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Brother SA159 Standard Universal Metal L Rotary Bobbins 5Pk : USD9.99
Fil-Tec 13146 ClearQuilt Box of 80 Prewound L Rotary Bobbins : USD34.99
Singer 283395-10 Quantum Pack of 10 Metal Rotary Bobbins for CXL, XL1, XL10, XL50 with Slots for Low Bobbin Sensor Light : USD9.99
Singer 283395-20 Quantum Pack of 20 Metal Rotary Bobbins for CXL, XL1, XL10, XL50 with Slots for Low Bobbin Sensor Light : USD19.99
PD60 P60999NS Electric Bobbin Thread Winder, Motor, Platform, Variable Speed Foot Control, for Class 15, Singer 66, L, & M Size Metal Rotary Bobbins : USD79.00
Pfaff 93-040970-45, PD60 9033P Pack of 25 Empty Plastic Rotary Bobbins 130-362 808-955 1006-1475 2010-2040 6085-7570+ later Sewing Embroidery Machines : USD19.99
Janome 1B- 761094104 Ten Original Solid Metal L Rotary Bobbins for Sewing & Quilting Machine 1600P DB & DBX, Embroidery MB4 & Melco EP4 - Pack of 10 : USD19.99
Single (1) Bernina Rotary Bobbin (006026.52.00) : US$2.78
10 pk Bernina Rotary Bobbin (006026.52.00) : US$18.99
20 pk Bernina Rotary Bobbin (006026.52.00) : US$34.99
50 pk Bernina Rotary Bobbin (006026.52.00) : US$78.99
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