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Bulls Eye Institute : Thapar HouseJagadhri Road, Yamunanagar Tel: 01732-235555 Mob: 9215230777 Email: Website:

Falit Jyotish : Above Boi Atm, Opposite Waryam Singh Hospital, Jagadhri Road, Yamunanagar 135001 Yamunanagar

Target Consultancy : S.C.O.1095, Dwarka Puri, Ambala Road, Jagadhri Yamunanagar T: (1732) 3945-92 E: W: Yamunanagar

Engineering Colleges
Haryana Engineering College, Jagadhari : S.C.O.1095, Dwarka Puri, Ambala Road, Jagadhri Yamunanagar T: (1732) 3945-92 E: W: Yamunanagar
Seth Jai Parkaksh Mukand Lal Institute of Engineering, Radaur : S.C.O.1095, Dwarka Puri, Ambala Road, Jagadhri Yamunanagar T: (1732) 3945-92 E: W: Yamunanagar

Aggarwal Boot House : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732226882, 9896988320 Yamunanagar
Aggarwal Traders : B 9,1248 A,Vishnu Nagar,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamuna Nagar 09416877577 Yamunanagar
Ansari Kids Foot Wear : 20, Super Bazar, Yamuna Nagar 09996064791 Yamunanagar
Arora Shoes : Camp Yamunanagar,Radaur Road, Yamuna Nagar 09355335472 Yamunanagar
Bala Ji Shoes : Radaur Road, Yamuna Nagar 09729904572 Yamunanagar
Battra Shoes : Radaur Road, Yamuna Nagar 09896762040 Yamunanagar
Bhupindra Boot House : 75,New Market, Yamuna Nagar 09315453012 Yamunanagar
Choice Shoes Place : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 09896790343 Yamunanagar
D V Footwear : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 09896256210 Yamunanagar
Deluxe Foot Wear : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732396719, 9355334772 Yamunanagar
Dharamvir Shoe Emporium : Jagadhri Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732320716, 9996020716 Yamunanagar
Friends Shoes Company : Gandhi Market,Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732260157 Yamunanagar
Gandhi Collection : 17,Harjai Market,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamuna Nagar 09354408629 Yamunanagar
Janta Shoe Store : Railway Station Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732225986, 9813021197 Yamunanagar
Juneja Shoes Palace : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 09255157350 Yamunanagar
Karamveer Shoes : 35-36,Shoe Chamber,Gandhi Market, Yamuna Nagar 01732261901, 9466363411 Yamunanagar
Kumar Boot House : City Centre Road, Yamuna Nagar 09896602429 Yamunanagar
N S Foor Wear : 9/10,Gandhi Market, Yamuna Nagar 09896821155 Yamunanagar
Pal Boot House : Radaur Road, Yamuna Nagar 09729453258 Yamunanagar
Puri Chapal Store : 28,Gandhi Market, Yamuna Nagar 01732261056, 9416021427 Yamunanagar
Rama Boot House : 14, Jawahar Market, Radaur Road, Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 09416444183 Yamunanagar
Safal Shoes Co : Madan Gas, Yamuna Nagar 09416025097 Yamunanagar
Salony Footwear : Camp,Main Bazar, Yamuna Nagar 09996412197 Yamunanagar
Shoe Palace : Jagadhri Road, Yamuna Nagar 01732228855 Yamunanagar
Sood Foot Wear : Main Bazar,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamuna Nagar 01732312564, 9466660101 Yamunanagar
Surendra Boot House : Gandhi Market, Yamuna Nagar 01732201729, 9215556201 Yamunanagar
Surindera Boot House : Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar 09355235611 Yamunanagar
Uppal Trading Company : 13,Joginder Market, Yamuna Nagar 01732320851, 9896053384 Yamunanagar
Vanson Footwear : 5, Arya Samaj Mandir, Railway Road, Yamuna Nagar Yamunanagar
Vasu Footwear : Goel Market, Yamuna Nagar 09034758437 Yamunanagar

