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1. EVERY ADULT should take this prescription twice a year :-
Enteroquinol tablets 1 tablet thrice a day for 7 days - [FIRST CHOICE MEDICINE IN DIARRHOEA]
Decaris Adult one tablet to be repeated after a week - TOTAL TWO TABLETS.
Guduchi one tablet twice a day for 30 days
Alphalipoic acid 100 mg once a day for 30 days - Present in MECOBAL PLUS tablets

2. For any Urine symptoms, take CHANDRAPRABHA VATI 1 tablet thrice a day for 10-30 days.

3. For Leucorrhoea and uterus issues SUPARI PAK 2 teaspoonfuls in a glass of milk twice a day.

4. For painful menstruation PILL ALOES ET MYRRH one tablet thrice a day for 2 days.

5. Diarrhoa in kids responds to homoeopathic medicine PODOPHYLLUM-30 5-10 drops in water. After 24 hours try CHAMOMILA same way. If diarrhoea persists, give a dose of KARPOOR AASAV.

6. Viral fever, Dengue fever - all such political entities, may be variant of malaria. Most fevers respond to SINGLE DOSE of Chloroquin - Double strength 2 tablets, in 36 hours 

7. For prevention and support therapy of Cancer, Rheumatoid and other intricate diseases, GUDUCHI 1 tablet twice a day for one month.

8. Pneumonia patients respond miraculously to Crystalline Penicillin - costing RUPEE ONE - in intravenous infusion. Crystalline penicillin (Penicillin G sodium or Benzyl penicillin) has no anaphylactic

9. Convalescent patients recovering from any illness respond instantly to Haemaccel infusion.   

10. For low Platelet count in Dengue and Cancer chemotherapy : CARIPRILL TABLETS - one tablet thrice a day for 5 days.

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Immunity Boosters for Cancer and Autoimmune diseases
Immunity Boosters for Infections

|Immunity Boosters for Allergy

Immunity Boosters for Bones and Joints

 Immunity Boosters for Liver

Immunity Boosters for Nervous System

Immunity Boosters for Digestive System

Immunity Boosters for Cardiovascular System

Immunity Boosters for Blood Disorders 

Immunity Boosters for Respiratory System 

Immunity Boosters for Urinary System 

Immunity Boosters for Female Reproductive Organs

Immunity Boosters for Endocrine system

Immunity Boosters for Nutritional disorders

Immunity Boosters for Children

Immunity Boosters for Skin Disorders

Topical applications

Hair care

Herbal Index

Remedies Reference

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Chapter - Description Link
Abhraka Bhasma
Agar Co Nervous system
AHCC Cancer
Albo sang Digestive system
Albovit Nutrition
Aloes compound Reproductive system
Aloe vera Skin
Amla Nutrition
Amlowin Digestive system
Amree Plus Endocrine system
Apamarga Digestive system
ARCO tablets Bones and Joints
Arjuna Cardiovascular system
Alka liv Digestive system
Amalaki Digestive system
Amlycure Liver
Amycordial Reproductive system
Amystop Reproductive system
Anu oil Respiratory system
Arka salt Digestive system
Arogyavardhini Ras Blood
Arshoraj Digestive system
Ashoka Reproductive system
Ashwagandha Nervous system
Autozyme Digestive system
Ayur ghee Respiratory system
Endocrine system
Bio-sal Digestive system
Brahamdine Reproductive system
Brahmi Nervous system
Brenkam Nervous system
Bronkoset Respiratory system
Cephagraine Respiratory system
Calcury Urinary system
Chandraprabha vati Urinary system
Chesol Nervous system
Chiniumco Blood
Cinnamon Digestive system
Cofco Respiratory system
Coughraj Respiratory system
Cystorid Urinary system
Dangine Respiratory system
DBT Endocrine system
Debnil Cancer
Desma Respiratory system
Diasyn Digestive system
Diafours Endocrine system
Drakshakumari Blood
Draksha Kumarya Loha Blood
Drakshasava Digestive system
Elderberry Cancer
Elements multi gard Skin
Endotone Reproductive system
Extrammune Infections
Fattolin Nutrition
Flax seed oil Nutrition
Fluzen Infections
Fourliv Liver
Fourscal Nutrition
Foursfer tablets Blood
Gandharva Haritaki Digestive system
Garlil Digestive system
Gastromone Digestive system
Ginger Digestive system
Goshoon Infections
Gotu Kola Nervous system
Grandi-Co Cardiovascular system
Grokart-DS Tablets Bones and Joints
Guduchi Cancer
Gynoraj Reproductive system
Haleezy Respiratory system
Harmal seeds
Bones and Joints
Harto Cardiovascular system
Hemipure Skin
Hemoplex Infections
Hemoraj-DS Syrup Blood
Herbitars Digestive system
Herbokough Respiratory system
Herbo sulf Infections
Histablock Allergy
Histantin Allergy
Hyponidd Endocrine system
Iobine Allergy
IQ-fours Nervous system
Kalmegh Cancer
Kanchan Kaya churn Skin
Keva nasal drops Respiratory system
Koflyn Respiratory system
Konch Nervous system
Kumari Asav Blood
Kynotomine Liver
Lax-O-Four Digestive system
Livactin Nervous system
Liv Dtox Cancer
Livtech Digestive system
Lohin Blood
Lohit Plus Blood
Lucoraj Reproductive system
M-2 tone Reproductive system
Mahatika Gharita Blood
Meditab Respiratory system
Memtone Nervous system
Mobilit tablets Bones and Joints
Moringa Nutrition
Natural Immuno O+ Infections
Neem Infections
Neeri Urinary system
Nevoss Nervous system
Nilcer Digestive system
Oregano oil Digestive system
Paedritone Children
Pentacid Digestive system
Phala gharita Blood
Psyllium Digestive system
Punarnavadi Mandoor Blood
Pylowin Digestive system
Raj churn Digestive system
Raktavardhak Vati Blood
Raktaz Skin
Regulax Digestive system
Remorin Nervous system
Safi Skin
Sallaki Bones and Joints
Sal phos Digestive system
Senzine Nervous system
Shadbindu oil Respiratory system
Shatavari compound Endocrine system
Shavidha Haircare
Shilajeet Endocrine system
Sitopladi churn Respiratory system
Stamina Reproductive system
Supari Pak Reproductive system
Taxine Digestive system
Trikatu Digestive system
Triphala Digestive system
Trisepta Digestive system
Tulsi Nervous system
Turaico Urinary system
Vitesson Infections
Wheet grass Nutrition
Wheet grass with Aloe vera juice Nutrition
Digestive system

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