 
B. Aven 
C. Cocos 
D. Yucca 

91. The spin only magnetic moment of Fe2+ ion (in BM) is approximately
A. 5 
B. 7 
C. 4 
D. 6 

92. Hence, the binary solution shows
A. no deviation from Raoult's law 
B. positive deviation from Raoult's law 
C. positive or negative deviation from Raoult's law depending upon the composition 
D. negative deviation from Raoult's law 

93. The substance made from only carbon is
A. sugar 
B. acetic acid 
C. graphite 
D. methane 

94. Gasoline is obtain from crude oil by the process of
A. evaporation 
B. fractional distillation 
C. distillation 
D. filtration 

95. Cinnabar is an ore of
A. copper 
B. iron 
C. mercury 
D. lead 

96. According to Bayer's strain theory which is highly stable?
A. cyclobutane 
B. cyclopentane 
C. cycloheptane 
D. cyclohexane 

97. How many chiral carbon atoms are present in 2, 3, 4 - trichloropentane?
A. 3 
B. 1 
C. 2 
D. 4 

98. Glass is made of the mixture of :
A. quartz and mica 
B. sand and salt 
C. sand and silicates 
D. none of these 

99. The compound obtained by heating a caustic soda solution with linseed oil can be used as a
A. fuel 
B. fertiliser 
C. soap 
D. plastic 

100. The filament of an electric bulb is made of :
A. iron 
B. nichrome 
C. tungsten 
D. graphite 

101. Chemical reactions with very high Ea values are generally
A. very fast 
B. moderately fast 
C. very slow 
D. spontaneous 

102. The gas inside an electric bulb is
A. air 
B. oxygen 
C. nitrogen 
D. carbon dioxide 

103. In the process of dialysis, used on patients with affected kidneys, the phenomenon involved is
A. diffusion 
B. absorption 
C. osmosis 
D. electrophoresis 

104. This is because
A. benzoic acid gets dissociated in benzene 
B. benzoic acid gets associated in benzene 
C. benzoic acid has higher molar mass than benzene 
D. benzoic acid is an organic solute 

105. The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is
A. adding sodium carbonate 
B. distillation 
C. adding caustic soda 
D. boiling 

106. Lucas test is associated with
A. Carboxylic acid 
B. Aldehydes 
C. Alcohols 
D. Phenols 

107. The iron present in it is oxidised by KMnO4 in acid medium. The equivalent mass of Mohr's salt is
A. 156 
B. 392 
C. 31.6 
D. 278 

108. Dalton's law of partial pressures is applicable to which one of the following systems?
A. NH3 + HCl 
B. H2 + Cl2 
C. CO + H2 
D. NO + O2 

109. 1 N monobasic acid requires 15 cm3 of sodium hydroxide solution whose normality is
A. 0.066 N 
B. 0.66 N 
C. 0.15 N 
D. 1.5 N 

110. The correct order of increasing bond length of C – H, C – O, C – C and C = C is
A. C - O < C - H < C - C < C = C 
B. C - C < C = C < C - O < C - H 
C. C - H < C = C < C – O < C - C 
D. C - H < C - O < C – C < C = C 

111. For rural electrification and domestic cooking, most appropriate and economical would be
A. biogas 
B. nuclear energy 
C. electricity 
D. windmills 

112. ln electrophillic aromatic substitution reaction, the nitro group is meta directing because it
A. increases electron density at ortho and para positions 
B. decreases electron density at ortho and para positions 
C. decreases electron density at meta position 
D. increases electron density at meta position 

113. Which of the following is an intensive property?
A. temperature 
B. surface tension 
C. viscosity 
D. All of these 

114. In order to prevent the corrosion of iron pipes, they (are often coated with a layer of zinc. This process is termed as
A. electroplating 
B. annealing 
C. galvanization 
D. volcaization 

115. The volume of 10N and 4N HCl required to make 1 litre of 7N HCl are
A. 0.50 litre of 10N HCl and 0.50 litre of 4N HCl 
B. 0.80 litre of 10N HCl and 0.20 litre of 4N HCl 
C. 0.75 litre of 10N HCl and 0.25 litre of 4N HCl 
D. 0.60 litre of 10N HCl and 0.40 litre of 4N HCl 

116. 303 RT J mol–1. The ratio of rate constant to the Arrhenius factor is
A. 0.001 
B. 0.02 
C. 0.1 
D. 0.01 