Bhalla Jewellers : Camp,Main Bazar, Yamunanagar 01732555074, 9416551746 Yamunanagar Website:
Bombay Jewellers : Railway Road, Yamunanagar 09996612140 Yamunanagar Website:
Chandigarh Jeweller : New Market, Yamunanagar 01732223605 Yamunanagar Website:
Dashmesh Jewellers : Guru Nanak Girls College Road, New Fountain Chowk, Yamunanagar 09896469760 Yamunanagar Website:
Devi Jewellers : Radaur Road, Yamunanagar 09996200320 Yamunanagar Website:
Diamond Jewellers : Mall Godown Road, Radaur Road, Yamunanagar 01732254341, 9813157001 Yamunanagar Website:
Ganpati Jewellers : Jagadhri Road, Yamunanagar 09354423237 Yamunanagar Website:
Hira Chains And Jewellery : 93,New Market, Yamunanagar 01732227367, 9315527367 Yamunanagar Website:
Hira Jewellers : Jagadhri Road, Yamunanagar 01732220367, 9466303845 Yamunanagar Website:
Kapoor Jewelers : Camp,Radaur Road, Yamunanagar 01732250500, 9896456500 Yamunanagar Website:
Luxmi Jewellers : Chhotti Line, Yamunanagar 01732222121, 9466328663 Yamunanagar Website:
Meenakshi Jewellers : Railway Station Road, Yamunanagar 01732229729, 9812034909 Yamunanagar Website:
National Jewels : Jagadhri Road, Yamunanagar 135001 01732322611, 9996621619 Yamunanagar Website:
New Yamuna Jewellers : Jagadhri Road, Yamunanagar 01732260779 Yamunanagar Website:
Param Hans Jewellers : City Centre Road, Yamunanagar 01732235041, 9896099404 Yamunanagar Website:
Paras Jewellers : Tilak Market, Yamunanagar 01732261045, 9355122806 Yamunanagar Website:
Parveen Jeweller : Khera Bazar, Yamunanagar 09034232369 Yamunanagar Website:
Pushkar Artificial Jewellery : 3, Super Bazarm, Yamunanagar 09215808687 Yamunanagar Website:
Rajinder Jeweller : Workshop Road, Vishnu Nagar, Yamunanagar 09896735358 Yamunanagar Website:
Shiv Jewellers : 23,New Market, Yamunanagar 09896040115 Yamunanagar Website:
Shiv Jeweller : Jagadhri Workshop Road, Yamunanagar 09466302188 Yamunanagar Website:
Shri Mangat Ram Jewellers : Railway Road, Yamunanagar 01732311603 Yamunanagar Website:
Shubham Jewellers : City Centre Road,Railway Station Road, Yamunanagar 09416227519 Yamunanagar Website:
Sonia Traders : 231,Khera Bazar, Yamunanagar 09991148584 Yamunanagar Website:
Standard Jewellers : 11,Anand Market,Jagadhri road, Yamunanagar 01732312444, 9896325551 Yamunanagar Website:
Tinku Jewellers : Vishnu Nagar,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamunanagar 09416250696 Yamunanagar Website:
Verma Jewellers : Farakpur,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamunanagar 09315865889 Yamunanagar Website:
Verma Jeweller : Khera Bazar, Yamunanagar 09355981303 Yamunanagar Website:
Vicky Jewellers : Farakpur,Jagadhri Workshop, Yamunanagar 09416494472 Yamunanagar Website:
Vijay Jeweller : Khera Bazar, Yamunanagar 09896418238 Yamunanagar
Vinayak Jeweller : Camp,Main Bazar, Yamunanagar 09896747287
Vinod Jewellers : Khera Bazar, Yamunanagar 09896927989 Yamunanagar Website:
Yamuna Jewellers : Railway Road, Yamunanagar 01732261170 Yamunanagar Website:

Management Colleges
Ganpati Business School, Chhachhrauli Road, Bilaspur , Yamuna Nagar-135102 : Railway Road, Yamunanagar 01732261170 Yamunanagar

Paramedical Colleges
Shri Krishan Memorial Trust : Yamuna Nagar-135001 Yamunanagar

Pharmacy Colleges
Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, Yamunanagar 135 001 : Yamuna Nagar-135001 Yamunanagar

Dr Vikram Bharti : Gobindpuri Road Yamunanagar Mob: 9416496612 Email:

Property Dealers
Parm Real Estate : Yamunanagar 135001 M: 9068210005 ::Facebook::