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FireMountainGems : Shop online::Product Catalog
UnitedTechnology : 924 Pond Road, Hinesburg, VT Shop online::Product Catalog
Medexsupply : Shop online::Product Catalog
Lovibond 661160, W110 Standard Spectrophotometer Cell with Lid, 50 mm Path Length, Quartz UV : UnitedTechnology : US$321.00
W110 Standard Spectrophotometer Cell with Lid, 50 mm Path Length, Quartz UV Material: Special Optical Glass (SO): Quartz (UV)
Lovibond 711050, SP600 External Battery Pack 12V Ni-Cad for Spectrophotometer : UnitedTechnology : US$348.40
SP600 External Battery Pack 12V Ni-Cad for Spectrophotometer
Lovibond 712000, SP600 Spectrophotometer with AC Adapter : UnitedTechnology : US$2,926.00
SP600 Spectrophotometer with AC adapter The SP600 is a versatile, wavelength scanning,Spectrophotometer designed specifically for water quality analysis. Our spectrophotometerfeatures a unique sample chamber, which allows the use of a wide range of sample sizes and shapes - without any cumbersome adapters. This design allows the use of various sample cells with up to a 50 mm pathlength. The instrument has an innovative tungsten halogen lamp with flash function, located conveniently on the back of the spectrophotometer.If the light bulb ever burns out the user can easily remove and replace it.To confirm the instrument is working properly we integrated a Didymium-filter which assures data integrity. Includes Instrument Power Supply Serial Cable for connection to computer Magnet (for software updates) 2 Batteries (AA) Test Certificate Instruction Manual
LaMotte 2000-01, SMART Portable Spectrophotometer : UnitedTechnology : US$1,708.00
A portable spectrophotometer that is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range. This spectrophotometer has over 80 pre-programmed tests included, and 25 user calibrations can be entered into the memory. The user can also customize sequences for frequently run tests. Includes The SMART Spectro 6 sample tubes (25mm round) 2 sample cell holders (25mm round and COD, 10 mm cuvettes) AC adapter Battery charger Instruction manual including test procedures Quick start guides Features A wider wavelength range Menu-driven display Pre-programmed tests with 25 user tests Automatic wavelength selection Unique optical design system using a 1200 lines/mm grating Greater accuracy, higher resolution Applications: Water and Wastewater, Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling, Drinking Water
LaMotte 2000-BP, SMART Spectrophotometer Battery Pack : UnitedTechnology : US$175.80
SMART Specto Spectrophotometer Battery Pack Battery pack consists of a rechargeable Ni-metal hydride battery. Use with Battery Charger supplied with SMART® Spectro. Battery will automatically charge. Full charge requires about 5 hours. For use with the SMART® Spectro only.
LaMotte 2000-CS, 18 x 13 x 8 Carrying Case for Spectrophotometer : UnitedTechnology : US$135.30
A rugged, carrying case designed specifically to house the SMART® Spectro and accessories. Rods and a foam insert keep everything in place. Size 18x13x8.
SpectroQuest UV-Visible SQ2802A Spectrophotometer : Medexsupply : USD6,211.95
Unico SpectroQuest UV-Visible SQ2802A Spectrophotometer
LaMotte SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer, 110V : Medexsupply : USD1,977.49
LaMotte SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer, 110V
SpectroQuest UV Spectrophotometer : Medexsupply : USD6,004.45
Unico SpectroQuest UV Spectrophotometer, Split Beam Design
SpectroQuest UV Spectrophotometer, Double Beam Design : Medexsupply : USD7,782.98
Unico SpectroQuest UV Spectrophotometer, Double Beam Design
Square Spectrophotometer Cuvette, 4.5mL, PS : Medexsupply : USD85.49
Globe Scientific Square Spectrophotometer Cuvette, 4.5mL, PS, 2 Clear Sides, 500/cs
Square Spectrophotometer Cuvette, UV Grade Methacrylate : Medexsupply : USD73.49
Globe Scientific Square Spectrophotometer Cuvette, UV Grade Methacrylate, 2 Clear Sides, 500/cs
Plug Cap for Square Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, PP : Medexsupply : USD39.95
Globe Scientific Plug Cap for Square Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, PP, 1000/cs
Stirring Stick for Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, 90mm Long, PS : Medexsupply : USD17.49
Globe Scientific Stirring Stick for Spectrophotometer Cuvettes, 90mm Long, PS, 1000/cs
NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer With Laptop Computer : Medexsupply : USD16,682.00
Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotometer With Laptop Computer

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