117. It forms an ideal solution with 'B' in which mole fraction of A is 0.8. lf the vapour pressure of the solution is 84 mm of Hg at 25 °C, the vapour pressure of pure 'B' at 25 °C is
A. 70 mm 
B. 28 mm 
C. 56 mm 
D. 140 mm 

118. Chlorination' is
A. a process of converting chlorides into chlorine 
B. adding small amounts of chlorine to contaminated water 
C. a chemical reaction in which chlorine is formed 
D. the formation of a salt containing chlorine 

119. In chromite ore, the oxidation number iron and chromium are respectively
A. +3, +6 
B. +2, +3 
C. +2, +6 
D. +3, +2 

120. The reagent used to convert an alkyne to alkene is
A. Zn - Hg / HCl 
B. Zn / HCl 
C. Sn / HCl 
D. Pd / H2 

121. The maximum number of hydrogen bonds that a molecule of water can have is
A. 2 
B. 1 
C. 4 
D. 3 

122. Camphor can easily be purified by the process of
A. sublimation 
B. distillation 
C. crystallisation 
D. sedimentation 

123. The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is
A. HI 
B. HF 
D. HBr 

124. By heating phenol with chloroform in alkali, it is converted into
A. anisole 
B. salicylic acid 
C. phenyl benzoate 
D. salicylaldehyde 

125. The nature of saliva is
A. neutral 
B. acidic 
C. basic 
D. amphoteric 

126. The highest magnetic moment is shown by the transition metal ion with the configuration
A. 3d9 
B. 3d2 
C. 3d5 
D. 3d7 

127. If the energies of the two photons are in the ratio of 3: 2, their wavelengths will be in the ratio of
A. 2: 3 
B. 3: 2 
C. 9: 4 
D. 1: 2 

128. The enzyme that hydrolyses cane sugar to glucose and fructose is
A. lipase 
B. invertase 
C. zymase 
D. diastase 

129. Diamond is chemically
A. a mixture of metal carbonates 
B. pure carbon 
C. a pure form of sand 
D. a mixture of calcium and magnesium phosphates 

130. The temperature of the slag zone in the metallurgy of Iron using blast furnace is
A. 800 - 1000 °C 
B. 1500 - 1600 °C 
C. 1200 - 1500 °C 
D. 400 - 700 °C 

131. The time required for 100% completion of a zero order reaction is
A. 2k/a 
B. ak 
C. a/k 
D. a/2k 

132. In Ramsay and Rayleigh's isolation of noble gases from air, the nitrogen of the air is finally converted into
A. NaNO2 only 
B. NaNO3 only 
C. NaNO2 and NaNO3 
D. NO and NO2 

133. Mg+2 is isoelectronic with
A. Zn2+ 
B. Cu2+ 
C. Na+ 
D. Ca2+ 

134. The spin only magnetic moment of Mn+4 ion is nearly
A. 3 BM 
B. 4 BM 
C. 5 BM 
D. 6 BM 

135. Maximum number of molecules of CH3I that can react with a molecule of CH3NH2 are
A. 4 
B. 1 
C. 2 
D. 3 

136. An organ pipe closed at one end has lundamental frequency of 1500 Hz. The maximum number of overtones generated by this pipe which a nonnal person can hear is
A. 14 
B. 13 
C. 6 
D. 9 

137. The velocity with which a projectile must be fired so that it escapes earth's gravitation does not depend on
A. Mass of the earth A 
B. Mass of the projectile 
C. Radius of the projectile's orbit 
D. Gravitational constant 

138. In which case there is maximum tension in the wire, if same force is applied on each wire
A. L = 400 cm, d = 0.01 mm 
B. L = 300 cm. d = 0.03 mm 
C. L = 200 cm, d = 0.02 mm 
D. L = 500 cm, d = 0.05 mm 

139. When a guitar string is surrounded with a 440 Hz tuning fork, a beat frequency of 5 Hz is heard. It the experiment is repeated with a tuning fork of 437 Hz, the beat frequency is 8 Hz. The string frequency is
A. 445 Hz 
B. 435 Hz 
C. 429 Hz 
D. 448 Hz 

140. The horizontal rangeis four times the maximum height attained by a projectile. The angel of projectile is
A. 30° 
B. 45° 
C. 90° 
D. 60° 

141. Flash light equipped with a new set of batteries, produces blight white light. As the batteries wear out
A. The light intensity gets reduced with no change in its colour 
B. Light colour changes first to yellow and then red with no change in intensity 
C. It stops working suddenly while giving white light 
D. Colour changes to red and also intensity gets reduced 

142. A capillary tube or radius r is immersed in water and water rises in it to a height. The mass of water in the capillary tube is 5g. Another capillary tube of radius 2r is immersed in water . The mass of water that will rise in this tube is
A. 10 g 
B. 20 g 
C. 5.0 g 
D. 2.5 g 

143. A proton of energy 4 eV is incident on a metal surface whose work function is 2 eV. The minimum reverse potential to be applied for stopping the emission of electrons is
A. 2V 
B. 24V 
C. 6V 
D. 8V 

144. In short wave communication waves of which of the following frequencies will be reflected back by the ionospheric layer having electron density 1011 per m-3?
A. 2 MHz 
B. 10 MHz 
C. 12 MHz 
D. 18 MHz 

145. Moving with the same velocity, which of the following has the longest de Broglie wavelength ?
A. neutron 
B. proton 
C. beta - particle 
D. alpha - particle 

146. Bermoulli's equation is a consequence of conservation of
A. Energy 
B. Linear momentum 
C. Angular momentum 
D. Mass 

147. The plsaee difference between the instantaneous velocity and acceleration of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is
A. 0.5 pie 
B. 1 pie 
C. 0.707 pie 
D. zero 

148. A bullet is fired from a gun with a speed of 1000 m/s in order to hit a target 100 m away. At what height above the target should the gun be aimed? The resistance of air is negligible and g=10 m/s2
A. 5 cm 
B. 10 cm 
C. 15 cm 
D. 20 cm 

149. A lens is made of flint glass refractive index = 1.5. When the lens is immersed in a liquid of refractive index 1.25, the focal length
A. increaes by a factor of 1.25 
B. increases by a factor of 2.5 
C. increases by a factor of 1.2 
D. decreases by a factor of 1.2 

150. The volume of a confined gas varies inversely with the absolute pressure provided that the temperature remains unchanged. This statement is known as
A. Dalton's law 
B. Bemoulli's law 
C. Avagadro`s law 
D. Boyle's law 

151. An earthquake generates both transverse 8 and longitudinal P sound waves in the earth. The speed of 8 waves is about 4.5 km/s and that of P waves is about 8.0 km/s. A seismograph records P and 8 waves from an earthquake. The first P wave arrives 4.0 min before the first 8 wave. The epicenter of the earthquake is located at a distance of about
A. 25 km 
B. 8 250 km 
C. 2500 km 
D. 5000 km 

152. Power factor in a series R-L-C resonant circuit is
A. 0.5 
B. 0.707 
C. 1 
D. zero 

153. If the distance between two similar magnetic poles held one cm apart be doubled, then the force of interaction between them will be
A. Halved 
B. Doubled 
C. Unchanged 
D. One quarter ot the original value 

154. A monochromatic beam of light is used for the formation of fringes on the screen by illuminating the two slits in the Young’s double slit interference experiment. When a thin film of mica is interposed in the path of one of the interfering beams then
A. The fringe width increases 
B. The fringe width decreases 
C. The fringe width remains the same but the pattem shifts 
D. The fringe pattem disappears 

155. A concave lens of focal length 20 cm placed in contact with a plane mirror acts as a
A. concave mirror of focal length 10 cm 
B. concave mirror of focal length 60 cm 
C. concave mirror of focal length 40 cm 
D. convex mirror of focal length 10 cm 

156. Hard X-rays for the study of fractures in bones should have a minimum wavelength of 1E-11 m. The accelerating voltage for electrons in X-ray machine should be
A. Less than 124.2 kV 
B. More than 124.2 kV 
C. Between 60 kV and 70 kV 
D. 100 kV 

157. Characteristic X-rays are produced due to
A. Transfer of momentum in collision of electrons with target atoms 
B. Transition of electrons from higher to lower electronic orbits in an atom 
C. Heating of the target 
D. Transfer of energy in collision of electrons with atoms in the target 

158. An electron is travelling along the x-directlon . It encounters a magnetic field in the y-direction . Its subsequent motion will be
A. Straight line along the x-direction 
B. A circle in the xz-plane 
C. A circle in the yz-plane 
D. A circle in the xy-plane 

159. The specific charge of an electron is
A. 5.7E7 Coulomb/kg 
B. 1.76E11 Coulomb/kg 
C. 1.6E-19 Coulomb/gm 
D. 1.6E-19 Coulomb 

160. When an electron positron pair annihilates, the energy released is about
A. 0.8E-13 J 
B. 1.6E-13 
C. 3.2E-13 J 
D. 4.8E-13 J 

161. In a material medium, when a positron meets an electron both the particles annihilate leading to the emission of two gamma ray photons . This process forms the basis of an important diagnostic procedure called

162. The direction of the force exerted on a surface by a liquid at rest is
A. Normal to the surface 
B. Parallel to the surface 
C. tangential to the surface 
D. 30° to the surface 

163. A hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder having the same mass and same diameter are released from rest simultaneously from the top of an inclined plane. Which will reach the bottom first
A. The hollow cylinder 
B. The solid cylinder 
C. The one having greater density 
D. Both will reach the bottom together 

164. A radioactive material has a half-life of 10 days. What fraction of the material would remain after 30 days ?
A. 0.125 
B. 0.33 
C. 0.25 
D. 0.5 

165. A circular coil of radius R carries a current in it. The magnetic field along its axis decreases as we move away from its centre. The pace rate of fall of this field is constant at distance equal to
A. 2 R 
B. R 
C. 3 R 
D. R/2 

166. In old age arteries carrying blood in the human body become narrow resulting in an increase in the blood pressure. This follows from
A. Pascal's law 
B. Stokes’ law 
C. Bemoulli's principle 
D. Archimedes principle 

167. A telescope has an objective lens of focal length 200 cm and an eye piece with focal length 2 cm. If this telescope is used to see a 50 metre tall building at a distance of 2 km. what is the height of the image of the building formed by the objective lens ?
A. 2cm 
B. 5cm 
C. 10cm 
D. 1 cm 

168. What is the potential energy of a 10 kg steel ball which has been raised vertically 9 m above the floor ?
A. 441 joules 
B. 98 joules 
C. 90 joules 
D. 882 joules 

169. On increasing the reverse bias to a large value in a pn junction diode, the current
A. remains fixed 
B. suddenly increased 
C. decreases slowly 
D. increased slowly 

170. When a monochromatic point source of light is at a distance of 0.2 m from a photocell, the cutoff voltage and the saturation current are respectively Vo = 0.6 volt and is = 18.0 mA. If the same source is placed 0.6 m away from the photocell, then
A. Stopping potential Vo = 0.2 volt and saturation current is = 18.0 mA 
B. Stopping potential Vo = 0.6 volt and saturation current is = 18.0 mA 
C. Stopping potential Vo = 0.6 volt and saturation currenl is = 2.0 mA 
D. Stopping potential Vo = 0,2 volt and saturation current is=2.0mA 

171. A frog can be levitated in a magnetic field produced by a current in a vertical solenoid placed below the frog. This is possible because the body of the frog behaves as
A. Paramagnetic 
B. Diamagnetic 
C. Ferromagnetic 
D. Antiferromagnetic 

172. To use a transistor as an amplifier
A. Emitter-base junction is forward biased and collector-base junction is reversed biase 
B. both junctions are reverse biased 
C. both junctions are forward biased 
D. It does not matter how the transistor is biased, it always works as an amplifier 

173. In an electrolyte 3.2E18 bivalent positive ions drift to the right per second while 3.6E18 monovalent negative ions drift to the left per second. Then the current is
A. 0.45 amp to the left 
B. 0.45 to the right 
C. 1.6 amp to the right 
D. 1.6 amp to the left 

174. Two wires A and B of the same material have their lengths in the ratio of I : 2 and their diameters in the ratio of 2 : 1. lf they are stretched with the same force, the ratio of the increase in the length of A to that of B will be
A. 1 : 4 
B. 1 : 8 
C. 4 : 1 
D. 1 : 2 

175. Two rods of the same length and material transfer a given amount of heat in 12 seconds when they are joined end to end. But when they are joined length-wise, they will transfer the same amount of heat, in the same conditions, in
A. 1.5s 
B. 48s 
C. 24s 
D. 3s 

176. A light signal photon cannot escape from the surface of a
A. neutron star 
B. black hole 
C. red giant 
D. white dwarf 

177. A neutron makes a head-on elastic collision with a stationary deuteron. The fractional energy loss of the neutron in the collision is
A. 16/81 
B. 8/27 
C. 8/9 
D. 2/3 

178. The motion of planets in the solar system is an example of the conservation of
A. Mass 
B. Linear momentum 
C. Angular momentum 
D. Energy 

179. If Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays carry same momentum. which has the longest wavelength ?
A. Alpha rays 
B. Beta rays 
C. Gamma rays 
D. None, all have same wavelength 

180. A man P of mass 80 kg runs up a staircase in 12 seconds. Another man Q of mass 60 kg runs up the same staircase in ll seconds. What is the ratio of the power developed by P to that by Q ?
A. 11/9 
B. 49/33 
C. 12/11 
D. 4/3